Iron Man 2 Viral Headline #3

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Iron man 2 viral clue 3 header 570x287 Iron Man 2 Viral Headline #3

A new piece to the Iron Man 2 viral marketing puzzle has appeared, and today it’s the folks over at CHUD who are holding it. If you haven’t been keeping up, you can get a look at the first two pieces to the puzzle by going HERE and HERE.

Iron Man 2 fans have really been digging into these faux newspaper clippings of their favorite hero, dissecting every word and picture in an attempt to discern what surprises Iron Man 2 may yet have in store.

So far, director Jon Favreau and the Iron Man 2 cast have done top-notch work keeping things under wraps – I just hope that there is some sort of legitimate surprise waiting at the end of this little viral game, and not just a ‘setup for the mood of the film’ as some of our readers have suggested.

One clue to help you out: keep note of the highlighted portions on each headline that’s released.

Here is piece #3 of the puzzle:

(Click for larger image)

Iron man 2 viral clue 3 Iron Man 2 Viral Headline #3

Also remember: a lot of these headline clips are reminiscent of those we saw pasted up on the wall in the official Whiplash poster that was released last week. This is all building toward something – but what?

In other Iron Man 2 news: don’t miss some exclusive footage from the film, which is set to premiere tomorrow night! Go HERE for details.

What are your theories about this latest viral puzzle piece?

Iron Man 2 blasts into theaters on May 7, 2010.

Source: CHUD

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  1. None of the HERE links go anywhere.

  2. Sorry, should have hit refresh. See, this is why you need edit comments functionality.

  3. @ Dan

    Sorry, I was working behind the scenes on that. Totally my doing :-)

  4. Secret Stark Confession….. I am Ironman. Boy that was easy. :D

  5. The other ones had things that we could see as clues but I don’t see anything here. I’m stumped.

  6. Well the line “The man behind the iron mask” could elude to he is not who he is supposed to be or someone else should be where he is.

  7. @Aknot:

    That’s an interesting thought. If the line “The man behind the iron mask” could mean that someone isn’t who we think he is, or who we think he’s supposed to be, then that raises some fascinating questions, doesn’t it?

    The mystery deepens… and the fun increases. :)

  8. Maybe Ivan is a disgruntled employee… maybe his father was the true creator/fore front to the arc reactor and Stane stole it making it look like Stark did.

  9. That is how Whiplash/Hammer could get similar tech esp the portable Arc Reactor if Ivans father was the original creator of it.

  10. Secret cofession? man behind mask?…Is it possible for John and Paramount to not announce the actors for the main roles of a film?

    By wich I mean, could this be leadig to a reveal of a hidden character, i.e someone who likes to hide behind a masque

  11. I see what you did there. :D Sorry I dont see them showing up until IM3.

    I dont want them to get into the many villains/characters scenario. They have Whip, Black Widow, and Hammer to a degree. they can still “use” Faran Tahir and/or the Mandarin angle..

  12. they had the reactor, but they gave up on it remember.

    and didnt they say it was just for looks,

    and didnt tony not refine it until he was captured and forced too, when he got back he said theyed go back to the reactor concept cause he made it work??

    am i wrong?

  13. gut instinct tells me that this is about as deep a level as this viral campaign will get.. i truly believe these fragments are just detritus from the whiplash workshop, burned by the first successful whip-lash (get it?), and indicating the “stark’s father destroyed me/my family and now i’m obsessed with making him pay, by using my crude but devastatingly effective russian homemade version of his tech against him etc etc…” storyline… but hey, not that i’m complaining!! it’ll be epic any way it plays. ok that’s all

  14. i am huh, lol. oh well, hopefully this viral thing leads to something

  15. Secret Stark Confession? Those are the highlighted words…


  16. Hasn’t Stark been building the Avengers in secret since the end of the first film?

    I ask rhetorically – we know that by the events of Incredible Hulk (After IM, before IM2) Stark approaches General Ross about “putting a team together.”

    That means that somewhere in the continuity of IM2, Stark is already working on the Avengers Initiative with Fury.

    Funny how that has yet to come up in all the discussion of IM2…


    May that’s the “secret” the viral campaign is building toward?

  17. The second piece also has a visual clue suggesting Thor, and in the text of the article, references to WWII, where we know Cap was present…

    Just sayin…

  18. @ Kofi Outlaw

    That’s a very interesting thought you brought up there. Most of us seem to have forgotten that fact. Interesting notion about the Thor visual clue and references to the WWII period, I never would have discerned that. Perhaps this is some kind of link to the Avengers initiative after all huh?

    He was building the Captain America shield in the first movie, and the leaked footage of the second has him yet again with Nick Fury ( Samuel Jackson ) talking about the team at the doughnut place…. But I agree that these are just clippings from the wall, and everybody is just reading too much into this….

  20. Has it ever been considered that tony starks dad had a hand in creating captain america? We know he worked on the manhattan project and he has a reputation as a Nazi Buster, so it’s plausible at least.

  21. Were all the images on Whiplash’s wall burnt? Maybe thats an important factor.

  22. I’m going to be paying particular attention to the highlighted words in each viral headline. So far, we have “secret,” “Stark,” and “confession.” Maybe those are part of the clues. I’ll be looking closely at each picture as well in case there are other things…like the burn holes and stone background. Anything could be the clues, really.

  23. I think somebody already said it but it points to the origin of Whiplash. It goes back to Tonys father and probably has something to do with things he did in the past and how it affected Whiplash.