What Can We Expect From Iron Man 3?

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iron man 3 details What Can We Expect From Iron Man 3?

Now that Iron Man 2 has opened in North America, having opened in the UK the week prior, it’s already accumulated $327.6 Million at the worldwide box office. Not bad at all for a 10-day haul.

While we already knew we’d be seeing more of Tony Stark and his Iron Man suit in the future with The Avengers and Iron Man 3, it’s time we start discussing what his next adventure may entail by looking at what we know about Iron Man 3 so far.

The Avengers is slated for a May 4, 2012 release and since next year Marvel Studios will be introducing Captain America and Thor to the world, it could be two full years before we see Robert Downey Jr. on screen again as the popular hero.

That is of course, ignoring the possibility of a cameo appearance in either of the two Marvel movies next year. A common theory out there is that at the end of The First Avenger: Captain America we see The Avengers together as they unfreeze Steve Rogers and introduce him to the modern era.

What this all means it that by the time we get Iron Man 3, Tony Stark will be a full-fledged Avenger so the story will have to encompass his bigger obligations and the existence of these other heroes.

What will Iron Man 3 be about and who will his next villain be?

Ever since Jon Favreau brought us the first Iron Man, fans have wondered and speculated on when and how they can introduce the Mandarin, archenemy of Iron Man.

MovieWeb spoke with Iron Man 2 writer Justin Theroux and asked him about the Mandarin being fully introduced in Iron Man 3.

“Yeah, we tip our hat to that but that’s a tough one to get in because it’s such a big storyline… So that, I don’t know, and I don’t dare say it but it might feature in Iron Man 3, I don’t know?”

He doesn’t yet know for sure if he’ll be writing Iron Man 3 and he explains that they’re all focused on The Avengers at the moment before they put the next Iron Man solo movie into pre-production. For fun, who would Theroux play in the Marvel movie universe if he had a chance?

“I don’t know? Hawkeye would be great… No, I don’t know? Yeah that would be fun. We’ll have to see because I’ve never even thought of that? We’ll see?”

Before Justin Theroux hit it as a screenwriter with his script for Tropic Thunder he was an actor with big roles in Miami Vice and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. I actually think he could pull off The Ultimates version of Hawkeye [Update: Jeremy Renner is playing Hawkeye] so I have a feeling he has thought about it.

Continue to Page 2 for what Jon Favreau has to say about Iron Man 3…

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    • Is it that out of the ordinary for a japanese person playing chinese person? That’s happened before..

    • remember an old episode of get smart where the actor who played hopsing on bonanza made the statement.i”m “japanese can play chinese just like that! made me lol!!

  1. I’m happy with Mandarin. People seemed unhappy with another Robo baddie at the end of Iron Man 2’s climactic battle. So maybe the mandarin is the next step.

    And like you sed, Thor will definatley open the doors for all the mystical and magical side of the universe. I mean c’mon, they put Thor’s Hammer in Iron Man 2’s secret ending…its too late to turn back

  2. All this talk of “will the audience accept a mystical, magical” angle is insulting to me. I mean, we are moviegoers, we go to movies to escape. We accept the unbelievable almost EVERY time we go to a movie. Whether it be a giant dragon that is defeated by a 10 -year old or some ugly, dork of a kid getting with the hottest girl in school.

    Hey, Favs! Give us some credit. We love your Ironman movies and I think an enemy that doesn’t havea high-powered suit but yields magical powers would make it even MORE interesting.

    • You and I are movie geeks. My dad and mom might be like WTF when it comes to mystical things in a movie series that’s based on tech against tech-based bad guys in a tech-based world (so far).

      It’s not an insult, it’s reality and they know they have to be careful – hence the changes from comic to movie.

      • I don’t think you are giving your parents enough credit. I’m gonna tell … :)

  3. The audience didn’t have any problems accepting all the powers that each of the X-men/mutants had. None of them were tech based. Even though they were explained as genetic, most powers were more fantasy than science.

    • Those are mutants, based in a world full of mutants with crazy powers. In the Iron Man universe to date, there is no such thing YET, especially when it comes to Asgardian Gods.

  4. I just hope it doesn’t end up being like spidey 3,lets end on a high please.

  5. 1. “That is of course, ignoring the possibility of a cameo appearance in either of the two Marvel movies next year. A common theory out there is that at the end of The First Avenger: Captain America we see The Avengers together as they unfreeze Steve Rogers and introduce him to the modern era.” — Wrong that’s not going to happen.. Captain America comes to Modern times 3/4ths into the film dont he? And he has to adapt to modern world etc. Isn’t that how we get to see Nick Fury or something?

    2. What is up with this fixation with trying to be so “realistic”???? I mean is John Favreu taking himself too seriously??

    You think people are going to walk out the theaters- really- if they see that the villain uses magic? OH wow, the guys named Iron man its a super hero movie– people didn’t know that already. people really bought into all that stuff. All science fiction stuff already. People want to be entertained they dont care if it’s REAL or not. People didn’t complain about Lord of the Rings being phony.

    “Oh thats so phony! Nobody is going to have FIRE coming out of their eyes! I just walked out!”

    “Oh Superman was too ridiculous!! An alien coming from another planet that can fly and see through walls and wears red underwear! I dont know why anyone saw that film!!”

    COME ON guys- I thought we were passed this! This is a Superhero movie. Just do it.

    The Mandarian is a man who discovers an ancient magic. He can bring to life dragons and monsters and Iron man has to face Fing Fang Foom, I think that would be so cool. The city being invaded by creatures and monsters and all kinds of stuff. Iron man has to discover the limits of Mandarians magic to defeat him. I mean, in some ways isnt Iron Mans Technology considered magic if he appeared in ancient times? 17 hundreds. What would they think? Especially if Stark couldnt explain to them where its coming from. It would be considered magic.

    Lets just do it man. Dont have to explain everything. It’s like Star Wars Lucas made the mistake of explaining the “FORCE” by saying they were midochlorians in the blood.” Sometimes just DO IT, go full bore balls to the walls man!!! Just make it exciting and kick ass!!

    • I understand what you’re saying, but dragons and monsters and magic wouldn’t really fit well with the previous two Iron Man films. They need to keep going the same direction they’ve been going and that direction isn’t the place for magic and things of that nature. “The Dark Knight” made everyone try to make superhero films more realistic, and dragons and magic just wouldn’t help with that. It’s like how everyone thought aliens were out of place in the last “Indiana Jones” movies. Dragons and magic in the next “Iron Man” film would just have people wondering “WHY?!?” It wouldn’t go over very well. They have to appeal to the mass public as well, and not just the fanboys.

      • “They need to keep going the same direction they’ve been going and that direction isn’t the place for magic and things of that nature.”

        That WILL NOT work after Thor and Avengers.
        Just sayin’.

    • That’s a good point about Iron Man being considered magic in ancient times, Wepz. There’s that famous quote of Arthur C Clarke’s: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”, which Larry Niven inverted as “Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology”.

      • In fact what was Stark in IM2, creating an entirely new element, if not some kind of futuristic alchemist?

        • And definitely with you on the midichlorians!

    • I think you’re missing the point.

      Superman is ABOUT an alien coming to Earth with powers, so that’s setup in the suspension of disbelief.

      In the Iron Man universe to date, to non geeks, it’s based in reality with tech. Tech based hero, tech based scenery, tech based bad guys.

      If all of a sudden mutants and gods showed up, that’s pushing a barrier not yet introduced. To you and me it’s fine, but to SOME it may not be.

      In the bigger picture, it won’t be a big deal because Marvel is doing it right with hinting at Thor and then having his movie and Cap’s come out next year.

  6. People going to see these movies know they are watching fantasy, its a movie.

    If Favreau has doubts about crossing heroes’ story lines and universes, its too late Marvel has been doing it for decades, and we still buy the comics and rush to the theaters to watch the latest movie.

    I mean bring a Dr. Strange movie and cross it with the Hulk. Dr. Strange being one of the few who can calm the Hulk, and build toward a Defenders movie, and then cross it with the Avengers.

    Marvel has all the story plots you could imagine, and DC does too. I mean run with it, and when they (Marvel and DC) run out of properties to make movies, then they should worry.

    • Comic geeks and mainstream moviegoers are two entirely different markets.

  7. If they can get away from the magic aspect and make it as real as possible, I think that would go over a lot better. I’m not overly familiar with Iron Man’s villains though so I don’t care which villain they use. We’ve still got awhile before a third “Iron Man” so I’m sure it’s the last thing on peoples’ minds at the moment.

  8. (SPOILER): At the last part of IM2 when Whiplash dies, I really dont think actually died. We only assumed he died from the self destruct sequence in the other drones. So that in thought, I think it’d be cool for him to become the Crimson Dynamo (Losing the whips of course) in either in the Avengers (working with Hammer,the Abomination, and Loki) or get his revenge with the Mandarin (my opinion should go to the actor Chow Yung Fat).

  9. Maybe some action.

  10. I’d like to see Hiroyuki Sanada as The Mandarin(Sanada is Japanese but speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese). The ten rings being alien tech that only The Mandarin understands and has mastered actually works,dragons like Fing Fang Foom would only work if it is also an alien(not a magical dragon). The obvious direction is the climatic fall of Tony to alcoholism, him overcoming that and defeating his most formidable enemy,The Mandarin. Iron Man 3 should really be taking place before the Avengers were he has proven that he has become more responsible enough to become a member. I think two characters that need to be in Iron Man 3 are Ghost and Madame Mask. The Mandarin should be the main focus while Ghost is a sub-villain. Thor works if it is explained through pseudo-science,interdimensional exploration,alchemy,and ancient Nordic and Celtic shamanism.

  11. I bet disney is real happy with there purchase of marvel they payed what 4 billion for it, and 1 movie has made them 327milllion in ten days and will most likey make at least 500 million before it hits dvd then it will go to like 600million id say. I bet disney makes all of there money back after thor cap and avengers are done they will be in the green after 4 years. Just goes to show these movies are here to stay wich is great news. I cant wait for DC to start doing these same cameos, im much more of a DC fan than marvel I have to say I think a justice leauge movie would be twice as epic as a avengers movie, just my view but superman, batman, and green lantern on screen is what im waitng for.

  12. They should definitely incorporate mystical and magical elements into the Iron Man series. Nobody complained when the Mandarin was introduced in the comics, and I don’t think that anyone would complain about the Mandarin’s presence after seeing Iron Man fight alongside Thor.

    We do NOT need to see another powered armour-wearing villain. One film where the antagonist and the protagonist are both wearing powered armour was more than enough.

    • I agree with the villain part, but comparing Comics to movies is off the mark.

      As I said above, comic geeks and regular moviegoers (my GF and parents) are two entirely different markets.

  13. I would expect that, after The Avengers, any solo films involving Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and (trusting they include him) Hulk would each be according to the characters’ strengths. I would expect IM’s to continue to be very techy, Thor’s to be mystical, Cap’s to be Nazi-related (perhaps), and Hulk’s to be gamma radiated.

    Personally, I just would like to see Iron Man 3 have Demon in the Bottle being done, although that may ultimately depend on what happens in The Avengers. I know that storyline has been brought up before as a possibility, but there’s a part of me that would really like to see RDJ plumb such depths with the character. That scene in IM2 where Stark got trashed just seems like it planted a seed that needs to be dealt with in a more full-fledged, standalone story.

  14. Why not go the route of the “Armor Wars” story line? I think that would follow IM2 well enough (although I haven’t seen it yet, going later this week) since Whiplash created a powered suit. Why not have a bunch of other evil guys come in to play with some tech suits. You could even include some of the Avengers in the movie to assist RDJ.

    And I think TwistedBurton brought up a good point of how people complained about Indy 4 because they went sci-fi with the aliens instead of keeping with history and archeology. I understand why Favs wants to avoid a complete change of direction.

  15. I think the Mandarin will be the big bad, but they’ll use Ultimo or Fin Fang Foom as the muscle. Other countries were shown to be developing their own powered suit technology, so it would make sense that the Mandarin would end up with some form of armor in IM3. Maybe he’ll use the rings in place of the arc reactor to power the suit, then augment it with alien technology.

  16. Magic vs technology.

    It’s an amazing premise.

    I don’t think having dragons or magic conflicts with the universe they’ve created – they basically had two monsters fight it out in The Incredible Hulk already and as a further note that universe is going to be completely unraveled with Captain America and Thor.

    As long as it isn’t cheesy, it’ll be fine. The fact is – make a good movie and make it work and people will line up.

    Marvel movies are *NOT* Dark Knight movies.

    • “Marvel movies are *NOT* Dark Knight movies.”

      Thank God. We would all kill ourselves from the angst, death and utter despair TDK exuded. Not that I didn’t like TDK, it just shouldn’t be Marvel. At least not the characters they have lined up so far.

  17. The version of the Mandarin from the “Haunted” Iron Man storyline a couple of years ago – with artificial Stark-tech hands and the rings fused into his spine – would definitely work in a more “realistic” environment. Here he’s posing as the head of a gentech company in order to release the Extremis virus, kill off most of the human species and repopulate the earth with a race of Extremis-enhanced supermen. Unlike your average Bond villain, though, he actually does intend to die in the process.

    Taking some elements from this story would be an ideal way of

    1. Introducing a supernatural element to the IM movies without going all “hocus-pocus”.

    2. Getting SHIELD involved.

    3. Giving Stark some nifty, if temporary, new abilities…

    4. …and some new armour that would make the suit he’s got now look like the Mk 1 in comparison.

    No Fin Fang Foom though.

  18. Justin Theroux (with the glasses) as Wonder Man maybe? I can’t think of him without picturing him being owned by Billy Ray Cyrus and “The Cowboy” in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive…

  19. what”s the problem they should make the mandrin with mystic rings i bet people wont care after seeing green lantern,come on by the way were”s crimson dynamo and titanium man!!!!

  20. Well, based on Favreau’s experience in directing comedies, we might expect a goofy Mandarin.
    A kiddy Fing Fang Foom Dragon.

    A PG feel good movie so the studios can please all categories of demographics in order to ensure box office success.

    Pepper and Tony will once again have issues and kiss each other in the end.
    Happy will have more screen time and more action scenes.
    Or maybe a romance with Pepper?

    The Widow who’s skills match Daredevil in the comic book was underused and could only defeat bad guys in a narrow corridor with her electric Yoyo.

    I take it she will get more scenes this time defeating Mandarin’s henchmen with her Venom Stingers at least or have a romance with Tony Stark.

    Fury will once again have a cameo as the guy with the eye patch, we will only get to see him shooting bad guys in an Avengers movie I guess or have a romance with his eyepatch.

    Rhodey, will have more lines then Kurt Russell in Soldier and we hope to see more action from Warmachine shooting bad guys instead of being controlled and chasing Iron Man.

    A Stan Lee Cameo another Captain America Shield appearance.

    At the end of the credits, maybe the Wasp and Ant-Man making headlines in the Daily Buggle, photo taken by Peter Parker.
    Or Namor the Submariner…?

    • LOL @ “electric Yoyo”, and I’m not sure they’d want one of Peter Parker’s numerous hangups to be about the Daily Buggle… πŸ˜‰

    • By the way, is that your animation on your link? I remember someone on here (probably Vic) posting a thread on it a while back. Incredible work – I want to see that TV show!

      • Yes, 4 years ago I directed a short project called The Invincible Tv Show and did the Visual Fx with my friends and no budget. I was hoping that Marvel would pick it up and launch a web series but they never did, they already had plans with Marvel Kids and a Young Tony Stark cartoon series.
        But thanks to Vic who introduced my project to the fans on the World Wide Web.

    • Jeebus, happy much?

  21. I think they should use The Avengers to deeper introduce The Mandarin given that both Loki and Thor will bring the magic world into the tech world from Iron Man. So there could be a connection somewhere there. Maybe playing the wild cards and changing a little the comics storylines and make the rings something related to Asgard. The comic geeks and fans might not be pleased with that, but I can see it working well with tegeneral moviegoer. After it, Favreau could fully use him as the main villain in Iron Man 3 ad dedicating all the film to him and Stark’s alcoholism, making a little more serious film compared t the other two. I think, for me, that’s one possible way they could go.

    But then again, they’ll have to explain why does Iron Man has to battle The Mandarin alone in IM3 now that he’s got some superpowered buddies to help him. The thing is that up until The Avengers everything seems to have sense, but anything AFTER it hasn’t been fully planned. I mean they have to really think where does The Aengers leave these characters in terms of each of their storylines. Separately. THAT’S what keeps me intrigued.

  22. I’m sure alot will change in the comming months that will impact the Iron Man story arc.

    Glad to hear Favs is going to helm the next chapter. He should just helm all of them…

  23. “Why would Iron Man be off fighting his own enemy without the help of his superhero friends?”

    Because it’s a freaking solo character movie, Roooooob.

  24. i think HARRY POTTER should be the next villain in iron man 3…
    let’s face it, the audience already has the suspension of belief thing going on…its a character they already know…and let’s face, who doesn’t wanna see Iron Man lay the smack down on that punk kid…

    just in case, i’m KIDDING!

    • Well said

  25. first off: Paul77 whats your pic? I swear it looks really familiar but cant put my finger on it :s (others feel free to answer aswell)

    On topic: I dont see the mystical nature of the Mandarin being that much of a problem. Tech v magic could have allusions to science v religion πŸ˜‰

    but seriously has anybody watched the most recent iron man cartoon? I like how they handled the mandarin in that series (I didnt at first but it quickly grew on my) they made the makulan rings semi-tech based

    • Dungeons & Dragons

      wait for it….


      • ahhh used to love watching the cartoon of that πŸ˜€

        venger, thats his name… he was awesome
        wish i could watch that now

      • Now THAT’s a movie that could have been epic if done right!!!!! “Dungeons & Dragons” the Master,Venger, and all of those kids. maybe someday somebody will do that but also fuse it with the whole actual dungeon’s dragon’s lore, including trolls,elves,dwarfs,barbarians etc. Narnia almost went in that direction but fell short.

  26. IMHO, mandarin in IM3 will be great, hocus pocus or tech based, they’ll work just fine.

    leave dynamo crimson for robocop πŸ˜€