Favreau Talks War Machine In ‘Iron Man 2′

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War Machine e1271877379894 Favreau Talks War Machine In Iron Man 2

Near the end of the first Iron Man film, Lt. James Rhodes (then played by Terrence Howard) stopped briefly in Tony Stark’s personal lab, stared wistfully at the silver Iron Man prototype suit, and gave a half shout-out to the audience with his line, “Next time, baby.”

Well, Iron Man 2 is due out in less than three weeks and will give Rhodes (now played by Don Cheadle) his chance to shine as War Machine — a classic character in the Iron Man universe and one that director Jon Favreau is more than a little excited to see realized on the big screen.

- Warning, Mild Iron Man 2 Spoilers -

War Machine is the nickname for the new metal suit devised by Iron Man/Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) — one which is then stolen by the U.S. government and supplied with an excessive collection of firepower by sleazeball military contractor, Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell).

Lt. Rhodes, however, eventually decides against betraying his superhero friend and instead uses the War Machine suit himself to aid Tony in his battle against Hammer’s new legion of robotic Iron Man warriors and the villainous Whiplash/Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke).

- End Spoilers -

That said, Rhodey has been a character in the Iron Man comic books since 1979 (War Machine since 1992) — one who Favreau is pumped to see in action.  As the director told the LA Times in regards to Iron Man 2:

“The conversation was ‘How do you expand what’s there, how do you make the sequel bigger and better?’ and one is way is, in essence, doubling up on Iron Man.  War Machine lets you do that.”

Favreau went on, talking up War Machine’s arsenal of weaponry and firepower as well:

“The fun part is the ridiculousness of it — just how many guns can you put on this thing? That’s the fun part of this character.  With the movie, we make this effort to make everything emotionally correct but you also really want to cut loose and have fun in the places where it seems consistent to the story we’re telling.  And with the design and fighting style of War Machine we really went to town.  He’s packed with firepower and we let the [effects team] at ILM off the leash with the intensity of the destruction. The result is…high caliber.”

iron man war machine battle Favreau Talks War Machine In Iron Man 2

Expect a fireworks show when War Machine gets in on the action in Iron Man 2.

So, who else thinks that May 7 REALLY can’t get here fast enough now? icon wink Favreau Talks War Machine In Iron Man 2

Look for Iron Man 2 to start off the 2010 Summer Blockbuster Season with a bang when it finally hits theaters in just two and a half weeks.

Source: LA Times

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  1. I was sold at “Next time baby” and the teaser trailer made me giddy as a school girl. I really can't wait.

  2. Just a note: Jim Rhodes first appeared in 1979. The War Machine armor didn't appear until 1992.

  3. Thanks Zipper, we updated the article with that correction. Good looking out.

  4. Good call ZipperStevens. I'm just curious to how you trump IM2 with IM3…guess Extremis project us to create Mandarian and tony's new abilities?

  5. What about the Armor Wars? If double the Iron Man suits is great for a sequel, imagine what a bunch would do for the movie.

  6. Same here! Cannot wait until May 7th…

  7. I will be seeing this movie in EXACTLY one week

    I cant remember when I was this excited for a film :D

    As for IM3 definitely Mandarin, but not sure how they should do it… have you guys seen the Mandarin in the new Iron Man cartoon?” I didnt like his design at first but I do now, perhaps they could use that as a template… but I think i would prefert he traditional green skinned mandarin… nevertheless he is essential in IM3 imo and I hope there are hints to him in IM2 (as seen in IM1)

  8. My last final will be in the morning on May 7th. I can't tell you how excited I am to go to from my math class to the theater that day.

  9. I must have missed the hints, can you recap them for me and those of us that missed it? Thanks…
    p.s. don't forget the Fing Fang Foom billboard………in IM2

  10. I think Cheadle will be able to win you over. His ability to use a “big boy voice” already puts him one or two steps ahead of Howard. Nothing against the soft-spoken Howard, its just not the right voice for the character.

  11. Lt. Col. Rhodes

  12. There must be a way for them to work the Crimson Dynamo into IM3… One can't help but notice that they're using the name Ivan Vanko for Whiplsash in IM2 (so is Whiplash Anton Vanko's son, allowing the Crimson Dynamo to be seen later, or in flashback?) allowing for an introduction to CD in IM3. They've blended the Backlash/Whiplash and Justin Hammer storyline in with the name Vanko, so there MUST be a tie-in somehow to the Crimson Dynamo.
    There was also a Chinese version of CD that could be relevant in a post-Soviet era… however…
    In the extras for IM 1, the SFX guys working on the practical armor kept referring to it as the “Crimson Dynamo” armor rather than the “Iron Monger”, so presumably that was the original focus. There are scads of ways to work a “soviet” armor suit / scientist into a movie storyline, and I'm really looking forward to a Crimson Dynamo in IM3. The Mandarin MUST find his way in, too, maybe even as the mastermind behind CD. Perhaps the Mandarin is able to show Anton Vanko in the 70s a vision of the future in which Howard Stark's son has stolen his idea, and this enrages him to be allowed to be flung into our present to fight Iron Man/Tony for what he sees as stealing his intellectual property… The Mandarin fails to tell Anton that the Soviet Union has disintegrated long ago, but gives him access to what's left of Justin Hammer's lab and equipment, with portraits of Lenin and Stalin hung up on the walls…
    (Jon, I am available for screenwriting duties, if needed ;) )

  13. I didn't think I could get anymore pumped for this movie but that phrase:

    He’s packed with firepower and we let the [effects team] at ILM off the leash with the intensity of the destruction. The result is…high caliber.

    Just made my geek-o-meter go into overdrive. :-)

  14. Make sure you come back here and give us a thumbs up/down (no spoilers, please). If you don't, I may have to release Kahless.

    Yes!! Fresh petaQ meat!!! :-)

  15. It's possible that Whiplash becomes Crimson Dynamo before the movie ends; maybe the climax, final battle. These movies don't usually go by the comics strictly.