‘Iron Man 3′ Casting Call Confirms Returning Characters

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Iron Man 3 Cast Iron Man 3 Casting Call Confirms Returning Characters

Recent rumors narrowed down a potential plot for Iron Man 3 drawing from the ‘Extremis’ storyline in Warren Ellis’ comic book arc, hinting at a key villainous character finally having a proper introduction. With Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) taking over directorial duties for the third installment, and co-writing the screenplay with Drew Pierce, we now at least have details confirming other key characters returning.

The character information revealed on the Iron Man 3 casting call listed below can be considered minor spoilers for the film and The Avengers.

The first Iron Man paved the way for what became the shared Marvel cinematic universe, with the defining crucial moment coming at the end of the credits when Samuel L. Jackson made a cameo appearance as Nick Fury, name-dropping The Avengers initiative. In Iron Man 2, Fury was given a more prominent role as the S.H.I.E.L.D. agency began getting involved, for better or worse, with all of the succeeding films. It is here where SHIELD agent Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) was also introduced, with her partner Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) later making his first appearance in Thor.

All of these characters will reunite for The Avengers this summer when SHIELD gathers these heroes together, placing Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and Thor alongside SHIELD members Black Widow, Hawkeye and Nick Fury. The following summer, we will at least see one the key SHIELD player again in Iron Man 3.

Here are the key bits from the casting call (complete sheet can be seen on page 2).

Two-time Academy Award nominated Robert Downey Jr. will reprise his roles as as Tony Stark, an industrialist and master engineer who builds a powered exoskeleton and becomes the technologically advanced superhero, Iron Man. Scarlett Johansson will return from “Iron Man 2″ playing Natasha Romanoff aka “The Black Widow”, and Gwyneth Paltrow plays Stark’s closest friend, love interest, and business partner Pepper Potts. Don Cheadle, who replaced Terrence Howard after the first “Iron Man”, returns as Lt. Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes – Stark’s personal pilot, chief aviation engineer for Stark International, and one of Stark’s closest friends.

Multi talented actor, screenwriter and film director Shane Black is taking over the directing duties from Jon Favreau, who directed the first two films in the “Iron Man” series. Black also is writing the screenplay for “iron Man 3″ with Drew Pierce and Robert Downey Jr’s creative input. He recently said not to expect “Iron Man 3″ to feature any other heroes from Marvel’s universe saying that after “The Avengers” the plan is to go back to self-contained single-character stories. Shane Black has directed Robert Downey Jr. before – in Black’s last feature film directing job “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” in 2005.

Back in December, Johansson revealed she was unsure of whether or not she’d reprise her role in Shane Black’s Iron Man 3, and now we can confirm that she will. Better that than a Black Widow solo film which would take the resources away from other projects.

Rhodey (Don Cheadle) and his War Machine armor won’t appear in The Avengers but he’ll be back along with Pepper Potts for the third Iron Man alongside Black Widow which comes as a bit of a surprise since her role in Iron Man 2 was part of a recruitment effort leading to The Avengers. Perhaps Shane Black, Drew Pierce and Robert Downey Jr. want to push the love triangle drama?

Another key piece of information reiterated in the casting call is that Iron Man 3 won’t be relying or sucked into the story of The Avengers, meaning that unlike Iron Man 2 - which was held back by Marvel forcing in a pile of The Avengers pre-work – Iron Man 3 will be able to focus on characters again much like Jon Favreau’s first film in the series. Then again, if Black Widow is there, so is SHIELD. And as we know, Samuel L. Jackson has a 9-picture deal with Marvel Studios so he could make a small appearance as well.

Iron Man 3 begins principal photography in May and is scheduled to hit theaters on May 3, 2013.


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  1. so i guess no jon favreu as the assistant of tony stark this time around, eff you marvel, he gave you the opportunity of making a shared universe with iron man 1

    • Jon Favreau was the one that decided not to be director, not Marvel. He has other movies to direct instead.

  2. The marvel comics universe continues to grow keep’em coming. :)

    • *cinematic*

  3. Great news that everyone is returning for Iron Man 3.

    I have to be honset that I didn’t like Don Cheadle as Rhodes, I think Terenace Howard would had made a great War Machine but it was his desicison to not return for Iron Man 2.

    Still with Shane Black as the director, hopefully Iron Man 3 will be a great sequel.

    • Yes can we please have Terrence Howard back!

      • I feel the opposite. While I have liked Terrence Howard in some movies (The Best Man, Crash), I thought he (or his performance) was all wrong for Rhodes. He didn’t strike me at all like a military man. He came more off as Tony Stark’s drinking buddy from college than a ranking military man.

        But Cheadle was more believable in my opinion, and after seeing him in the War Machine getup, I shudder to think of how bad or silly Howard may have been.

        Cheadle’s a better as well… (again, in my opinion).

        • *a better actor, I meant…

        • I agree.

        • Agreed on all counts. Howard does not compare to Cheadle

        • Yep, agreed Cheadle was a step up from Howard, though I didn’t dislike Howard.

        • Although I tend to agree, I just dislike it when they change actors in a franchise. I know it is hard to keep the band together, but it’s just so much more immersive when it’s consistently the same actors for the characters.

          • I think they handed it well though…
            In the scene of IM2 where Rodey first gets introduced (the courthouse scene), Stark (RDJ) says “I wasn’t expecting to see you here”, to which Rodey (Cheadle) replied “Look, it’s me, I’m here, deal with it”
            I thought that was an excellent little nod to the angry fans who were expecting to see Howard.

    • What? Cheadle outclasses Howard in every way. Watch their performances again bro.

    • It was not his decision. He wanted to be in the film, and it would have been better if he’d been in it. As much as I love Don Cheadle, he’s not right for these films. I really wanted to see Terrance in that gold suit! Too bad. At least someone was smart enough to NOT have Cheadle in the Avengers movie. Whew!

    • It was not his decision. He wanted to be in the film, and it would have been better if he’d been in it. As much as I love Don Cheadle, he’s not right for these films. I really wanted to see Terrance in that gold suit! Too bad. At least someone was smart enough to NOT have Cheadle in the Avengers movie. Whew!

  4. lees Pepper Pots please

  5. Sweeet more sexy black widow :)

  6. Glad to hear that Gwyneth, Johannson and Cheadle will reprise their roles.
    I don’t really see what the Black Widow’s business in IM3 will be, but hey, as long as she wears her SHIELD uniform, I won’t complain…
    Kinda disappointed that the son of Coul hasn’t been confirmed to appear yet :( — I’m sure there’s still hope though.

  7. Glad to hear that everyone is returning. I suppose that since Black is planning on going in a more espionage/terrorism direction having the Black Widow as Stark’s SHIELD contact makes sense. I am interested to see what capacity Rhodes/War Machine is used in. Just a cameo, supporting role, or will he be Stark’s partner in all the action?

  8. “He recently said not to expect “Iron Man 3″ to feature any other heroes from Marvel’s universe saying that after “The Avengers” the plan is to go back to self-contained single-character stories.”

    OK, after I read this it made me a little nervous. Nervous because I wonder how the general movie public will take to these heroes being in only solo movies again. Kinda like, “Eh, it’s only Ironman. Why aren’t they all together again?”

    Like I said just thinking …

    • “He recently said not to expect “Iron Man 3″ to feature any other heroes from Marvel’s universe saying that after “The Avengers” the plan is to go back to self-contained single-character stories.”
      Well, that statement Black made is kinda nullified now (seeing as War Machine and Black Widow will be in it ;)).

      I don’t see the whole “back to solo movies” as a bad thing… I see it as an opportunity for the studio to just work harder and make even better movies so that the audience will keep watching.

      I have high expectations for IM3 – it better deliver.

  9. Is anyone else gonna miss Jon Favreau as Happy?

    • I think Favreou might still return (he said he’d be happy to reprise his role as… Happy ;))- even if it is only a cameo, it’d be good enough for me.

      There are probably quite a lot of roles that haven’t been cast yet as well, and a few castings that haven’t been made official/public yet, so that which was listed on the casting call is definitely not all we’re going to get – I’m sure of it.

    • yep bring jon favreau back as happy….

  10. I’m glad to see everyone returning especially War Machine I ju hope that Stark has upgraded the weapons that Hammer put in War Machine, such as that “ex wife” missile that was a dud. I’m also a little disappointed that they haven’t cast the Mandarin yet

    • edit* just

  11. May I have someone sign off on all my fake NC USA documents? I have a plane heading to Wilmington that leaves in an hour.

    Thanking you in advance.

    PS: If William Shatner contacts you using me as a character reference, I don’t know him.

  12. I’m anxious to see what happens. Hopefully the villain won’t create his/her own version of the Iron Man armor. Been there done that.

  13. And will we see The Mandarin? I hope will will see The Mandarin. Did you hear me say Mandarin? I bet this will feature Mandarin. It’s gonna have Mandarin, right? Lemmee hear ya say “MAN-DAR-IN”! Can I get a witness???

  14. I hope the Mandarian is the bad guy in this film. I’m tired of hoping to see Mandarian and then not seeing anything at all. He’s Iron-Mans worst enemy! I mean thats like Daredevil without Kingpin! Like Batman without the Joker! Like Spiderman without Norman Osborn!!! Come on guys!! really?! This is getting old! This is as bad as Blade without Moribus!!

  15. Yes I live in NC and I plan to be on set day one!

  16. I hope Jon Favreau is back as Happy. His role was increased in IM2 and if he is in IM3 it will probably be reduced. And no villain yet? I seem to remember Scarlett Johansson, Mickey Rourke, and Don Cheadle being announced at the same time.

  17. Just a heads-up for those who have Netflix and aren’t familiar with the Extremis storyline, the 6-part Extremis motion comic is available on Netflix’s streaming service and it’s great. The episodes are only about 15 minutes each, and the animation and voice acting are superb. And if you like that, the X-Men one is even better IMO…

  18. I dont think going back to solo adventures is going to hurt anything. I remember when I was a kid I read Thor and Ironman and The Hulk. I read the Avengers and I still kept reading the solo books. I fail to see the problem. Id like to see IM tackle Armour Wars

  19. I guess I’m in the minority, but I liked Howard better as Rhodey. cant wait for IM3.

  20. I’m sure it’ll be great. Marvel Studios hasnt let us down yet and I’m sure they’ll continue to make fun filled action packed story driven comic book films. Plus Justin Hammer returning would also be a good idea as long as the Mandarin is the main villain.

  21. Favereau has already been confirmed to reprise his role as Happy Hogan. POSSIBLE SPOILER*************************************************************************************************************************************************Being that this will be a “real world”/espionage/Tom Clancy type of film, expect to see “GHOST”(highly likely) and possibly “Madame Masque” also possibly “nano” technology(Segway to Henry Pym). We may end up with an Iron Man #4 before we see The Mandarin. Favereau expressed an interest in “auto-form” tech for Iron Man where a weapon/s can be stored into a small bundle then thrown-out then immediately forming into a tech or weapon such a proton cannon etc, Favereau’s idea may be an influence on Shane Black for Iron Man 3.

  22. I would be surprised if they did an iron man 4. Most things r usually trilogies. But I guess it could make sense since this shared cinematic universe could go on forever.

    • I don’t mind if they make more IM movies, but if RDJ isn’t playing Tony Stark, then I won’t be watching.
      …Okay, I’ll still watch, but throughout the movie, all I’ll be thinking is “it should’ve been RDJ, not this wannabe” ;)

  23. I don’t mind if a couple actors get replaced, and that goes for the whole marvel cinematic universe. But don’t change everyone yet alone the biggest stars (Robert Downey Jr, Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Evans, etc) since they’re important and the fans know these faces as the characters they play. They’ve only had to change terrance howard and edward norton so as long as thats it, then ill be fine.

  24. i keep reading how’s Shane Black gonna direct this awesome movie on iron 3 but when was the last time he directed any high grossing popular, technological and albeit funny movies? Is Shane even any technology savvy as Jon Favreu is. Is he even a marvel fan? For goodness sakes, the last film Shane directed that was close to technology was RoboCop and even today, that is considered ancient. I wonder are the actors going to have to carry this 2013 film(Ironman 3) since Jon Favreu isn’t directing anymore. Shane will have some big shoes to fill. I hope he isn’t too washed up cause the last time he directed even a…movie was six long years ago. If anyone tries to compare Lethal Weapon with Iron man, you should get bitched slapped.

    I also agree with most of the ppl here that Don Cheadle sucks as the new Rhodes. Everything that comes out of the guys mouth sounds patronizing. His smile is so fake. BRING BACK Terenace Howard!

  25. Terrence Howard was the best Rhodey! Don ain’t cutting it for me. Bring back Terrence

  26. i cant believe they are putting in that crack head looking Don Cheadle as War Machine!! I think he makes a terrible War machine! Terrence Howard made a wayy better war machine then Cheadle, Robert Downey has that coolness about hin that makes him a great iron man and so does Howard. Cheadle would make a better stunt guy in this movie. Dont get me wrong Cheadle acting is good but in no way does he make a cool super hero. Thats like getting Carrot Top to dye his hair blonde to play Thor. Howard should be war machine and thats my opinion. Him and downey had great chemistry in the original iron man! wtf!!

  27. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four e-mails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?
    Bless you!