Iron Man 2 (and 1) to be 3D?

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iron man reviews Iron Man 2 (and 1) to be 3D?

Hollywood has a lot of new digital 3D projects on deck, most notably James Cameron’s highly-anticipated film, Avatar. While films like Avatar are being shot in digital 3D from the start, older films are also entering the third dimension – case in point being Disney’s upcoming Toy Story/Toy Story 2 double feature, which will be showing in limited engagement this Fall.

Well, AICN is exclusively reporting that Iron Man 2 has landed somewhere in the middle ground of old/new 3D: a new movie shot with regular film that is being considered for 3D conversion before its release.

Oh, and did I mention that Iron Man 1 might be getting the 3D treatment as well?

So before we get into the details of Iron Man 2 possibly being converted to 3D, we need to rewind the clocks a bit, back to almost exactly a year ago, when we first reported that Iron Man 2 might be filmed in 3D/Imax. Our own Vic Holtreman (a serious Iron Man fanboy) was pretty psyched about the notion…which unfortunately didn’t pan out by the time IM2 started its principal shoot.

Reasons for Favreau foregoing the 3D/IMAX approach reportedly included the fact that his cinematographer, Matthew Libatique, prefers to shoot on film (modern 3D uses digital filming techniques) and the fact that the process would add too much expense to the budget. Rather than try an force the issue, Favreau opted to look ahead, planning for Iron Man 3 to get the 3D/IMAX treatment.

Jump back to the here and now, and AICN is reporting that Marvel and Paramount (and now Disney?) are going bananas over a one-minute demo clip of Iron Man 2 that has been converted into 3D. The clip was apparently so impressive that the studio has allegedly reached out to three different companies specializing in 3D conversion, to see if it isn’t worth their time and money to convert all of IM2 into a 3D format. AICN‘s same source on this is also reporting that the studio is simultaneously mulling over whether or not to convert the original Iron Man into 3D as well, to serve as a 3D theatrical pre-release/promo for Iron Man 2 in 3D.

Personally, I think getting BOTH Iron Man films in 3D would be awesome, and I know that Vic would probably curse my name forever if I were to say anything less. But why would I? This WOULD be pretty awesome – especially if they offered moviegoers the one-two punch of heading back to the theater to enjoy Iron Man all over again, followed closely by the sublime experience of Iron Man 2 in 3D. I would happily shell-out (get it?) for that experience, and I’m pretty certain a lot of you would, too.

And if the returns are good (pretty bloody likely) and Iron Man 3 is shot from the get-go in 3D / IMAX, you Blu-ray fans would end up with an “Ultimate Collector’s Edition” Iron Man Trilogy that you could enjoy in HD 3D from start to finish. Imagine THAT movie marathon on a rainy weekend afternoon…

iron man iron man 2 in 3d Iron Man 2 (and 1) to be 3D?

Wanna see Iron Man again in 3D?

As AICN also points out: if Marvel sees big returns from this venture, will we see forthcoming films like Captain America and Thor in 3D as well? Because seeing Cap jump from a plane over a hellish WWII battlefield or Thor raining down thunder in 3D would make for a pretty epic experience. Here’s hoping it all comes to pass.

What about you: would you like to see your Iron Man films get the 3D treatment?

Iron Man 2 hits theaters on May 7, 2010. We’ll keep you updated on when/if you can catch Iron Man re-released in digital 3D.

Source: Ain’t It Cool News

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  1. I wouldn’t be one bit surpised it was 3D. I don’t like it 3D is just a gimmick.

  2. why change things now? are they down on the finished product or what?

  3. I am with you Matt.
    I HATE 3D.
    TERRIBLE news!
    although I am sure the majority will disagree with me.

  4. oh i forgot. did you guys hear the news about Cowboys and Aliens? Favreau and RDJ teaming up for that too supposedly.

  5. Guys, how is 3D “terrible news?” If you don’t like it just go see the regular version.

    I actually prefer live-action films being converted to 3D AFTER they are done. I don’t like live-action films that or shot in “3D Style” from the get-go. A lot of the filming techniques for the shoot are done for the sake of the gimmick, not capturing the story in a good way.

    MCat: We’ll have the Cowboys and Aliens story for you shortly.

  6. Kofi,
    I intend to see the regular version .
    Its Terrible news because this is going to be a very successful movie .
    If 3D continues to be successful,
    I fear that one day the MAJORITY of theatres will show only 3D because thats where the money is .
    And I Dont want that ,
    So, I dont support 3D.

  7. Fat Loss 4 Idiots, one thing you don’t realize is that the new 3D technology will be a carrier for a new form of subliminal advertisement.
    The new 3D applications allow not only visual subterfuge but audio subterfuge as well.

    This 3D rollout has a evil agenda pushing it. I don’t support 3D, I won’t watch any films in 3D and if Iron Man 2 comes out in 3D I won’t see it. Case closed,,,

  8. 790,
    I am sure you can still see the regular version.
    I havent heard about the subliminal stuff.
    Where did you hear that?

  9. Gary I can’t provide any links concerning 3D subliminal advertising because that kind of info has been pulled off the Web. (See for yourself, Google “subliminal advertising in 3D”, you will find nothing on it)
    So a lot of people will consider my point baseless and paranoid,,, a lot of 3D supporters totally disreguard this as conspiracy theory and laugh it away,,,
    I’ve been in contact with producers and behind the scene people. I work in Hollywood and I’ve read a lot of data on this subject mostly in tech journals etc.

    In the development of the new Digital 3D technology (same kind Cameron is using) engineers found out that they could embed subliminal messages in the audio frequencies. This audio could not be heard by the normal ear, but registered on a subconscious level to the viewer.
    Initially this technology was considered a breakthrough towards teaching kids. It “was” going to be used in schools. Big Money (Disney/entertainment congloms) had other plans,,, This new 3D advantage was quickly covered up and never discussed in public again.
    After this discovery was made movie studios especially “Disney” purchased patents on this technology and even bought out 3D tech companies.
    They obviously intend to use 3D for advertising and manipulation.

    Based on todays reality, what I’ve been told from insiders and the push for ALL films to be 3D in 10 years (see Katzenbergs stance on 3D) clearly there is an agenda going on here.

    As you can see they are targeting the childrens films in the first wave. The second wave will be the action/sci-fi/horror genre. This is occurring now.
    After Avatar all films will be considering 3D.
    Tv will follow ,,, the base for subliminal technology is already in place thanks to the digital tv conversion…

    This agenda is real no matter how nuts I sound. Believe it or not. This is happening now…

  10. Ah well, we’re all doomed in 2012 anyway so, /shrug. Live it up! Turn EVERYTHING 3d! I want my LIFE 3d! Wait… isn’t it already?

    Still waiting for the day when my CAD programs are in VR so I can manipulate life-size models of what I want the shops to build… /hope /dream.

  11. Yup, 3D movie are released in non-3D versions so no one is forcing you to see it that way.

    Me, I’m a fan (except for the glasses, which suck when you ALREADY wear glasses).


  12. I LOVE 3D FHD! I’m going to be first in the queue when 3D ready televisions are released!

  13. I will risk clucking like a chicken to see Iron Man, or any of my old favorites on the big screen again. I have it on blu ray but it’s just not the same as seeing it on the big screen. So I hope the 3D stuff picks up and they redo all of my favorites just for an excuse to see them on the big screen again. Imagine Aliens, The Terminator, Terminator 2, The Matrix anyone??

    but I love people who are groaning that this is so horrible. It’s not like they are forcing it on anyone, if you want to see it in 2D, I’m sure nobody’s going to kidnap your dog if you choose to watch it in 2D…

    It’s like in gaming forums, people groaning against having the option of iron-sights aiming… If you don’t like it, DON’T USE IT! I don’t think it’s rocket science… Or maybe this is some super advanced concept and I get it because I’m some super genius rocket scientist. Yep, that must be it, lol.

  14. There are just certain threads when I go in to them I find my self wondering what 790 is going to come up with next. This was one of them.

    Meh I don’t really care either way about 3D it’s cool I guess, but I have to go out of my way to see it so I wouldn’t even bother.

  15. The 3D agenda is a slow process. Daniel there will come a day where you will have to drive out of your way to see a 2D film.
    The same with dvds as 3D-TV tech will enable you to watch 3D movies. If the 3D agenda is successful 2D films dvds will be phased out.

  16. I don’t have a DVR, I don’t listen to CD’s, I watch tv with all of the commercials, I listen to radio with all of the commercials, I don’t use any ad blocker when I surf the internet, yet I haven’t changed my buying habits in probably over 5 years while the things being advertised continually changes. So apparently I’m one of the few elite that is immune to advertising, maybe 3D will be the super adverts I won’t be able to resist… Tune in next time… lol

  17. Kofi,
    You missed the mark here with your analysis…

    “Reasons for Favreau foregoing the 3D/IMAX approach reportedly included the fact that his cinematographer, Matthew Libatique, prefers to shoot on film (modern 3D uses digital filming techniques)”

    You seem to be scolding Matthew Libatique for using film when he is doing the right thing. Modern 3D does not have to use digital capture, shooting IMAX or IMAX 3D is of course film, very very large film. The reason that most 3D is digital is simply cost (which you mention) but there nothing inherent in film that precludes it’s use in 3D. Digital capture is getting better, but is still far inferior to film in terms of resolution, contrast and dynamic range, for instance compared to the Sony digital cameras used for Avatar (less resolution but superior to Red), standard 35mm film has 4 times the available resolution (in terms of pixels extracted)or more, 5/65 (70mm) has 16-24 times the resolution and IMAX has 100 times the resolution of HD capture than Cameron is using.

    Yes, all of this film needs to be converted and scanned to digital in a lab at very high resolution (much higher than digital cameras can replicate), this is done with all movies shot on film that do a digital intermediate and will need to be done to convert Ironman to 3D. They’re scanning the film and they’re letting software and digital artists do the conversion to 3D. This process is okay, but not even in the realm of original 3D capture(film or digital). It sounds like Paramount is having some remorse about not shooting in 3D to begin with.

    Likely, the major push behind Iron Man 1 conversion to 3D could be a Blu-ray 3D release for the new 3D monitors coming out in 2010, they feel that they can make up for the Approx. $10 million in conversion costs with the hype of this 3D video release. I agree that 3D is hype, but it will take a few years for audiences to get sick of it.

    Avatar’s HD 3D capture will be pretty much obsolete on opening day showing in the latest in digital cinema, with 4K Sony projectors and especially next year’s 4K DLP projectors. Cameron would likely argue that it was needed because of all of the digital effects in Avatar but Zack Snyder (and Larry Fong)used film for 300 and Watchman. Directors of high profile films should all be shooting film and especially large format like 5/70(65mm) or IMAX to future proof their films. For instance an 8K scan of the 65mm negative of 2001: A Space Odyssey will look way better projected digitally in 2020 than will Avatar.

    I could see digital replacing 35mm more or less, but shooting films entirely in 65mm or IMAX such as The Dark Knight will hopefully soon take the place of 3D as the major way to drive people to the theaters for the big blockbuster films… that is, once the population becomes sick of 3D.

  18. True Ken, subliminal advertising doesn’t work on everyone.
    However it does work,,, Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, American Idol use subliminal promotion. And the commercials inbetween use it big time.

    Sure it doesn’t work that your aware of Ken, but that could change with new technology…
    Disney is going to see to that. Especially now that they own Marvel.
    They’re saying that they won’t interfere now with Marvel but that will change…

  19. Vic,I agree with you about wearing 3D glasses over your normal glasses.
    Its Not my idea of having a pleasurable viewing experience.

  20. i will be more than happy to shell out some cash to go see Iron man in 3D

    and then follow it to see Iron Man 2 on 3D

    i do really really hope they do some IMAX shots on the 3rd installment.

  21. Maybe, maybe, I’ll be watching all of the 3D movies just to see, plus I like 3D movies, one of my old video cards from Asus had a feature that can make any game into 3D. It had a plug in the back you plug in these glasses that work like the IMAX glasses that blocks out one eye then the other in sync with the frames for each side on the screen. It was pretty cool playing games in 3D. The only problem was in shooters you ended up with two crosshairs, lol. But it was still fun. Want to see if there’s anything out like that now for modern games. Batman Arkham Asylum in 3D would be pretty awesome me thinks. I think it works better for 3rd person games because with 1st person shooters you always end up with 2 crosshairs, lol.

  22. As long as within the subliminal messages they’re not telling me to kill people or something like that ( manchurian candidate)… I’m cool with them advertising useless junk. Most people buy things from ads anyways and from a business pov i don’t see a problem with ads that much. Right now the biggest problem is the glasses… They just suck… Wish they made different sizes. If they do then my theater sucks…lol. I understand where your going with it 790 but to me if they only use it for regular ads i’m cool with it…

  23. @ken j
    it would be hilarious to see mark hamill as the joker try to use subliminal messages on us in 3d and fail… Even more so if he admits it because it slips out of his mouth (literally…?) when harly asks whats he doing looking at the camera like that with some crazy 3d glasses on…lol

  24. Haha, and about adverts, as long as American companies do it better and we get people to buy more American stuff, I’m cool with it, lol.

  25. If subliminal advertising exists all its doing is making me buy more of what I already like .
    So,I have no problem with it.

  26. But how do you know you actually like it? Huh? HUH?????? lol

  27. Subliminal manipulation won’t be used just to advertise action figures.
    Some of you clearly have no idea what the big picture is.

  28. Hey 790, do you watch Bones? There is a character in there that I think you will get along with very well, haha.

    The last episode I saw (from way back in season 2, watching the DVD’s in order), a killer was leaving clues because it was all a game to him, and they found a small little mark on a bone in the shape of two hammers that are crossed, and this guy was like “that is the free mason symbol, this is proof that he is a member of the illuminati!” and someone else was like “actually that’s the standard symbol on any topographical map for a mine…” and he was like “oh… right…” and they were right, the clue led them to a mine that had the next body, lol. My friends and I were laughing so hard at that…

  29. Ok then in all seriousness i ask you 790… What is the big picture? What are there goals exactly…?