Iron Man 2 Prequel Comic To Introduce Movie Whiplash

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movie comic book whiplash Iron Man 2 Prequel Comic To Introduce Movie Whiplash

Jon Favreau loves to take chances when it comes to the Iron Man movies. First he cast a forty-something Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark (brilliant!) and now for Iron Man 2 he’s decided to highlight what even fans of the long-running comic book would call a cheesy, second-tier villain: Whiplash.

Basically Whiplash is an ex-con who figures out how to build a suit that uses electrically-charged whips as a weapon. And yes, at one point in the comics he did look like he was into bondage with a black leather costume replete with a zippered mouth.

But for Iron Man 2, Favreau has decided to change the character and make him Russian, combining Whiplash (who will be played by Mickey Rourke) with another armored villain known as the Crimson Dynamo. To help familiarize fans with this amalgam of a character, Marvel will be putting out a four part comic book miniseries that will introduce Ivan Vanko (Whiplash’s real name) and what leads up to his hatred and need for revenge against Tony Stark.

Iron Man vs. Whiplash will premiere in November of this year and will be written by Brannon Braga (long time Star Trek scribe and currently working on the hit Fox TV series 24) and Marc Guggenheim. Here’s the official description of the series:

Before he strikes in “Iron Man 2,” meet the all-new, all-different, all-deadly Whiplash in this special in-continuity adventure! Who is Anton Vanko and why does he blame Tony Stark for the murder of thousands? For that matter, why does the United Nations? Brannon Braga (TV’s “24″) and Marc Guggenheim (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and artist Phil Briones (SUB-MARINER: REVOLUTION) have the answers!

iron man vs whiplash Iron Man 2 Prequel Comic To Introduce Movie Whiplash

The cover of 'Iron Man vs Whiplash' #1

I know I’ll be picking up this series for a couple of reasons:

1. About the only comic books I buy are Iron Man related.

2. Much like the Star Trek prequel comic mini-series, I think this will add to my enjoyment of the movie.

And a shout out to intrepid Screen Rant writer Rob Keyes for bringing this to my attention 3 days ago – we could have scooped the other movie sites that have since picked this up if I hadn’t been so lazy. icon smile Iron Man 2 Prequel Comic To Introduce Movie Whiplash

Iron Man 2 opens on May 7, 2010.


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  1. Is he gonna wear that suit in the movie, or is that just his current comic suit?
    Cause I LOVE IT!

  2. I have a feeling that we’ll see that suit in the movie, yes.


  3. Oh, man!
    That’s amazing!!
    I cannot WAIT to see that in action, I adore that suit!

  4. Even though it says in-continuity, are we sure the comic is going to in-movie-continuity? In the pic Whiplash has green hair and the Iron Man suit is not the Mark 3 or 4, so I think it couldn’t be a prequel to IM2.

    They might be creating a new Whiplash for the 616 universe in time for the film to hit. Anton Vanko was the original Crimson Dynamo in the comics, maybe he’s back and is the new Whiplash.

    Rouke plays Anton’s son, Ivan in the film.

  5. @Vic

    Let’s hope we see that suit in the movie, Bud.
    I can do better than the one Rourke is sporting
    in that pic with junk laying around the basement.

  6. It looks decent but it wouldn’t make sense if his whole body was not covered. IM would just tear him apart.

  7. @Robert Palmer

    What Rourke is wearing in the pic above looks like the equivalent of the the Mark I armor in Afghanistan – a crude initial effort to be replaced by a more advanced model (no doubt financed by Hammer).

    @Luke and Leia’s

    Oh really? Nice catch – that’s a subtle distinction that I missed (dang it!).


  8. how does the mask stay on whiplash’s Face ?
    those 2 big Bolts ?????
    Looks amazing !

  9. @Vic

    Thanks for the background on the likely suit development.
    I am more encouraged having your impression
    of what we will likely see on screen.

    I can take Rourke’s suit in the pic
    as a crude initial effort — there
    it makes sense in context.

  10. I believe that the whips will look very similar but betting the armor will be cover his whole body because of the weak point of having bare skin agianst. Maybe the armor creates a force field or the whips could have artifical intellegents.

  11. I don’t particularly care for the design. All I see when i look at is Vega with whips.

  12. It does look like Vega…

    Pardon my Iron Man comic ignorance, but why is Whiplashes power supply also on his chest? Or is that not a power supply like Iron Man’s?

    (I totally understand if it’s just the art of the comics, but was just wondering if it made any logical sense.)

  13. Girrafehead,
    Yes, it does appear to be n a similar power supply to Iron Mans.

  14. Since there is NO WAY that the Movie version of Tony Stark could have battled Anton Vanko,
    The only way such a battle would fit in the film is Howard Stark was the first Iron Man.
    So I assume this prequel only fits in The Marvel Comics continuity and not in The movie universe.

  15. oh lord not Braga… well, that’s a guarentee I won’t be reading that comic, I mean sure, there’s the possibility that Braga has improved since his horrid run on Star Trek, but… yeesh…

    from what I can see from that pic doesn’t look like he has improved at all and is still continuitily retarded.

    Braga should be banned from anything sci-fi since he never has any idea what the hell is writing about and can’t keep a story coherent to save his life, that’s why he’s so good at writing stories that are based on psychological stuff and characters going crazy, since any inconsistency can be thought of as just a character delusion (indeed that’s how he got to write trek episodes like Facets, where Riker is going “nuts”.)

    anyhow, the armour looks pretty awesome, good idea to go with a more slender foe for Iron man, let him use 100% of his suit’s performance and such, since they had to handicap him to make the Fight vs Iron Monger even.

    hoping the suit will cover more of rourke, but I like the techno Vega from Street fighter mask look, and hope the hair still flows cause that does look cool.