‘Iron Lady’ Teaser Trailer: Meryl Streep’s Next Oscar Nomination

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Meryl Streep in the Iron Lady movie trailer Iron Lady Teaser Trailer: Meryl Streeps Next Oscar Nomination

When word first got out that acting legend Meryl Streep would be portraying Britain’s controversial former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, in the upcoming film The Iron Lady, just about everyone assumed the role was sure to snag the actress her seventeenth Oscar nod (and, possibly, her third win).

Now an official international teaser trailer for the Thatcher biopic has been unveiled, offering an early look at the mannerisms and accent Streep has taken on for the film. Needless to say, her performance looks to be right on the money.

The Iron Lady chronicles Thatcher’s rise to power as a political figure as the newly-elected head of the UK Conservative Party in 1975, and her becoming the country’s Prime Minister four years later. That move was literally unheard of in the traditionally male-dominated world of British politics at the time.

Like all biographical pictures concerning famous historical figures and politicians, The Iron Lady aims to offer a more intimate examination of Thatcher, including the toll her career took on her personal life and relationship with her husband, Denis (Oscar-winner Jim Broadbent).

Check out the Iron Lady international teaser trailer (via The Guardian) below:

This is overall a clever little trailer in the way it slowly builds up and properly introduces us to Streep’s take on Thatcher. For those not familiar with the theatrical preview’s musical accompaniment, that’s a sample from Clint Mansell’s Moon soundtrack, which matches the tone of the footage well enough. All in all, it does everything a proper teaser should do – namely, leave us intrigued to see more.

Managing a convincing British accent is no easy task, but Streep looks to have done just that in The Iron Lady. She also seems to have struck the right chord of refined manner and intimidating presence that Thatcher was well-known for adapting as a politician. For those of you who are not at all familiar with Thatcher’s public image, imagine a less exaggerated, real-life version of Dolores Umbridge from the Harry Potter series and you’re on the right track (with regards to how she presents herself, at least).

Working behind-the-scenes on Iron Lady is a curious mix of talent, in the form of screenwriter Abi Morgan (Tsunami: The Aftermath, Brick Lane) and director Phyllida Lloyd (Mamma Mia!). The latter is actually well-renowned for her work in the area of British theater and opera, so she’s a more natural fit to take on the life of Margaret Thatcher than her filmmaking credentials might indicate.

The Iron Lady is scheduled to reach U.S. theaters on December 16th, 2011.

Source: The Gurdian

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  1. British accent is very dogey and kind of weak. i should know im British. find it very funny that British actors can do American accents and Americans cant do British accent lol

    • It’s where you are from, I can pick out fake American accents like nothing, but it’s harder for me to pick out fake British accents.

      • well that accent is really forced

        • My point, i can’t tell but you can. It’s just a matter of perspective. I’m not saying you are wrong in any way, if you say it’s forced then I believe you.

        • It’s not forced in the slightest, she sounds very like Margaret Thatcher, have you never heard her speak?!

    • Mace, off the top of my head I’d rate Gwyneth Paltrow’s English accent in Sliding Doors and Scarlett Johannson’s in The Prestige (and I don’t even like the latter as an actress…).

      • Turning it round the other way, much as I enjoyed Bob Hoskins’ performance as J Edgar Hoover in Nixon, the accent was way off. For every Keanu in Bram Stoker’s Dracula or Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, there’s an Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver in The Riches (and I do like Eddie Izzard…).

      • Oh yeah, Renee Zellweger did perfectly well as Bridget Jones too.

    • Actually the voice/accent sound very much like Maggy Thatch, so well done to Meryl Streep! Of course we don’t hear a great deal so it’s difficult to be sure, but in terms of imitating the real Thatcher she sounds right on the money.

    • Let’s just wait till we see the whole film…3rd Oscar for meryl plsss..

  2. British actors cant always do american accents. tom wilkinson tries to do one in most films he’s in, and he’s a good actor but he never sounds american

    • but alot of british actors still do a better job compare to American actors when it comes to accents.

      • It really depends on the actor/actress. You can’t just say brits do it better than americans cause some brits don’t do american accents very well and vise versa.

        • well i found that when American actors does British accent it feel too forced

          • And vice versa. I’ve seen british actors/actresses force their american accents too. It’s gonna seem forced anyways cause, really, you are forcing yourself to talk a way that isn’t native.

            • Also remember there are different accents and dialects and ways of speaking according to era. I live in the states and a guy from boston sounds way different than me. Can you tell the difference between a new york accent and a boston accent without being told which is which?

              • i can to be honest since i got cousins who from New York and Boston.

  3. Try being a Canadian. Hollywood makes us all sound like we’re from Fargo.

  4. I seriously doubt this will be any good. Thatcher, Reagan and Pope John Paul II understood the evil of Communism and their efforts moved it to the ash heap of history. Streep is a far left wing loon. The leaks already assure us it will be a “Reagan is evil, Thatcher got sucked into the evil” cluster of a faux-mentary hit piece.
    I’ll wait for Streep to do something she is suited for, like Mama Mia 2 – Dark of the moonpie.

    • Oh dear. One of the greatest screen actresses in history and all you think she’s good for is Mamma Mia 2…

      If it’s going to be a rounded assessment of the Thatcher era, then yes, it has to give her some credit for certain foreign policy achievements, but it would also have to acknowledge that the poverty rate in Britain quadrupled during the 1980s, that she lied to Parliament about sales of arms to Iraq, that she squandered the spoils of privatisation on tax cuts rather than investing, resulting in industrial and infrastructural failures that persist to this day, and that she was the first UK prime minister to have a wholly inappropriate relationship with Rupert Murdoch.

      If you want to see some right-wing fantasy where Maggie Thatcher saves the world, you’re gonna have to leave Britain to see it, because no-one in this country would buy that nonsense.

  5. I know getting the accent is crucial but who else would be able to play Thatcher? Streep is golden no matter the project. Except for Mamma Mia, everything else she’s been in she gives an amazing performance. I think the mannerisms that she incorporates in these kinds of roles are key. I’m sure this will be good.

    • Helen Mirren of course

      • She could play her but not better than Streep.

  6. The accent sounded fine to me. Bloody creepy in fact…

    Inspired bit of casting to have Roger Allam (wonderfully disdainful Tory MP Peter Mannion in The Thick Of It), and Nicholas Farrell (venal Prime Minister in Torchwood: Children Of Earth) in there advising Thatcher about her presentation. Made me laugh out loud, that.

    It’s Phyllida Lloyd btw, Sandy.

    • Forgot to mention Allam was also Lewis Prothero “The Voice of London” in the V For Vendetta movie: even more significant (in a post modern way).

  7. She sounds great, looks the part (almost, altho slightly young-looking, but pretty honest “jolly-good try” overall), probably smiled a bit too much in that clip. The real Iron Lady Meg Thatcher was a bit stern. However, I definitely will see this film, since I rather liked the tough bearing of the real Iron Lady. I wonder who will play Reagan (her political ally and my favorite U.S. President!)?

  8. Seems a little too much like a caricature of Thatcher. May as well have just used the Spitting Image version.

  9. Just give her the freakin Oscar RIGHT NOW.

  10. oh my God Meryle Streep does a fantastic accent for maggie t. Years ago there would have been real trouble over this film been made. Thankfully things have changed in Ireland but there are some who would not agree with me that things have changed in Ireland. But its only a very tiny stupid few who are bent on thuggery and violence, but I will say this as an irish person Maggie is someone we could never take to, she made things very hard for many people in both countries I could bore you with a monolog of all she done to people but this is not the place and we the irish as a people have moved on Thank God.

    At the same time she is an interesting person to take a look at, and this is the right time to bring this film out. I will and many irish people will go to see it. After all its history and Meryle does a fantastic job as maggie, it will remind us how far we have come and down the line how Ireland is rising up again winning everything, and also it will show how england is coming on too with a Prince william marrying in a wedding that captivated the world like his ma and da before him. The Queen coming to Ireland , England holding the Olimpic games incredible stuff I say. who would ever have taught !

    I look forward to seeing this film I will be very interested to see the reaction it will get,, and Streep she deserves an oscar her accent is fantastic,,

  11. I’m absolutely without a doubt going to see this, just because of Meryl Streep! What an amazing actress.

  12. I grew up hating this woman so…yep, that’s HER voice alright.

    UK will be split I think about going to see it, whilst she achieved some good things on the international stage (and even some of those are still questionable), on the domestic policy front she created some serious bad blood.

  13. I’ve heard British people criticize other British peoples’ accents as not sounding British too many times to believe the “I should know, I’m British” set. Likewise people in my own country will call out the “cheesy accents” of actors who aren’t actually faking an accent, but speaking in their natural, regional dialect. I’m starting to think maybe I’ll just go with my own ear.

  14. Helen Mirren as the queen maybe on SNL ???
    The trailer is superb