6 ‘Iron Man’ Armors We Want In Marvel’s Movie Universe

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Iron Man 3 Suits We Want To SeeIn Tony Stark's quest to become the world's greatest privately-funded superhero, movie audiences have seen no less than seven versions of his armor. And with Iron Man 3, even more are preparing for an official unveiling.So far the Extremis and Iron Patriot armors are confirmed to appear, with rumors of an even larger gallery of suits refusing to die.We've looked back on the years of comic book history to pick out suits that wouldn't just be impressive to see on screen, but could help lay foundations for Iron Man's future - wherever that may take him.Everyone's got their favorites, but here are 6 Iron Man Armors We Want In Marvel's Movie Universe.

Prometheum Armor MK II

Iron Man Prometheum Armor

First seen in: Iron Man Vol. 2, Issue #1Stemming from the "Heroes Reborn" comic storyline, the Prometheum Armor only came into existence in a 'pocket universe' detached from our own. After killing the first test pilot, the armor was scrapped until Stark was ravaged by the Hulk's first episode.That origin story would need to be rewritten to fit Marvel's current movie universe, but it would be worth it.The Prometheum Armor puts an end to managing the suit's power reserves, or fears the charge will 'run out' due to massive exertion. Rather than relying on Tony's chest-mounted arc reactor, the Armor absorbs Beta particles from the earth's atmosphere, and - through science - produces enough energy to power the suit.Once the energy is absorbed by the suit's many components and on-board computer systems, heat (channeled through the many cables and tubes that compose the under-layers of the armor) is vented in the form of superheated plasma via the two large ports protruding from each shoulder, as well as the hands and knees. Whether that plasma is released into the atmosphere, or the face of an enemy is up to the wearer.The technology doesn't stop there: Prometheum is equipped with tractor beams, nanobots that can be injected into the bloodstream to  provide first aid, and the ability to turn invisible. We don't know what fights lie in Tony's future, but we're confident the Prometheum Armor could handle just about anything.

Stealth Armor MK IV

Iron Man 3 Stealth ArmorFirst Seen In: Iron Man Vol. 5, Issue #3.We know what you're thinking: if you've got a flying, repuslor-beam-shooting suit of armor, sneaking around to avoid security guards seems like more of an afterthought. But it's probably best to just suspend disbelief and accept that some of Tony Stark's investigations will lead him places that it's best he not be seen.For that job, a jet-black suit of near-invisible armor is a necessity. So it's no surprise that Iron Man has had a Stealth suit of armor in the comics for decades now. Where the original MK I and MK II were depicted as completely black versions of the standard armor - equipped with technology to erase the suit's radar signature - a digital age calls for a new take on covert design.It's fairly clear why we hope to see the current "Iron Man" comic's MK IV Stealth Armor in live-action: the combination of black metal and ice-blue lighting worked wonders in TRON: Legacy, so just imagine what it would add to an aerial dogfight scene... fine, maybe we just want to see more white lights and glossy black armor.But if Iron Man's role in the next chapter of the Marvel movie universe is going to become even larger, Robert Downey, Jr.'s wit is only going to get him so far. He proved snooping wasn't below him in The Avengers, so it only makes sense that Stark would up his game in the future. Seeing a silent, near-invisible suit of armor flying over clandestine military bases would be something genuinely new to the series, and the absence of weapons in order to power surveillance equipment builds suspense out of even the slightest unexpected twist.

S.K.I.N. Armor MK III

Iron Man SKIN Armor

First Seen In: Iron Man Vol. 3, Issue #42.While the SKIN Armor was somewhat divisive among fans when it first appeared, its roots aren't difficult to understand. As Stark's armor became more and more advanced, and his dependence on the artificial intelligence contained within, it was only a matter of time before the suit gained sentience, and instilled the invincible Iron Man with a distrust of even the armor he had crafted himself.This fear took the brilliant inventor back to the drawing board, crafting a far less impressive set of armor out of over-sized gauntlets, boots, and a chest-piece. Since the Iron Man 3 trailers have shown signs of a sentient suit and paranoid Stark, the films might follow a similar path.But the SKIN Armor didn't truly reach its heights until the development of Synth-Kinetic Interfacing Nano-fluid (SKIN). The stunningly-malleable SKIN is contained within the armor's chest-piece, spreading over the entirety of the body on command. While flexible when needed, the fluid can also be hardened to near-Adamantium levels of invulnerability, making this armor arguably the strongest Stark has ever constructed.As if the hulking shoulders and midsection of the armor wasn't enough to prove that this incarnation isn't one to mess with, the SKIN also features a retractable energy blade within the left gauntlet that can be reformed into a shield in a pinch.In other words, if anyone is worried that the Iron Man movies might go the route of the comics and sport a sentient suit, don't fear: a technophobic Tony simply means oozing liquid armor and an energy sword.

Iron Destroyer Armor

Iron Man Destroyer Armor

First Seen In: Fear Itself #7.The origins of this suit of armor aren't are as far-fetched as some others in Iron Man's history - an Asgardian makes a play for Earth, and the planet's heroes must stop the assault. With a little Asgardian magic, of course. In the "Fear Itself" crossover event, it wasn't the trouble-making Loki (and given his apparent redemption in Thor 2, his days as a pure villain may be in the past) but Odin's brother, 'The Serpent' setting his sights on the throne of Asgard.To give humanity the best chance, Iron Man took a trip to Odin's realm seeking back-up. While Odin wouldn't give it, he did grant access to the skills of the dwarves of Svartalfheim (a realm soon to be explored in Thor: The Dark World) in crafting weapons imbued with magical energy. While he was there, he gave his own armor a few... upgrades.The dwarves coated Iron Man 's standard armor in a layer of uru - the fictional metal from which Thor's hammer was also forged - and magic from Odin. Dubbed the 'Iron Destroyer' armor by Stark due to the physical resemblance to the Asgardian bodyguard seen in Thor (2011), the suit merged technology with magic in a way only Iron Man could pull off.All things considered, it's actually believable that the Iron Man and Thor franchises could be  linked via Tony's armor. Besides the Iron Destroyer suit being capable of battling magical and mystical enemies (which wouldn't be out of place in 'Phase Two') Stark has also used Asgardian magic to fuel the 'Thorbuster' armor when the god of thunder went rogue. But if we only get one, we'll take the spikes.

Bleeding Edge Armor

Iron Man 3 Bleeding Edge Armor

First Seen In: Invincible Iron Man Vol. 5, #25.There was a time when we would've thought that some of Iron Man's most cutting-edge technology would never be feasible in the more grounded world of live-action films. But with Iron Man 3 apparently diving headlong into the "Extremis" storyline, the door will be opened for where Tony Stark's combined human-machine physiology could take him - Primarily, the creation of the armor he named 'Bleeding Edge.'More than just an upgraded version of Extremis, Stark referred to Model 37 (a.k.a. the Bleeding Edge Armor) as "what comes next" - an evolutionary step forward, if you will. Where Extremis granted Stark the ability to call the pieces of his armor to him at will - an ability shown in the first Iron Man 3 trailer - Bleeding Edge removed the need for external armor completely.The armor is actually composed of microscopic nano-machines contained within Stark's bones, able to be called to the surface in any shape he mentally commands. Thereby removing the need to 'suit up' or carry around bulky armor pieces (as dramatic as the process was in The Avengers) allowing Tony to become Iron Man anywhere, anytime.It also seems about time to re-design the standard, bulky armor design for something a bit more striking. Replacing joints and plating for essentially a second musculature of armor, Bleeding Edge wouldn't just be sleeker or sexier, but would give the character even more ability to emote alongside non-CG actors.In other words, what should "come next."

Hulkbuster Armor

Iron Man 3 Hulkbuster ArmorFirst Seen In: Iron Man Vol. 1, #304.The super-sized 'Hulkbuster' Armor has gone through different iterations with varying writers and artists, but the basic theory is fairly simple: it's a bigger, stronger (and as Hulk-proof as possible) version of Tony's suit technology. The name tells you who it's intended to keep in check, and over the years has come in handy more than once.For fans of The Avengers, it may be hard to see the friendly pair of Stark and Dr. Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) going from swapping brilliant scientific insights to exchanging punches, but such is the risk when dealing with an enormous green rage-monster.As much of a team player as the Hulk turned out to be by the end of The Avengers, hints have been dropped that 'Phase Three' could see not just adaptations of the "Planet Hulk" storyline, but "World War Hulk" as well. Ruffalo has confirmed that more movies are in the works, and it's hard for us to think of a better use for the character. And if Hulk goes haywire, the 'Hulkbuster' is almost guaranteed.Fans will debate which version of the hulking armor will be chosen to adapt, and filmmakers may go a completely different route. Either way works for us, since the prospect of the Hulk going toe-to-toe with an opponent his own size is promising enough - it even offered a few laughs and memorable moments in his last standalone film.But put Stark into the role, knowing how quickly the pair became fast friends, and that's the kind of drama (and CG extravaganza) we can get behind.


Iron Man 3 Suits We Want To SeeThat concludes our list of Iron Man armors we hope to see in Marvel's Phase Two & Three. We chose them based not only for the satisfaction of seeing their technology recreated on the big screen, but because they would actually fit the plot being developed by Marvel, despite being unconfirmed thus far.What are your favorite variants on the standard armor? Are they ones you know you're not likely to see in the next Iron Man or Avengers movie, but hope for anyway? Or are there any suits you feel shouldn't be ruled out?Iron Man 3 hits theaters May 3rd, 2013.-Follow Andrew on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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  1. HULKBUSTER!!!!!!! I agree with all these. I would’nt mind his deep sea armor or something and maybe he’ll find Namor. I actually would like to see his new black and gold armor from the Marvel Now comics that morphs from some nano-clay-like material.

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      • Larry, you seriously need to consider driving around in something other than an upturned French pram on wheels. You’ll frighten the horses.

  2. That’s funny that you kept Hulkbuster for last…building up our suspense! You know we were saying “WHAT?? Hulkbuster should be #1 in there!!”

    I think I can speak for everyone when I say that Hulk vs Hulkbuster is the one we want to see most! (after World War Hulk…of course…)

    • Haha that was the plan. No question it has to be in there. “Oh, check out my new armor…FOR MY ARMOR.” That’s why Tony Stark is a billionaire.

  3. Wow. I’m not all that familiar with all of Ironman’s suits, but those are all awesome. I can actually see any of those being in the movie universe and not seeming out of place.

  4. Bleeding Edge would def be awesome to see on the big screen.
    Hulkbuster wouldve been awesome to play with in the first avengers but the duo of Tony and Bruce is just too fun to watch in and of itself.

  5. Not bad, overall, however I think you should have included the Silver Sentinal armor, and technicly you cant have the hulkbuster armor without the modular suit, its a package deal dudes. and of course there is retro styling, but I wont push on that. However I still say you should have included the silver centurion armor, it does have a nice style of its own, but it includes plenty of cutting edge weapondry, cameo, and it not only fought iron man, but it fought against(and was destroyed by Firepower, who is showing up)

    • oh and on another ntoe, I really think that bleeding edge is more releavent as ‘Tech’ rather than a full armor entry, just a point

    • oh sorry, mixed up a little, I meant silver Centurion

      • Ahhhh okay gotcha. For a second I imagined an entire group of the Sentinel Squad movie and my head exploded. Much love for the Centurion, but at this point that seems like it would be taking a step back, or at least sideways in terms of Extremis. If it had shown up in the first movie that would’ve been perfect.

        As for the modular suit, it seems Marvel kind of overlapped into that design idea, since Iron Man was never limited to repulsors. With miniaturized rockets and powerful lasers that ‘pop out’ of nowhere, they’ve kind of established that Tony just solved the issue of different tools for different tasks a different way. Kind of ‘movie magic,’ but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those design ideas showed up in the lead-up to Hulkbuster’s unveiling.

        • in design, maybe, however the weapon and stealth tech is still quite beyond what we have seen in the movies, also I think that if we are going to to get some designs out of the comics, we have a decent chance at getting one of the retro designs, personaly, I think it would be kinda cool to see one of the older style armors in the movies, I mean, the difference in design is one thing, but another thing is that a suit styled off of his 60′s-70′s designs would be a light weight armor, and there are circumstances that call for that, or even the fact that they dont rely on AI, or overly complicated electronics, it would be a more intermeditate step between the tin can and mark one, that would be ‘hack proof’ just a point.

          or for that matter the armor actualy called the retro armor might be fun. And I kinda also meant the modular suits design in itself, it wasnt horrible looking when it was used in the 90′s ironman cartoon

        • oh, and again thanks and good job, I have been asking for this for months, but again, I think you could put the bleeding edge as a tech mention, and use that slot for another suit that has a more unique design than it( you could do a slide with the various space armors, just a thought)

        • sorry to do this again, but there is no edit button.

          The thing that still gives the silver centurion a chance is that it is a ‘redemption’ armor, he built it after a major defeat both personaly and as iron man. And I have a feeling the extremis armor is going to get smashed by firepower, and we have already seen him lying with it wrecked in the snow. It is much a sign of a comeback from defeat as the tin man is. So there is a chance, as it does fit into what we are seeing story wise, and with most of his armors being destroyed.

        • you could at least put the silver centurion armor as an honorable mention, just a thought

          • Shut it with the Silver Centurion already..

  6. Gotta give credit to the great Kev Hopgood (and Len Kaminski), who created the Hulkbuster armor, way back in 1994, Iron Man vol. 1, issues 304-305 (Crash and Burn storyline).

  7. Besides the Thor vs. Hulk battle we had longed to see since The Incredible Hulk days of the 70′s (when Eric Kramer played Thor and fought Lou Ferrigno) and finally got to see in the Avengers (too short IMHO), I would say Hulk vs. Ironman Hulkbuster is the next best battle to watch.
    Not necessarily one of the ‘great battles’, but definitely one that would be exciting to watch on the big screen.

  8. The Iron Destroyer suit could definitely work in context with Thor. I’d really like to see the Stealth Mk IV and the current black and gold armour – secondary repulsors and all. Failing that, I’d be fine with any red and gold job WITHOUT ANY DAMN SILVER BITS! Don’t know why they keep doing that; loved the suitcase armour in IM2, but those silver thigh sections on the Mk VII in The Avengers just looked plain wrong to me. I was never keen on those “stovepipes” on the back of the Prometheum armour either.

    • I always told myself the silver parts in The Avengers were because the suit wasn’t completely finished when he had to deploy it. Plus he was going to war, and I think it silver reads as tougher also.

      • Yeah, that’s actually a good way of looking at it. It’s a purely aesthetic thing for me: red and silver, yes (even though I never liked the Silver Centurion design); gold and silver together just don’t mix. That’s how superficial I am! :-)

  9. just wondering…Hulkbuster… Thorbuster… but is there any Iron(man)buster in the MU? I’d like a machine prepared in case Tony Stark/Iron man goes rogue. They never thought about it? Nick Fury or SHIELD could make such an armor. (would be great!)

    • Maybe that’s where War Machine comes in?

      • War Machine is built by Tony Star, I doubt he would create an armor to which could fight him. He would rather have a switch to turn off War Machine

    • Localized EMP blast. There’s your IronBuster. 8)

      • EMP? Noooo! Against Iron man? no way it would work. I think he always thought about something, an EMP shield maybe? And his armor is so sofisticated that it wouldn’t be a problem. Extremis for example would find a way to resist let it be the bleeding edge armor for instance

        • War Machine could easily fight against Stark. He wouldn’t have needed to include a failsafe until IM3 after all.

          Plus Hammer put his own controls into the suit when he made his drones and War Machine go after Stark in IM2.

          • War Machine’s only the upgraded Mark II armor. Tony Stark’s already far ahead technologically. We’ll have to see what War Machine does in IM3, because his suit obviously looks like it’s gone through a few aesthetic changes (the chestpiece being one).

      • or a bolt of lightning since he is a giant metal conductor flyin through the sky

  10. oh I’d love to see the stealth armor and the Hulkbuster the most! :))

  11. No deep space armor?

    • Well since it’s likely to appear this April, I can see why it was left out of this list.

  12. Woooow, yeah! Shoot, with all this stuff, we could make Iron Man movies forever! (Personally, I’m a fan of not necessarily throwing all these different armors into a few films, but perhaps singling [singeling? singleing? whatever...] out maybe six or seven of his best ones and then crafting movies around them that really explore all of their capabilities; the Hulkbuster and Prometheum armors are at the forefront of my mind. Use some of the lesser power ones, like the Stealth or SKIN armors, for like, cameos or something.)

    P.S. While I love comic book movies, and have read a few comic books here and there over my few decades, I’d like to seriously get into them. Problem is, the last time I went into a comic book store, it looked like a hand-drawn magazine version of google; I had absolutely no clue where to start. Help me, Screenrant and fellow commenters! You’re my only hope! (Well, not really…I’ve just been reading Star Wars news for the past hour, and needed a nifty reason to say something Star Wars-related, lol…) Where should I begin???

    • Might help to tell you my favorite superheroes:

      1.) Superman
      2.) Iron Man
      3.) The Hulk
      4.) The X-Men

      • with Iron Man, Hulk, and X-men I can help, the trick is what you want to look at, I can mainlt help you with classic stuff. If you want to get into the origins and the begining, best place to start is the essential collections. you can easily find them online or at barnes and nobles, each volume collects 25-30+ comics in black and white making them easily affordable(I have the Essential Astonishing Ant-man, and essential super-villian team-up myself), they have multiple volumes of ironman, hulk and xmen(and a couple of the spin-offs too), they also have essential Avengers, Moonknight, defenders, and even luke cage and iron fist, Ms Marvel, spiderwomen, even Captian marvel(the marvel kree alien one),

        oh and of course the essential Namor too. They have also released color anthologies of certian storylines like Demon in the bottle, Armor wars, and The Wolverine among others, however they have less included issues and are more expensive and rare due to being in color.

        Hope this helps, been working throught the essentials myself, gives you a great view into the older storylines(I remember when I was in a high school in texas, they has like essential Fantasic Four volumes1-8, I read through all 240+ stories in them XD) and also you may be able to find the essentials at your local library even, just keep your eye out, as there are new essentials coming out all the time(essential west coast avengers vol 1 comes out this year I believe) so there is plenty to chose from

        • Hi, I am in a similar situation as Al, but in this case I’m a High School student. I love comics and have read every article concerning any of the heroes/villains.Which makes me the person to pick on at my school, but I digress, I have only been able to keep up with some major storylines such as Civil War and AvX. My favorite heroes are Ant-Man(Hank Pym, not quite familar with the other two), Spider-Man, The Flash, Batman and my favorite villains are Venom, and Ultron.

          • Haha great description of a comic book store, sadly, that describes most of them. the only advice I can give is to look for publisher sections, since that’s usually how stores organize them. DC, Marvel, Icon, Image, Vertigo, IDW, etc.

            I’ll just give my top picks for each of the worlds.

            Marvel: Like lcurielma mentioned, Civil War is a must. For X-Men I’d recommend Joss Whedon’s run on Astonishing X-Men, usually packaged starting with “Gifted.” For the Avengers, the Ultimates universe is also worth checking out. For Iron Man, pick up ‘Extremis’ to know where the movie is coming from (but not if you want any of it spoiled). For the Hulk, ‘World War Hulk’ and ‘Planet Hulk’ would be wise for the next round of movies. Going down the rabbit hole of X-Men can be tricky, since the Age of Apocalypse, House of M, and Messiah Complex are also fantastic.

            DC: For Superman, ‘Birthright’ and ‘Secret Origin’ are both solid newer works that will be having an impact on Man of Steel. For Batman, HUSH is a modern one to go along with the obvious classics Dark Knight Returns, Long Halloween, Killing Joke) and the ‘Court of Owls’ storyline that launched Batman in the new 52 is actually fantastic. For Justice League, you’ve got plenty to choose from, the New 52 arc among them. But if you want to go head first, pick up ‘Identity Crisis’ by Brad Meltzer.

            Almost all of these are available in trade paperback or hardcover collections, which I’d recommend for any new reader. It’s the most cost effective way since older comics tend to have a higher ticket price than they were first sold for. If you need any questions or follow-ups, hit me or rob Keyes up on Twitter. :)

            Hope this helps!

            • yeah, I am weaker on the newer stuff, prefer the classics myself so the marvel essentials are well essential.

              and for lcurielma001
              I am an Henry Prym/Ant man fan myself, so for the classic things I would recomend for you is the Essential Ant-Man(got that one myself it has all his solo adventures in tales to astonsh), and then for his adventures after that, he appears in most of the essential avengers as ant-man/giant-man/goliath/ and yellow jacket, so start at the beginning, and he is in a LOT of them, only taking about a 15-20 issue break(all the other ‘classic’ avengers other than Cap take their leave too, however I havent seen any of them again in the team cept for the super special.

              Ok have fun

      • If you love X-men, you need to pick up the classic graphic novel, “God Loves, Men Kills”.

        It is outstanding writing and art.

  13. I like the idea of a self aware suit taking action for itself, TONY VS JARVIS! lol! Also I would wager my entire fortune (if I had one) on the fact that Disney-Marvel will ABSOLUTELY be giving us the Hulkbuster treatment on the silver screen at some point.

  14. The Iron Destroyer armor could come into play, especially with all the hints of Tony taveling into space.

  15. DOES ANYONE REALLY WANT TO SEE THE HULK BECOME A BAD GUY AND FIGHT THE AVENGERS??? I think a planet Hulk movies Where Thanos sends hulk to Sakaar would be great but I DO NOT want to see the avengers turn on the hulk! I know it was a big storyline in the comics but I DO NOT think ppl will fall in love with a hulk Vs. the Avengers movie!! IF WWH were to happen I would rather see it as the hulk thinks in the beginning that the avengers sent him to space but only to find out thru a HULK Vs. The HULK-BUSTER tony stark that it was thanos and NOT the avengers that sent him away! I DONT THINK THEY WOULD ANT TO RUIN A CHARACTER THAT IS FINALLY GETTING SOME TRACTION TURN INTO A BAD GUY AND TRYING TO KILL ALL OF AMERICAS HEROS…. THE AVENGERS! That will make me lose all of my years of faith in what marvel is creating

  16. Hulkbuster was totally set up in the incredible hulk in the post credits scene, with general ross and tony stark. That got me pretty excited, hopefully it will still happen but probably not for a couple of films

  17. The bleeding edge armor is exactly what I want!… to stay FAR far as heck away from in Iron Man 3. If I see a metal suit just magically materialize on him from nowhere like that thing does I’m out. I’ll leave the theater even if its in the last twenty minutes. There’s now way to make that believable and now way thats gonna fit and make sense. They just need to stick with what they’ve shown from the suit in the previews.

  18. Actually the Bleeding Edge on armour on screen wouldn’t be so farfetched! There has been a lot of real world progress and development of nanotech, so this in my opinion is a hint of the future in a scifi setting. What’s the big obsession with everything being “grounded in reality”? Movies are about escapism! :D

  19. Plus it doesn’t appear magically, it’s through the epic power of science. I think it does fit in as technology advances, it gets smaller over time.

    • Haha that’s going to be my new catchphrase: “It’s not magic, it’s the epic power of SCIENCE!”

  20. if the rumors for Avengers 3 are true, and it is world war hulk, there is no chance they would not use the hulkbuster armor

  21. Plus it doesn’t appear magically, it’s through the epic power of science. I think it does fit in as technology advances, it gets smaller over time.

  22. Stealth Armor and Iron Destroyer! That two has my biggest votes, but I think the Bleeding Eagle would work wonderfully too.

    So many possibilities. I can’t wait IM3 and the Extremis.

  23. I like all these armours except for the bleeding edge. They need to stay as far away from that armour as possible. Im telling you, you will lose audiences when Tony can make a suit of armour appear from beneath his skin with a thought. Keep it in the comics PLEASE.

  24. Hulk buster and Bleeding Edge, for sure

  25. Prometheum Armor MK II – this armour is too advanced for the marvel movieverse, maybe in 10 years it would be relevant. But I cannot see them ever using this armour due to the fact it does take away a lot of Starks weakness and would make him less of an interesting character

    Stealth Armour MK IV – this armour would be incredible but unless they change the Stark character they have build in the movieverse I don’t see this happening either. In the movieverse Stark is always loud and proud. I think they will leave the stealth for Black Widow and Hawkeye.

    S.K.I.N. Armour MK III – this armour is the most fitting so far, every single movie that iron man has appeared in stark has invented a better version and just as the article says at some point Stark will become phobic of tech, which looks like that may be the case in iron man 3

    Iron Destroyer Armour – this armour I would like to see in the next avengers not just because it would be awesome, but it would bring Thor closer to the avengers, I feel like he is the outsider of the group due to him being the only non-human. But the armour would have to only function in Asgard or get destroyed in that movie because just like I mentioned before, Starks weaknesses are one of his greatness assets as a character

    Bleeding Edge Armour – this armour is an interesting one, it would be awesome but I don’t see it happening in any movie any time soon. I mean the marvel movieverse already has aliens, gods, frozen humans, highly advanced tech, black holes (that can be used as forms of travel), the hulk etc to add this as well might be pushing it. Maybe it might be show on a computer screen as a concept, in the background, just to push that Stark is trying to find more ways to make it easier to suit up.

    Hulkbuster Armour – this armour is the most likely to happen due to it really just being a bigger version of the normal armour, and in the movieverse at some point the hulk will lose control in some way

  26. Dude, most of these look enough like what he wore in the films already. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that they were inspired on these (and inspired on each other in their turns).

    Of these, only the first and last really stand out. The first is a mess and the last is a bulky mess. It might be interesting to see something based on them, but it wouldn’t really be practical to expect to see them duplicated.

    That’s why the Iron Man armor from the recent Anime series looks so different from what Larocca drew in the comic, even though they were the same model. Even 3d modelling is different from what an artist can draw.

    • Nuts, no edit function. The skin armor is sufficiently unique, though. As for the destroyer armor, I can see it popping up in a future Avengers movie, but it’s really just the Asgardian Destroyer armor with Iron Man’s face, so who cares?

      • most of the ones listed here are on the list that was leaked yesterday

  27. stealth, S.K.I.N, destroyer, exstrimis mk 2, and a heavy armor that is like hulkbuster but not called that for story reasons are all listed as being in ironman 3 as well as peppers RESCUE armor

  28. This is a bit of a HAH moment, but the trailer HAD THE SILVER CENTURION ARMOR!

  29. Cool Iron Destroyer Armor. …