Donnie Yen Set To Return For ‘Ip Man 3D’

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Ip Man 3D Donnie Yen Donnie Yen Set To Return For Ip Man 3D

They say the best things come in threes.  Nowadays in the film industry, blockbuster movies not only come in threes, but in 3D as well. Enter: Ip Man 3D.

Twitch is reporting that Donnie Yen (Ip Man, Ip Man 2) will return to reprise his role as Yip Man, also pronounced “Ip Man,” the legendary Chinese martial artist who studied the art of Wing Chun and went on to teach his craft to students in China. Perhaps you’ve heard of his greatest pupil: a young man by the name of Bruce Lee.

The first Ip Man follows Ip’s time in the city of Foshan during the Sino-Japanese war and features some of the most breathtaking fight scenes ever to grace the silver-screen. Ip Man 2 is set in Hong Kong, which is under British Colonial rule at the time, and successfully ups its predecessor with its unique battle scenes.

Donnie Yen initially stated that he would not return to the Ip Man franchise after the second film, but has evidently had a change of heart since making those comments.

Many believe it’s only a matter of time before Yen brings his talents stateside. In 2011, rumors floated around that Donnie Yen would be added to the cast of The Expendables 2, but the casting never came to fruition – much to the chagrin of hardcore action fans. Visions of another fight scene between Yen and Jet Li begun dancing around in heads across the globe.

Plenty of folks roll their eyes when they hear mention of 3D being used in a film, but there has to be some sort of excitement when thinking of the possibilities of using the effect on Donnie Yen, with Ip Man director Wilson Yip once again calling the shots. We were not fortunate to get to see Bruce Lee do battle in HD or 3D, but this is a step in the right direction.

There is no word yet on when production for Ip Man 3 will begin, but Pegasus Motion Pictures, the studio behind Ip Man, is aiming for a 2013 release. Lynn Hung (Ip Man 2) and Yu Bo are set to join Yen in the threequel.

Source: Twitch

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  1. the spin of sequels where pure trash imo, the only good ‘ip man’ movies are the ones with donnie yen (at least the ones i’ve seen with him in them) which are 1 and 2.

    both yen and tony jaa need to get into mainstream hollywood, i want to see either one of them fight against scott adkins or michael jai white (2 more underrated martial artists that actually have skill and can act) :)

    • Did you say that Michael Jai white can act, lol, I guess you can call it acting, and Scott Adkins isnt much better. I do agree that both Yen and Jaa are fantastic Martial artist, but out of the four you mentioned only Yen is a real actor. Yen has done fantastic work and I if he does do anything in the states I hope he follows Chow Yung Fat more then any of the others.

      • how can you doubt their skills in acting, both jai and adkins can both put on and hold different accents (adkins in english yet can put on a russian and american accent if needed), it’s just that they’re always in martial arts movies so they cant really show case their acting talent.

    • Erm Michael Jai White isn’t anywhere near underrated to those in the know. -___-

  2. It always smacks of cheese when the 3rd movie is in 3D. And it’s always called… “(insert title) 3D”

  3. Whoo this is a pleasant surprise!! Love Donnie Yen!

  4. i have only seen donnie yen in shanghai knights and he put on some awesome display in his short fight with jackie. I am a huge jackie chan fan so would the ip man films be a good series for me to check out?

    • he’s less comedic and way more serious then chan will ever been. he doesn’t really do a lot of stunt work but his fights are downright bad a** and make you want to find a place that teaches the style he’s using :D

      watch ip man 1 and 2 to get an idea of what he’s like, another good one is flashpoint, the end fight scene with him and colin chou is so brutal and well choreographed it puts mainstream hollywood to shame :D

      • amen to that!

      • Hell yes to Ip Man and Flashpoint. Donnie Yen can learn a whole new fighting style and then look like a pro doing it. He’s truly talented.

        • it would have been cool if he had the same enthusiasm back when he did blade 2, it would have made for some epic fights.

          i wonder when he’s gonna move into hollywood, anyone know if he speaks english or not b/c that is the reason tony jaa hasn’t done anything in hollywood – he doesnt know english.

          • he actually speaks English pretty well…
            what with him growing up in Boston and all…

          • He’s been trying to get into Hollywood sense Highlander: Endgame. The scenes were he comes out is the main reason to watch that movie. In Blade he was one of the fight choreographers besides being one of the characters. But that is definitely one of Del Torro’s biggest mistakes; not giving Donnie more screen time.

          • He’s actually got a pretty strong Chinese accent, despite growing up in Boston. He’s second generation. He spent a lot of time in China, his mother (a well known martial artist packed him off there because he kept getting into trouble in Boston)

      • Yes SIR! That fight scene at the end of Flashpoint was dope!

  5. 3D??? NOOOOOO!!!!

    • Yeah. He speaks English better then Jet Li and way better then Jakie Chan.

  6. Great news.

    The first Ip Man movie was the greatest martial arts movie ever, what a classic.

    Ip Man 2 was a great sequel.

    I am happy that Ip Man 3 is being made and also I wish that Donnie Yen will join The Expendables 3 if that’s ever made.

  7. As long as it is more like the first and less like the second (which really sucked).

  8. I would think 3D would be physically upsetting for some viewers. Watchuing fists, feet, and other weapons coming at you will make a lot of people tense and jumpy throughout the movie because the mind often has the body react “As if” they are actually attacks against you.

    What was it? Blazing Saddles where the big fight scene in the end they kept rumbling right into a theatre where everyone was sitting with 3D glasses. The guy in front asks his date something like does she think the 3D looks realistic. She say’s “It’s ok, but nothing too special” and then people break through the screen an a missed puch decks her….Then she get’s up and says “Wow…That is good”

  9. I live Yen but I would rather he stayed where he is now. Hes known and well respected in Hong Kong. Here most people realized his talents after Ip Man. I feel he would be used up and cashed in. Then eventually land some questionable roles and be forgotten. At least in Hong Kong hes a mega star, here he’ll just be scene as the new kid on the block. No respect me thinks…

  10. I live Yen but I would rather he stayed where he is now. Hes known and well respected in Hong Kong. Here most people realized his talents after Ip Man. I feel he would be used up and cashed in. Then eventually land some questionable roles and be forgotten. At least in Hong Kong he’s a mega star, here he’ll just be seen as the new kid on the block. No respect me thinks…

  11. I live Yen but I would rather he stayed where he is now. Hes known and well respected in Hong Kong. Here most people realized his talents after Ip Man. I feel he would be used up and cashed in. Then eventually land some questionable roles and be forgotten. At least in Hong Kong he’s a mega star, here he’ll just be seen as the new kid on the block…

  12. Posting from your phone sucks. Please delete my 2 extra comments.

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  14. If it’s anything like the first two, this could very well become the best fighting movie of all time (the first ‘Ip Man’ holds that title).

  15. I really liked 1 and 2. They were refreshing in a long ago over saturated (and campy) genre.

    While I would welcome seeing a 3rd movie, just seeing the 3D thing attached to it screams “stay away this will not live up to the others”.

    IF the script stinks I hope Yen walk away from it and leaves well enough alone.

  16. What the…why in the world would this movie need to made in 3D?? Seriously? A martial arts film in 3D?? When is this going to stop?!

    • im so tired of people whining about 3D. just because it’s 3d doesn’t mean it’s going to suck. sure about 80% of films to come out in 3d have been awful but it’s not because of the 3d. it’s simply just because they are bad films. if you don’t want the awesome experience of seeing a movie in 3d then go see it in a cheapo theater where they don’t offer 3d and quit complaining you chodes.

      • @matt

        Yah, I agree with you. The “3D” itself doesn’t define a movie good or bad, the script, directing, acting, and those kind of factors make or break movies. It just seems like the new fad to complain about 3D…

  17. I’m a big fan of Bruce Lee and never, until reading this page, thought of how he would look in HD with that speed. Would be crazy to watch him punch in bullet time slow motion. You know national geographic would have him do it for them lol

  18. Ip Man 1 & 2, Legend of Chen Zhen, Iron Monkey 1 & 2, and more….Donnie Yen’s talent is one to be reckoned with. I’m anxiously awaiting the new Ip Man movie. I agree w/ Helghast User…stay in Hong Kong!

  19. @Matt and Ken J:

    I’m not saying the movie would suck if it’s in 3D; I’m completely aware that the format doesn’t change acting ability, fight choreography, plot, etc. I’m just saying that this movie doesn’t not need to be made in 3D, that it feels like a cash grab, and hey! More power to you if you wanna make a few extra dollars…I just have absolutely no interest in seeing a MARTIAL ARTS film in 3D. It’s like…I don’t know, i just feel like some things are great by themselves, and IMO, a lot of the draw of martial arts movies is their realism, which I think (again IMO) a 3D format will detract from.

    • @Al

      Well, the easy solution to this is to not watch it in 3D… I don’t get why it’s such a problem if you say you know it won’t really affect the movie for you to simply not watch it in 3D, be happy, and other people who like 3D to watch it in 3D and also be happy. I don’t really see a purpose in complaining…

  20. As a many year practitioner of Wing Chun Gung Fu,i believe that Donnie Yen did a tremendous job of portraying Master Yip Man and should have got an academy award.

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