Iron Man 2 Spoilers Discussion

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iron man 2 spoilers Iron Man 2 Spoilers Discussion

While we have an Iron Man 2 review where you can leave comments, this is the place where you can discuss spoilers about the movie without worrying about ruining it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. icon smile Iron Man 2 Spoilers Discussion

Discuss away!

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  1. OK, I’ll get this show on the road.

    One of the things that I thought was not so great in the film was the way the new atomic element was hidden in the model of the early 1970s expo. WAY convoluted. Who knows what could have happened to that model over 30 years? Could have ended up in a dumpster. Surely there could have been a clearer way to leave that info for Tony.


    • It couldn’t ended up in the dumpster because the model is an inspiration for Tony to set up a modern type expo. And it was designed by his father so i doubt if he’s just going to throw it away after 30 years. That was the vision of Stark Industries. And it also has some sentimental values in it.

      • Does anyone think that the ”EX-WIFE” weapon was a fake? I was debating about this with other folks after the movie and i was trying to tell them that Ivans suit was much more powerful than the “EX-WIFE” so thats why it did not do any damage to him. They however say that the “EX-WIFE” was jus a gimmick. Ivan is much more smarter than Hammer so his weapons are going to be stronger and better than his as was shown by the drones he created from Hammers battle suits. Someone help me here

        • The “EX-

          The “EX-WIFE” is likely to be a fake gimmick by Hammer himself. As we know Hammer is a trying hard “tony”. He wants to surpass tony’s success but he never does. When he was describing the “EX-WIFE” in front of Rhodes and some military guy, the power of the weapon just sounded to good to be true.

    • Tony looks so dumb in the sequel. How can he not come with his own solution for the palladium-poisoning problem. His father could imagine a new element when there was no technology to create it. Tony just need to assemble a particle accelerator in his house and follow his father’s instruction. Lame.

      Less goofing off and more work Tony.

      And my biggest disappointment was the chest beam was only used for shooting fruits … The least they could do is for him to use it at the final fight with whiplash.

    • Lol, that whole scene about the new element was like ‘BUM! Ya got it, new element created. WTF?!’ But it’s a comic book movie, so I guess those kind of things are allowed. But yeah, I agree. It would have been better had the secret been in the films Tony’s dad left him and not in the actual model.

    • I don’t know, big family like that, huge legacy, I’m more surprised that model didn’t end up in a glass case somewhere on show, demonstrating Howard’s vision of the future. The fact that it was simply stored away somewhere is kind of surprising to me.

      Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if Howard left strict instructions not to throw it away.

    • Good point!!! I mean for something that important– especially coming from the co-founder of SHIELD?!!??!– they could have had it in a hard drive or could have had it in one of those blueprints or those films that Nick Fury gave to Tony Stark. Not two steps from being in a dumpster in Pepper Pots office.

    • It was the lay out of the expo fairgrounds. Once the fairgrounds were built, there would have been a permanent physical model anyway. Honestly, I think the same thing was shown on the expo “website” within the movie as well. There were several versions of it still in existence. It wasn’t until Tony looked at from “overhead” when it was on his side did he realize what he was looking at.

      Plus, looking at it in the film, when Howard said he didn’t have the technology in his time to build it — I agree, he probably left explicit instructions to preserve it for Tony. Plus, it was a way to hide the design of the finished power source in case Vanko decided to get revenge.

      Honestly though, the only thing I really thought was: Isn’t this more of Reed Richard’s area anyway? Tony is more of an engineer than a chemist/physicist.

      • they needed some way to set up the mandarin for the next movie. the element was needed for that, and that alone, i assume.

        • I am told that several background characters were wearing 10-Rings style rings. I don’t buy that a faker like Hammer pulled off Ivan’s escape on his own, but I will buy that he used shadowy resources his money could afford and then ACTED like he did it himself. The Mandarin is there, still in the background, still working, and I think really setting up his network to be truly the rival of Stark on every level. There was also a brief bit (I am told) on Nick Fury’s screens during the denouement.

  2. Yeah, finally! :) So, anyone else disliked the way Rhodey gets his hands on the Mark II so as to later become War Machine. I thought that fight between Tony and Rhodey at the birthday party was dumb as hell. I felt it was just an excuse to show a little more action, because the only there were only two others: the Monaco one and the final one at Stark Expo and surroundings.

    The only other major flaw was Whiplash’s role at the end of the film. I was glad he turned out to have a final full suit with whips, but then the excitement faded when he only lasted like what, one or two minutes? I really would have liked to see more of that armor instead of like 5 minutes of flight chasing, though that was also cool. People complained a little about the Iron Monger vs Iron Man fight in the first film, and this sequel doesn’t get it better. One thing I’d like to point out is that there’s the feeling that IM2 is overall much more action-packed than IM, but I think both have the same amount of action.

    Overall, I really liked the sequel. It’s not as charming and great as the first, but it’s still enjoyable thanks to the outstanding performances from the cast (minus ScarJo, she was just ok), and the classy, witty humor that never bores you. But in the end, there were too much subplots and stuff going around, especially before the third-act. That said, there is always that awesome and fantastic opening scene (Stark Expo Entrance) that gets you right in the mood. Really, that’s a friggin’ great scene!! So, 4/5 me, with a (slight) chance of going down to 3.5/5. I still can’t decide even though I’ve seen it twice already ;) and I’m planning a third. Y’know, maybe it’s a 4…

    One thing I’ve been wondering is if there are more easter eggs in the film besides Cap’s shield and Mjolnir (which is really cool). I remember I read something that Kevin Feige said… that there was one easter egg about Hulk and the timeline or something… So, any real comic book fan could help me there.

    BTW Vic, cool header pic there. I’m trying to guess how much will this gross on opening weekend. I’ve seen it has the widest release ever so that’s a sign for a HUGE number. Are we talking about around $150 million perhaps?

    • i have to agree with you on the whiplash end fight scene, so disappointing :(
      i would give this a 4/5 as well maybe even a 3.5 only because the dialogue was extensive and pointless, i bet if they cut out alot of the dialogue between tony and pepper they could have added at least 4 more minutes to the end fight.

      the action was limited (only because of the dialogue/sub plots wasting time) it would have only exceeded the original by a scene or 2.

      did anyone have to fill out a survey sheet for the movie ?
      we had one handed to us at my 2nd viewing, and the lady said it was for the producers etc.

      also did anyone notice the mentioning of thor prior to the end of cred scene ?
      fury said to tony ‘i have bigger problems down near texas’ and in the after cred scene the cars # plate if registered in texas, thus meaning thor could possibly take place during the events of IM2.
      just a theory of course :D

      • It’s actually New Mexico not Texas, and Agent Coulson also hinted at it when he said he had been reassigned to go to New Mexico. Nick Fury probably said that because they had just dicovered the hammer, so he sent Coulson to control the situation there. This also explains why Clark Gregg is set to appear in Thor as Coulson.

    • Actually Fury said he had bigger problems in the southwest, which if you are a marvel fan know that’s the stomping ground of the Hulk. I believe that Fury was talking about Bruce Banner when he first was becoming the Hulk(since the movie time line is set prior to the hulk marvel movie. Also the New Mexico thing was when agent Culson said he was reassigned(Thor).

      • Exactly.

        But an interesting scene is when Culson admires a prototype/model of Captian America’s shield.
        “Don’t you know what this is?”

        • That was awesome, and I don’t think it was a prototype, I think it was the remnants of the original shield. I had heard that in IM1 you could see that somewhere in Tony’s lab.

    • Yeah, they’re looking at maybe $150MM. It’s opening on more screens than any movie before.

      I think the problem with the final battle (although as a whole I liked it) was that it was fought by proxy by Vanko, and he only showed up to personally fight it for a couple of minutes.

    • In the scene at the end of the film where Fury walks into the room with Stark and all the transparent monitors, the video on those screens is of the park battle scene from the most recent Hulk film. :)

      • Yeah, I noticed that scene from the college campus too. I didn’t like how not subtle Coulson was with the New Mexico information. How many times was it dropped? Nick Fury mentions the southwest. Coulson states outright he’s going to New Mexico (is it really any of Tony’s business anyway?). Then the scene at the end with the New Mexico lisence plate. Ok, we get it…

        • When Tony calls it “The Land of Enchantment” and the New Mexico plate even said “The Land of Enchantment”. It was a dead giveaway.

      • I missed that.

    • I think the Hulk Easter Egg is toward the end of the movie and has to do with Tony speaking to Nick Fury in the SHIELD office and on the tv screen- the Asian News Reporter (Same scene from the Incredible Hulk Movie)- was probably reporting about the rampage in The university where the Hulk fought the Army.. And you could see three dots on the American Map, one in Cali (IRonman) one in New Mexico (Thor) and one in NYC (Hulk).

      • I saw it said “Global Awareness” on one of the maps. It had a dot in Africa and I think in the Artic.

        • I noticed the dot in the Artic area; not the one in Africa. But if there was one—I wonder if that’s a nod to that “Marvel film with a milder budget/lower tier character’ we heard about a month ago.

          Black Panther?
          Moon Knight?

  3. Loved Iron Man 2 save for 1 thing…

    The final fight scene with whiplash. It was horrible, WAY to short with next to no action

    apart from that loved the movie. Even my girlfriend liked it, albeit only for whiplash’s bird (she was hoping it would be in the post credit scene :p)

    • I think John Favreu is really good director I think he’s weak in the fighting scenes. I think it the final battle between Whiplash and Iron-man/War Machine had potential, but it lacked a couple twists. It was pretty direct. Pretty fast and left you wanting more.

      I liked it though. Who knows! maybe in the Blu Ray there might be extra footage! Lets hope!

  4. Great movie. I agree totally about the banter, and also the multiple characters/subplots. But as stated above, it is a “comic book movie” and can be looked over with relative ease. Whiplash’s suit was sweet! Definitely would have liked to see an extended battle scene, though :/

    And about the Rodey vs. T-bag fight scene: I actually thought it was entertaining and pretty cool.

  5. One more thing: Why did Favreau find it necessary to put himself in as many, if not more scenes than whiplash?

    • Happy Hogan is an important character…

      • no he isnt, all he did was take up valuable screen time, the whole scene with him and black widow was pointless (camera would waste time showing still shots of black widow, then cross over to happy fighting the one guy for at least 2 minutes)

        • He’s not important yes.. But he’s comedy relief. I didn’t find a problem with him at all. She took care of those dudes quick! They showed her kicking everyones ass. I would have had a problem if they didnt show her and just showed him fighting the guy and then he turns around and all those agents were on the floor. I would have thought that sucked!

  6. Overall… I enjoyed it. I agree 1000% with Vic on the element hidden in the city. Kinda dumb.

    My other concern… why Did they say Iron Man would only be a consultant on the Avenger initiative? that scares me. And then Agent Coulson said ‘We don’t need you that much’. Is there not actually an agreement between Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel to be in the Avengers? or do they plan on having Iron Man 3 out before the avengers, and then officially making him part of the roster by the end of that movie? Will he “be a consultant” for the beginning of the Avengers movie then end up needing to take matters into his own hands?

    • I wouldn’t worry too much, agreements in the film world don’t reflect too well in the real world. Iron Man will be in the Avengers, and will very very likely be a part of the team. I just think they’re trying to keep things interesting, like maybe Tony has to prove he can be a team player or something. I mean this is something all the Avengers will have to do eventually, all of the major ones will have their own problems they’ll need to deal with in order to come together and BE the Avengers.

  7. Not that I want to be a buzzkill, but if Whiplash is capable of almost replicating the power of Iron Man’s armour (I’m talking about Monaco) why the whips? I understand why for the character, but doesn’t common sense suggest you just build another hand replusor (or whatever it is) and shoot tony in the chest ones you’ve blown up his racing car? Doesn’t that kind of make Tony dead instead of whipping at him?

    That said, I nit pick because I actually really liked this film so it’s just for fun for me.

  8. Like someone else has said, the part where Fury is talking about problems in the southwest, was the reference to the Hulk; that was when the timelines for both movies crossed.

    I personally just love the way that Marvel is setting up their movie universe and tying everything in. It is unlike anything that has been doing before it, and I think that DC has a LOT of catching up to do if it ever hopes to come close to rivaling the universe that Marvel has constructed. But I guess that is why they are coming out with Green Lantern next year, then Batman and the Superman reboot the year after.

  9. Personally I loved this movie. Everything felt like it was done just right. Downey was great again, Rourke was awesome and pulled off his character well, Rockwell was an interesting character to add into the mix, and I thought Favreau getting in on the action was pretty funny, plus it’s nice to see a director have a little fun with his project. I honestly have no gripes with how whiplash was, or the end fight because he was a lesser known villain it makes sense that he would get taken out easier than a more mainstream villain, at least Favreau avoided making the spidey 3 mistake by taking a very minuscule villain (sandman) and blowing him out of proportion. The action was fast paced and well choreographed and didn’t take too much time away from the story. Oh and the fact that he created his own element, was awesome, I don’t care how you look at it, that was sweet, he figured out the puzzle his father left behind for him. Also, all the easter eggs for Captain America were a fun treat, the badge was a captain America shield, The shield when he was about to create a new element, good times. Oh and Holy crap Thor’s Hammer! That was totally worth waiting for the credits to end. Overall I think it was definitely a worthy successor to the first film.

  10. I don’t understand how Favreau can screw up a follow-up on a monumental level.
    The BAD
    * The script is horrific in its entire context. There is no smooth transition between scenes nor is there any character development.. what you see from the beginning is who you are stuck with at the end, even though you want to see them evolve into the characters we know in the comics.

    * I initially liked the process of Pepper Potts breaking emotionally due to the stress of running Stark’s company as acting CEO, however there was nothing added to that story. Wouldn’t it make sense for Potts to feel remorse for Tony Stark now that she’s had a taste of what it’s like to be him everyday running a company? Or how about the fact that there is something seriously wrong with Stark yet she shrugs him off and does everything possible to push him aside.

    * Ivan Vanko – The intro was laughable with the predictable ‘woe is me’ with his father’s death, Vanko promises to avenge his father yaddi yaddi yadda, and spontaneously buys a fake passport and heads to Monaco despite not having sufficient funds as shown living in what was essentially a den. THEN, as he attacks Stark at the race track he’s PINNED to the wall by Hogan’s car yet is seen not having any after effect.. so I’m assuming his abs are truly made of steel yes? Vanko only became an interesting character when he hangs the guards who were essentially babysitting him, yet his intrigue only stops there as he is served only as a hacker .. oh come on

    * The Star Wars medals of bravery rip scene – After Stark and Rhodey defeat Hammer’s drones they are treated to a medal awarding ceremony where they are presented the medals by Gary Shandling… nothing much more to say about this.

    * Jon Favreau nausea – I always liked Happy Hogan in the comics as well as in the first film. Here, he’s just inserted in scenes where it is completely inappropriate for him to be in. There are only 2 scenes where he is needed: the sparring scene and the Monaco race track scene.

    The GOOD
    * Robert Downey Jr and Sam mother effing Jackson turning in fantastic performances.
    * Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer – Absolutely loved his performance as well the proper characterization of just who Justin Hammer is in comparison with the genius that is Tony Stark. Never seen a more pathetic yuppie since Patrick Bateman and his pals in American Psycho. Like them Hammer tries incredibly hard to impress and upstage Stark in every way possible yet finds a way to fail.

    Unlike the first one where even in non action scenes the story commanded the flow of the film, I was waiting for the action to be shown because the story was so weak in this one. Hopefully Fav and company learn from the abundance of mistakes learned from this one and drum out a great conclusion in Iron Man 3.

    • Wow, I disagree with just about everything you said. Hmm.

    • I agree with you except I thought their performances sucked as well. Terence Howard was a better Rhodey. Sam Rockwell was unconvincing and nonthreatening since he can’t invent anything that works.

  11. Screen Rant!! I must respectfully disagree with your review. This movie never dragged. While the action felt like less in this movie in terms of length, the second act really offered a lot in terms of character and relationship development. The plot managed to engage me and it seemed to engage the whole audience without having to resort to chase/fight scenes. That on it’s own is landmark. My only slight tiff with this movie was just how little Whiplash lasted in the last fight scene. That said, this movie should make your best sequels list. Right behind The Dark Knight. ;)

  12. I really enjoyed this movie. But I agree with the poster that said this one lacked the charm of the first. Plus I’m a sucker for origin stories, so I was definitely missing that focused, character-building, but I understand that as a sequel, the big players are already established.

    I liked all the winks and nods to the viewers of the film. I’m willing to bet that that was the exact same Cap shield prop that was hidden in the background in the first movie, which is hilarious to me.

    I disagree with the sentiment that there were too many characters and too many subplots. While there was a lot going on, I never found myself struggling to keep up. I thought they did a good job of integrating everyone’s storylines into the main arc of the movie.

    Shandling was great, although it was difficult to see him with so much obvious work having been done to his face. I know that’s what rich people do, but man, kinda came off creepy.

    The video of Justin Hammer’s failed Iron Man suit attempt was hilarious, and got a huge reaction from the audience.

    Don Cheadle’s performance had me wishing he’d been Rhodey in IM1. He totally owned this character.

    Tony’s attempts at being a boyfriend (‘cooking’ Pepper a meal, buying her strawberries) were a great window into the transition that Tony is trying to make.

    What did I feel this movie was lacking? Primarily, JARVIS! What happened to JARVIS. Paul Bettany finally gets billing for the role, and he’s a shadow of what he was in IM2. Sad sad sad.

    • I agree with you in so many points. Regarding Jarvis, Jackson, Hammer, etc…

      But what I noticed is: in the first movie, Stark spends so much time, learnig to fly in the suit. And in the second movie, Rhodes puts the suit on and a couple of minutes later he flies away without any trainig. WTF?
      And how the hell did he get it off again without the “dressing-machine”?

      • Lol, good point. I hated how all the Rhodey/War Machine story arc was handled. Very, very bad.

        • Actually I don’t think that was not the first time Rhodey put on the suit. I was talking to Favreau and he said they planned a scene where they would show both of them flying, as if Tony had been teaching him how to use the suit.

          I think we may see some stuff in the special features that will explain how easily he took to the suit.

          • If that´s the case, this is a very important scene. So why was it cut?

            • Second that. My biggest complaint is the movie needs another 15 to 20 minutes. Studio formulaic malfeasance here?

      • I think the first movie When Tony was trying to work out the kinks in the machine was the reason why he was crashing all over the place. The finished Iron Man suits were much easier I would imagine to fly then the prototypes. Totally.

        So I can forgive them if Rhody just jumps into the suit and flies away.

  13. I think there are good and bad points to this film, but I think people are coming down harder on it because of how much they believed they hype. Over all this was a great film on par with it’s predecessor. There are scenes from the News reporter in TIH in the background of Tony’s 360 hologram monitors, (the report from the attempt to capture Banner before he HULKs out at the University.) I think Favreau did a fantastic job at making this film stron on it’s own as well as an obvious nod at what is to follow.

  14. I agree with you, asianenlisted – I think that people are coming down a little harder on it because of the expectations…. Was it a perfect movie? No, but I think it was better in some parts than the 1st….

    - Obviously the fight scenes were a little more substantial here and that’s essentially what we all begged for after the 1st movie, so I thoroughly enjoyed them… I do agree, however, with whoever said that the final scene with Whiplash should have been given a little more time in lieu of the seemingly-endless flight chase scene before it… It was much like the final fight scene in the last Hulk where just as we were getting what we really wanted and had spent forever building up to, it ended so abruptly… And on that note, I was also slightly disappointed that after the terrific introduction that Hammer gave his “ex-wife” weapon, it went down so easily in that last scene… Could we have scene it totally eviscerate SOMETHING else in the movie? I just don’t understand why it was given that kinda pub only to go out without such much as a whimper when finally employed… That being said, Iron Man’s wrist lasers use just about blew my mindhole with its awesomeness

    - I thought Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell both knocked it outta the park in terms of their characters… I thought Rourke got a great amount of screentime and he was great as the brooding-yet-very confident villain… As for Rockwell, I got a kick out of the Justin Hammer character, as it was funny to see him constantly fighting to get from under Stark’s shadow; I thought he nailed it… it was great to have clear-cut villains from the beginning of the story

    - Say what you want about Scarlett Johansson as an actress, but they were able to hide some of those perceived deficiencies in this role and she kicked ass in this movie when the time came for it… I realize that they didnt ask for much in the way of dialogue and/or character development, but because of that, she was pretty good with what they gave her… Plus with her physical assets, it would have been hard not to look good in her role

    - As a HUGE geeky fanboy of Marvel superheroes, I ate up every little nod to the impending Avengers movie; I’m not even quite sure if I’ll be able to quite handle seeing these storylines all tie together in the same movie, for fear that the excitement from my being a Marvel adrenaline junkie will cause me to go into shock

    - If I do have to nitpick somewhere, it was the fact that Whiplash got pinned to that wall on the race track and bounced back as if it never happened… At the rate that car was moving (not to mention the sheer size of it), it really should have killed him (although I’m glad it didn’t) or at the very least, he probably should have been confined to a wheelchair for the rest of the movie… Also, the fight scene between Stark and Rhodey at the house ended up saving the scene because it really helped emphasize the tension between the two and Rhodey’s obligations to the Army while being a good friend of Tony’s, because before that when Tony was dancing around in his suit while drunk seemed like a blatant reach for laughter… I thought at times (that part in particular), the movie dipped into Fantastic Four 2 territory with slightly ridiculous sight gags and forced laughter-grabbers, but again, that whole scene was salvaged with the fight scene between the two… Though I must question how Rhodey just jumps into the MarkII suit and automatically knows how everything works, no questions asked? I feel like someone getting their hands on that sorta technology and/or weaponry, it would take awhile to work out the kinks… Am I the only one who thinks that?

    - I also thought the constant dialogue between Pepper and Tony went a little long and felt somewhat contrived… I realize they wanted to play up the potential underlying romantic tension there, but I personally think we could have stood to have a little less between them

    All told, I loved the movie though… It was every bit as awesome as I expected it to be… Better action scenes, more/better characters, allusions to the Avengers universe, the suit-in-a-case inclusion… I would give IM2 an 8.5 out of 10 simply because a Marvel superhero movie was to REALLY suck for me to not really like it

    • “And on that note, I was also slightly disappointed that after the terrific introduction that Hammer gave his “ex-wife” weapon, it went down so easily in that last scene… Could we have scene it totally eviscerate SOMETHING else in the movie? I just don’t understand why it was given that kinda pub only to go out without such much as a whimper when finally employed…”

      Because it’s funny? It’s essentially a build up to a joke and the punchline was it doing almost nothing. Also, you have to remember, Hammer is the failed Tony Stark, the guy who tries to build things that never work, hence why his first attempt at a mech suit almost killed the guy test driving it and his “ex-wife” lived up to none of the promises he laid down for it.

      • Exactly. I thought it was amusing because it just further deepened how much his technology still falls short. I think the movie set him up well as a good future mastermind, as envy is something that’ll definitely take him to dark places.

        Somewhat related note, I’m glad War Machine was temporarily taken control of. That was a nagging thought from the trailers, “If Hammer’s designing it, surely there’ll be an override in place from his system?” If Rhodes had full control 100% of the time I’d have felt cheated.

        • Yeah, although if you think about it, this meant that Rhodey’s suit would have worked without a person inside it. The drones I understand, they were already built like that, but Ivan somehow had the opportunity to remotely take over an Iron Man suit (and from what I understand, he never even saw Rhodey’s suit… unless I’m missing something).

          • I believe the assumption should be made that he got to look at it. After all Hammer included it in his presentation and had to make sure that everything worked together before he went on stage.

  15. The hulk tie in was in the scene with Tony and Fury at the end. There was TV with a news reporter on it. It was the same news reporter in hulk at the university incident. Same woman and same scene to tie it together. Iron Man 2 ends as Hulk fights the military on the Culver campus, thats your tie in.

  16. Rhodey is a professional military pilot, is used to flying and how the technology used works, he would have caught on quickly

  17. Where was Stan Lee?

    • “Larry King” after Stark was walking to his car from the Expo in the beginning of the film. Think it was a maroon and purple shirt with suspenders.

  18. Glad to know I’m not the only one who felt the final fight between Iron Man, War Machine, and Whiplash was a bit underwhelming. Seems like the pulsar bit was something of the Ghostbusters “don’t cross the streams!” At least, that’s what it made me think. I feel like it could have been more raw and visceral, a more fitting send-off for Rourke. 4-5 minutes of brutal mech fighting would have been great.

    But that’s my only real gripe. Even though I looked at some reviews, I found it helpful not to walk in with expectations. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the first one, so I felt like I’d have the same approach with this one. I wasn’t disappointed. As long as they tie up the loose ends with either the other character movies or The Avengers then I’ll be fine.

    • “Seems like the pulsar bit was something of the Ghostbusters “don’t cross the streams!” — LOL! That’s exactly what I thought!

      I agree with the consensus so far on here: The fight between IM/WM and Whiplash was over too quick at the end. But! The dogfights and action versus the drones was VERY satisfying. I wouldn’t cut any of that out!

      BTW, everyone realizes that approximately the last 20 minutes of the film is all out warfare? 20 minutes! Thank you Favreau!

      • Yeah, that’s why I’m kind of mixed at the ending. The drone sequence was really well done. Maybe it was budgetary reasons and they originally had a huge Whiplash fight as the cherry on top or maybe they thought it would have been too much or just too long. . . but I would have LOVED it! It would have had the same feeling of just having done a really good workout. Tired, but adrenaline is flowing. Would have made the final scenes a lot more gratifying, but it is what it is. Maybe there will be a director’s cut with a 5 minute final fight.

        • You comment way too much.

          • And you’re rude.

  19. Jessie,

    if you’ve posted on here yet – where is the incredible hulk reel? I missed it.

    • When Tony Stark is talking with Nick Fury at the end. His “performance review” if you will. The campus scene where Bruce is manipulated into the Hulk – - the news reel is playing on one of the screens.

  20. Loved it overall – not as great the first, but still great. I think I watched to many “sneak previews” – I felt like I had seen parts of almost all the scenes.

    One nit – I was bugged by the useless cameos. Was Oracle a sponsor? Ellison got his face on camera and their software was mentioned later in the film. Plus – Elon Musk? Did they film at SpaceX or is Favreau just angling for a seat on Musks’ rocket?

  21. This movie didn’t surpass “Iron Man” at all but I did like it overall. Rhodey and Tony had more flowing banter here than in the first movie, while I found Tony and Pepper’s banter forced at some parts.

    How did Tony know that Pepper was still at the Expo? Did I miss something? Was she in on the comms?

    I hated Justin Hammer just like I was supposed to. His attempt to be like Tony Stark had me cringing and laughing at the same time. Dancing across the stage?!? Way to go Sam Rockwell. Pitch perfect.

    I love how all the technology seemed to be voice activated. How many times did Tony say ‘mute’ to turn off the sound? At least three… maybe more.

    If the arc reactor was only a means to make something more – - was that thing the new element? Did I miss something? That giant arc reactor from the first movie was intended to just hang out until Tony realized that he could design a new element?

    So, “Iron Man” takes place before “The Incredible Hulk” and “Iron Man 2″ ends during the middle of “The Incredible Hulk.” So by the end of “The Incredible Hulk” Tony Stark is acting as a consultant for S.H.I.E.L.D when he talks to General Ross about his “situation.”

    Where does “Thor” fall (no pun intended)? He either lands on Earth during his movie (making Thor’s story take place during and after the events of “Iron Man 2.”) or he crashes at the end of his movie, which makes “Thor” and “Iron Man 2″ take place during the exact same time. Does anyone know enough about the “Thor” script to place his landing on Earth?

    • “How many times did Tony say ‘mute’ to turn off the sound? At least three… maybe more.”

      I found myself saying mute (quietly to myself) a split second before Tony did when he walks into the CEO’s office to talk to Pepper and Weirdo McWhatshisface is on TV slagging her off.

    • I somewhat recall that shortly after the scene with Hulk fighting Blonsky and the army on the campus, Hulk took Betty to that cave. Hulk screams at the thunder and lightning. I heard that was a slight Thor reference, although I thought it was a stretch.

      However, if we are to take this timeline and match it up with Iron Man 2…this is how it appears. It may or may not be exact.

      * Fury says to tark he isn’t the only super-powered being. This is a reference to The Bruce Banner incident and numerous Hulk sightings (SHIELD had monitored this in Hulk’s opening credits). It may also refer to Captain America. (as in a deleted scene from Hulk, Hulk “frees” Cap from the ice)

      * A short time has passed between Iron Man i and Iron Man 2. Banner’s problems are indirectly related.

      * The event at the University with the Hulk takes place.
      * Hulk takes Betty to the cave.
      * Something falls from the sky causing unnatural thunder and lightning across several states.
      * Thor battles Loki, Destroyer or something/someone else, falling to earth as a result. (We’ll know next year)- Thor is separated from the hammer, and is zapped into a human being.
      * SHIELD looks into the disturbance. They locate the “crater” that landed, send Agent Coulson.
      * The SHIELD HQ reviews aftermath/recorded reports regarding The Hulk’s fight on the campus.
      * Agent Coulson conducts interviews, investigates. Finds the crater, Thor’s Hammer. No Thor.
      * Thor is found/Don Blake etc. Capt. America is found/thawed out. We have War Machine, Widow *maybe someone else*- Stark visits Gen. Ross.

      How’s that?

      • I didn’t know about the deleted scene from “The Incredible Hulk.” But that flows rather well.

        Do you know when Captain America is frozen? Tony has the shield or at least a prototype of it and Agent Coulson recognizes it. So is Captain America thawed druing the time “Iron Man 2″ is playing or did Captain America know Harold Stark and the shield is leftover from the dad’s things?

  22. am i the only one who noticed thw large ammount of emphisis Hammer put on his Unique Ring in the film ???

    honestly, Stane had a ring, Terrorist scared-face guy had a ring(oddly enuff had was part of the 10rings), & hammer had an odd ring as well.
    i think that the madirin is play’in puppet master from behind the scenes here.
    like when the cop show up ‘after the drones go rogue’ and take hammer away he says sumthing 2 pepper. like “you dont know what ur mess’in with” im not shur of the exact line. cuz i saw it @12:05 this morning.


    oh & the the prototype of Cap’s shield & mjolnir was awesome.
    that and the shear reaction of agent Culson when he asked stark “where did you get this ?!?”

    • I noticed there was a credit (and it’s on IMDB) that there was a “10 Rings Gangster” in the film. Either I completely missed it or it’s a deleted scene…

      • That was the guy who brought the bomb and key to Vanko in prison.

    • Very, very good eye there. I hadn’t even connected the dots. I am increasingly more impressed at just how much stuff they crammed into the film that can tie into future stories.


    • The ring motif is in there alright (I didn’t notice until you said something). I also noticed General Ross has one on his right middle finger, I may just be looking to into it, but he is also a villain type in the movies. If Mandarin is pulling the strings, this could give way to a great team up of villains. Mandarin and Loki, and if Hank Pym is going to be in one of the movies, you’ve got Ultron too. Which means you could have a 30 minute fight scene that never gets boring. Iron Man, Ant Man, Hawk-Eye, Black Widow, and Captain America vs Ultron. Thor and Hulk vs Fin Fang Foom.

  23. I don’t think Tony invented a new element. I just think he created Vibranium in a lab. Why else would the shield part be in it (besides humor), the nod to vibranium seemed obvious. And why exactly does Tony have Caps shield may I ask?

  24. Awesome movie. Just awesome. Personally, I thought that it was leaps and bounds better than the first. Stark was more entertaining, and everyone around him handled him in a more realistic manner, the villain (Rourke, that is) was substantially better.

    My main complaints were the relatively low screen time given to Rourke, particularly his very short part in the final battle, and the whole new element thing, which when it was most obvious (the video saying over and over again “THIS IS THE KEY TO THE FUTURE”) took Tony forever to figure out, and when it was most complex (actually making it), he had almost no problems. Still, none of that hurt the overall movie for me.

  25. Not bad, I felt the film was very predictable and the story reminded me a lot of Robo Cop 2.

    Loved the way Howard Stark was obviously supposed to represent a Howard Hughes, Walt Disney type industrialist.
    Even caught the nwo symbolism.

    I hope everyone waited for the scene after the Credits. Very cool THOR scene.

  26. @Unknown
    The ‘EX-WIFE’ weapon was a phalic symbol relating to Hammer’s inability to get it up, I mean working properly. His incompetence was his downfall. So to speak.

    Hammer reminded me of Gary Oldman in The Professional.

    Eh hmm,,, 8-O
    What’s that guys name again?

  27. I though the CGI artists captured more emotion on Warhammer when he was in suit then Cheadle did with the mask off.

    At least the digital artist was able to render some trepedation when Warhammer took off. He looked a little shakey. If you look closely you can tell Rhodey hadn’t perfected taking off yet.

    I thought Cheadle’s performance seemed disconnected.

    • I wouldn’t get too convinced of yourself there, it’s all just speculation at this point and it seems highly unlikely that that would happen. Remember, it’s Tony Stark and more importantly, it’s Robert Downey Jr. Marvel would never make such a mistake as to not use him when they could. It’d be like the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels without Johnny Depp, Downey Jr is the main draw for these films, he’s easily the most interesting actor out of all of the Avengers we’ve seen so far, Marvel wouldn’t kick him to the sidelines for the Avengers when they could potentially have him headlining the thing.

    • Remember Secret Wars when Rhodey was Iron Man. Maybe that’ll happen. And Rhode wont beable to handle the pressure of being a leader of a bunch of egotistic super heros, or maybe after he gets his s*** wrecked by Hulk or something. Or maybe Tony will have to prove he can do it by wrecking the heck of Hulk.