New ‘Iron Man 3′ Clip: Tony Stark Comes Clean With Pepper Potts

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Marvel may just be blowing in the door with Iron Man 3, the first of the movies released as part of the company’s post-Avengers Phase Two. The tale of billionaire inventor Tony Stark’s struggle with terrorist mastermind The Mandarin is already receiving positive reviews, and we at Screen Rant are all but chomping at the bit to get a look at the superhero thriller.

Until then, we have another clip from the film to tide us over during the last week until Iron Man 3‘s stateside release.

Iron Man 3 sees Robert Downey Jr. stepping into the shell-head’s shoe’s once again. He is joined by returning cast members Gwyneth Paltrow (Contagion), Don Cheadle (Flight), and John Favreau (The Wolf of Wall Street). New to the ensemble are Ben Kingsley (Hugo), Guy Pearce (Prometheus), and Rebecca Hall (Transcendence).

Iron Man 3 Pepper and Tony New Iron Man 3 Clip: Tony Stark Comes Clean With Pepper Potts

This latest clip from the movie expands on a scene glimpsed through almost all of Iron Man 3‘s previous trailers. There’s little flash here, instead leaning on Downey Jr. and Paltrow’s easy back-and-forth to sell Tony Stark’s revelation that he may be suffering from some kind of post-traumatic stress.

It’s an interesting scene to highlight, but helps to underscore that the Iron Man franchise – despite its impressive special effects and big action – has always been driven by the strength of its characters (not to mention the principal actors’ great performances).

It’s strange that a quiet scene like the one above would actually be one of the main selling points of the film set to kick off the summer blockbuster season. And yet, without these kinds of interesting, surprisingly nuanced interactions, Marvel’s films wouldn’t have become as successful. Only one week to go!


Iron Man 3 blasts into theaters on May 3rd, 2013.

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  1. I like this scene and I just hope the movie is better than Iron Man 2 even though I liked it too. Lol

    • This one will be better than IM 2…I can smell it

  2. 48 hours for me (Seeing it on Sunday in Australia.. But Im pretty sure it come out yesterday)

    Can;t wait.

    • Australia got it before us to??!! Blasted down-under people!! :-)

  3. The last paragraph of the article says it all! Marvel movies and characters have ALWAYS been very well written. I think that’s what made the comic books last as long as they have. Yes the action and the adventure… but at the core of it… the characters and their stories.

    This is definitely one movie that I literally can’t wait to see! :)

  4. Awww… poor tony…

    “nothing has been the same… since I saw the latest MoS trailer.”

    Funny how history repeats itself. First the Dark Knight overshadows the awesome movie that was Iron Man… and now…

    • Im a big Superman fan but its going to have to go some to overshadow this movie – watched it alst night and was totally impressed – excellent mix of comedy, action, story line and of course Mrs Paltrow – the ultimate MILF.

      • I’m not so sure MoS is going to out do this movie, much like TDKR didn’t out do The Avengers. I guess history does repeat itself, you’re right……..

        • +1

        • In 2008, Iron Man opened to critical acclaim… only to become an after thought when The Dark Knight hit theaters later that summer.

          RDJ was pretty butt-hurt over it. His comment about the success of TDK -

          “I felt like I needed a college diploma to follow that movie”

          Haha. Shut up Robert.

          And of course TDKR didn’t out do the Avengers. Avengers was actually good.

          But, here we are… another Iron Man movie debuting to critical acclaim at the beginning of the summer, only to become an after thought once Man of Steel hits theaters in June.

          • Dude shut up. It’s not gonna become an “after-thought”, that’s a matter of your opinion, and yours alone.

            This movie is gonna be the biggest summer block buster besides MoS.
            If you doubt it then you’re in for a rude awakening..

            The Avengers was a box office success BECAUSE of Robert.

            Total Gross for all MCU films (combined): 3,802,149,632
            Total Gross for Batman trilogy (and proceeding Batman films): 3,718,343,339

            Your argument is invalid.

            • Stating what happened in 2008 isn’t an opinion, it’s a fact.

              Sorry bro… it’s a fair prediction, comparing the two situations as they look to be the same-

              Solo Iron Man movie debuting early in the summer, getting out-classed and out-sold by a DC movie later that summer.

              Obviously that is not usually the case. The last two DC movie installments have been pretty crappy compared to what Marvel has been putting out.

              I don’t think I’m the one that is in for a “rude awakening” though…

              Iron Man is awesome and all that… but Superman he is not.

              Man of Steel will blow this out of the water. I will be very, VERY surprised if I’m wrong about that.

              • Check the trailer again and you might wanna change your mind. DC is gonna bring their A game to make Superman relevant again.

              • Actually, I’m going to edit my own comment- the biggest difference between 2008 Iron Man and 2013 Iron Man is this latest movie will have plenty of help from it’s predecessors, whereas the first one was on it’s own.

                That should help it not get ridiculously out-sold like the way TDK did to Iron Man.

                • @ Dr Mindbender

                  Well said. I agree with pretty much everything you said. Just glad to know that other people out there don’t trash the DC heroes just because MARVEL has done better. With the release of the Man Of Steel they are in for a rude awakening.

      • I’m not gonna spoil the movie, but how I saw it, MoS has a VERY BIG chance to overshadow this film.

        • @ Dr. Mind bender
          @ A

          Do you guys work for DC? If MoS does well, are you going to make more money if it beats Iron Man 3?

          I thought not……

          Then who really cares?

          What’s in it for you?

          “My favorite studio is better than your favorite studio.”

          is right on par with

          “My dad clan beat up your dad.”

          Give me a break…..

          • Nothing wrong with observations and ranting… whether or not you like what you are hearing Mr. Stark.

            • @ Dr Mindbender

              I agree, nothing wrong indeed…….just as long as it makes sense.

              Hey……how about we hope they both do well?

              We’ll just agree that both of our dads are tough.


              • @ Stark

                I see what you are saying. I actually do hope both do well. However I want the Man Of Steel to do better. This doesn’t mean I hope MARVEL falls and eats the dust or anything but I like DC more. I will admit DC and MARVEL fans have been at it for years and now with movies both comic fans and CBM fans are at each others throats. To me its not a “My dad can beat your dad.” argument because there is something in it for us. If DC does better than MARVEL we are practically guaranteed a wide range of unlimited DC comic book films.

                • @ Writer

                  I hear you. But, with all do respect my friend, I think you are missing the point. If WB/DC does well you will get a full range of DC films, not if they just beat Marvel. Future DC movies are NOT contingent on whether or not they beat Mavrel films, it’s contingent on whether or not DC’s films are sucessful. Period.

                  That’s what I don’t get. One crushing the other doesn’t mean the other one is doing better or will be some how be more successful. Where exactly is the competition here?

                  If MoS flames and is horrible, how is that a “win” for Marvel? If Iron Mn or Thor bombs, how is that a “win” for WB/DC? It’s the same genre!!!!!! Ones success feeds the others success!!!!!!

                  The bitter rivalry is just lost on me, because in the end we’re all hoping for the same thing, great CBM’S, and more of them. That’s my point.

                  • Tony

                    Just wait for Man of steel and see. Period

                    • @ A

                      Yep…..we’ll see…….

                    • Touche

              • Neither Marvel nor DC is my “dad.”

                If anyone is showing favoritism, it’s you. I respect that these are two properties that will be competing with each other, and while Iron Man 3 will do very well ( I never argued that it won’t) it is within my unbiased opinion that however well IM3 does, MoS will be that much better. You don’t have to “choose a side” in order to come to that conclusion.

                • @ dr mindbender

                  No sir, I am not showing favoritism. Read my reply to Writer. You see my good doctor, I want ever CBM made to do not only well, but extremly well, regardless of who made them, because I love them all. This whole thing about this one crushing this one is just lost on me. Like I said to Mr. Writer above, if one bombs, it’s bad for all of them and vice versa. We’re all in the same genre, and if the movies produced in that genre start to suck, it hurts the whole thing. I want DC and Marvel to keep making these movies forever; that won’t happen if they start sucking and bombing. That is all I’m saying.

                  I think, if I read your post right, we’re saying somewhat the same thing. It just cracks me up when people root for one CBM over the other.

                  • I just didn’t like how Iron man sort of “wrapped” things up and the Big twist was the worst thing I have seen in the Marvel Films. I know I’m not the only one complaining about that, despite the great first half. I know Rotten tomatoes loves this film, but I have my opinion as a comic book fan so there.

                • Lol…but arent you choosing sides? You are saying Man of Steel will be better before its even out….So far everything looks good in the trailers but as everyone knows trailers lie, and lets not forget Snyder was the guy that came out movies like Watchmen and the turd known as Sucker Punch.

                  • Snyder didn’t have legendary pictures and Nolan and Goyer to back up the writing then.


    haha movie site blackout is super rough lol doing pretty good.

  6. Awe that was tender. I wish I had someone.

    • Only got to inherit a multimillion dollar business and build super robot suits :o) relationships have never been easier!

  7. Ready for tomorrow here in Mexico!!!!

  8. already seen the movie, its a great scene when u see it in full.

  9. Just seen this last night, highly recommended – Ironman is back after a poor effort in 2.

  10. Totally a fantastic movie! im still not sold on the whole thing that happened at the end though?? quietly confused by it… besides that seeing as how this was written without any influence or contribution from Mr Joss Weedon (it was written and in the bag before his contract resign) ive gotta say I was really impressed by the comedy factor and the overall feel of the movie.
    Yes Sir Ben Kinsgley is totally awesome!!It is the Iron Man movie everyone is waiting for, and cudos to marvel for not letting the cat out of the bag for it. The majority of discussions about what happens within this movie … I have not heard of before so I was thrilled about watching a movie that I didn’t know what was happening for a change!
    Another awesome effort from everyone involved and a great bonus scene at the end!
    I feel that they are changing the way these bonus scenes are being used and it is for the better!

  11. Just saw the movie, awesome experience!
    You could really feel the Shane Black trademark and the smart feeling (similar to kiss kiss bb) that is left on you at the end.
    I follow this site everyday so I had a lot of informations about the flick but worry not, this is packed with unexpected turn and twist that you won’t see coming!
    And stay for the end credit scene (I know you will anyway), it’s gonna leave you with a big smile on your face!

    • The post credit scene left me disappointed, almost as pointless as the shwarma scene in the Avengers.

      Also, the Big twist in the end made me cringe A LOT, the liberties they did in this movie overshadows Iron Man 2 (Although it had a better story). I won’t spoil the story, but Man of Steel has a VERY BIG chance of trumping over this film.

      • @ A

        And so what if it does?????

        If you do have a point, I must have missed it……,or don’t you have one???

        • Stark
          My point is the film is not as good as the critics make it seem, so keep on bashing my opinion cause that feeds your already overgrown ego and take that to the bank.

      • And The Hobbit 2 has a big chance of overshadowing MoS, blah, blah, blah! Why can’t we just want both studios to keep cranking out stellar movies? This p*****g contest is getting boring.

        • +1 ditto

  12. Uhhhhh always Marvel vs DC. Comic book fans never have anything interesting to talk about.

    • +1,000,000

  13. Please don’t waste your money on this load of garbage, heard the ending bettered the avengers, that’s a big fat lie for starters, this is the most hyped poor excuse for a film I’ve personally ever seen. Out of all the marvel films I’ve seen this is by far the worst, absolute joke! In my opinion the film critics who said this pile of pigs poop was watchable, let alone good, need a slap to wake then up, I could litterly complain about this for a good 24 hrs, there’s a reason I prefer DC, it ain’t got stan lees smug face all over it!

  14. People stop it with IM3 will be better than MOS or vice versa, lets enjoy these characters coming to life

    • + 5

  15. Beware Marvel fans. If you respect the original stories and expect something mind-blowing, be prepared to be disappointed. I joke you not, Disney really ruins it this time.

  16. I love Iron Man 1 & 2 cant wait for the third one to be out. I bet it gonna be the best one yet. While waiting for it to be out I been enjoying the Iron Man Anime at The anime storyline is pretty awesome to let time pass by until Iron man 3 is out

  17. Iron Man 3 , just watched it yst’rday evening ! A trememdous and engaging spectacle ,worth the wait with defining moments and off course the finale of the IRON MAN suits…Simply awesome and riveting as in 2D, WILL CATCH UP IN 3D SOON to feel more elctrifyingly 3D,..cONGRATS TEAM IRON MAN 3 N RDJ :)