Iron Man 2 International Teaser Poster

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 Iron Man 2 International Teaser Poster

Just a few days ago an amazing new poster for Iron Man 2 featuring the titular armor-suited hero standing back-to-back with War Machine was released. It marked the first time we got an official look at War Machine (as he’ll appear in the film), who’s real identity is Col. James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes, being played by Don Cheadle (after he replaced Terrence Howard).

The poster caused geekgasms everywhere amongst superhero movie fans (I know Screen Rant‘s readers were particularly psyched by it, anyway simple smile Iron Man 2 International Teaser Poster ), and rightfully so. However, John Favreau, Marvel Studios and Paramount haven’t just left it at that: Some brand new images from Iron Man 2 were released not long after the poster was, now another new poster has been released.

The international teaser (as it’s being dubbed) shows just Iron Man on his own, but this time de-masked. It looks a little strange at first glance, but maybe that’s just because we don’t usually see Stark wearing the suit without his mask on. Nonetheless, Mr. Stark looks intense – even mad, you could say – and indication of similar things to come when we check back in on the adventures of Iron Man in the sequel.

Anyway, without further ado, check out the brand new Iron Man 2 poster, courtesy of Empire:

Iron Man 2 poster Iron Man 2 International Teaser Poster

Like you needed another reason to be excited about this particular superhero sequel, but there you have it…

Just as a reminder, Iron Man 2 stars Robert Downey Jr., Mickey Rourke, Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow and Samuel L. Jackson. It’s directed by Jon Favreau and written by Justin Theroux.

Sound off in the comments on what you think about the poster and how much you’re looking forward to the film. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

And be sure to check out the official first poster and gallery of hi-res pics HERE.

Iron Man 2 hits theaters on May 7th, 2010.

Source: Empire

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  1. I really hope they dont fudge this up, IM has the potential to be the biggest comic book franchise ever, it came almost out of nowhere and surprised everyone.

  2. This poster certainly plays up the fact that this film will be even darker for Tony Stark as a character than in the first one. Although most people (myself included) call the first film “fun” (especially in comparison to The Dark Knight), if you actually look at what Tony Stark went through from beginning of the film through the end, his journey was really quite serious.


  3. Where is the trailer?

  4. I thought the previous poster was better.

  5. @ Vic

    One of the things I most admired about IM was the way they let RDJ flex his wonderful acting chops to handle the heavy moments in an understated manner. The scene with Pepper Potts changing his chest piece could’ve been terribly over dramatic in another director / cast’s hands.

    Same with the whole “I know what I’m suppossed to do now,” scene.

    Let your star carry the heavy load!

    I have NO DOUBT RDJ will once again pull off the “dark parts” with grace and gravitas that doesn’t feel TOO heavy.

  6. I like this poster, but the one with War Machine is sooooo cool. I WILL have that one on my wall someday!

  7. i agree kofi,

    there was one scene where he was explaining his change and why he shut down weapons production. The way he performed that scene was strong and really emotional. Mix that in with all the hilarity of the bachelor act, it really was a masterful performance by RDJ. Iron man was great, but -stark- made that film.

  8. #M-Cat…

    I’m with you on this one.

    The IM2 international poster is cool (I like the IM2 poster w/WarMachine better), but … WHERE is the IM2 trailer? The anticipation continues. 😀

  9. Didn’t someone say the trailer was being attached to Sherlock Holmes? Don;t know for sure. I thought I read it somewhere but who knows. Just might be wishful thinking on my part.

  10. The comic con footage was amazing, even though I only saw it on YouTube!

  11. It does seem to me we’re overdue for a trailer. For the first film (which opened close to the same date this one will) the first trailer came out first half of September.


  12. I bet we will c a trailer in AVATAR for sure it would only make sense great way to promote both movies if u ask me.

  13. Sorry. Forgot to shave. Looks badazz tho! ~Stark

  14. ohh great there going to have more of robert face then iron man… i hope they dont pull a venom

  15. I asked earlier “where is the trailer?” but I now realize maybe Favreau wants to hold back on giving too much away before close to release. That could be a good thing but it is so hard not to just geek out when a teaser arrives. I didn’t really catch too much from previews before I saw the Dark Knight or the first Iron Man movie and I was pleasantly surprised by both movies so I’ll take this as a good sign. And I’m not comparing Iron Man 2 to the Dark Knight, I’m just using Batman as an example of the positive rewards of avoiding teasers and trailers.

  16. @M-Cat…

    I still think we may see an IM2 trailer as we get closer to the Super Bowl.

    If memory serves, any movie advertised during the Super Bowl will make some money, and some of the biggest summer blockbusters — including TDK, Incredible Hulk, Independence Day and both Men in Black movies — were advertised during the Super Bowl, and they went on to become major box-office blockbusters.

    Also, I understand why Mr. Favreau wants to hold back on giving too much away before the actual release date, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, either. The anticipation over IM2’s release is more than enough to generate interest and keep it going.

    Something else I’ve wondered about… I was under the impression that studios didn’t allow trailers for their movies before a movie from another studio. So, is that true or not? Reason why I ask is IM2 is from Paramount, while Sherlock Holmes is from Warner Bros, and I didn’t think a trailer for a movie from Paramount could be shown before a film from Warner Bros.

  17. M-Cat your apsolutley right on that,I think at least. I know how everyone feels myself included, Im dying to see a IM2 movie trailer already but I know that if it doesnt appear right now or right away than it is for a good reason..wouldn’t want favreau to ruin most of the movie for us especially because we are still 5 months away from movie release..but couldnt we just get alittle tiny glimse of the film at least like those 10 sec short previews they always do with movies at times? I herd that Wiplash is going to have a Hybrid armor exactly identical to the Iron Man Armor..the one he wears when he stocks Tony for the first time at the race track is just a Proto-Type of the real armour we are expected to see near the end of the movie..but thats just a rumor so dont take my word for it. It would also be cool to see War Machine and Iron Man have a duel fight kind of like an Inti or Simi-Villian of some sort but then later decides to help Tony in the end or at least until we get to the Avengers Movie..I would also love to see Hawkeye appear in the film or at least have a Cameo with The Hulk..That would be really nice to see many awsome ideas that could possibly happen in the IM2 Film

  18. Now about the International Movie Poster..I think it looks HOT..The reason why I say that is because when Tony Stark wears the Mask of Iron Man..The Mask itself looks Serious like Tony in this Poster so both of them are very alike because they both look serious and serious mean BUSINESS..LOL .Just picture the scene in the IM Movie where you see Tony Stark putting on the Red/yellow Armor for the first time before hes about to attack in the Middle East..before the Mask flips down, Tony has this exact same face in the movie then when the mask flims down you see that same seious face in the Iron Man Mask..which I think looks really cool.

  19. Damn I need both posters on my wall. They’re amazing!!! This will be the biggest film next year, hands down.

  20. Man oh man, this is going to be epically awesome…the one with War Machine was so badass! This one’s awesome too, RDJ is the only man for this role, glad it didn’t go to some pretty boy.

  21. LOL..I agree with you hackworth..RDJ is the best most talented actor for this role..Both Movie posters Do really look Bad Ass..Really Awsome.

  22. Can’t wait for an official poster of whiplash. From the comic con footage he looks crazy cool

  23. Sometimes it is nice not to see a trailer too early on, really build up the anticipation rather than show all the good stuff on a trailer. I would be happy with a very simple teaser showing a few scenes, this is going to be an amazing film and is one of the few I dont want to spoil with constant trailers.

    That said, I was so dead against the new Star Trek, even when I saw the original teaser. I was angry. But then the trailer came out and made so excited i nearly wet myself! SOmetimes a trailer works in favour of the movie, not always though. The trailer for Spiderman 3 made the film look like something completely different. It made it look good. Same as Quantum Of Solace, the action scenes were actually sped up!

    Trailers can be deceptive.

  24. Stephie

    I don’t think there are any restrictions with showing previews before movies for different studios or companies but I’m not absolutely positive.

  25. I like it!

  26. M-Cat thanks for the post!

    Looks better than the first! I also heard that RDJ is going to don the prosthetic s he wore in Tropic Thunder to play Brody in Iron Man 3, when they do the cast change again…..