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iron man 2 whiplash poster header Iron Man 2 Whiplash Poster

A third Iron Man 2 poster has appeared online and we have it for you!

If you haven’t yet checked out the Iron Man 2 posters featuring Iron Man and War Machine or “dark Tony Stark,” be sure to go HERE and HERE and have a look! As for this latest poster, it features Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash looking ready and willing to take down his great nemesis, Iron Man.

The hi-res version of the poster (which we also have for you) reveals the same backroom setting we’ve seen Whiplash inhabiting in previous photos from Iron Man 2. You’ll notice  that the back wall is adorned with a whole collage of Tony Stark news clippings, suggesting that Rourke’s character, Ivan Vanko, really does have a major grudge to settle with Stark.

Also sure to be a big point of discussion: this poster only reveals the early stage of the Whiplash armor, indicating that director Jon Favreau and Co. are wisely holding off on giving away the full Whiplash design until a later date.

Check out the poster:

Click image for hi-res version

iron man 2 whiplash poster Iron Man 2 Whiplash Poster

Can I just say: I’m really digging how they’re working these villains into the Iron Man 2 story in a meaningful, relevant way. From what all I’ve gathered, Tony’s dad, Howard Stark, may have had some dealings that caused problems for Vanko and his family. The theme of consequences for one’s ambitions seems to have carried over quite nicely from Iron Man 1, adding a dimension of irony to the fact that history will repeat itself for Tony and Ivan, as Tony’s own ambitions building the Iron Man armor are what will ultimately give Vanko the means to become Whiplash and seek his revenge.

Man, this flick is going to be a good one…

Only thing left to ask is: When is the Black Widow poster (featuring sultry Scarlett Johansson) going to arrive??? simple smile Iron Man 2 Whiplash Poster

Side Note: keep checking back with us all next week! There are rumors circulating that the Iron Man 2 trailer could finally be arriving!

Iron Man 2 will be in theaters on May 7, 2010.

Source: Paramount via Apple & Latino Review

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  1. My least favorite of the new posters. I wish they didn’t release a Whiplash poster until the whole outfit was shown.

    They definitely should have done a Black Widow poster instead. 😛

    Still, this is my most anticipated movie of 2010!

  2. That whip on the left is a little too close to his foot… watch out whiplash!


  3. I really think that it’s a great idea to hold off Whiplash’s final armor for viewing. I. AM. STOKED. (>_<)

  4. This poster ROCKS!

  5. WOW..This Whiplash Poster Rocks..Man I cant wait until the trailer is realeased..I do hope the trailer gets released on the Shorlock Holmes Movie rather than the avatar..Im really not interested in spending 8 dollars on a movie ticket just to watch a trailer..not that I dont have anything against Avatar..I more interested in watching Shorlock Holmes rather than Avatar. Now about Whiplash’s Main Armor..It is freaking awsome..Looks like Iron Mans although Whiplashes contains the whips rather than Hyper Beans…Im curious to see if it can fly though..LOL We will just have to wait and find out.

  6. This movie is going to be sick!!!!!(and the good way sick, not the, stay at home, doctor sick)

  7. You better watch out Tony Stark you dont want one of those Whips to get near that Armor of Yours..LOL Or else it will get sliced into pieces…Can Whiplashes Hyper Beam Whips really Slice thourgh Metal?

  8. Is that the full armor? Or more?

  9. This poster is TOTALLY SWEET!

    Can’t wait for May 7th, 2010 to get here. :)

  10. epic absolutely epic :-) rourke looks like the biggest badass in this movie

  11. M-Cat,
    The Movie poster you see here is just the basic armor concept..The real Armor wont be revealed until later on but if you kinda wanna see what it will look like look on the highlighted part where it says: “The Full Whiplash Design”.

  12. Kofi

    was it confirmed that there is more to it?

    Sry double post

  13. Thx Jose

  14. Kinda looks like Ironman could just shoot him in the head and be done. About as much action as the first movie.

    I’m not complaining though. I liked the first one and am excited for the second.

  15. LOL..Your right Foopher,

    Why cant Iron Man just shoot Whiplash in the head with one of his Hyper Beams and be done with it..but then again you never know if Whiplash has the ability to use fast reflexes to block fast Tatics and attacks with his Hyper Beam Whiplashes..I wouldnt be surprised if he did..LOL

  16. @Jose

    You’re really excited about Sherlock Holmes? I don’t know, I was in the beginning, but the more I see of it, the cheesier it looks… I don’t know, it’ll probably be a rental for me.

    But IM2, can’t freakin wait!!

  17. Maybe they’re hiding Whiplash’s final look because it would reveal too much about the plot. Maybe.

  18. Now that looks kick ass!!!

    I’m glad Rourke worked out the salary bs and joined the team!

  19. What if Whiplash found a way to make like a personal energy shield, and that’s why he doesn’t need to have armor covering his whole body? lol

  20. I dont really know anything about this villain, but is he just using the IM technology, the same as the villain in the first movie?

    I’m looking forward to this movie more than anything but, surely a villain that doesnt have the same basic powers as Iron Man. I know the whips are cool.

  21. Dr.B,

    Thats one of the big “storylines” behind Ironman in the books. A lot of his tech was misused/stolen/sold to all the wrong people and they did with it what they wanted.

    Think along the lines of the 1st movie where the weapons were being sold behind his back.

    Yeah this is a put the kid in the closet go to the theaters all day type of movie.

    (IM KIDDING I wouldnt go all day just most of it.)

  22. Is that what really happens Aknot?

    I had no idea of that im glad you metioned that…This explains why in the first Film Tony Starks weapons get bought by the wrong people, Why Obadia Stain steels Tony’s Arch Reactor chest piece and uses it for his own Prototype identical to the IM Suit only bigger…This explains exactly why Rhodes and Govermental officials in IM2 want Tony Stark to give up his IM Technology to the government by law he has to give at least half of it..Tony Refuses Therfore Rhodes ends up steeling it and turns his back against him I think..maybe thats why there would be an Iron Man and War Machine Vegence and this explains why Rhodes would probably turn his back on Tony at least maybe for a while..Ok guys I dont want to mess it up for all of you… im only guessing what I think could happen in the movie I dont really know if this really happens so dont take your word on it..LOL But thanks Aknot for bringing that up..Im going to have to follow the comic books more often..LOL

  23. i think that this will be a rrealy good movie and will tony stark di

  24. how will di tony or the uther iron man cane this be it for tony or will the man that got his face biernd inthe first movie come back whot is mane idya of the new bad gey invthe movie

  25. Another grrrreaaaat poster! Personally, I DON’T WANT TO SEE THE FINAL SUIT UNTIL THE MOVIE! I am really interested in how Favreau & Co. are going to develop this character, since I know his comic origin and I still thought he would be formidable, although I assume they are going to boost him up a few (or more) notches. It will be INTERESTING.
    It’s going to be difficult to out-do IM1. If they can…it’s going to surpass many a movie, surprisingly to numerious movie fans I suspect. Even the seemingly coveted TDK. I gave Iron man 1 9.32177 out of 10. I gave TDK only 7 out of ten. IT REALLY HAD MANY CHANCES TO BE A SUPERIOR MOVIE. I would be delirious if IM2 hits such a wonderous high…I have only waited a lifetime for this! The origin was the easy part, lets see IRON MAN (and his nemesises) done justice! There are so many baddies to really choose from (e.g. Spymaster). It would be great to see the Mandarin. The “magic vs. machine” scenario is a great avenue to consider. I have hope. Being a lifelong fan, from all the way back to TALES OF SUSPENSE! I own almost every Iron Man comic there is, including the TOS’, but I’m not that old (44), I just searched the world over and was blessed to find them . May 7th can’t come fast enough!!Excelsior! ‘Nuff said.


    I’ve only got around 300 Iron Man comic books with perhaps a dozen or so TOS. It’s an expensive hobby. :)

    Really loved IM 1. Probably the best comic book adaptation IMHO that I’ve seen. TDK rates a close second.

    Not 100% sold on Whiplash, but I’ll reserve my judgement until I see the film.

    The Mandarin would be an almost obligatory villian to use, wouldn’t it? As much a formidable villian to Iron Man as Doctor Doom is to the Fantastic Four.

    I’m sure Jon Favreau is going to give us a spectacular blockbuster in the Mighty Marvel tradition.

  27. This is the most awaited movie for the year 2010, Trailer for awesome and the storyline looks pretty awesome.