‘Interstellar’ Teaser Trailer: Our Destiny Lies Above Us

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Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi film Interstellar is definitely going to end up on a lot of people’s must-watch movies list for 2014. Nolan fans will want to see it because it’s the director’s first original feature since 2010’s Inception. Science enthusiasts will want to watch it because the story is based on the work of theoretical physicist Kip Thorne. And everyone else will want to see it because of Matthew McConaughey’s winning smile.

For the people who are still on the fence about checking it out, however, a new teaser trailer has arrived that offers a first look at what to expect from this ambitious new wormhole-travelling drama.

The original script for Interstellar was penned by the director’s brother, Jonathan Nolan, and later revised by Christopher Nolan in order to incorporate some of his own original ideas. The story takes place in a future where Earth’s climate has made it impossible to grow enough crops to sustain the population, and so a swell team of explorers are tasked with using a wormhole to find fresh land for cultivation.

Check out the film’s official logo, below:


Interstellar logo 570x210 Interstellar Teaser Trailer: Our Destiny Lies Above Us

Starring alongside McConaughey are Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Casey Affleck, Topher Grace, John Lithgow and Nolan mainstay Michael Caine. The reveal of the trailer was accompanied by the launch of an official site for the movie, as well as Facebook and Twitter pages, and the above logo in stylish black and white.

First impressions are very important, so tell us in the comments if this teaser trailer leaves you dispassionate or desperate for more.


Interstellar opens in regular and select IMAX theaters on November 7th, 2014.

Source: Paramount Pictures

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  1. A “smell” team. That makes this film even more interesting!!

    • Nolan does insist on his casts having the most wonderful odors.

    • i think its “small” rather than “smell”, might be a type but i can be wrong.

      Coming to the teaser, it was a very interesting trailer having an excellent voiceover by McConaughey. Still a long time to wait for it and i hope and believe that the wait will be worth it, as its from THE director who has not disappointed yet,

      “In NOLAN we trust” :)

  2. Very rue.

  3. Yawn. It’s called interstellar we somehow new space was involved. Come to think of it that was just terrible.

    • So is your grammar! Wow!

      It’s too early to make a formed opinion. Let’s wait for the full trailer.

  4. So it IS about corn
    Nolan could make any garbage he wants and his groupies will eat it up
    Ex: dark knight rises and inception

  5. The “ONE YEAR FROM NOW” is a neat touch.

    • Agreed! But it also unintentionally made me think of Spaceballs, and I’m glad I wasn’t in the theater because I would have had to shout “Wait! Go back to THEN!” and annoy everyone. 😛

      • But when will THEN be NOW?!

        • Soon.

          • +1 to everyone who jumped on board with Spaceballs references. >:D

    • That’s the only ‘touch’ there was, that teaser was a joke imo. It didn’t say stellar at all! (IMO)

  6. Count me in. Inception is still top notch. I cant wait.

  7. Pretty excited for this one because of its inspirational tone and optimistic view towards science and the future of science, which you don’t really see in sci-fi anymore these days. That was my original love for sci-fi, how it inspired me to learn science. Just hope this doesn’t turn into derivative horror/thriller/slasher towards the end though.

    • Forgot to add, I think that inspirational and optimistic view about science is something that Trek lost with the recent movies. I know quite a few engineers that were partially inspired by Geordie and Data to get into engineering. I know even more people that got into physics because of Trek. Hopefully, they keep that tone in the teaser. Also that was a nice nod towards Chuck Yeager near the beginning.

      • I’m with you on all of that. A sci-fi film that is more optimistic and connected more clearly to something resembling our reality seems a very good thing. I’m looking forward to this one.

        • @ Moz

          Sadly most movies today seem to forget that the Sci in Sci-Fi means Science.
          A great example for how bad it has gotten in recent years for me was Prometheus. I had such amazingly high hopes. Not only was Ridley Scott returning to the genre but the synopsis for the movie lead you to believe that we were about to see a movie that took the science as seriously as the fantasy and even horror.
          What we got still confuses me today.
          It sure was pretty though. :)

    • Agreed on all counts man. Trek is the reason for my life long love towards science (though I ended up working in different field).
      this trailer really felt inspiring. Looking forward to it.

  8. A teaser in every sense of the word. It seems more hopeful than any of Nolan’s previous work.

  9. Pretty inspiring teaser. I really like the speech. Either the money shots are saved for later or had not yet done or Chris Nolan’s name is considered good enough to draw the audience.

  10. Looks intersting, but why, oh, why can’t Hollywood let go of that awful teal color grading? Many decades of advances in faithful color reproduction, all ruined by some guys who can’t leave the color sliders in their editing programm alone, because they think it’s awesome. No, it’s not awesome and it’s not the pioneering anymore that the teaser advertises. That style got old at least 5 years ago.

    Here’s hoping that the actual movie will not look like that and that this particular color grading was only used to better blend the scenes with the historical footage.

  11. It’s playing on some interesting notes, I’ll like to see how that connects to the ‘interstellar’ part, so far I feel all the right parts are involved, somehow this turns to be ubertastic!

  12. The Astronaut Farmer sequel??

    Nah, couldn’t be…

  13. Looks good so far.


  15. This is the one of Best teaser for me just like Man Of Steel.

  16. Average Nolan trailer: Show absolutely nothing about the plot and fill it with stock footage. I love the man but his teasers are always the same.

    • The Dark Knight teaser disagrees with you.

  17. This teaser gives us absolutely nothing yet I find my anticipation has gone through the roof. Even more than Inception and TDKR. Nothing will beat the anticipation I had for The Dark Knight though

  18. I just have to add that Matthew McConaghey is quickly becoming one of those actors where I’ll watch him in anything. He’s impressed me over the past 3 years with his films

    • @ Bruce Wayne

      Completely agree. For a while it seemed as though McConaughey’s career would be full of Rom-Coms and terrible dramas but over the past few years he’s shown that he has a great range for all fields.
      Since Tropic Thunder and The Lincoln Lawyer he’s been killing it.
      Heck I hated, I mean HATED Killer Joe but he was fantastic in that movie and say what you will about Magic Mike but one thing you can’t argue about IMO is McConaughey’s performance.

  19. I really don’t see the point in starting to show trailers for a movie that isn’t due to come out for almost a year.

  20. Compare this with the Inception teaser! Then you will realize it does not look so good. We do not know anything about the project yet, it might turn out OK after all. But so far it does not excite me at all. The teaser is less than mediocre. But the big problem that I have with it is this:

    “The story takes place in a future where Earth’s climate has made it impossible to grow enough crops to sustain the population, and so a swell team of explorers are tasked with using a wormhole to find fresh land for cultivation.”

    I feared Nolan would disappoint me someday. I think that day has arrived. I am tired of this climate change BS and of Hollywood’s political agenda. I was glad Nolan managed to stay away from this kind of nonsense. Not anymore.

    • “I am tired of this climate change BS and of Hollywood’s political agenda.”

      Time to wake up, pull your head out of the sand, and stop parroting the right-wing, corporate-supported 1-percenters and creationists who still cling to the moronic idea that climate change is fiction, or that even it it’s not, mankind has had nothing to do with it because it’s god’s will.

      Stupidity and mythology is a poor substitute for established science.

    • To judge the content of the film based on a teaser & synopsis like this is premature. It gives a good idea of the tone of the film but to write it off as “climate change BS” and Hollywood’s “political agenda” is unfounded based on the information available. It would be like someone saying that the upcoming “Noah” film is just more Christian indoctrination being forced down our throats. But that would be an ignorant thing to say without having first seen the film to judge the content. And besides, one does not have to fully agree with a film to find merit in the work. Atheists and people of other religions can enjoy Noah as a fictional story and Christians who believe in the story as written can enjoy it from that perspective. But if you don’t agree with the evidence for climate change then just enjoy it as great Sci-Fi, I’m sure there will be much more to the film than a single issue.

  21. Can’t wait! GO NOLAN! 😀

  22. Still really excited for this film, but was this trailer really worth it? I know it’s just a teaser, but what’s the point if it’s just going to be filled with stock footage and McConaughey rambling? I can’t see how this got anyone anymore excited about this movie. To me it seemed like a waste of a minute and a half of my life.

  23. Pretty amazing what Nolan can do with emotional notes. I had no idea what the movie is about and still really don’t. But I’ll be damned if I didn’t get goosebumps watching the teaser.

    I got a similar feeling when I saw the first teaser for Gravity. I hope Interstellar lives up to expectations as well as it did.

  24. It’s Jonathan and Christopher Nolan…need I say more? The trailer did what it was supposed to do. Give us an unbiased little “taste” of what more is to come. I can only hope that future trailers for this movie will be just as cryptic and ambiguous. Frankly, it’s far more refreshing than all these other over-the-top Hollywood blockbuster trailers that manage to show you the entire movie in under 120 seconds.

  25. Pretty awesome, can’t wait for the full trailer! I have no doubt that Nolan will deliver.

  26. I saw “The Hobbit” last night and this wasn’t part of the trailers before. Not whinning, just sayin it wasnt at all theaters.

  27. i felt like i was watching a PBS program

  28. Nolan for Star Trek (post STID)?

    Yeah, I know, pipe dream, but some how, I suspect he’d do it justice (and JJ’s Trek movies have lost their way recently).

  29. I just can’t wait to see Jessica Chastain, love her!