New ‘Iron Man 3′ Clip & TV Spot: Tony Stark Invites Trouble to His Doorstep

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Another day, another bit of Iron Man 3 promotion. In case you’ve been unaware up to this point, the last month alone has brought us new TV spots revealing the Mandarin’s army and Pepper Potts in action (among other things); new artwork and trailers, revealing many new Iron Man armors and battle sequences featured in the movie; and endless quotes from the cast and crew about what this third installment will offer.

Ending out the week, we have a new international TV spot that highlights Iron Man 3‘s connection to The Avengers – and a new clip from the film, showing a reckless decision on the part of Tony Stark.

Iron Man 3 Clip TV Spot Commercials New Iron Man 3 Clip & TV Spot: Tony Stark Invites Trouble to His Doorstep

The international TV spot pretty much spotlights the three major set pieces we’ve seen throughout the marketing blitz: Tony’s Malibu home being destroyed in the Mandarin’s attack; an aerial sequence featuring Tony and Rhodey (in his new Iron Patriot armor) trying to save the crew members of Air Force One; and finally, the sequence at a ship yard featuring Tony summoning his Iron Legion army.

That’s all to say: very little new material to see here:

Much more interesting, however, is the clip at the top. In terms of sequencing, it clearly foreshadows the Mandarin’s assault on Tony’s home – which is set up as almost Karmic payback for the hubris Tony displays by dropping his home address to the Mandarin in a televised broadcast.

…The Mandarin doesn’t just come knocking, he blows the frickn’ door right off its hinges.


Iron Man 3 will be in theaters on May 3rd.

Sources: Marvel & Yahoo

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  1. “you just dies pal”

    damn… this is serious. cant wait.

  2. “you just died pal”

    damn… this is serious. cant wait.

  3. You don’t think he actually thought the Mandarin was the little black square fella with a screen on his back do you?

  4. Okay so I’m promising myself not to watch anymore clips!

    Only a few weeks left I think I can hold off lol

    But this clip is awesome!!

    • Until the next clip huh Avenger? LOL,I feel the same way but I just can help but look…

      • @ snappy d

        I’m really gonna try this time but I know I’ll probably fail see you in the comments of the next clip lol

      • I know its too tempting, but im gonna hold off as well, I think I’ve had my fill!

    • Agree… I already pledged not to, but the temptation to watch these clips is inevitable hahaha

  5. Dahyum!That got me amp’d!
    EXCELSIOR Mitches!

  6. I can totally see a crazy talking raccoon coming to help Tony against a terrorist.

  7. Very cool. Tony looks quite ticked. Not a good idea with the address though.
    This movie is going to absolutely rock!!!
    Best CBM of the year? Quite likely.

    • It would be cool but I still think that MOS will be way better. I was kind of hoping some magic from the Mandarin in this movie, that would have been something great to see after 2 movies with power suits against more power suits.

      • @ Fred

        I hear that. Power rings would be cool.

        MoS just makes me nervous in all honest, especially after Green Lantern, and after what I’ve read and seen so far. Really, I want them both to do well.

      • Magic? Why?

        • He is referring to the 10 magic rings that the Mandarin is supposed to have.

          • Oh ok. That’s why I wasn’t sure what he meant…. the rings are science based weapons. “Magic” threw me off for a second.

            • Whether magic or science, I would love to see Mandarin zapping away and duking it out with those rings on his hands, man to man against Iron Man. You know what else I would like to see (although this applies more to Avengers’ future movies)? More good guys, and here I am thinking of Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, and Goliath (Hank Pym). And also more bad guys, and here I am thinking of Kang, Ultron, Whirlwind (Human Top), and Skrulls. Wow, nothing quite like a big old brawl, while yelling, “Everyone goes down tonight!” and “This is the way the world ends!”. Love it: everyone into the pool!

  8. That’s one pissed off Stark.

  9. One of the filmmakers has said that the rings are more for decoration and part of the trappings of power, I think this has to be some misdirection and no one is really questioning it.

    I don’t think the individual rings have powers like freezing or what not, but I can’t imagine they would so prominently feature the rings (even naming his army after them if IM1 is to be believed).

    My guess is he controls his Extremis army with the rings, puppet master style. The rings convert hand gesters into orders that are perfectly carried out by his soldiers. Tech not magic, but still vital to the character.

    • Boxing Ring? Bathtub Ring? Ringo Starr? Ring My Chimes? Ring Around The Collar? A Ringie-ding-ding?

      • I could be wrong, but I’m gonna guess this clip comes AFTER Mandarin’s attack on Air Force One — and Tony is right pissed off (possibly because he was unable to save everyone in the air) — and therefore challenges Mandarin directly.

        Not sure it’s hubris or just anger born from grief/frustration over perhaps having been forced to make an impossible choice.

  10. I wonder what Tony means by “I’ll be picking up the body?” Any thoughts?

    • It means “you’re already dead, pal,” and I’m gonna come collect your corpse.

  11. Not quite on topic but it is IM3 related and I think it would be so cool to have an Easter egg in the post credits that is a pays tribute to Shane and his buddy cop movies.

    Scene might be something like this.
    Tony is in his lab (NY?) and Pepper says there’s an officer here to see him.
    Over the shoulder of officer you see Tony approaching, apologizing for the mess/mayhem but stating there was a lot on the line as he head nods toward Pepper leaving the room. The officer acknowledges the tough choices that Tony had to make and proceeds to hand Tony the damaged/rebuilt “heart” reactor award that Pepper gave Tony in IM1 which was recently found in the rubble/upheaval that is the Malibu home.
    At this point some in the audience think they recognize the voice of the officer. The camera shows Tony in his state of “not liking to be handed things” and then the camera passes over the officer name tag on his jacket indicating “Sgt Riggs” as his title. The officer speaks the words “sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do when family is involved” as the camera crosses his face and we recognize Mel Gibson playing the role in his usual twitchy mannerism style.
    Camera cuts back to RDJ and he says “family” reflecting on how his relationship with Pepper has changed compared to that of his father. Tony reaches out in acknowledgement receiving the trophy and reflecting on the words still visible on it and then breaks that barrier further as he and the officer shake hands both giving a squinting/smiling acknowledgement of how they have changed from family events like this.

  12. If you haven’t already seen it catch “iron man 3 featurette – cast & characters” on youtube. It has more new footage.

  13. Also on youtube checkout “iron man 3 – international tv spot (hd) robert downey jr.” For more new footage.