Iron Man 2 Trailer Next Week? [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated July 17th, 2013 at 11:56 pm,

iron man 2 trailer Iron Man 2 Trailer Next Week? [Updated]

Update: The Iron Man 2 trailer is here!

The long-awaited official release of the trailer for Iron Man 2 may be soon upon us.

A trailer was shown at San Diego Comic-Con in July¬† (for the lucky bunch of us in attendance) but nothing’s been released on the video front since – at least, not officially. There was a crappy leak of the Comic-Con footage.

However, a few weeks back, director Jon Favreau re-tweeted someone’s question to him on Twitter about when we’d finally see a trailer. His response seemed to hint that we’d see one this Christmas, possibly attached to Sherlock Holmes, an obvious choice considering both movies star Robert Downey Jr. But what if it came with Avatar next Friday?

Favreau’s tweet from November 19th read as follows:

“RT @Ann_Howard: @Jon_Favreau PLEASE tell us the trailer is coming soon – w/Sherlock Holmes, perhaps??”

That was it. Some said it was confirmation, but I think its more of a hint. I do think its necessary to have Iron Man 2 advertised alongside Holmes but I don’t think that’s the first time we’ll necessarily see the trailer.

While not exactly a confirmed source,  a user on the IMDB forums (found by CBM) claims to be a projectionist in a New Zealand theater where they received a notice from Paramount about them getting the first trailers for Iron Man 2 and Shrek Forever After next week, to be played alongside Avatar next Friday.

“Hey, i work as a projectionist for a theater complex, Berkley Cinemas, in Auckland, New Zealand and we just got an email from Paramount today to say that they will be sending out the first trailers for Iron Man 2 and Shrek Forever After next week to be played before Avatar beginning Dec. 17. icon smile Iron Man 2 Trailer Next Week? [Updated] just thought i’d pass along the good news.


An interesting way to find out, but I can buy it. Why not feature Iron Man 2 to crowds of both of the holidays’ major film releases? Once this trailer hits, we’re in for the long run of Iron Man promotion until the movie kicks off the summer of 2010 next May.

Stay tuned to Screen Rant for the soon-to-launch trailers!

Would the new Shrek 4 and Iron Man 2 trailers entice you to see Avatar opening weekend or are you already sold on that?

Iron Man 2 opens May 7, 2010 and Shrek Forever After opens two weeks later on May 21, 2010.

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  1. That would make my outing to Avatar the best movie night EVER!!!!!

  2. Wow, i saw this on the Iron Man 2 board and commented on it. Now its getting its own story? Thats pretty cool. 151 days left!

  3. Max

    what Iron Man 2 board? and please don’t tell me imdb. i can’t stand those boards.

  4. My clock says 147 days… I set one up on my desktop about a week ago. I did the same thing for IM1. :D

  5. It won’t make me go see Avatar. The simple truth is that I’m going to see the movie regardless. I’ll be happer than a pig in…uhh…fecial matter if they do play the trailer there though.

  6. I want to this trailer sooooooo much, the blurry comic con footage gave me the horn!

  7. Now I can’t freakin wait for Avatar, geez, thanks guys… preview for Iron Man 2 and the new James Cameron movie all in one night, I think my head will explode…

  8. I think youre head will be just fine and unexploded

  9. Meh, honestly (and say what you will) I have no desire to see Avatar, at all. And if I do it wont be till about a month after it is released.

    As much as I want to see the IM2 trailer I can wait.

  10. @Aknot

    Completely agree.

  11. @DrSam,

    Why? I just dont like crowds and the hype machine just based on technical advancement. The story is (as reported earlier here) somewhat like another (and some after it).

    I dont know it just doesn’t appeal to me. Maybe 20 years ago when I was younger.. :D

  12. wow… next week? i wait for the trailer, thanks for information

  13. I too have zero desire to watch Avatar either, I dont think it has anything to do with age.

  14. This just changed my mind about seeing Avatar. If there’s going to be trailer(s) for Shrek Forever After and/or Iron Man 2 then you can gurantee I’ll be seeing Avatar on its opening weekend! I’m not that excited for the movie itself, but I would love to see the IM2 trailer first on the big screen. Usually when I see the trailers at theaters I’ve seen them already online, but I would love to be surprised with an amazing Iron Man 2 trailer! If it doesn’t show before Avatar, then I’ll definitely be at Sherlock Holmes the next weekend. I have to see that trailer! Shrek would be alright to see too, but Iron Man 2 is the one I’m excited for.

  15. Im heading down to the premiere in a few hours when I get off work.
    Will let you all know if I see anyone of interest.

  16. @harvey

    Calm your little self down and chillax. Screenrant is for people to say what they want (within reason), and the subject of Avatar coming up within this thread is completely reasonable. If the trailer for Iron Man is shown with Avatar, it might make some people more keen to see it.

  17. ya i gota agree with drsam and aknot for some reason i really have no desire to c avatar, i really really wanna c the iron man 2 trailer but not worth 10$ and 2 hours of my time. I will rent avatar of course but no sooner than that, plus my movie going experiences have goten worse over the years with drunk people, talking people. teenage kids who laugh and text all through out the movie, and the old lady who is to cheap to buy popcorn so she brings in her own in the loudest possible plastic bag and cough after every loud bite. wheh sorry had to rant a little bit there.

  18. has to be one of the best marketing scams ever :D not only did they release a bunch of crap to promote avatar but now they might be adding an IM trailer hehehe way to go cameron*
    i bet avatar will be terrible, never have i seen a movie have so many promo stuff, its shoved so much crap down my throat im not even interested in watching it anymore :-(

    *im being sarcastic incase you guys didnt notice:-)

  19. @KanTstandYa…

    I’m with you on this one. Personally, I’d rather wait for Avatar and Sherlock Holmes to make their debuts on DVD.

    With the crappy weather Chicago’s been having over the last few days, I really don’t want to stand in line for Avatar or Sherlock Holmes just to see the IM2 trailer. I did that for Twilight last year (an aunt’s work is never done…) — really not in the mood to do it again, especially when the behavior of moviegoers has become more annoying lately.

    Here’s my question… when, oh when, will the IM2 trailer be online for my viewing pleasure? That’s what I’m waiting for. :)

  20. Yeah, It’s rare that I venture to the theater the see the films (can’t stand the crowd of annoying people) But I always make an exception for the Marvel films. I might make one for Avatar. Waited to see Harry Potter when it came out on blue ray this past Tuesday (was kinda let down, tho)

    How long before films are released straight to us in home? I’ll even pay the $10.00 admission and $15.00 for a small popcorn. lol

  21. I want to see Avatar, I don’t know why people don’t think it’s going to be good. I don’t think it’ll be the greatest film ever made, but it looks like it’ll be a fun movie to watch. I will NOT be standing in line to see this next week though, but maybe during the week I will check it out in a matinee. I have NEVER ever gone to see a movie just because of a trailer. That is really stupid.

    Oh, harvey, check out the name of this site. SCREEN RANT. The RANT part is what makes this such a good site. Opinions on movies, good and bad, are welcomed here. So if someone wants to bash Avatar on a thread which mentions the movie, I see nothing wrong with it. If it bothers you, I suggest YOU get a life and step away from the computer.

  22. M-Cat
    haha yeah lol, its imdb :P. The boards are…entertaining…to say the least. lol

  23. and its only 147 days? That just makes everything better!!! Woot woot!

  24. @ luke and leia’s love child great name by the way.

    Ive been sayin that for years i would more than happily pay double to watch a movie at home the same day it comes out. people have lost all sense of manors these days ive never gone to a theater since 1999 when the coach of a baseball team decided to c the matrix with all his little rugrats. fool me once not twice.

  25. @Andy S

    Visually, Avatar WAS groundbreaking – never seen anything like it. I think they’re putting the Iron Man trailer in front of it to really psyche up the audience and put them in a great mood before the the film starts. 8)


  26. @KanTstandYa glad you like the name, I’ve always felt like the Skywalkers were the rednecks of the galaxy. lol