‘Iron Man 3′: Marvel to Release a Different Version in China

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iron man 33 Iron Man 3: Marvel to Release a Different Version in China

Marvel fans know that Iron Man 3 will prove to be a turning point for the studio’s efforts. Following the record-breaking success of The Avengers, Tony Stark’s latest adventure has the responsibility to continue raising the stakes and proving to audiences that a single superhero can be just as compelling as a whole team of them.

One way in which the film will attempt to outdo last year’s blockbuster event is by presenting an even more action-packed finale than the New York battle of The Avengers. However, Iron Man 3 will also broaden the scope from an American threat to a more global presence. This has, of course, been somewhat assumed ever since The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) was confirmed to be the film’s primary antagonist.

That character (as his name might suggest) has his roots in China, and in order to maintain a level of authenticity with Shane Black’s superhero sequel, parts of Iron Man 3 were even filmed in the country. Commercially-speaking, this would also help the film earn a Chinese release, as the country only allows a limited number of foreign movies (including Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained) to see release there. It even appeared for a while that the film would be a Chinese co-production.

However, Marvel has now announced that the studio has declined the opportunity to file Iron Man 3 as a co-production with Beijing-based DMG Entertainment, with whom Marvel collaborated on the film’s Chinese elements. Still, the film marks the latest entry in Marvel’s flagship franchise – and its first of two 2013 efforts, the other being Thor: The Dark World – so overseas grosses, including those in the growing Chinese film market, will be a critical part of the success.

mandarin2 570x410 Iron Man 3: Marvel to Release a Different Version in China

Therefore, the film will release different versions in both the U.S. and China. Both will feature Chinese actor Wang Xuegi, but the Chinese one will include scenes featuring actress Fan Bingbing and additional footage specifically tailored for Chinese audiences.

From a marketing standpoint, this move is a no-brainer for Marvel. Given the central role that China plays in The Mandarin’s backstory and Iron Man comics as a whole, it makes perfect sense for the studio to release a slightly tailored version of the film that will play up those elements a bit more and offer an incentive for Chinese audiences to see the film. It’s also quite unlikely that any of this added footage will drastically affect the story of the film or result in any foreshadowing “button scenes” that will hint at what’s to come in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

At the end of the day, however, Iron Man 3 is a long-term investment for Marvel, and releasing a slightly different version in China – especially considering the assistance the studio received for DMG – is a smart business move for a company that has made a reputation for smart business decisions in the past few years.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3rd, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8th, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1st, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6th, 2015.

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  1. Man,it sucks to live here in China I guess !
    Hope there are no other cuts again to the Movie !
    They always already cut the after credits scenes out,cause most Chinese viewers leave the moment the credits come up :(

  2. Are they gonna start doing this for every movie just so they can get it passed by the Chinese censors? I guess they want to make even more money from millions of new Chinese punters. It is, after all a vast untapped audience that Hollywood is probably busting to take full advantage of.

  3. I can understand that.

    Maybe the scenes are portraying China in a positive light and showing the Chinese government in the movie as distancing themselves from The Mandarin because he doesn’t truly represent what they stand for.

    That way, the censors and leaders there are happy, Marvel can continue filming in the country in future and they get to break the Chinese market.

    I seriously doubt they’re going to cut too much. As this article hints at, it seems they actually added scenes rather than cut any which is why I suggested the possible changes I expect after reading this.

    • I saw the Chinese version of this film — I don’t recall any scenes being cut, just a few additional ones. Overall, maybe 2 minutes of extra footage. Not much at all. The scenes seemed out of place.

  4. I believe the China version will be sterilized. Mandarin’s father is no longer chinese but a north korean.

    • I’m not sure they’ll Die Hard it (where the Germans changed it to the villains being English to avoid controversy).

      Like it says, they only added scenes to the Chinese version, they haven’t edited or removed anything so as I said, it’s more likely a scene involving government officials distancing themselves in the movie from The Mandarin in an added scene.

  5. Teriyaki doesn’t come from China?

  6. It is ALWAYS about the $$$ Im kind of PI**ED about this “catering” to a communist country for money! DO the chinese make anything but electronic junk for us? umm NO, so WTF is this about? if they dont like it then too bad! I just think its bullsh** that these companies are even going so far as to me a lightly differ version so it makes the cut into that market is Disgusting to me! I HAVE NO ILL WILL TO THE CHINESE PPL! This is about Catering to them for nothing more than money! THIS IS WHY OUR COUNTRY IS FAILING, we have NO PRIDE in anything anymore and it is sickening

    • How much do you know about China? Have you ever been there or lived there? What’s wrong with the movie has a Chinese version? Are you mad just because the second verison is chinese? It is a free market, and this world is catering to money. Too bad if you don’t like it. Actually chinese makes a lot of things, and it’s not only for US, it’s for all over the world. If US companies willing to pay more, then maybe you can get much better quality for your goods.

  7. 34 American films that China will screen in their country…yeah, China is really censoring America. How many Chinese films does America allow or show in their country a year? One? Two? Yes, that’s fair. Another example of how cowardly and hypocritical America is. If China really wanted to censor America, they simply would not show their films or limit it to one or two a year. They have to protect their film industry as well, just like every other country.

  8. All Marvel has to do is change the Mandarins name to Tibetan, then China would probably show it in every theatre in the country and even pay Marvel for the cost of any other additional changes… :)

  9. Hollywood is making billions! Obama no taxy Hollywood!

  10. Maybe nobody wants to hear the crap you spew.

  11. If you dont like this website why dont you go to a different one? I mean it makes no sense to go out of your way and go on a website to complain about it.

  12. Away with you, chinky boy.

    BTW I’m not American. China is actually far worse than Uncle Sam and while many fear them, not many actually like them.

    • you’re typical racist twat that knows nothing about the country you hate. why don’t you go cry in the corner you racist chinky cracker nggerest ginger nut or w/e you are

      • I know more than you ever will, you brainwashed drone. I’d say more but your government would censor all of it anyway.

  13. It is just a movie. People have no respect to others is what I see.

  14. The article said they are going to add more scenes involving additional Chinese actors/actress; But of course the usual dumb comment section will always interpret it in a different way. What a bunch of idiots.

  15. I’ve just watched Iron Man 3 in China, loved it. The only thing that really pissed me off are all the Chinese segments. I understand that the government wanted a version specifically tailored for the Chinese audience (the Chinese version of Looper had an extend footage of future Shanghai which was kinda cool) , but in Iron Man it was so fu*king obvious, it literally had nothing to do with the story, like they just jammed it into the movie. At the credits they actually placed Ben Kingsley behind Fan Bingbing in the cast list! She was only on screen for like a minute! By the way the Chinese also banned Django Unchained. I gotta get out of this country.

    • If you don’t like it, then leave. If it makes you happy, please leave asap. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. If you don’t like that, then leave!

  16. I watched this film in China, and can say that these extra parts rendered the overall attachment completely incoherent and over done. The smooth flow of the film seemed to stall big time with these scenes which allowed for long, dull and arbitrary… only to serve as propaghanda and appeal for Chinese audiences who would otherwise not have even heard of this film.