New Iron Man 2 Posters, Videos & Possible Avengers Cameo

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iron man 2 mark iv header New Iron Man 2 Posters, Videos & Possible Avengers Cameo

We haven’t got long to go before we get to see Tony Stark back as the iron clad superhero, Iron Man, in Jon Favreau’s sequel to the 2008 hit blockbuster. Today we have some more items to wet your appetite even further for the sequel: we have four new international posters, three new videos (including a behind-the-scenes featurette and two TV spots), and news on a possible “Easter egg” scene after the end credits.

First off, let’s take a look at these new Iron Man 2 posters. They feature most of the main cast members – sans Robert Downey Jr, for some reason: Mickey Rourke (as villain Whiplash), Gwyneth Paltrow (as Tony Stark’s faithful assistant, Pepper Potts), Don Cheadle (replacing Terrence Howard as Rhodey/War Machine) and Scarlett Johansson (as the Black Widow).

Check out the four international posters below, courtesy of (via



Iron Man 2 international poster Whiplash New Iron Man 2 Posters, Videos & Possible Avengers Cameo


Iron Man 2 international poster Pepper Potts New Iron Man 2 Posters, Videos & Possible Avengers Cameo


Iron Man 2 international poster Rhodey 570x836 New Iron Man 2 Posters, Videos & Possible Avengers Cameo


Iron Man 2 international poster Black Widow New Iron Man 2 Posters, Videos & Possible Avengers Cameo


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  1. It could happen. Its not completely impossible for an on screen cameo from them. Though the chances are slim.

  2. It just says that the after credits scene will be ABOUT thor and cap. it doesn't say they'll actually be in it.; Favreau said on twitter that he submitted the movie at least a week ago, so we can assume that he's not shooting any more scenes that will include Chris Evans. There's certainly a possibility of Hemsworth appearing as Thor, but I think it's more likely that we'll just hear about these characters. It would be a nice little segway into their own movies without actually revealing anything.

  3. It would make sense for the Thor “cameo” after the credits. I could see Tony looking at pictures of Thor in his costume — giving fans their first look as well. We haven't seen anything from the Thor set.

  4. To be more precise, that's not Japanese but Mandarin-Chinese, Taiwanese to be politically correct.

  5. Based on that poster I would give Scarlett pretty much ANYTHING she asked me for. :-P


  6. What makes the most sense would be to SUGGEST the presence of Thor and Captain America so it doesn't spoil the surprise and EPIC feeling of seeing them for the FIRST time in their OWN films BUT…. HAWKEYE should actually make an appearance in Iron Man 2 at the end.

  7. No doubt… xD
    I feel guilty just looking at that.

  8. lick my marisa and touch my smell my haddassah

  9. Probably the end credit hidden scene was just abt Nick Fury handling 1st new assignment to Tony with some photos of Thor & Caps much like what Nolan did on B.Begins.
    Thats the best way I cld think of, I mean theres no way they will allow Thor & Caps to make a live appearance in Ironman 2. Besides, I still hoping for Ironman3 before Avengers come to fruition.

  10. The after credit cameos are almost expected now after it being done in so many Marvel properties, so you knew they were going to have something there. As far as a Thor and Cap cameo, I can't see it being anything more than a name drop to continue leading up to the Avengers movie.

  11. I don't see an Avengers cameo possible, the chose Evans for Cap way after the reshoots were done. Maybe just Thor.

  12. LMAO!!!!

  13. after credits scene should be joyus.
    as for an on screen apperance of CAP & Goldie Locks. doubtful. idlike to be suprised w/a hawk-eye cameo, but again doubtful.
    as for speculation_ ,

    maybe Fury is walking W/Stark Thru S.H.I.E.L.D HQ saying sumthing along the lines of
    “we've been following irratic weather patterns, Mainly thunder storms that keep showing up around the world. oh and we found a lone heat signicher in the arctic” (opens large vault, & hands tony Cap's shield) “do you know what that is”.
    [Tony]: i said i'd help, im not gunna be america's poster boy.
    [fury](gives a smug look to stark).
    *end scene*

  14. a cameo from thor is likely, but they might just mention capt, because like everyone else said, its to late for re-shoots etc (movie comes out in 2 weeks for us aussies :D )

    also the 2nd tv spot is in chinese by the sounds of it.

  15. Well to be honest. We truthfully dont know how long Evans has been picked. We only know when we heard. Now i could be wrong cause the guys at ScreenRant are on top of their game. So no offense Vic. Just throwing out a maybe

  16. That was totally a chinese tv spot and not a japanese one haha

  17. Cap might make an appearance, but maybe frozen? Or he gets mentioned in the Easter Egg as “we've found something in the ice”?

  18. Correct, ANYTHING she asks for.

  19. Its possible as well that they may just throw some files down in front of Tony Stark and say “here is the start of the team”. I am not sure how they could get Chris Evans in even an after the credits cameo though considering how recently he was officially cast.

  20. Anyone else concerned about Black Widow's lack of Russian accent in the trailer. I agree, Scarlett's nice to look at, but if she's going to play the role like everything else she's ever done, couldn't they have just hired a real actress? I'm sure Milla Jovovich could use some more work than just Resident Evil sequels.

  21. Maybe Nick Fury will tell Stark that they've found a WWII-era superhero frozen in the Arctic, and they set off to find him in the Captain America film? Or Fury could introduce him to Donald Blake. Or perhaps both, but that might be overkill.

  22. Yeah, what he said. :-)

  23. What I'm hoping for, and probably will not happen, is Fury telling Tony that they may have 2 other people to be part of the team. Tony turns around and we see Cap and Thor from behind. They can get any well-built guys to put on the costumes.

  24. what he said aswell!!!

  25. I dont get it.. What do you mean they can get any well built guys to put the costumes? You mean different actors wearing the costumes? And then have different actors playing the same roles in later films? That sounds so Bootleg I don't even have the words.

  26. I like where they are going with this. But having Captain America and Thor make their first appearance after the credits of an Iron Man 2 Movie seems a bit anti-climactic to me. I think they should both be 'events' unto themselves. Maybe Nick Fury mentions them, saying he has two guys that would be perfect for the team or that he's recruited 2 guys perfect for taking down the Hulk Problem. Maybe Thor appears only not Captain America.

    Maybe Nick Fury meets with Tony Stark on a rooftop.. and Tony asks him “Why did you want to meet me up here?” And Fury tells him “You'll know soon enough” and Fury tells Stark “Shield Satellites have recently discovered the body of a great American warrior/legend off the coast of the Antarctic.. His name is Captain America. He seems to be alive.” “We're going to bring someone along to help us retrieve him.” Stark would obviously reply “Yeah? Who?”– and then a tremendous cloud forms above them- and Lighting bolts cover the night sky and you see Thor glide down toward the camera making a grand appearance. And the Credits continue… That might be pretty cool. – But that's just me…. lol

    What do you guys think?

  27. I don't think its a big problem that she is Russian and doesn't have an accent. Maybe she's a Russian Double/Triple Agent. Or maybe she's Russian American Agent, or a Russian Cell working inside the USA. Who knows. I think there are numerous ways you could explain that away.. Now if she was Hawaiian, Australian or something—- then it would be harder to explain.. lol —- I just hope she doesn't have a BAD Russian Accent.. that would just screw it up… lol

  28. Sounds like a pretty cool idea. I'll talk to my people and see if we can pull this off for you…… lol jokin

  29. I”m definitely rooting for Hawkeye being in the movie, and having that guy from that bomb movie what is it called? Hunt Locker? Blunt Locker?