Iron Fist & Luke Cage in ‘Heroes for Hire’ Movie?

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heroes for hire iron fist luke cage ray park Iron Fist & Luke Cage in Heroes for Hire Movie?

Ray Park is one of those guys who’s just awesome. You’d think a man hits his peak of awesomeness playing Darth Maul in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, arguably becoming the best part of the prequel trilogy, but Ray proved that there’s no upper limit on that scale.

Since then, the lifelong martial artist has played Toad in the first X-Men film and more recently can be seen (kind of) playing Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. As Snakes Eyes, he didn’t even have to speak, let alone show his face, to be the star of the film, and many want a sequel just to see more of his action sequences.

But there’s another character he should have played but never got a chance to. That character is of course, Iron Fist and he still might get his chance…

Park has long been speculated to play the part of Danny Rand, the Marvel comics hero known as Iron Fist. I can’t even remember how long this thing has been on IMDB with Ray Park’s name attached. Park was supposed to do the film back in 2001 for Artisan Entertainment but it didn’t work out and Marvel Studios got back the rights to the character.

At Chicago Comic-Con, Mr. Park was in attendance and a fan asked him what his dream role would be.

“I actually want to be Danny Rand — I want to be Iron Fist, I want to do it… I’ve been blond before. I’ll work on the American accent as well.”

“I want to have an excuse to take my top off and show off my abs. Or, take my top off and work to get my abs back that I used to have when I was 19.”

Fortunately, with Marvel Studios finally up and running and in full production with a lineup of massive films for the next few years, their production capacity is planned to increase in the near future to start covering some of the other many characters in Marvel’s massive roster.

Many fans have wondered – when are we going to see Iron Fist? According to Park, when it happens, it’ll likely be a team-up film with Luke Cage. This is interesting since Cage has been a character rumored about frequently online as well.

“If they ever do an Iron Fist movie, it’s going to be with the two [characters] teaming up,”

It’s a great idea to turn two characters that might not make for bankable solo films and combine them into something that could be. For us Park fans, it’s even better to see him get a good solid acting role with some real face time.

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  1. I always talk about the possibilty of this film happening with friends. The characters of Cage and Rand are so unique in the way these two guys from completely different backgrounds come to a point where they consider each other as brothers. I always felt it would work only if they’re in a movie together and not separate. Would love it if Ray Park could play Iron Fist. Michael Jai White as Luke Cage has always been my preference. It works well for Marvel Studios, I think, since these characters are very street based and a budget wouldn’t have to be over the top. I feel a Lethal Weapon vibe from these characters…when Lethal Weapon was good that is(parts 1 & 2)

  2. Fantastic news. For Luke Cage- Kevin Grevioux. Physically imposing, good actor, and huge into comics. He has even written a few titles for awhile. You may remember him from the first Underworld movie(the good one) as Raze.

    Runner-Up: Michael Jai White.

  3. Heroes For Hire was one of my favs when I was a kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can not wait to see it turned into a movie :)

    Rat Park is freakin’ AWESOME :)
    and I agree that Michael Jai White would be an amazing Luke Cage ==Sweet Christmas !!!

  4. I would see any movie where he finally gets dialogue. Although there is hoping he gets more than 4 lines in Heroes this year.

  5. @ LeeAnna,

    Exactly, and this movie would be loaded with both that and action. It would make for a great story and great character development through the relationship of Cage & Rand.

  6. TERRY CREWS is the PERFECT Luke Cage! My pick for Iron Fist is JASON STATHAM. Both are very versitle funny actors and interesting enough to carry a movie. Jason Statham is know for his unique martials action and would greatly increase the cool factor of the character. Not to mention,Iron Fist needs a huge make-over. His costume is over the top for him being a mercenary. Just keep the dragon on the chest tatoo and mask but make them mask black. Terry’s character is pretty much him as he is in every film he’s in and is has not been casted as a comic character yet. White would be carrying the baggage of is iconic role as Spawn. I’m thinking the mood of the film would be similar to “They Live” or maybe “Four Brothers” but with a mercenary feel.

  7. @LeeAnna

    “I would see any movie where he finally gets dialogue.”

    LOL! I totally agree. Poor guy can’t seem to get a spoken line to save his life. :-P


  8. @Vic

    Ray Park had dialogue in the x-men. He told Sabretooth to “Quit screwin’ around!”. lol Also, another role that is less known is as the headless horseman in Sleepy Hollow. He performed all of the fight scenes. Is Wesley Snipes still attached to Luke Cage?

  9. @Wes
    Unfortuately Tyrese Gibson has been discussed as be Luke Cage by M. Singleton whom is supposed to directed the solo film.

  10. I prefer Michael Jai White for Cage or even that big guy from True Blood. I just don’t want to see Tyrese or someone small playing Luke Cage. Plus Tyrese us annoying as hell.

  11. I’d like to see Park as Danny Rand. Terry Crews I think would be a bit too old by the time the movie starts shooting but I can’t think of anyone else.

    I am really uninformed about good black actors who are in their 30s. I do think that if Ving Rhames were 15 years younger he would’ve been a good choice, certainly had the build for it.

    It’d be cool if they also included Colleen Wing and Misty Knight as sort of a competing duo/friendly rivalry.

    What story would they do? I don’t know but whatever they do I think it would be neat to end it with the apparent death of Iron Fist. Then after the credits a short scene will show or heavily imply that Iron Fist is alive.

    A sequel could possibly add Shang-Chi and the new female Tarantula.

  12. oh and whoever said Kevin Grevioux…he looks like an excellent choice and damn is he smart, undergrad in microbiology and grad studies in genetic engineering?

  13. Ray Park also had dialogue in Ecks vs. Severs, but I thought the movie was horrible.

    My first choice for Cage would be White but Crews would be a close second and the black guy from Underworld (Kevin Grevioux? I think someone mentioned him above) would be third. I would like Shang-Chi to also have a role in the movie, maybe as someone the heroes are looking for because he did murder his father’s rival but later becoming an ally when the heroes find that Shang-Chi’s father lied to him. This has potential to be really awesome.

  14. @vid
    Aw man!! You brought up Shang-Chi before me! DRAT! :-)

    I have wanted to see Shang-Chi in a movie for a long time. I think the asian actor from Matrix: Reloaded would be great.

  15. Michael Jai White sure looks the part but there is little evidence that he can express a complex character. Putting he and Ray Park together would be two unproven actors.

    I’m assuming Marvel would want this movie to be mainstream as their current movies have been moving in that direction.

    Don’t get me wrong I love Ray Park and would like to see him given the chance to act more, but I’m just not willing to put a movie on his shoulders quite yet.

    Now to throw in my choice for slightly too old actor: Cuba Gooding jr anyone? (and don’t give me any of that show me the money crap).

  16. Terry Crewes would be a great choice for Cage.
    I would be satisfied with either Crewes or Michael Jai White in the role.

  17. As long as we’re talking “Heroes for Hire,” who plays Misty Knight? Rosario Dawson, Zoe Saldana or Gabrielle Union?

  18. To be honest, I’m glad they waited on the Iron Fist movie til now. To that point in 2001, the Iron Fist mythos was never taken too seriously, to the point of even being mocked by long-time Marvel fans.

    More recently, however, Marvel has developed Iron Fist better as a character in the series “The Immortal Iron Fist,” even giving him quite a good supporting cast with the Immortal Weapons. Iron Fist is becoming more of a bankable star all because of that, and I’m sure if Ray Park looks at what’s happening right now, if he’s reading the recent comics, he’d say the same thing – that it’s good they have better stories to build on now.

    Ray Park IS perfect for Iron Fist look-wise though. I hope they get this done before Park gets too old to do it anymore.

    No clue on who should play Cage.

  19. I think that Terry Crews might come close to dangerously over acting the part for Luke Cage. I would much prefer Michael Jai White. Im an avid comic fan and love the new avengers series and i see Luke as a more serious character. Not tryin to diss Crews i just think the role needs a more serious actor

  20. I think Roger Cross, he played Curtis Manning in 24 for a couple of seasons would be and AWESOME Luke Cage, he’s just an awesome actor when it comes to the espionage/investagation type. Check it out.

  21. wow! i want to see a luke cage/ironfist movie. this will be a huge mega blockbuster movie if it ever get’s made.

  22. I completely agree with you on both casting choices. I would put Michael Jai White and Park as my second choices. Statham would need to work on that accent though

  23. he's not big enough to play Luke Cage

  24. I completely agree with you on both casting choices. I would put Michael Jai White and Park as my second choices. Statham would need to work on that accent though

  25. he's not big enough to play Luke Cage

  26. I like Ray Park, but i Would like to see Scott Adkins as Iron Fist look at some of his movies like undisputed 2 and 3 i actually wanna see him in a star role in big name movie hes awesome martial artist. But there are a few that could play Luke Cage(Power Man)such as Terry crews may fit his style perfect Or Michale Jai White after seeing undisputed 2 he and Adkins together again would be epic combo in a big name film like this. I just wanna see these people in as these characters so bad.