‘Iron Man 3′ Character Details & Potential Post-Credits Scene Spoiler

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Iron Man 3 details Iron Man 3 Character Details & Potential Post Credits Scene Spoiler

As the poster boy character for Marvel Studios and the first franchise to continue the Marvel cinematic universe post-Avengers, Iron Man 3 has a lot to live up to. Its predecessor Iron Man 2 is the weakest film in the series, but with a new director, higher expectations (and a higher budget), Iron Man 3 promises to kickstart Phase 2 of the franchise in a big way.

While Marvel President Kevin Feige and writer/director Shane Black describe the film as a standalone story, not weighed down by forced story threads for the next Avengers film, that certainly doesn’t mean it won’t contain plenty of connective tissues and/or new characters and details to be used in future Marvel films.

On the second episode of The Playlist’s new podcast, writer Gabe Toro shared a pile of details regarding upcoming plans and ideas from Marvel Studios for the next several years, beginning with Iron Man 3 which launches next summer.  All of what we will discuss further below can be considered:









Iron Man 3 has already begun shooting with returning cast members Robert Downey Jr. as the titular hero, Don Cheadle as a primary character in the War Machine armor, and Gwyneth Paltrow in a smaller role as Pepper Potts. The film also introduces a wide variety of new characters:

What Mr. Toro says is that Kingsley’s character is definitely a version of The Mandarin as we’ve all suspected, and that S.H.I.E.L.D. is part of the film, much like it was on the original Iron Man. Instead of Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) keeping an eye on Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) this time around, it’ll be Agent Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) who was introduced this year in The Avengers as the right-hand of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson).

Iron Man 3 Production Image Tony Stark Hall of Armor 570x378 Iron Man 3 Character Details & Potential Post Credits Scene Spoiler

This wasn’t always going to be the plan, apparently, and director Shane Black wanted Val Kilmer to play Al MacKenzie, a lesser-known S.H.I.E.L.D. agent/CIA liason from the Marvel Comics. You can see the obvious connection between Shane Black, Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. That would have been great casting, but Kilmer had scheduling conflicts.

As for William Sadler’s role in the film, he was rumored to play Sal Kennedy, a friend of Tony Stark and Maya Hansen (Rebecca Hall’s character), but according to The Playlist, he’s instead playing a General who works with James Rhodes/War Machine.

Here’s where we get to the really interesting stuff:

Before dropping out of the film, Andy Lau was cast to play a character described as a “good guy” scientist of sorts. That character will be a version of Chen Lu (Radioactive Man) from the books. In Marvel Comics, Chen Lu is a nuclear physicist for the People’s Republic of China and a villain of Iron Man who works for The Mandarin. His abilities from exposure to radiation give him green-colored skin and the abilities to control radiation in various ways. I wouldn’t expect all of that to show up in Iron Man 3, but do expect his connection with these characters to surface as well as his connection to… Ant-Man.

In the books, Henry Pym (Ant-Man) fought Radioactive Man, defeating Lu and having him deported to China, but years later, when Lu had dropped his villainous roots to work with other superheroes, he and Pym worked together during the Marvel Civil War, building a prison for super-powered people.

The character may have a significant role that has him returning in future Marvel films, but for Iron Man 3, he may just show up in a special post-credits scene where Ant-Man is finally introduced. It’s this after-credits scene that may be shot by Edgar Wright, the director who’s been attached to Ant-Man for years and who has submitted several versions of its screenplay to Marvel, a script which is touted as being funny and exciting.

This scene is likely what Wright referred to when he told Empire and Slash Film that he hopes to be shooting something for Ant-Man this year.

“So as not to jinx things, I am going to remain spectacularly vague on this. Let’s just say I hope to shoot some Ant-Man & World’s End this year.”

Ant Man and Iron Man movies Iron Man 3 Character Details & Potential Post Credits Scene Spoiler

This scene would feature Ant-Man, possibly masked. That may depend on casting, and there’s no word on that front. Seeing how Joss Whedon directed the post-credits button on Thor, which served as a lead-in to The Avengers, it makes sense to see Marvel doing the same with Edgar Wright on Iron Man 3 - and what better way to market a new, lesser-known character than with their biggest solo character franchise? This also lends credence to the idea that Ant-Man will join Captain America 2 as one of the 2014 Marvel Studios releases.

Let the speculation continue!

Iron Man 3 is currently shooting and is scheduled to hit theaters on May 3, 2013. Thor 2 comes later that fall and Captain America 2 the following spring.


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Source: The Playlist

Header image edited from art by buzzelliArt, Radioactive Man art by Marko Djurdjević.

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  1. YESSSSSS!!!! I love this if it is true!!!

  2. How the hell does Val Kilmer have scheduling conflicts? They would have had to double the craft services budget, anyway.

    • LOL @ Drew!

    • scheduling conflicts is hollywood say for “i dont wanna do this movie”.

  3. worlds end?

    • The third part of his SImon Pegg/ Nick Frost trilogy that started with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

      • Oh yea That should be good. I would rather see that then ant man honestly…

  4. It was all over the internet last week that Andy Lau dropped out of Iron man 3 .
    Are you saying thes reports are UNTRUE ?

    • We hadn’t seen that, Gary, thanks. Will update the article accordingly.

      • Glad to help Kofi .
        I Probably should not have implied you were saying the reports were untrue, I was hoping that it wasnt .
        Andy Lau would have made a GREAT addition to this cast.


  6. “Don Cheadle as the PRIMARY (!!!) character in the War Machine armor”?

    Does he get his armor stolen?

    • Re-read it. He’s *a* primary character in the War Machine Armor, as in, he plays a large role in the film.

      • Crap… Wishful thinking I guess. :(

    • detroit steel anyone?

  7. *****Spoiler discussion, you have been warned******

    This is cautiously good news if the Ant-Man rumor is true but I still can’t shake off the last news we had about the script focusing on Scott Lang stealing an OLD Hank Pyms suit. I guess we can only hope everyone concerned has had a change of heart and another major revision of the Ant-man script is being done and will feature Hank Pym as a future member of The Avengers/SHIELD.

    • @Mongoose, I agree.

    • I agree too. Some people already complain that Hank Pym is not well-known enough outside the Marvel fanbase to have a movie about him. Throwing in Scott Lang, a complete nobody who didn’t do much except steal a superhero suit, is not a good idea. I don’t want a cameo of an old Pym in a movie about Scott Lang… I want a conteporary Pym in an Ant-Man movie. It’s bad enough they pushed him and the Wasp aside from the first movie, I can’t believe they would relegate Pym to a secondary character in his own movie! I mean, give the guy a break… ;-) Is that a way to treat a founding avenger?

  8. My dawg, Andy Lau will get his shot in future Marvel films! He may not be The Mandarin, but Radioactive Man (Chen Lu) sounds totally suitable for him. Ant-Man will definitely be his “Lethal Weapon 4″. Can’t hardly wait!

  9. Ben Kingsley is The Mandarin. It’s just that he hasn’t begun doing his role yet. If I were you, I would go check some of the past news and you will now that Mandarin’s appearance in the film will be true

  10. I don’t get it. Kingsley isn’t even a little bit Asian.

    • The Mandarins mother is English.
      So, maybe Kingsleys character accepted his Moms heritage over his Dads.

    • This has been going on for years, when a person plays another character of a different race. Kingsly can get away with playing Mandarin though I have faith in that

    • Kingsley’s actually half-Asian (his father was a Pakistani).

      • Really??????

      • Funny music, strange meat, side of rice. Why are you splitting hairs. Also, it doesn’t really help your point calling him a cu*t.

        • I agree that the insult wasn’t necessary, but it is a bit insensitive to act like two countries that hate eachother are practically the same. Your ignorance of the differences in the cultures of the two countries is no excuse to insult them like that.

        • didn’t ben kinsley win an oscar for portraying gandhi? gotta say i think he’s a bit old though!

            • Marvel doesn’t own the rights to Wolverine, 20th Century Fox does.

      • Funny music, strange meat, side of rice. Why are you splitting hairs. Also, it doesn’t really help your point calling him a names.

      • Yes but you are using geography against us for technical correctness. Being “Asian” relates to the far eastern countries of the Asian continent and countries like Pakistan, and India are related more to the Middle East.

        I mean “technically” 3/4th of Russia is also part of the Asian continent but you wouldn’t claim a Russian looks “Asian”, would you?

        • Yakuts look kind of Asian.

  11. 1)I’m curious as to an Ant-Man post-credit scene, wouldn’t Phase 2 of Marvel Cinematic Universe be better served having a post-credit scene having something to do with Thor 2 but it makes sense having their biggest property introduce Ant-Man…
    2)I for one am really interested how they are going to make Ant-Man in this universe cause I really don’t know how they make him it work at least how they can make it into a blockbuster…
    3)How bad does Val Kilmer feel, what could he possibly be filming/doing that he couldn’t get in such a high-profile movie
    4)Ben Kinglsey as a Lex Luthor type Mandarin would be interesting especially the 10 Rings terrorist aspects of it…

    • 1) I disagree. Everyone knows Thor already based on Thor and The Avengers. Having everyone who sees IM3 be exposed to Ant-Man via post credit scene builds awareness and excitement.

      • 2)I get what your saying about exposing everyone from IM3 to Ant-Man I think its a good way to introduce Ant-Man in a post-credit scene because he’s little known to the mainstream…
        2)What i meant was you’d think they would focus on making Thor a bigger property like Iron Man since it’s the next movie in the timeline and while it did well at the boxoffice it wasn’t as huge as Iron Man & post-avengers it should get a bump at the boxoffice but a lead into Thor 2 from IM3 would make sense especially when these movies are all building toward another Avengers movie…

        • That makes perfect sense. And as a huge Thor fan, I actually hope they go that route. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Keep in mind, the early rumors for the after credit scene for Avengers was Ant-Man. :)

          • I’m a big Thor fan too and hopefully they build Thor up more and i hope less earth, more of the 9 realms, & explore his relationships with Sif since I for one think that relationships is more important…

        • Thor already got his bump from Avengers.

  12. Hope this is true ant man at the end of ironman? Zomg

  13. Iron Man 2 the weakest? Somebody is smoking heavy amounts of crack. Iron Man 2, Thor and The Avengers are the three best so far. The weakest. Psh.

    • Iron Man = Iron Man 2 for me

    • In your opinion…

  14. With this Ant-Man news, I wonder where Black Panther sits. Then you have the GOTG rumor. What is all instore for phase 2??? TELL US MARVEL!!! :)

  15. “Gwyneth Paltrow in a smaller role as Pepper Potts.” So similar to her little role in Avengers? Or is there some kind of conflict? OR maybe I’m just reading too much into this, and her character just won’t fit into the film too much at this point.

    • Less screentime due to story.

      • Mr Keyes, re-posting things you read on Wiki and guessing make this page useless …

  16. What I want to know is if Ant-Man is going to abuse his wife in his movie. Because that subject matter wouldn’t feel right in a superhero film.

    • He won’t dude.

    • Definitely not. They were super weary about Alcoholism with Iron Man, they definitely won’t explore this story.

    • I don’t even think he’ll be married in the MCU…
      IMO, it makes more sense for Janet to just be a love interest instead of his wife.

    • The Hank Pym from The Ultimates use to beat his wife… NOT the one from the 616 (main universe). I guess they’ll go for the good guy. At least, I hope so. So many people seem to think that they’re the same, but they’re not. Yeah, the 616 version DID slap his wife ONCE, and he spent the rest of his like feeling like crap because of it. Oh, and also because of that Ultron thing ;-)

  17. I’m with a lot of you guys i hope its true because if it is i’m going to pull a doctor cox and try something i haven’t done since high school… BACK FLIP!!!!!!!! lol.

  18. My first comic book was a Scott Lang Ant-Man comic, so i want to see Ant-Man. I wonder whose playing him maybe Tom Welling because word on the street is that Marvel is eyeing him for a big super hero flick. Hope this is true

    • they’d have to do a loooooong post-credit scene with hank pym AND scott lang i think?! maybe pym and nick fury catching lang running off with an ant-man helmet? think they might pull a u-turn though and do something with black panther or doc strange or maybe even luke cage (played by the Rock?)

    • Just because it was your first comic, please don’t wish the Scott Lang angle on us. All of us Avengers fans want to see Hank Pym in the Avengers because he is a founding member and deserves his spot.

      • I sooooo agree with you, mongoose! As Avengers fans, we want Hank Pym. For me, it’s him or nothing. I’m not the slightest bit interested in Scott Lang, even less in Eric O’Grady.

  19. god i really hate cobie smulders. she totally felt like an outclassed b list tv actress in the avengers. and the only reason she got into that movie was because alyson hannigan forced whedon to. it sucks that she’ll be replacing coulson, that guy was a much superior actor.

    • Well apparently, when Whedon was attached to the Wonder Woman project, he always wanted Cobie to play the lead until the project broke down and he kept her in mind for a future project so I’d say if you wanna blame anyone for her part in Avengers, it’d be 50/50 between Whedon and Hannigan.

      Not that I blame anyone, I thought Cobie was great considering her character wasn’t really used much outside of scenes with Nick Fury.

      Love the idea of a post-credits Ant Man appearance though.

      • cobie smulders as wonder woman…say what??? i vote for jessica biel!!

    • Maybe I’m missing something but why is Joss Whedon answering to Alyson Hannigan…?

      • Because they are friends

        • I realize that but it seems kind of silly that he would cast someone in a major role in a huge summer blockbuster simply because your friend works with one actress. She probably was instrumental in her getting an audition but I’m sure Smulders earned the part to some extent.

    • Well, you’re in the minority.
      I thought she was brilliant. She didn’t come across as “Robin Sparkles” at all and she portrayed Maria Hill to a T. She even took it upon herself to do the training (most actors wouldn’t bother getting it right, but she was dedicated and it paid off IMO).

  20. I can definitely see Marvel going this way with Ant-Man in the post credits scene. If you think about it they really don’t need to link Iron Man, Cap and Thor like they did in phase 1. If Cobie Smoulders is doing the “Coulson Job” then they have a link anyway. I think IM3 will have an Ant-Man post scene Button, Thor 2 will have GOTG or Thanos button and then Cap 2 will link directly into the Avengers, pretty much like Cap 1 did, although hopefully not with a teaser trailer.

    • I think Cap 2 will have a Black Panther button.

      • I like this thinking. Iron Man 3 leads into Ant-Man, Thor 2 leads into Guardians of the Galaxy, and Captain America: The First Avenger 2 leads into Black Panther. Then, all three of these films get released in either 2014 or 2015, and then 2015/2016 leads into The Avengers 2!

        Sounds awesome just thinking about it…

      • @Pittman, I concur.

      • That would be awesome…

      • You may be right.

  21. Me personally I’d rather see The Wasp instead of Antman at the end of IronMan3 cause to me Antman is the worst superhero just like AquaMan

    • Do yourself a favor:
      Go watch Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (for an awesome depiction of Ant-Man) and go read the New 52 version of Aquaman as well.

      But no, you can’t have the Wasp without Ant-Man (the reason being that the PYM particles that make the Wasp shrink were created by… Hank PYM aka Ant-Man)

      • Do you think. They can’t change the story up a little. Oh how she can make it so tony helps design the tech so she can shrink

          • Well, they basically used the origin story from the 80′s television show for The Incredible Hulk and everything turned out pretty much just fine.

        • Yeah… no ;)
          Like Mongoose said, they’re called PYM particles (not Stark particles).
          That wouldn’t be a small deviation/”change up” from the comics, it would be a major leap away from the established mythos.

          • Mongoose is right. No argument there. Since when is Tony Stark a crack at biochemistry?

  22. Edgar Wright has dropped a couple of hints on twitter that he’s been shooting something lately but has given no hints as to what it is.
    Maybe we now know???

    • Apparently that was something else…

  23. Cool, but still waiting for the king of Wakanda.

  24. I hope its true and that Benedict Cumberbatch’s secret project is this. In an interview with Jaguar he said there was a project he couldnt talk about that could be big. He’d make a great ant man.

    • I’m really not sure about him for the part… I’ve seen other speculations on other sites that were more likely, at least in my opinion. I don’t see a Hank Pym there at all. Sorry.

  25. screw Antman, he sounds and looks like a bad superhero (stupid) and i hope he doesnt join the Marvel universe. also how are they going to market ‘Antman’. You might say theres a ‘Spiderman’ but that the 2nd biggest superhero to date just behind ‘Batman’.
    It even sounds weird: Antman coming to a cinema near you summer 2014…

    • Shows what you know about the character. Someone who can shrink to 1/2″ tall and then grow to 200′ tall IS a great concept and something we have not seen before.

      • This is exactly my point! the main audience for superhero films is the general movie goer. sure i love superhero movies but there are definitely some bad ones. Also if the name of a movie sound stupid its bad marketing because people don’t want to see it.
        oh and your explanation really doesn’t help your case (no offence) i don’t read superhero comics and therefore I’m not a fanboy wanting this movie to have existence, but from your description of the character it makes me hate the idea of that character even more.
        I’m just trying to tell you what the general movie goer will tell you and say about this movie. and i don’t think marvel is going to risk a movie like this until there is a lot of support for it. unless they throw antman into a shield movie, i just don’t think antman can carry an entire movie.

        • Up until a few years ago, the “general movie goer” didn’t know, or give a toss, about Iron Man or Thor… oh how things have changed…

          Just give it a chance (I dunno, wait for a trailer or at the very least, a basic premise of the movie) before you make up your mind.

        • Usually the brief description piques peoples interest (because they are unaware of his growth) but it’s not exactly as if a brief description of Spider-man is awe inspiring either……a guy who can stick to walls and throw webs, yeah not exciting sounding if you don’t know the character but look at what he’s like if you know the character.

          I would encourage you to at least learn about the character though before making such comments like he’s a “bad” superhero.

          And if you don’t like the movie title, “Ant-Man”, then how about say, “The Pym Particle”? Is that a mysterious enough title to get you to see it?

  26. If you’re going to waste a post credit scene on Ant-Man it might as well be IM3 anyway.

  27. Smaller roll for Pepper Potts? Love to know where you received that info. I can list a dozen blogs plus interview with one of the producers that her roll was “beefier” in Ironman 3. Why would RDJ push so hard to give her screen time in Avengers just to have her be a no show in IM3? Why make her such a presence in the first 2 and shelf her in the third? Plus she has been on set for just about as long as RDJ in North Carolina. I guess if she follows the production to Miami and China we can rule out the smaller role. Hate when new directors come on and start changing everything. Don’t mess with something that works.

    • @Heather, because there is a high probability that there will also be an Iron Man #4. Iron Man 4 may possibly focus solely on The Mandarin.

  28. Radioactive Man is a SIMPSONS character… How did they not get sued by Marvel ?

    • you do know that marvel came up with radioactive man in 1963, right? as in a long time before simpsons episode 1 ever aired?

    • ignore my previous statement, i read your comment wrong, incredibly wrong my bad! i thought you said how come marvel didnt get sued by simpsons