‘Iron Man 3′ Art Teases Iron Patriot & Extremis Armor Team-up

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Iron Man 3 Extremis Hall of Armor Iron Man 3 Art Teases Iron Patriot & Extremis Armor Team up

No Iron Man film is safe from one or two armor upgrades during its running time. Iron Man 1 and its sequel both featured Tony Stark wearing three different armors each and even in The Avengers, Robert Downey Jr. managed to showcase something cool and new for him to wear against Loki and the alien invaders.

For Iron Man 3, we’ve long known that Shane Black and Drew Pearce’s screenplay is drawing ideas and inspiration from Warren Ellis’ 2005-06 “Extremis” mini-series where the character gets a new origin of sorts via nanotechnology, allowing him to change into the armor at will. It was hinted at in The Avengers and in Iron Man 3, it’ll offering a chance for Stark to once again to suit up in something new. But he’s not the only one getting new duds.

Early on in principal photography, photos from the set of Iron Man 3 revealed a new armor design, or at least, one that was painted differently to look like the Iron Patriot armor from the comics. As we learned later, it’s actually a new color scheme for James “Rhodey” Rhodes’ War Machine (Don Cheadle), clearly inspired by the return of Captain America to the modern era in The Avengers.

Iron Man 3 War Machine Iron Patriot Detriot Steel Iron Man 3 Art Teases Iron Patriot & Extremis Armor Team up

As for the star of the show, Iron Man 3 concept art released for Comic-Con teased the Extremis armor and we learned that Marvel Studios would have a surprise for fans at their booth. They actually brought the new and drastically different armor to the show floor the day of the Iron Man 3 panel presentation and it was on that day that Extremis was revealed.

The few minutes of footage played during the Marvel Studios presentation showcased Tony Stark trying out the Extremis armor for the first time, calling pieces of it to his body one-by-one at will. We don’t know yet if there will be another armor suit or upgrade Stark wears but rumor has it that there will definitely be more armor suits in the film.

With the Iron Patriot and Extremis variants debuting in Iron Man 3, the color spectrum on armor designs is certainly widening, as emphasized in this piece of promo art that found its way online yesterday evening:

Iron Man 3 Art Patriot Armor Iron Man 3 Art Teases Iron Patriot & Extremis Armor Team up

The drastic changes to armor color (not necessarily, design) for the next installment scream of an attempt to take advantage of merchandising opportunities from the first post-Avengers film. The image hints of another battle involving Iron Man and War Machine working together, and show that War Machine is getting a weapons upgrade.

Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black based off of his and Drew Pearce’s screenplay, and stars Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Jon Favreau, Rebecca Hall, Cobie Smulders, William Sadler, James Badge Dale and the voice of Paul Bettany.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014 and The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015.


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  1. I’m very excited about that movie. For me Iron Man without a doubt is the best character from all the Avengers. Downey Jr. in combination with Shane Black’s writing gotta be a winner.

  2. starting to sound like a broken record, but… it now appears to be marvel movie news week! earlier i thought it was only a one day thing, but now i know i was wrong!

    • I think it’s always going to be this way. Reality is, The Avengers is the biggest thing (currently) in film entertainment and there are six followups and multiple TV shows in development for the next few years alone.

      • Fine by me!!! :)

      • and me :) (poor DC, when will they join the party?)

        • Im pretty sure DC started the party when they revialtized the genre with BB. #NoBig

          • Yep…plus, people seem to be forgetting that Arrow is coming out relatively soon, so it’s not as if DC is sitting on its hands. In this day and age, DC can build up and maintain momentum with t.v. shows as well as films (MOS coming out next year). DC is AT the party…just hasn’t announced its presence quite as loudly as Marvel…yet. ;)

            • I wouldnt say DC is at the party yet. They are still outside with shows like Smallville and Arrow, but they are getting closer to the front door. Hopefully The Man of Steel will kick off something great for the DC comic universe. Nolan’s Batman was a standalone series and it shouldnt be included in DC’s future teamup platform. We all know its coming, I just hope Justice League is as good an experience as The Avengers, if not better.

              • See, but I believe they ARE present…just more in the background, so far. Hopefully, MOS will bring them to the forefront.

            • Other than this “Arrow” show and anticipation of MoS, DC is pretty much all talk atm. AN while that show shows promise, there is nothing that says it won’t crash and burn before it’s initial run is up.

              Maybe as soon as the TV show proves successful AND MoS is, we can say they have taken a seat at the table but atm they are not really here in any capacity.

          • Definitely wasn’t Batman Begins. Box Office:

            Batman Begins (2005): 372,710,015
            Spider-Man 2 (2004): 783,766,341
            X-Men 2 (2003): 407,711,549

            It was 2000′s X-Men that started the current run of comic book films with costumed heroes.

            • X-Men started it all. You are correct sir.

              • I hate marvel

  3. I love Downey, Jr.’s portrayal of Stark, but I still am rather unimpressed by the color scheme of the new armor. The Extremis armor just looks cheap and bland to me…not exactly an enticement to watch the film. I’m hoping the other revelations about the film manage to keep me interested.

    • I agree with you there. Seeing it in a more dynamic pose makes it look worse somehow.

      And if this was done purely for merchandise purposes, I will be sorely disappointed in Marvel for allowing profits to compromise vision.

      • I’m sure (unfortunately) that merchandising is at least a small part of the consideration and a significant thrust for the change-up. I guess we’ll see what results…

      • The Extremeis story is not that great IMO as I have ranted about several times (some of you agree). The armor is just one thing I didnt like about the series. It made Tony less human in a way. I hope they dont stick too close to the Extremis story line because they could potentially have a film worse than IM2 if they are not careful.

        • What was so wrong with Iron Man 2?

          • Really? It was rushed, with too much storyline shoved in. It tried to be too much, and ended up being not enough. It felt cheap.

            • As I mentioned in a post yesterday, I just watched IM2 again and I still like it just fine :)

              • I LIKE it, yes. But, I dont love it. It is my least favorite Marvel movie to date. From the dancers at the start of the expo, to the poor representation of Whiplash, to the poorer representation of Justin Hammer, it wasnt a great movie. Too busy, not enough balance.

  4. I’m extremisly suspicious.

  5. Looks cool. All I know is, marvel had better lock up RDJ with a new deal soon, for several more movies. Nobody can play Stark like him.

    • While I agree with you I still have to ask. Has anyone else ever played Stark?

      We have all got to come to terms with the fact that he will be replaced at some point. He is the oldest actor of the Avengers cast. Hopefully there is someone out there that can wow us all. They are definatly tough shoes to fill.

  6. It’s definitely a colorful duo. I hope it looks good on screen.

  7. Uh. Eewww.

  8. I was hoping (but doubted) for Norman Osborne to show up…

    Hope for the best, expect the worst.

    Or… Hope for something that would be AWESOME and expect the same guy wearing a new suit, like when James Bond wears a different tie.

  9. Am I the only one who does not like the costume changes :/

    • I reserve my final judgment about it until I see it in another context than artworks and behind the scenes photos. I’m sure it will look fine in the actual movie.

    • I don’t really like the iron patriot colors armor suit. Neither the gold new suit of Iron Man. But we’ll have to wait for the trailer, I think it might look good in the movie, though.

      • The armor looked cool in the scene where he puts it on from the Comic-Con footage. You’ll just have to get used to the beige/tan primary color (it’s not really gold).

        • I think the colors look noticeably better in the promo art above of the two than in the released comic con photo. Color is something that can be enhanced digitally so I’m sure, like Thor’s armor and the armor showcased in Asgard will get treatment to look their best come film release…

    • You are not the only one. It is with out a doubt hideous.

  10. So is IM3 intendng to close out the iron man trilogy? or set-up for a possible IM 4? Would RDJ do a fourth? Will it set-up antman with the button scene? Lot of questions, and although I’m not a big fan of the extremis story, I’m highly anticipating this film.

    • As far as I know they got RDJ for 4 films. So lets do a count:

      The Avengers
      The Avengers 2

      While I dont see a need to stop the Iron Man movies it will probably bee the last IM film we see with RDJ. Sad, I know. Based on other articles Ive read I think we will see Ant Man somewhere as a cameo or in a end credits scene.

      • Oh, forgot to add: they got RDJ to sign a contract for one more movie after the success of the Avengers. Again, I doubt we see RDJ as IM after these contracts run out.

      • He showed up in The Incredible Hulk as well…

  11. What about that rumor regarding multiple Iron Man suits that Tony Stark will be able to control from the “master suit?”

    The ability for Tony to control multiple, identical Iron Man suits in battle would be amazing on screen!

    • That’s sort of a spoiler and I linked to that in the article.

  12. I really want to know how The Mandarin will play in with the Extremis storyline. Is the Mandarin gonna beat Iron Man so bad that he has Hansen inject him with the Extremis? Or will he get it before hand?

  13. This new armor makes him looks nude dude.

  14. Hope the armor lokks better on screen.

  15. Can’t wait for the trailer

  16. I think Iron Man will use his normal suit from the Avengers and face the Mandarian. He wins, throwing in cocky phrases and stuff. then, the mandarian attacks Iron Man without warning, without his suit on. Stark takes this very deeply and feels emotionally scarred. War Machine is forced to fight off the Mandarian alone, and he is having a hard time doing so. Stark decides he needs a quicker way to get on armor when he needs it so he uses the extremis armor instead.

    from there on i don’t know but i think that would be cool. and im sure its not true but im hoping this new “iron patriot” armor is captain america and they said it was war machine to cover it up for a surprise when you see it or revealed in a trailer

    • You hope Cap is in the Iron Patriot armor?

    • Yes. He probably isn’t but i do think this whole thing about it being War Machine could be a cover up because they don’t want to reveal it yet.

      • Cap isnt in the Iron Patrot armor and I, for one, am glad he isnt. It doesnt fit with any marvel story line. Iron Patriot is in the comics, Cap as the Iron Patriot isnt. I guess I just dont see the need to have Cap in one of Tony’s suits. But to each his own.

  17. I really don’t like the new color schemes of either suits. I can’t picture Stark (who’s “all about style”) ever putting on a beige suit and War Machine’s armor is silver/grey, that’s just the way things are.

    That said, I’ll reserve my final judgement for the movie… or at the very least, the trailers.


      • Matter of opinion…
        I see beige, you see gold (maybe because you’ve never seen what REAL gold looks like before ;)) and again, I’m just not a fan War Machine’s new colour scheme.

        The actual designs of the suits are pretty good, but IMO, not the colours.

        • New colors = new toys to sell i guess. Otherwise there might be an explanation found in the film. As per the article, makes sense to me to have war machine match capt americas colo in light of his resurgence into the modern era. Disney does like selling new toys…

      • That is Beige…Not gold at all!

      • Nope, it’s beige.

  18. I like the dull golden armor, if you dont like theres probably(certainly) going to be another armor later.

  19. I wanna see the hulkbuster armor

    • Me too!

      • Me three!

  20. i don’t have a problem with either new suit. IM’s looks like the reverse colors of the previous suits, and i also like the iron patriot. i think it will look good on film and cant wait for may, and it’s premiering on the day before the KY Derby, which is Oaks Day for all you non horse racing fans

  21. no nick fury?

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  23. It’d be nice if the filmmakers thru in an old school, Kirbyesque face mask with the tail fins.

  24. The red/blue & golden suits look so tight….. It will be sad if RDJ leaves after Avengers 2, but my choice as replacement has to be Josh Brolin. Cool dude and good actor…..

  25. I hate the new suit colors. It was offensive to both eyes immediately… didn’t even have to think about it. That alone almost makes me not want to see the movie, but if it gets good reviews I’ll see it in spite of the hideous new suit. (Another sour point about that: media write-ups are calling it The Extremis Armor, and this new mustard yellow job doesn’t look at all like the comic book original of the same name.)

    Not a good start visually.

    Oh well. We shall see.

  26. Iron man ROCK