Iron Man 2 (and 1) to be 3D?

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iron man reviews Iron Man 2 (and 1) to be 3D?

Hollywood has a lot of new digital 3D projects on deck, most notably James Cameron’s highly-anticipated film, Avatar. While films like Avatar are being shot in digital 3D from the start, older films are also entering the third dimension – case in point being Disney’s upcoming Toy Story/Toy Story 2 double feature, which will be showing in limited engagement this Fall.

Well, AICN is exclusively reporting that Iron Man 2 has landed somewhere in the middle ground of old/new 3D: a new movie shot with regular film that is being considered for 3D conversion before its release.

Oh, and did I mention that Iron Man 1 might be getting the 3D treatment as well?

So before we get into the details of Iron Man 2 possibly being converted to 3D, we need to rewind the clocks a bit, back to almost exactly a year ago, when we first reported that Iron Man 2 might be filmed in 3D/Imax. Our own Vic Holtreman (a serious Iron Man fanboy) was pretty psyched about the notion…which unfortunately didn’t pan out by the time IM2 started its principal shoot.

Reasons for Favreau foregoing the 3D/IMAX approach reportedly included the fact that his cinematographer, Matthew Libatique, prefers to shoot on film (modern 3D uses digital filming techniques) and the fact that the process would add too much expense to the budget. Rather than try an force the issue, Favreau opted to look ahead, planning for Iron Man 3 to get the 3D/IMAX treatment.

Jump back to the here and now, and AICN is reporting that Marvel and Paramount (and now Disney?) are going bananas over a one-minute demo clip of Iron Man 2 that has been converted into 3D. The clip was apparently so impressive that the studio has allegedly reached out to three different companies specializing in 3D conversion, to see if it isn’t worth their time and money to convert all of IM2 into a 3D format. AICN‘s same source on this is also reporting that the studio is simultaneously mulling over whether or not to convert the original Iron Man into 3D as well, to serve as a 3D theatrical pre-release/promo for Iron Man 2 in 3D.

Personally, I think getting BOTH Iron Man films in 3D would be awesome, and I know that Vic would probably curse my name forever if I were to say anything less. But why would I? This WOULD be pretty awesome – especially if they offered moviegoers the one-two punch of heading back to the theater to enjoy Iron Man all over again, followed closely by the sublime experience of Iron Man 2 in 3D. I would happily shell-out (get it?) for that experience, and I’m pretty certain a lot of you would, too.

And if the returns are good (pretty bloody likely) and Iron Man 3 is shot from the get-go in 3D / IMAX, you Blu-ray fans would end up with an “Ultimate Collector’s Edition” Iron Man Trilogy that you could enjoy in HD 3D from start to finish. Imagine THAT movie marathon on a rainy weekend afternoon…

iron man iron man 2 in 3d Iron Man 2 (and 1) to be 3D?

Wanna see Iron Man again in 3D?

As AICN also points out: if Marvel sees big returns from this venture, will we see forthcoming films like Captain America and Thor in 3D as well? Because seeing Cap jump from a plane over a hellish WWII battlefield or Thor raining down thunder in 3D would make for a pretty epic experience. Here’s hoping it all comes to pass.

What about you: would you like to see your Iron Man films get the 3D treatment?

Iron Man 2 hits theaters on May 7, 2010. We’ll keep you updated on when/if you can catch Iron Man re-released in digital 3D.

Source: Ain’t It Cool News

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  1. Gambit? How about Deadpool in 3D slicing and dicing?

  2. I really don’t know if 3D is a good or bad thing for my movie experience but I’m willing to give it a shot and see how things turn out. I guess I’ll start with Avatar!

  3. Funny thing is that I haven’t taken this to new levels Ken. I’ve only provided even more proof.
    I’d like to understand why you think this is all bunk but all your doing is questioning my alarming behavior.
    I’ve simply explained that HD3D will be used as a carrier for subliminal manipulation.
    I haven’t described Disneys endgame or even what they might choose to convey through their new tool.

    (IMO) Ken, Daniel, Jago,,, your belief systems won’t allow you to look objectively at this because it goes against your perception of reality.

    You can mock me and laugh, its cool,,, there are those that are awake and those that are asleep. Not to be insulting but yeah let’s talk about Iron Man that’s more important anyway to you guys… I used to feel sorry for your generation but as I get older I only feel sorry for my family having to live in a world full of Borg drones.

    • I definitely agree man, the movie they release in 2d that originally had no subliminal mmanipulation in the definitely are becoming subliminally manipulative being played in 3d…

      Golf clap

  4. @790
    i wasnt mocking you… I was actually interested in your pov… I just choose to continue viewing things the way i do but i don’t have a problem with the way you view, say and/or do things. Can’t speak for anybody else but i rarely watch tv (only at work on my break), mainly watch older movies and vacation outside of the U.S as much as i can ( the newest thing in the place that i go to is a Payless Shoe source) so i don’t think it would affect me as much if i stayed over there. But again i wasn’t mocking you… I just don’t see it as something that would affect me as much since i plan to go live there.

  5. Wow 790, did you even read what I wrote before you “reply” to it? Or did you have your responses pre-planned and you just copy and paste them because it doesn’t seem to address anything I just said.

    I never said anything is “disproved” or “bunk” as you say it. All I said was that there are conspiracy theories everytime some new technology might become mainstream. So it’s nothing new for me. I’m not saying that none of it is true or can be true, it’s just that it either happens or it doesn’t, no need to overact over it.

    But I guess people have to agree with you 100% no questions asked for you to be happy… Well, too bad, lol, just kidding…

    No need to “feel sorry” for poor ‘ol us… LOL, as long as you feel good thinking you are in the superior position, it’s all good, I’m all for everyone being happy. :-)

  6. @jago

    Without speaking for Daniel, you don’t have to actually mock him to get that response… Just an observation…

  7. Yea seriously. Jago and Ken you have both been respectful and he still talks down to you like your lesser beings because you don’t agree with him. I thought you guys seemed to be extremely respectful to the guy.

  8. Yeah right Daniel F,,, that’s one of the most hypocritical things your ever typed.
    I hardy talked down to Jago, Ken J, he’s an exception as we have aways disagrees… Pretty much everyone knows that here.

  9. 790 wrote:
    “(IMO) Ken, Daniel, Jago,,, ”

    Yah Jago, he wasn’t talking to or about you at all, don’t worry, all is well… 😀

  10. Get a life Ken, you are a joke. Lol 😉

  11. @Daniel

    I don’t even know why I even tried. I already knew how he was going to respond. Sure I often have some laughs at his expense, but not that time, but whatever…

    If any movie comes out that I want to see also comes out in 3D, I’ll be sure to watch it. If all of a sudden I start supporting Obama, drinking Pepsi, going to Starbucks, listening to jazz, campaigning against the 2nd Amendment, watching anime, or wanting to trade in my truck for a compact Japanese car, just let me know that 790 has won, I’ll know what it means… 😀

  12. Oh damn, because you say so 790, it must be true, I’m so sad now, your opinion of me is so important to me… :'( *a single tear rolls down cheek*


  13. Yah see ya around Ken,,,

  14. SETTLE DOWN GUYS. (or is the subliminal programming already working to turn you against one another???)

  15. I think you called it Kofi!

  16. Damn the Red Pill!!!


    Star Trek is the greatest show ever.
    Send all your money to Kahless.
    Kahless is your master.


    Oh come on, guys! Of course there is no such thing as subliminal messages!


  18. the problem with any 3D conspiracy theory is the success of 3D will be determined by the marketplace.
    If most theatres are someday 3D theatres ,
    People will get tired of it and move on to some other fancy visual process .
    the idea of subliminal messages is based on the concept of subliminal SUGGESTION.
    Thats all subliminal messages can do, suggest.
    Nothing serious to worry about.
    Just sit back and enjoy the movies!

  19. Kahless who do I make the check out to ,,,,,, 😯
    Gary, friend of mine was at a media tech show this year and they had a 3DTV (no glasses required). He said yeah it was 3D but the picture was blurry and fuzzy. He said people were like, “OH MY GOD I HAVE TO HAVE IT!”

    Also Gary I don’t know if you’ve read all the info I threw up here but this new 3D subliminal manipulation works not just as a visual carrier it also uses audio techniques to alter your brain waves to specific moods…