‘Iron Man 3′ Gets Beautiful Character Poster For Comic-Con 2012

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Iron Man 3 Concept Art Iron Man 3 Gets Beautiful Character Poster For Comic Con 2012

One of our team’s most memorable Comic-Con moments is from two years ago when Marvel Studios held a panel for Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger where they followed up the presentations by confirming and introducing the entire roster of heroes for The Avengers live onstage (photos and videos here). That year on the expo floor Marvel brought Asgard’s throne room in as the centerpiece for their booth along with plenty of other neat items from the films.

It is here where they also handed out beautiful Captain America and Thor posters. Last year they did something similar, handing out one-sheets for each member of The Avengers that could be combined together to form a wide banner. This year, they’re doing it again for Iron Man 3.

Our first look at this year’s Marvel Studios Comic-Con character poster comes from Entertainment Weekly and features Tony Stark surrounded by armed soldiers with his armor only partially on. The artwork is by Ryan Meinerding who’s worked as a visual development supervisor on a ton of big-budget heavily CG films including most Marvel Studios flicks, along with John Carter, Cowboys & Aliens and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Meinerding has also done plenty of concept work on previous Iron Man armor, Captain America suit and Asgardian armor designs. Click to enlarge:

Iron Man 3 Comic Con 2012 Art 570x282 Iron Man 3 Gets Beautiful Character Poster For Comic Con 2012

Without knowing the context of which this moment takes place in the Iron Man 3 film, it’s hard to tell if this can be considered a minor spoiler; someone’s clearly trying to capture or take down Tony Stark and looking squarely at the protagonist, we see hints of the Extremis storyline from the comics where the film is drawing inspiration from. The pic COULD tie directly to a recent Iron Man 3 rumor we heard, which described a scenario similar to what we see here. Click the preceding link if you want to know more.

During The Avengers we witnessed the latest Mark VII Iron Man suit which could auto-attach itself to Stark and that appears to be happening in this scene as well, with some key differences. Compare the armor pieces in this art to the detailed Mark VII statue - there’s more gold in the armor here. Also note how there are only a few pieces and not the entire suit. Stark also isn’t wearing the bracelets from The Avengers so what we could be seeing is the Mark VIII armor which may or may not have to do with Extremis nanobot technology, fusing the armor to Stark, truly making he and Iron Man one and the same.

Check out the previous character posters from the last two Comic-cons:


Captain America and Thor Comic-Con 2010 Poster Art:


The Avengers Comic-Con 2011 Poster Art:

I have all of the posters from the last two years and I’ll be lining up for this as well. For all things Iron Man 3 and Comic-Con, be sure to bookmark Screen Rant’s Comic-Con 2012 page.


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Source: EW

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  1. Hell, they could release artwork of a scene from the movie’s ending and we’d all be none the wiser.

    I’d love to know Marvel’s secret to having some of the coolest panels at the show year on year.

    One day, I’ll hopefully get to take a look around Comic Con myself.

  2. yes, the armor shows up as an all or nothing package but that looks suspiciously like the it’s just appearing on him. So they may very well be going down the entire Extermix road and have a cyborg Stark.

    So I guess if true this would be Marvel’s first official misstep for me.

    • and yes, I spelled Extremis wrong. ;)

    • I’m middle of the road on Extremis – so I’ll hold out judgement after I see how they handle the nanotech in the movie (if at all)…

    • Not necessarily. The original Extremis armor is able to self-assemble on Stark through “vectored repulsor fields”, but deployed from a briefcase or some other storage. They will then “collimate into super-hard planes” upon assembly, forming the final form of the armor. He summons the armor via the lockchip that the Extermis enhancement interfaces with. These elements from the original Warren Ellis “Extremis” storyline are more plausible than the subsequent iterations in which the Extremis enhancement allows him to have psi-like powers in controlling any computer or mechanical instrument, and having the entire armor stored inside his body.

  3. I can see why they might choose the Extremis route to show our own research into nanotechnology and base it in the realms of reality in much the same way other movies have as well as “evolve” beyond a guy in a bulky metal suit.

    For that, I applaud them.

    I just wonder how it would affect future Iron Man stories because honestly, I don’t think the comic book resolution that takes Tony back to him wearing the suit (as opposed to the allegorical “the suit is wearing Tony” thing you could get from Extremis) would work so well in movie form.

    Who knows. I didn’t think Thor would work as a movie but they surprised us all.

  4. Rob do you think they will actually make it so Stark can put his Iron Man suit on like say Green Lantern because in the comics i believe its just a kind of Sheathe which among other things, allows him to control his Armor more fluidly with more reflexes without any hesitation, I know it’s just Concept Art of a scene but it appears like it’s headed that way….

    • I think it’ll be a hybrid of that, although I don’t know where they’re going to make the armor originate from. They have to be careful with balancing suspension of disbelief and not take it too far with the transformation effects.

      • That’s probably the right answer, i agree that where the armor originates is important & maybe it’ll just be like the way he called it in Avengers but Extremis will either be like Mark I% brifcase armor(hope not)or just a protective sheathe with light armor and repulsor gauntlets with the rest of the coming over to surround him…

  5. this may be a mix of extremis and the bleeding edge armour which features alot of gold on the armour

    • Yeap, started it earlier but we had a conference call – thanks for the heads up!

  6. Seeing as Im a big fan of the extremis comic, this makes me happy. I just dont understand why some people wouldnt like it.

    • Because “some people” aren’t a fan of how they changed Tony Stark into an alienating bio-weapon.
      Tony Stark’s whole appeal is that he’s a MAN IN A SUIT OF ARMOR.
      His superpower is being a genius. Once the Extremis virus makes it so that he can talk and interact with computers using his brain and have a suit that morphs onto him and whatnot, he turns into a character that “some people” no longer care about.

      • I can see that with the Bleeding edge upgrade but the Extremis only places the undersheathe in his body making his reflexes faster and improved strength outside of the suit. Even with the upgrades he’s still a genius especially seeing as he gave himself super powers. And if the movie does the “Armor Wars” feeling Im getting then the Extremis upgrade will be executed just as well as it was in the comics. I also know a lot of comic fans who consider Extremis Tony’s best upgrade. Alas, Im still just a nerd ranting.

        • The original Warren Ellis version of Extremis doesn’t subtract anything from who Tony Stark is. In the comics, he needed an undersheath to relay his neural impulses to the armor, and the armor has a “response server” that reacts to his neural commands.

          He hacked the Extremis process so that the additional metal bits form a techno-organic undersheath that resides in his body, but interfaces directly with his nervous system and brain. The Extremis armor was much simplified because it no longer needed an AI response server, and Tony could control it directly without needing an additional control layer to translate his neural commands. It’s as simple as that.

          • Of course it subtracted from who Tony is: he was a “man in a suit” and after Extremis he became a “man with nano-tech embedded in his body and the power to talk to computers using his brain”
            His personality might not have changed (although in the recent IM comics I can hardly recognize him as the Tony Stark I know), but it sure as hell changed what/who he is.

            Can you imagine if they gave Batman a bionic arm or made him into a super-powered being? No, his whole appeal is that he’s a normal person with exceptional talents (kinda like Stark).

            I’m just not a fan of what Extremis did to the comics version of Tony Stark. I just don’t want that the happen to the movie version as well.

  7. This would be the only way they could not have spiderman ever in the avengers and possibly have a chance against thanos.

  8. The thing I find odd about the drawing is how 3 out of the four armed men in that drawing are left-handed… Either the image is reversed so it’s not technically “Exactly” what they will release later, or this is the typical “I will sacrifice statistic accuracy and realism to apply my own traits onto my art” syndrome. I need to come up with a name for that, lol. :-P

    • South Paw Artistry?

  9. Cnt wait!

  10. From what I see, the plot may be borrowing a lot from Extremis arc, but I think that the armor that Tony is wearing in the concept is NOT Extremis. It’s presumably Bleeding Edge (the recent armor in the comics)

  11. I would like to see this artist give us his interpretation of Black Panther and the Wakanda universe. Black Panther is just one of those characters that (like Iron Man) would look more visually impressive on the big screen as opposed to the comic books.

  12. i know this is out of the topic but wouldn’t it be interesting if the punisher was a sub villain in a black widow feature or on a shiel movie..

  13. This one is awesome.
    An armor with the most red would be worse I think cause it’d be too common.

    It’s exactly not an Extremis armor. As we can see on a special poster to Iron Man 3 (with Tony in parts of Mark VII surrounded by guys with guns) it’s supposed to be a begining of the movie. So, Tony hasn’t got an Extremis virus yet. But Extremis requires an armor kinda cyborg’s. I’m sure there will be Mark IX.

  14. That guy looks a lot like Mallen from Extremis. Has anyone else noticed this? Man, I’d love to see that guy in Iron Man 3.