Iron Man 2 Trailer Next Week? [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated July 17th, 2013 at 11:56 pm,

iron man 2 trailer Iron Man 2 Trailer Next Week? [Updated]

Update: The Iron Man 2 trailer is here!

The long-awaited official release of the trailer for Iron Man 2 may be soon upon us.

A trailer was shown at San Diego Comic-Con in Julyย  (for the lucky bunch of us in attendance) but nothing’s been released on the video front since – at least, not officially. There was a crappy leak of the Comic-Con footage.

However, a few weeks back, director Jon Favreau re-tweeted someone’s question to him on Twitter about when we’d finally see a trailer. His response seemed to hint that we’d see one this Christmas, possibly attached to Sherlock Holmes, an obvious choice considering both movies star Robert Downey Jr. But what if it came with Avatar next Friday?

Favreau’s tweet from November 19th read as follows:

“RT @Ann_Howard: @Jon_Favreau PLEASE tell us the trailer is coming soon – w/Sherlock Holmes, perhaps??”

That was it. Some said it was confirmation, but I think its more of a hint. I do think its necessary to have Iron Man 2 advertised alongside Holmes but I don’t think that’s the first time we’ll necessarily see the trailer.

While not exactly a confirmed source,ย  a user on the IMDB forums (found by CBM) claims to be a projectionist in a New Zealand theater where they received a notice from Paramount about them getting the first trailers for Iron Man 2 and Shrek Forever After next week, to be played alongside Avatar next Friday.

“Hey, i work as a projectionist for a theater complex, Berkley Cinemas, in Auckland, New Zealand and we just got an email from Paramount today to say that they will be sending out the first trailers for Iron Man 2 and Shrek Forever After next week to be played before Avatar beginning Dec. 17. simple smile Iron Man 2 Trailer Next Week? [Updated] just thought i’d pass along the good news.


An interesting way to find out, but I can buy it. Why not feature Iron Man 2 to crowds of both of the holidays’ major film releases? Once this trailer hits, we’re in for the long run of Iron Man promotion until the movie kicks off the summer of 2010 next May.

Stay tuned to Screen Rant for the soon-to-launch trailers!

Would the new Shrek 4 and Iron Man 2 trailers entice you to see Avatar opening weekend or are you already sold on that?

Iron Man 2 opens May 7, 2010 and Shrek Forever After opens two weeks later on May 21, 2010.

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  1. Just curious, but if it’s ok to use one derogatory term, does that mean all of the rest are ok too? I’m seriously just curious.

  2. @Ken J

    Um, what?


  3. “Redneck?” Unless that’s not considered derogatory anymore, I don’t know, don’t really keep up with that stuff, just wondering.

  4. @Ken J

    Ah, I’m not going to strip a gear over “redneck.” :)


  5. The trailer has been CONFIRMED to be in Sherlock Holmes.

  6. @Matt Keith

    We already know it’s confirmed for Sherlock Holmes, the issue here is that Avatar comes out first and there’s rumors that it might be in front of Avatar, so we’ll be able to see it sooner. Is there confirmation that it WON’T be in front of Avatar??

    Look at their wording:
    “The teaser trailer for Iron Man 2 will definitely run with the Christmas release of Sherlock Holmes.”

    Well, yah, it’ll definitely run with Sherlock Holmes, it doesn’t say it’ll FIRST run with Sherlock Holmes… Hm… wonder if I’m reading too much into it, lol.

  7. @Vic

    Ah ok, all of this PC stuff confuses me, I don’t know where everyone draws their line. To me, it seems the line is usually drawn when it is not about white people, but white people are usually fair game. Some places do care about white people, but only the one that starts with c and sounds like racker, lol. Others ONLY care about the derogatory term for black people, so that means the ones for asians, hispanics, whites, are all fair game. Then there are those that don’t care what you say… Then there are the ones that don’t care about white people or asians but terms against black people and hispanics are off limits… My head hurts… ๐Ÿ˜€

    Anyway, that’s why I ask, I’m trying to get an idea of where the line is drawn here…

  8. Ken J,

    about 10 years ago (or more) Jeff Foxworthy made ‘redneck’ a likeable term. Larry the Cable Guy set the redneck movement back about 10 years (or more) ago. So… I’m not sure what decade (or century) that leaves them in.

    Before anyone gets offended, I live in the South. So, IT’S MY WORD! I CAN USE IT BUT YOU CAN’T!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. LOL, well, sorry I even brought it up, was just curious, didn’t mean to go off on a tangent. I’m interested in this new news Matt Keith brought up about the trailer. I hope that doesn’t mean it’s going to first air with Sherlock Holmes because I’m not going to watch that in theaters at all…

  10. I cannot wait for Sherlock Holmes, it looks like so much fun, plus RDJ one of the best actors working today, and Rachel Mcadams, so hot it almost hurts to look at her.

    Got my Avatar tickets booked, Imax and everything! I’m sure that will surprise a few people.

  11. Damn, that’s the problem with this type of commenting, you can have impersonators like this guy pretending to be drsambeckett here… ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. No its really me!!!!

    I have decided to give Cameron the benefit of the doubt.

  13. How come you capitalize your name differently sometimes and sometimes you have a website and sometimes you don’t?? lol

    I mean, I was really just joking about you being an impersonator because of you having Avatar tickets, but now I’m really wondering, haha.

  14. Ah the reasoning for the vanishing capitals, is when I use my computer at work it wipes my name every day and sometimes when I type it back in, I uh kinda forget how its meant to be.

    No, I’m going with some friends, and I think I will try and enjoy it for what it is. I’m hearing the story is very unoriginal which I suspected anyway, but the world and effects might be enough for me to enjoy. I was maybe being harsh before, aand should have just waited. It is still big blue cat people though.

    BTW, Zoe Saldana looked sooooo hot last night!

  15. WHAT?? You saw James Cameron, AND ZOE SALDANA?????????? BAH!! You weren’t even looking forward to this movie!! How is that fair?? How come I don’t get to see Zoe Saldana… *angry* lol

    Dammit man, I’m jealous…

  16. And Sam Worthington, and Sigourney Weaver. I tried taking some pics, but my iphone doesnt take great pics. Got a good snap of Cameron as he walked past on the blue carpet.

    And I’m very pleased with my huge poster I…uh… liberated.

  17. Esse trailer tinha que sair logo por que eu sou fรขn de iron man em 2010 eu vou assistir nos cinemas.
    E tem mais uma coisa tem que sair o jogo para x-box360.

  18. Dr Sam! Say it isnt so! /cry

    O well be assured I will not change my mind.

    Unless my wife makes me.

  19. @ Aknot

    I still think the movie as a whole looks ridiculous, and the story is weak, but maybe Cameron deserves some trust. I think Titanic is a rubbish movie but, I can still enjoy because it is so beautifully made.

    I’m going to be impartial about Avatar. When I have seen it I will tell the truth about what I think. If it is a dung heap then I will have no hesitations in making sure that everyone knows. However, if I find something to enjoy about it, whatever that may be, then I will be happy.

  20. I think DrSamBeckett used that quantum leap accelerator and duplicated himself. The other one was the exact opposite and is the one going to see the film. Life really sucks! ๐Ÿ˜›

    @Ken J
    I always tell my kids that no derogatory word for a race is acceptable. I found it very strange that my daughter found the word Negro to be offensive but the other N-word was OK. I weep for the future.

  21. DrSam

    I know of a good app to make your iPhone camera 1000 times better if you’re interested and it’s only $.99 in the app store.

  22. I am indeed interested

  23. On the redneck thing (since I was the one that used it) I was born and raised and still live in Charlotte, NC. It’s a term of endearment for some of us. Proud to be a southerner. I don’t use PC terms and never will. Too much of that crap in this country. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. PC terms?