‘Iron Man 3′ Set Photos Reveal A.I.M (Advanced Idea Mechanics)

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A.I.M. Advanced Idea Mechanics in Iron Man 3  Iron Man 3 Set Photos Reveal A.I.M (Advanced Idea Mechanics)

We here at Screen Rant have long speculated about the direction that “Phase 2″ of the Marvel Movie Universe would take. We always expected to see a divergence of sorts, with half of the Marvel movies dealing with the more real-world threats of terrorist organizations and Earthly villains – while the other path would take us into the cosmos, as otherworldly heroes battled space baddies.

It remains to be seen if Thor 2 will have the Thunder God’s head in the clouds or trying to be part our world, but Iron Man 3 has obviously been going the real-world threat route, and today, new set photos reveal the presence of a longtime staple of the Marvel universe, which will be included in writer/director Shane Black’s (Lethal Weapon) threequel.

i09 received some new Iron Man 3 set photos that were shot at particularly interesting location being prepped for a scene. Check out one of the photos below:

In the comics, A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics) is one of the longtime evil organizations of the Marvel Universe. Its origins date back to WWII, when evil Nazi leader Baron Wolfgang von Strucker created A.I.M. as a second branch of HYDRA (the organization run by Red Skull in Captain America). As the acronym would suggest, A.I.M.’s focus is technology: the organization is known for recruiting top minds in business, math, mechanics and science (Master’s Degree or Ph.D required!), and then, using that intellect for evil purposes. Most fans know A.I.M. to be the creators of MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing) – an artificially mutated scientist, transformed into a big-headed, part-psychic, part-computer, life form.

Modok and A.I.M.  Iron Man 3 Set Photos Reveal A.I.M (Advanced Idea Mechanics)

Judging by this Iron Man 3 set photo, however, A.I.M. is less likely to be a clandestine organization of nerd terrorists led by MODOK, than an actual corporation that rivals Stark Industries. Given what we know about the IM3 storyline – which is based on the famous “Extremis” miniseries – I wouldn’t be surprised if Guy Pearce’s character, geneticist Aldrich Killian, is working at A.I.M. The assumption is that it will be Killian – possibly backed by Ben Kingsley’s shadowy villain character – who releases a nanotech virus that transforms several individuals into deadly cyborgs – thus giving Tony Stark a new breed of enemy to combat, while setting up A.I.M. as a not-so-wholesome place. For now though, this is all pure speculation.

Head over to i09 for more set photos – and note the Christmas decorations on that adjacent tree. The holiday has been a running theme in at least four of Shane Black’s films.

Iron Man 3 will be in theaters on May 3, 2013.

Source: i09

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  1. Damn! I was really keeping my hopes up high when I saw the Photo of MODOK :( that would be cool to see him in Iron Man 3 after Playing Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 I was stoked for this evil Scientist Character

  2. I don’t mind AIM having a corporate facade but they better be evil, terrorist nerds.

    • With Freaking Laser Beams attached to their heads?

  3. Excelsior!!

  4. They at least have to do some kind of reference or cameo of MODOK.

  5. Why not just add EVERY villain?

    More and more, this is looking like Spiderman 3, if Spiderman3 had twice as many villains.

    • Hardly.

      • It’s hard to deny that there are a lot of villains in this one.

        • The difference between lots of villians and it going all “Spider Man 3″ on us is that it’s not all thrown together at the last minute and the story is a piece of junk. Granted we don’t know the story yet but given this was probably all planned by Marvel, it probably won’t be a huge cluster as people are making it sound.

          • There’s a mastermind in the background.

            A main villain who starts the trouble

            And some henchman for Iron Man to beat up.

            Let’s stop acting like that’s too much. The Avengers had the EXACT SAME SETUP. And it worked out fine.

            • However, Avengers only introduced one “New” villain in the movie, this is showing off more and more, it’s gonna get crowded. And for a 2 hour movie, its crowded.

              I personally would rather have one GREAT villain then 8 good villains, with the exception of it being a 4 hour movie.

              That way they could flesh them out.

    • dude creating 2many villain make film budget so high,even they hav to wrk hard on there visual effects more.

    • I was worried about that briefly until I realized that what they’re doing is using Marvel canon as a way of coloring in the background. Likely, half these things are merely window dressings for the real problem (EXTREMIS?)

    • Well there are alot of villians in the Marvel Universe that want to get into the movies.

      And Spiderman 3 wasnt all that bad. Only thing they screwed up was their idea of Venom

  6. They dont necessary have to use him they could just do a cameo or something in the movie who knows maybe they could use him as a villian cameo for the next Avengers movie have you ever thought about that?

  7. Forgive my ignorance, but by using characters in movies do they not also prevent other studios from gaining rights to them?

    Is it possible (to whatever degree) that this is a strategy on the part of Marvel to keep characters in-house?

    I know they are focused on making good movies, but it seems ignorant to assume that they WOULDN’T want to have a strategy in place to prevent other studios from being able to utilize them.

    The inverse can be said for Sony and Fox, who will continually pump out sequels and reboots of their respective franchises SIMPLY for no other reason than that it PREVENTS Marvel from reclaiming their property…

    Maybe I’m way off, and for what it’s worth, I really hope Marvel won’t jam pack movies full of characters for the sake of keeping them from being developed elsewhere, but I can’t help but wonder if that might have something to do with why we are hearing about so many potential characters in IM3…

    • Marvel doesn’t really have to worry about “losing” the rights to their own characters as they are the original owners of all of these properties, so I don’t think that’s part of the reasoning for the IM3 roster expanding as it has. Sony and Fox were able to acquire the characters they did because at the time, Marvel didn’t have an in-house movie studio or the financial backing to make their own movies so the film rights to those characters were sold to other studios. Now that Marvel has their own studio as well as the financial backing of Disney, there really shouldn’t be a need to sell the film rights to their characters. Not really an ignorant question as the whole situation has become confusing as to who owns the rights to who, particularly with some blended characters like Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch who were both Avengers at a time but are also the children of Magneto.

    • What you don’t seem to understand is Marvel made a deal with those “other studios” to sell off some of their key IPs (Namely Spider-Man, X-Men, Ghost Rider, Fantastic 4, etc). When they made these deals they also made a list of attached characters. That list is all the “other studios” have the right to use in their movies, Marvel Studios of course gets to use everything else.

      This article will help you to better understand the specifics:


  8. I don’t know, as I recall MODOK was being considered as a villain in the “Captain America” sequel. Perhaps this is just a set up for the larger Marvel continuity?

    • I think now that they can’t use Coulson to move between the movies, in “phase 2″ they may have to link the stories in a much subtler way. Namely, Introduce AIM in Iron Man 3, have a cameo for the George Tarleton character before his transformation and then in Cap 2 develop his ascent into MODOC and then MODOK.

      • You would think they would try and link these movies by a “good guy”. That’s what made a lot of people like the Son of Coul.

  9. people that post these things throughout the interwebs should be shot….in both legs.

  10. Interesting. Maybe AIM will feature in some of the other films in some capacity, Cap 2 perhaps.

  11. Thanks for the well written article Kofi!

    I think there are so many possible villains in this movie because it’s been in production for 15(?) days so far and Marvel won’t confirm or deny all the speculations. Don’t get your panties in a bunch so soon fan-boys! At least wait until a trailer comes out before judging.

  12. If the Christmas theme has been in the last four of shane blacks movie. That kind of worries me seeing how that’s really not being creative. Instead IMO that’s recycling material. So it makes me wounder what recycled material we will see on the next screen shots we see

    • On the bright side, on Christmas Eve, the wife can no longer complain about watching a Marvel movie as a family. :)

  13. I don’t think MODOK has to be in the movie and truthfully he is an underwhelming villain, who most of the time is just comic relief. On the other hand if Marvel don’t kill all their villains in the next set of movies, like they’d mostly have done in the past, and/or add side villains in the films like The Leader or MODOK, I could see them making a Masters of Evil storyline in the next avengers, where Thanos would be recruiting the villains after the credits of each movie like Fury did before the Avengers. Plus if he did that he could use them as pawns and distractions while he acquires the infinity gauntlet. Which would be a pretty good and interesting story line.

    • I think it’d be super cool to create the masters of evil and what not. Just to have a big ol’ battle royal!

    • That would be pretty kool if they did that

  14. I just want to see U.S. Agent in either Cap 2 or Avengers 2.

  15. wait so what are all the villains so far in this movie????

    • As of right now, Ben Kingsley plays the mastermind. He could be the Mandarin or someone. Guy Pearce is the scientist who creates the assumed nanotechnological virus. James Badge Dale and/or Ashley Hamilton likely play the main heavies to Iron Man. They may or may not be enhanced by the virus and/or using conventional armor like Iron Man. At this point, it’s all speculation coupled with what little we know. If Hamilton is playing Iron Patriot or Detroit Steel, he may just be another iron-suited adversary who is unconnected to the main plot. Again, who knows.

      • o ok cool and actually i just read something that said the iron patriot is just war machine. And i just hope they have more of an epic battle at the end as opposed to just i quick 5 min battle like in iron man 2 :/

  16. The appearance of A.I.M. isn’t adding any villains. It’s simply a way to organize the villains under some collective name. It could be anything, but they want to use a name that has a history in the comics. There could be all sorts of tie-ins between A.I.M. and the other movies. I’m still thinking there could be a connection back to the Red Skull or some other Hydra faction. Don’t forget, Arnim Zola still might be connected. Who knows.

  17. For these guys to be complaining they must not have opened a comic book in their whole life!!!

  18. Cool… but guys, AIM doesn’t really count as a villain: my guess is that AIM will just be the company that employs Guy Pearce’s character to develop the serum. (If not that, then something similar to that)

    But please @Marvel – leave MODOK out of this – I beg you ;)

    • *Edit: not “serum”… VIRUS

      • Maybe it is a serum. Maybe the minds at A.I.M. seen what Captain America was capable of, and wanted to create their own evil “super soldier”. So their serum is created, but really is more like a virus that takes over the body.

        • Tomato, tomáto…

  19. What upsets me is that now everyone is looking for these standalone films to jus tie in continuity for the avengers sequel. I actually cnt wait to c executioner n enchantress in thor 2, aim iron patriot n hopefully mandarin in iron man 3, n baron in first avenger 2. Hell, if there is a continuity type cameo i want to happen, its at the end of amazing spiderman.

  20. M.O.D.O.K is character that would probably work better in an A.N.T-Man movie. BUT, so far how Marvel has proven even some of the most cheesy or corniest themes or characters can be made to work on screen with some tweeking. A character with very atrophied limbs and a hydrocephalus looking head, all supported by a contoured seat supporting his body would work on screen as long as it’s creepy and not campy and not made to be funny.