‘Interstellar’ TV Trailer: We’ll Find a Way

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Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar isn’t just one of the most anticipated movies arriving this November; for many film geeks, it’s one of their most anticipated releases of 2014 as a whole.

Above, we have an official Interstellar TV trailer from Warner Bros. that, unfortunately, doesn’t offer any brand-new footage from the film; then again, the awe-inspiring visuals teased in the latest theatrical trailer has already sold us on Nolan’s vision, so we don’t really need to see any new material at this stage. The way that Nolan shot Interstellar (strapping IMAX cameras to aircraft, using practical set pieces for his cast to act against) has already prompted more than a little bit of discussion about the film, even with much of it under lock and key.

Having said that, the movie’s trailers - when you add them together – offer a basic, yet intriguing outline of the plot for Interstellar. Namely, there’s an ecological crisis on a not-too-distant future version of Earth and it’s up to a team of space explorers (led by Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway’s characters) to save humankind by undertaking an ambitious mission to the stars. And by “stars,” we mean beyond even the known solar system, via the use of “a newly discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations on human space travel” (as the film’s official logline puts it).

interstellar matthew mcconaughey Interstellar TV Trailer: Well Find a Way

No doubt, there’s more to the Interstellar story crafted by Jonathan Nolan (as well as the script that he and brother Chris co-wrote) than the trailers have been letting on. Indeed, seeing how this is a Nolan production, there’s a good chance that the actual movie will include some tricky non-linear storytelling and editing techniques – the kind that make both human drama and spectacle/action more engaging. Heck, that’s pretty much guaranteed, in a film where plot points are informed by theoretical astrophysics.

Rounding out the cast of Interstellar are Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty), Michael Caine (Now You See Me), Ellen Burstyn (Louie), David Oyelowo (The Butler), Casey Affleck (Out of the Furnace), Mackenzie Foy (The Conjuring), Wes Bentley (The Hunger Games), and David Gyasi (Cloud Atlas), among others.

Interstellar opens in U.S. theaters on November 7th, 2014.

Source: Warner Bros. UK

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  1. I hope this movie doesn’t spend to long on Earth. What I mean is by the trailers it looks as if a big part of the movie is him leaving
    His family, but if the movie spends an hour on that it may put people to sleep considering everyone came to see deep space not a family crying together. I hope not, and I hope this movie is fantastic, and I’m certain the third act will be amazing, I’m just worried about the stuff leading up to that.

    • @Georgel – agreed…

      I just hope this won’t be a huge let down like Prometheus. I want to see jaw dropping visuals of other worlds, and I want a storyline that will surprise and inspire me..

      • That’s not even a concern here. Nolan is still young and hungry enough to put out great work – especially since this is his first outing since the Bats Trilogy. The fatigue of doing 3 of those films back to back was apparent in TDKR.

        A new film project like this is just what Nolan needed to get the creative juices flowing again.

        Scott is just plain tired and worn out.

        • Nolan didn’t film the trilogy back to back. He filmed The Prestige after Begins and Inception after The Dark Knight.

  2. I just wonder what the reasoning for that mission is supposed to be. I mean, how is one small ship flying into space and taking decades in Earth time supposed to solve the ecological problems on Earth? Their technology sure doesn’t seem advanced enough to colonize other worlds with a big part of the population, and they probably don’t expect to find a food cache to 8-9 Billion people.

    • Holy [frick] talk about over analyzing for something that barely shows anything too revealing.

      • Asking the obvious question is overanalyzing? Even so much that it warrants a “Holy [frick]“? Oookay…

      • @Josh – TheLostWinchester poses a reasonable question. It’s one of many questions moviegoers will flock to this movie to discover answers for. I just hope the explanations to the logistics and the technology used in the film won’t insult our intelligence. It’s all very intriguing to say the least.

    • I guess finding a new home and making some children with catwoman is surely better than letting human population starve to death on Earth :D

    • Forgive my ignorance of biology and the history of earth’s biosphere, but according to the recent Cosmos, Earth has undergone 5 major species wiping events (of which the Tardigrade survived all of them).

      The concern of the sun expanding and wiping us out is less likely to be devastating to us as some species wiping event, as in the latter is more likely way before the former. The movie seems to be built around the environment and a lot of the biosphere slowly becoming less flourishing/suited for us. So they decide to explore other hospitable worlds where they may flourish as a species rather than wait around to die out as a species stuck on Earth.

      Sure, solving the ecological problem may or may not give our species a bit longer lifetime, but what about after that? Venturing out into space is a more long term solution than addressing ecological degradation that’s mostly natural on Earth.

      If they have a ship that can just jump from place to place, they don’t need that much in the way of infrastructure and advancements since all they have to do is increase the number of ships that can jump and increase the frequency of the jumps. Moving the population will be divided into a bunch of frequent jumps, not all at one single go. And obviously they’re not gonna move the entire population all at once without setting up some greenhouses and micro-habitats to suit their basic needs along the way.

      And come on, don’t you wanna see a movie where humanity strives to a higher goal rather than our current society’s direction of stagnation and meandering hedonism/narcissism/other isms? Or maybe that’s just me being naive with the fondness for movies/shows that try to encourage mankind to elevate themselves beyond contemporary society.

    • The trailer shows a black hole a few times and their ship passing through what looks like it might be an event horizon (not to be confused with the film by the same name). Don’t be too surprised if the film involves some time travel and/or instantaneous long-distance travel a-la wormholes. Given a few pieces of what appear to be alien technology displayed I’m guessing that’s going to be part of how they save the planet. Find alien tech, bring it back and save the world (either now or in the past so we don’t make the same mistakes).

      • I don’t think it’s a black hole or if there are any wormholes. I think it’s more like a spacetime bubble that they get into that’ll propel them along to far distances. I think it was inspired by the Alcubierre drive: essentially they make a bubble of spacetime around the ship, then that bubble moves forward along spacetime. So basically, they don’t move, just the movement of the spacetime bubble propels them forward since they’re inside of it. From my rudimentary understanding of the Alcubierre drive, which I think is never gonna happen but it’s ok.

        I don’t know if it involves really time travel so much as time dilation. You know in Einstein’s relativity, a sort of crude statement is that the faster you go with respect to something, the slower your progression of time. On Earth, they tested this with some airplanes going around the world. They put a clock on the airplane and another clock that had the exact same time set on the ground somewhere. The ship flew around the world and came back down. Then they compared the two clocks. They were off by the predicted amount of relativity. The clock on the airplane DID run slower than the clock on the ground even though they started at the same time!

        Isn’t that pretty damn cool? So that’s what could be happening in this movie, the ship they’re using is probably going a lot faster compared to Earth, and so, they’re experiencing time slower on the ship to the point where his kids are all grown up to be around his age it seems like.

  3. Where’s the found footage with Matthew McConaughey running arounding the spacecraft without a shirt on and playing the bongos?

    You expect us to take this film seriously with this wacky cast?

    • Yes.

    • You mean the guy who just won a best actor Oscar?

  4. Opening day, on real imax.

    I am there. Will judge after.

  5. Smh. What use to be one of the best things about screen rant was the educated comments.
    Negative much?

    • @Dustin – balance is the spice of life my friend. It’s like the items on your dinner plate. Eat the meat and discard the bones :-)

  6. So… Gravity 2.

    • What about this likens it to Gravity? It’s in Space, it must be just like Gravity. Will, please try harder to troll.

  7. Ah. Anne Hathaway the “Teachers Pet” of Nolan. Matthew was reported saying that he hated working with her cause of her asking way too many questions, he nicknamed her “Little Alien Annie”. This should be a flop.

    • Nice lying and fail trolling there buddy. Grow up and do something with your life.