‘Iron Man 3′ Cast and Director Offer Character & Plot Details – Including ‘Iron Patriot’

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Iron Man 3 Hall of Armor Art Iron Man 3 Cast and Director Offer Character & Plot Details   Including Iron Patriot

The countdown to Marvel’s “Phase 2″ of its cinematic universe has grown louder in recent weeks, between marketing for Iron Man 3 intensifying and official casting for the only non-sequel installment, Guardians of the Galaxy. If rumors are to be believed, Tony Stark’s next standalone adventure directly sets the stage for the Guardians appearing (leaked concept art has lent further credence to that idea).

“Phase 2,” in general, is about delving further into the cosmic realm of the Marvel universe (preparing for bigger developments down the line), which is why Iron Man 3 is focusing so heavily on the people of Earth responding to the aftermath of the Chitauri invasion in The Avengers. Naturally, the Tony Stark character serves as a window into that changed world, as he wrestles with the same newfound fears and concerns – even as a “local” threat in The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) rears its ugly head.

Empire (via Comic Book Movie) sat down with the Iron Man 3 cast and director Shane Black, for a discussion about where Tony (Robert Downey Jr.), Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Don Cheadle) are emotionally and mentally, when we pick back up with them post-Avengers. Starting off, here is what Black said about Tony:

“Tony Stark is [now] relying on these suits to feel like he’s in any way capable. He surrounds himself with these things almost like a blanket. In The Avengers, he fought aliens, but he was the one character I would not have picked to fight aliens. Now we’ve taken advantage of the fact that he’s fought aliens and he talks about it.”

Tony’s emotionally-damaged state has been teased throughout the Iron Man 3 trailers released so far, but it’s a welcome idea in terms of moving the character forward and not pushing the restart button on his frame of mind (something which, in my humble opinion, Iron Man 2 was partially guilty of). Paltrow affirmed that’s an important issue in the film, with regard to where Pepper’s at:

“[She still] adores Tony, but she absolutely gets fed up with him. He gets caught in a feedback look.”

Iron Man 3 Pepper Potts Tony Stark 570x320 Iron Man 3 Cast and Director Offer Character & Plot Details   Including Iron Patriot

Of course, Tony’s dilemma gets put on the back-burner when a new threat in The Mandarin appears on the scene, forcing him to get back in action. The iconic Iron Man villain sports quite the eccentric appearance in his official character poster, bearing the influences of many real-world terrorists and power-hungry dictators. Kingsley informed Empire that was very much the intention:

“[The Mandarin is] a pastiche of American iconography. It’s there to confuse – you don’t know what’s coming next. Shane allowed me to push the boundaries of the role so that I’m allow to go a bit bonkers.”

Mandarin stepping into the sunlight, coupled with Tony hiding from the public’s eye, prompts the U.S. president (William Sadler) to give Rhodes’ War Machine armor a new paint job, transforming him into the Iron Patriot. Keeping true to his values, though, Rhodes avoids getting caught up in the idea of being a new symbol and inspiration for national pride, according to Cheadle:

“The name [Iron Patriot] makes as much sense as Iron Man. [laughs] It’s a new and interesting look. I don’t know how, personally, I’d feel about being draped in the flag, but Rhodey doesn’t care what the paint job is like. He just wants it to do what it does.”

Don Cheadle Iron Patriot Armor Official Iron Man 3 Cast and Director Offer Character & Plot Details   Including Iron Patriot

Lastly, the plot of Iron Man 3 really picks up once Tony emerges to challenge The Mandarin live on television, which is an event that Black feels reflects the innate conflict between our hero and the antagonist:

“Robert’s portrayal of Tony is ultimately the American cowboy who defies authority, thinks for himself and is fiercely individualistic. That’s an America we like to believe in, which is why The Mandarin, who hates America, is a good match for Tony in this movie.”


Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black, from his and Drew Pearce’s screenplay. It stars Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Jon Favreau, Rebecca Hall, William Sadler, James Badge Dale and the voice of Paul Bettany.

Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe begins when Iron Man 3 releases May 3rd, 2013, followed by Thor: The Dark World on November 8th, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, and Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014. It concludes with The Avengers 2 on May 1st, 2015.


Source: Empire [via Comic Book Movie]

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    • Star Trek ???

      • (facepalm)

      • Fail.

        • Yeah, that’s a big ol’ dose of foot-in-mouth.

          Still annoys me when k(Black) always responds with that one word though. It’s like, either comment with a thought or reaction to the article or don’t.

          As for my comment, nothing much given away which is good and pretty much them telling us what we and Screen Rant have been talking about anyway lately. Just hurry up and be April already, I wanna see this movie.

          • Head up a** is more like it.

          • April??? WtF we dont get it until May 3 DAMN you Dazz…LOL j/k

  2. I dont know much about mandarin but is his niche that he doesnt like america? Cause thats pretty weak i dont want to watch another save the country film. Make it personal!

    • How about both?

      • In all honesty you probably are getting both. Does that make you happy?

        • Yes it does lol

    • i didnt know mandarin just flat out hated america…and believe me i know stuff…but your absolutely right. if theyre going to the trouble of making stark have mixed feelings about the events of the avengers(thats what theyre doin right?) they cant just pit him against someone who turns out to be the villain only becuz because he “hates america”…

      • I think it means more the fact that stark is the embodiment of what the madarin has come to hate about america (it’s ideals etc) and so madarin seeks to destroy that capitalist symbol ironman/stark have come to uphold.

        • Very well said Bellcure.

          On another note, I’ve had enough spoilers now. Time to block out all IM3 news and count down to the movie! :D

          • Yah same i think i might stop reading anymore iron man 3 spoilers till i see the movie otherwise ill know whats gonna happen and itll ruin the fun :p

        • @Bellcure, great resonse! That’s it exactly. I’m also sure we’ll find out more in the movie.

    • Don’t make it solely personal. That’s what the last two Iron man films were, just personal. It’s what Tony’s entire character development in The Avengers was about, fighting for something bigger than himself. He hadn’t done that before the Avengers. Captain American tells him so “I know guys with none of that worth ten of you. I’ve seen the footage. The only thing you really fight for is yourself. You’re not the guy to make the sacrifice play, to lay down on a wire and let the other guy crawl over you. ” So this film will be the natural continuation of that. Iron Man being the hero, and not just Tony’s personal fight suit.

      • In other words, Rhodes is the guy looked at as the official defender of the US but Stark is the real hero. The guy who sacrifices huge chunks of his own life to stop The Mandarin.

        Wait a second.

        Pressures and possible tragedy in this movie….space (potentially) with the Guardians…..Avengers 2…..

        Maybe this is RDJ’s get-out-clause for Phase 3? “Demon In A Bottle” in movie form as an excuse to get Stark out of there in a way that doesn’t see him killed or giving some flimsy excuse for why he won’t be sticking around much?

    • Mandarin hated China in the comics, but he also thought he was above everyone and everything. He was on a power trip, possibly because of the power of the rings.

      And then there was Fing Fang Foom…. Just wanted to give him a shout out. He’s an alien dragon, so there’s that.

  3. I’m still just mildly annoyed at the use of Iron Patriot without Norman Osborn. Thanks again, Sony.

    • Same, that has been irking me for the LONGEST time

    • Truth. Ol’ Iron Norman Patriot brought just the right amount of insanity and evil genius. I’ll see Norman tonight when I go to bed in my head movies

  4. I agree that the second movie hit the reset button. It’s the main reasonI feel the sequel was a letdown, even though it was fun. Tony was immediately the same jerk wh needed redeeming, and it wasn’t exactly a Bruce Wayne style disguise of personality. He really seemed to lose his hard-won soul, which made his story arc feel uninspired.

    I dig the continuity, but Tony used to exist in a world without aliens, and I think he should return there. Like Indiana Jones, we don’t need such stunts to make the character compelling, and we might be better off without it… Not that Avengers wasn’t pretty cool.

    • I Think Living In A Post avengers world Scenario Is Great.

    • If I’m right and we do see him become an alcoholic, we have every right to see aliens associated with Tony in some way, shape or form. He needs more stress and pressure put upon him to turn him from wisecracking genius billionaire hero to someone with more than just a physical flaw that people can relate to and feel sorry for.

      What I’m trying to say is that he can still be compelling even with aliens getting involved because the world he knew is long gone after the things he’s experienced and witnessed and being the one major character in the team without actual powers, Stark is our way into that world.

      How would we react? What would we do? Could we live up to expectations? Bow to pressure somehow? That sort of thing.

      Maybe I’m reading too much into it, who knows. All I know is that in my 14 years of writing as a hobby and being asked my advice on writing compelling characters by other people over that time, I discovered that the most important thing is to be able to figure out a character’s motivation for doing things and find a way to have an audience relate somehow, whether the character is a small town, blue collar worker down on his luck or a serial killer addicted to snuff movies.

      If these people writing Marvel’s movies are smart (and it seems Marvel picks the best for the job every time so far), they’ll also recognise that need to make characters relatable even in extreme cases like alien invasions and other things we see in the world of comic books.

    • IM2 didn’t hit the reset button, it was all a logical consequence of two things: he was dying and he had daddy issues.

      He knew he didn’t have long left so he was in a hurry to leave his mark on the world. He went about “privatizing world peace” and re-starting the Stark Expo in order to leave a legacy of technological innovation. Everything he was doing professionally and as Iron Man, he was doing to create a legacy so that when he died people would think of him as a man who made the world a better place and not just another iron-monger like Stane. However he was keeping his condition secret and so Pepper and Rhodey THOUGHT he was just being a jerk, dumping the art collection that she had worked hard assembling (when really he was donating it), dumping the running of the company on her (when really he was preparing her to be his heir), etc. He felt hurt that they weren’t giving him any benefit of the doubt and he was reminded of how his father also seemed to have seen him as a f**-up. When his birthday party came around he believed he wouldn’t live to see another one, so he got drunk and acted the way they were already treating him.

      What you have to remember about Tony Stark is, if you go by the comics, he’s always kept his loved ones at arm’s length and has a habit of pushing them away altogether, especially since he’s prone to obsession. In the Armor Wars storyline, a spy stole the plans to the Iron Man technology and sold it on the black market; pretty soon cheap knock-offs were popping up on every two-bit villain you could imagine. He became obsessed with confiscating each and every one, but some were even being used by the military and when he launched an attack on Stingray, an armor-user working for the government, he discovers that Stingray’s tech is original and not based on his tech. The government goes ballistic and Tony pushes away the Avengers, saying that his personal crusade is just that… personal.

      Tony is and always has been obsessive to the point where he self-destructs and sabotages all his relationships. Take the Civil War as another example. IM2 had its flaws, mostly due (I feel) to not focusing enough on Vanko and Rhodey and focusing too much on SHIELD characters, but Tony’s character arc was spot-on with what I would expect.

  5. If Marvel comics have aliens, then so should the movies! Real life is realistic enough!

    • Thing is, some comic books call for uber realism. Marvel comics aren’t those kind.

      People complain about how super-realistic Nolan made Batman but forget that he helped make comic books and comic book movies cool again. Besides, The Punisher in 2004 and the first Blade movie in 1998 made things as realistic as possible without much in the way of superpowers, if at all because they deserve that treatment.

      Lets hope for a good mix of movies, some that are completely realistic and others that tread the line like Man Of Steel and the Marvel movies do.

      • I enjoy realism like gun toting racoons. I’m being sarcastic. I have to say that on here now because nobody gets it or cares. I don’t care if it’s realistic or not. I just stay away from idiotic as a rule.

    • Couldn’t Said It Better My Self

  6. Iron F**kin Patriot!!!

  7. Bring it on… I can’t wait!