Will Iron Man Battle War Machine In Iron Man 2?

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im wm comic sm Will Iron Man Battle War Machine In Iron Man 2?

After director Jon Favreau and his team behind Iron Man 2 showcased exclusive footage to a packed house of eager fans (including our own Vic Holtreman, Screen Rant’s Owner and Editor-In-Chief), attendees were treated to shots of Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Whiplash (Mickey Rourke), Lt. Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Don Cheadle), Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell), and of course, the War Machine armor.

As we detailed in our article about the Iron Man 2 footage, it opens with a Senate meeting led by a Senator (Gary Shandling) who requests that the Iron Man armor be turned over to the US government – Stark declines in a pure act of showmanship. Later in the footage, the Mark 2 armor (silver) appears to have been confiscated by the US military. Hammer then tells Rhodey and a soldier about how he can outfit the armor with weapons, which Rhodey wants. It’s pretty obvious that Rhodey/War Machine could be seen at odds with Iron Man/Tony Stark, as detailed by MTV Splash Page’s interview with Cheadle:

“We kept asking ourselves: How does that play out with Tony Stark being an independent contractor doing what he wants to do, and Rhodes actually being in the military, there’s a real chain of command he has to follow. What’s the conflict that creates?”

Sounds like a great dynamic between the two best friends. However, this Iron Man/War Machine battle seems to go against early speculation that Iron Man and War Machine would team up to fight Whiplash. In fact, many thought Hammer would upgrade Whiplash’s tech into the Crimson Dynamo armor by the end of the movie (this may happen of course, we’re speculating here).

But with the big reveal that Iron Man could in fact be facing War Machine as an adversary, we could see an epic battle between the two armored heroes that will probably blow the roof off movie theaters next May!

In the comics, Iron Man and War Machine have faced off several times, the first time was when Tony “died” in the comic and Rhodey took over as CEO of Stark Enterprises. When Rhodey found out that Tony was put on ice and “defrosted” after a cure to a cyber-virus that was ravaging his nervous system and had faked his death, Rhodey quit and his long-time friendship with Tony ended. They battled in a classic Len Kaminski/Tom Morgan tale when Rhodey needed the War Machine plans to fix the armor, and Tony wouldn’t let him have it. And don’t worry, but the end of the 1990s, Tony and Rhodey made amends. I recommend checking out Advanced Iron to learn more about these classic Iron Man stories!

Also, some photos of the Iron Man 2 toys were leaked online and a Crimson Dynamo figure showed up. But before everyone jumps to the conclusion that he’s in Iron Man 2, it’s been revealed that it’s part of an Iron Man comic book line. There is even a “Classic Armor” Iron Man figure, seen in the 1970s and part of the 1980s. This particular Dynamo armor was destroyed in the classic David Michelinie/Bob Layton Iron Man arc, Armor Wars, considered the best Iron Man story by many fans. But it recently re-appeared in issues of Invincible Iron Man: World’s Most Wanted.

So what do you all think? Are we in for the ultimate armored battle as Iron Man (potentially) faces off against War Machine? Two best friends duking it out in Los Angeles!

Iron Man 2 opens on May 7, 2010.

Source: MTV Splash Page, Advanced Iron, via Marvelous News

Artwork: Tom Morgan

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  1. set-up for #3? maybe its like how spider-man set up potential villians

  2. I can see Gary Shandling eating a repulsor blast ala “Demon in a Bottle”, which is why Tony appears to be under attack in the Comic Con trailer. Rhodey ‘borrows’ the Mark II armor in order to confront his friend, which gives Hammer access to Stark’s technology. That same technology is combined with Vanko’s, resulting in a Crimson Dynamo/Whiplash hybrid. Works for me.

  3. from what i saw in the “trailer” ironman has an aerial fight with someone… possible warmachine and also warmachine in the end of the trailer is attacking someone possibly flying around him as his machinegun rotates and so does he… unless that was the camera.
    it could work, near the end they become friends to fight the bad guy.
    i never knew that the guys with the guns in the end was justin hammer.
    all in all the movie looks awesome so far !!!!

  4. I am a little concerned that IM2 is going the way of too many villains in one movie. Spiderman 3, Batman 3&4. Could end up being bad news.

    With Whiplash and Black Widow, it was very much in the Batman 2 setup – a clear villain, and an additional character that is in the grey, if you will. It is unclear how you add War Machine on top of that without going Spiderman 3.

  5. it’s gonna be awesome
    i think there’s a lot of villains
    2 is enough
    but the second movies usually turn out to be awesome
    maybe if it has 3 baddies, it’ll still be good

  6. A concern I have is Justin Hammer is known for having a cadre of armored supervillains working for him.
    Will we see them?
    just stick to the characters .
    We dont need to be overloaded with armored villains everywhere.

  7. Warhammer will show up at the end leading into a third movie. It will suck if he only has a brief appearance.

  8. I meant War Machine lol

  9. these guys know what they’re doing. Examine the first movie. they gave iron man a techinally inferior Giant badass and put him against a handicapped iron man. this made for an equal fight.

    in the sequal you go heavy and you put that hero at full strength against a equal/superior opponent. in this case its probable gonna be the dynamo backed by the governments anti aircraft/ anti ironman theme ive picked up from you who saw the trailer.
    War machine will play the back up role I think by taking care of the extras while the dynamo and iron man have it out. this would make the most sense to include all three.

  10. Now I’m not saying Dynamo doesn’t show up, I just have my doubts now that it appears War Machine and Iron Man duke it out.


  11. the whole war machine/hammer relationship means there has to be some conflict between the two. maybe hammer gains favor with the government over stark. starks unwillingness to cooperate forces rodey to step in and police iron man with his own war machine of or against his will. they for sure will duke it out, probably not trying to kill each other, more like siblings.

  12. In the end I’m quite sure it will be Iron Man + War Machine vs Hammer + Whiplash.


  13. if this fight happens, which I doubt,it will be better than the three villian thing in spidey-3

  14. It’s going to be epic, but I hope it doesn’t look very fake.