On top of the new Iron Man 2 viral site, we also have three new images from the actual movie, featuring director Jon Favreau holding a rather… odd looking suitcase, Iron Man in a “looking back over his shoulder” pose and Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash with a parrot on his shoulder (I’m being serious):


As cool as it is to see Iron Man in that pose and Jon Favreau (as Tony Stark’s driver, Hogan) carrying what we’ve confirmed from the trailer is the classic Iron Man “suitcase armor,” which was actually first spotted by our very own Paul Young many months ago :-).

I can’t help but focus on that Mickey Rourke pic where he has a parrot on his shoulder. Why does he have a parrot – is it a pet that reminds of his home in Russia? Why is he talking on a phone that appears to be ripped from the socket? And are those two guys behind him who have been hung? Lots to chew on there!

As for the Stark Expo stuff, it’s certainly a cool piece of marketing for the film. But I wonder how much of those different locations and exhibitions we’ll get to see in the actual movie? Judging from the Iron Man 2 trailers we’ll see a part of the expo, but I imagine all of this stuff is just for news hungry online folks looking for their fix (you’ve come to the right place!) .

Thoughts on all these Iron Man 2 images and the newest viral website?

Iron Man 2 is released on May 7th, 2010.

Sources: Stark Expo 2010 Website, Yahoo and /Film

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