New Iron Man 2 Poster is Missing Something

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Iron Man 2 poster question mark New Iron Man 2 Poster is Missing Something

It’s been a bad couple of days for the Iron Man 2 promotional team. Two days ago, we showed you the latest TV spot, which gave us the first lines from Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, which sure didn’t sound Russian. Now, a new poster has been released, nearly copying the last one, but with one major component missing. Can you spot it?

He’s probably the most anticipated character in the film. I felt the same way going into The Dark Knight with Heath Ledger’s Joker. It just makes no sense getting rid of Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash, which actually made the last poster bearable as he walked in front of a massive fireball. We get a cool visual of Iron Man swooping down and the vapor trail behind him, but just like any great superhero film, this poster is only as good as its villain. Only thing is, there isn’t one. Not even the frustratingly absent Sam Rockwell.

Iron Man 2 poster2 New Iron Man 2 Poster is Missing Something

I trust Jon Favreau to make a balanced, entertaining, and intense film. But these promotional guys need to clean it up. The floating heads are weak, and I like Gwyneth Paltrow, but she is absolutely not more important than Rourke or Rockwell.

Then again, a poster isn’t going to ruin a movie. And only days after revealing an English-speaking Black Widow, I can understand some mounting frustrations. But let’s not forget Favreau’s vision and his uncanny ability to deliver. The cast is brilliant on paper and should translate well. My excitement is unwavering, but these posters aren’t exactly wall-worthy. At least the trailers rock.

How do you feel about the poster above? Lazy or just right? Comment below and share your thoughts.

Iron Man 2 soars into theaters May 7, 2010.

Source: Cinema Blend

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  1. I have got bad felling that Iron Man 2 is gonna be a major disappointment.

  2. I think the movie is gonna be awesome but these posters havent been great. I like the international poster better cuz they got Rourke on there. Wonder what made them decide to not put him on this one.

  3. Maybe the omission of Whiplash was deliberately done to ratchet up the anticipation factor for the film (like the anticipation factor for IM2 isn't high enough already)… and I'm trusting Jon Favreau to deliver the goods, even though this particular IM2 poster's omission of the main villain would appear to be a goof on the part of Paramount's film promotions department.

    Now, if we could fast-forward through the month of April so May 7th will get here sooner …

  4. The damn thing is static. It looks like a bunch of lifeless statues standing there. Is it too much to ask for an action movie to – I don't know – have some action in the poster? Some flying? Some Repulsor ray fire? Black Widow in acrobatic, spider-like action?

    Boring posed poster = boring poseur movie.

  5. Paltrow is there because Johannson is there. I'm sure when they release character posters they'll do the villain justice. I've always hated posters which show all the characters packed together with floating heads so this one is no different. It seems like creativity has been lost though. Maybe they're saving money by doing shoddy poster work. Who knows?

  6. um it is a poster, the poster does not tell us the IM2 story it not supposed to.

  7. As much as I'm excited for this movie, I understand that there's a very strong possibility that it won't live up to the monumental expectations. That's what I have Kick-Ass, Scott Pilgrim, and the soon to be released on DVD Defendor for.

    To tell you the truth, I may be in the vast minority, but the first Iron Man, while entertaining, just didn't feel as strong to me as everyone was making it out to be. To me, it just didn't feel like I was watching a comic-book adaptation. It felt like a big-budget hollywood film and to me, just didn't feel like it had a soul (Yeah, I sound like a hippie, but hopefully someone gets what I mean). I know that many people loved that about it, but it's the over-the-top styling implemented into Kick-Ass and Scott Pilgrim that have me bursting with excitement. When I go to the theatre to watch a comic adaptation, I want to feel like I'm actually watching that comic and to me, that's what those two films seem to achieve over the Spider-Mans and Iron Mans beginning to fill the market.

    Again, no disrespect for Favreau as he is clearly talented, it's just that I find that these massive-budget comic adaptation films seem to be losing the soul that make comics so enjoyable.

  8. I hate it when some people get all nervous when they see a little screw up.As far as im concerned,its no big deal if Black Widow isnt russian.As long as shes a dominant character.And I still think this movie will not kick ass,but own!!!

  9. i like where you're going Dynamiteman, and it won't hurt the movie if she's not Russian. Not at all. But it's also not going to make it much better. It's not staying loyal and fanboys will get all ancy about it. Me, I just want an entertaining movie, and I love me some Scarlett, so as long as she looks good, kicks ass, and remembers her lines, I'll be fine with her in this role.

  10. Thank you! Let's not forget that Rourke's character is not actually a real character, but sort of a composite of two different ones. But people don't seem to have a problem with that because Rourke is such an awesome actor. To me it doesn't make or break the movie that BW doesn't appear to speak Russian. So they decided to change her character a little, big deal. I think its more that people just have a problem with Scarlett in the role. Give her a chance fellas. I'm so excited for this movie!

  11. Ironman 2 has some of the worst Movie Posters this year when you consider it's Budget

  12. I remember an article in here saying that Favreau wanted to make this film more artistic… So maybe this poster does have a villain or better said the biggest villain in the film…Tony Stark. Maybe he himself is his biggest enemy in this film since one of the plots (and/or part of it) is him excepting help from others… Which is wierd since he seemed all lovey dovey about the idea at the end of The Incredible Hulk. Then again i could be wrong and its just some un-inspirational poster but my vote is that his ego has to do with something there (i.e the part in the trailer where he says he knows what he's doing).

    This reminds me of the latest episode of south park where people reading into things that weren't really there… Even if they had to make something up themselves… And i'm referring that to me not the writer lol.

  13. Thank you, I was thinking the same thing

  14. I totally agree, now that the movie world and the real world know who Iron Man is, they need to make epic promotional posters in the vain of some of the most popular and stylized comic book covers!!!! Comic book covers are what usually sell comics, especially to people who have no idea about what they're about to read or see. I'm not saying emulate the comic book covers 100% but show some movement,energy and or action. These posters are too relaxed. They need to have a more action and adrenaline rush feel! Enough with the relaxing drama movie posters we've seen that already.

  15. It doesn't tell the story, but in your opinion, what is the poster for? if it is meant to entertain visually and show who's in it, then it didn't do both.

  16. Posters are apart of advertisement if you have no idea about this character or what he or this movie is about, you might get the wrong idea and not e even bother to look for the trailer. You have to push hard with the right style and energy when promoting something or people will loose interest. Even though most people now know about Iron Man, there is no need to start getting lax, you need to keep that firing burning hot and up the anti not try to be cool with boring posters like this.

  17. i have an Iron Man poster on my wall. it's a close-up of the Mark costume fading into the darkness. It's ridiculously simple, yet badass. It's not that hard to make a cool poster. They are trying hard to make lazy ones. If that makes sense.

  18. One thing i do agree with you is about Kick-Ass, the posters definitely push that action and movement feel an d they are innovative. The first Iron Man movie had a weak villain although Jeff Bridges was brilliant in his role, the villain himself just wasn't as solid characterized say as a villain the Joker per say. That's the reason for that sort of hollow feeling you get with Iron Man, so i do understand what you said but the villain's lack of depth was the reason for Iron Man's #1 hollowness. In general, Iron Man's rogue gallery is pretty weak already so you have to add a whole lot of character and depth to those character without making it repetitive,cheesy, or too “comic-booky”. I'm sure Rourke's Whiplash will deliver plenty of depth though.

  19. This does look like something I could make with a days worth of practice on photo shop, but like you said the movie will still be amazing.

  20. This does look like something I could make with a days worth of practice on photo shop, but like you said the movie will still be amazing.

  21. I think the graphic 'artists' are just struggling to fit all the important actors/characters into one poster… this is what they sorted out I guess =/

  22. Whoever did make this loves the star wars posters a little too much. Heck, I thought Cheadle was holding a light-saber at first glance.

    I get the feeling this is going to be a more character driven movie and the villains are just a side show. I think the story is going to be more of Tony and Rhodey's friendship.

    Based on what I have seen in the trailers — I would speculate the final fight is the two of them resolving some difference right before closing their masks and destroying the drones. I *HOPE* that whiplash appears after that in some full-on armor and faces both of them.

  23. who looks at poster no a days, i didnt really care about the poster. But I still think the movie is going to be great, due to the trailer. I think it is all about the trailer, than the poster, because once you see the trailer that is the only time you can judge if the movie will be good or not. By the way I am glad the trailer came out before the posters lolz.

  24. What you say makes sense but it's possible everyone has not or will not see the trailer. So everything you do as a promoter should be 100% effort with everything, including the posters not “well the trailer is bad ass so we'll just get lazy on the posters cuz it won't matter”. You don't care about the posters,that's cool man I really don't either because in no way does it discourage me from seeing the movie but you and I are already aware of Iron Man. I say put your “all” in every aspect dude, that's how you promote. Not doing so shows quality may begin to get lax too.

  25. There are also ways to show action and emotion in a poster without there even being any action at all it's sort how a person can draw a character with action and energy even though they may JUST STANDING THERE doing nothing. So I say, I think they need not to be too repetitive.

  26. If the Black Widow is a spy, doesn't it make sense that she would know how to change her accent? Just saying…

  27. lol lazzyy

  28. I was psyched about Iron Man 2- until this. Now I'm entirely doubting it. The original was epic on all sides- including posters. This is not even just lazy. It's insulting. It's like they're cropping a few faces and relying on fanboys to give them money. Not happening, I'll tell you that right now…

  29. What's the big deal? It's a hero poster… It's not like ALL of the Dark Knight posters had the Joker on them…