‘Interstellar’ Teaser Trailer: Our Destiny Lies Above Us

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Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi film Interstellar is definitely going to end up on a lot of people’s must-watch movies list for 2014. Nolan fans will want to see it because it’s the director’s first original feature since 2010′s Inception. Science enthusiasts will want to watch it because the story is based on the work of theoretical physicist Kip Thorne. And everyone else will want to see it because of Matthew McConaughey’s winning smile.

For the people who are still on the fence about checking it out, however, a new teaser trailer has arrived that offers a first look at what to expect from this ambitious new wormhole-travelling drama.

The original script for Interstellar was penned by the director’s brother, Jonathan Nolan, and later revised by Christopher Nolan in order to incorporate some of his own original ideas. The story takes place in a future where Earth’s climate has made it impossible to grow enough crops to sustain the population, and so a swell team of explorers are tasked with using a wormhole to find fresh land for cultivation.

Check out the film’s official logo, below:


Interstellar logo 570x210 Interstellar Teaser Trailer: Our Destiny Lies Above Us

Starring alongside McConaughey are Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Casey Affleck, Topher Grace, John Lithgow and Nolan mainstay Michael Caine. The reveal of the trailer was accompanied by the launch of an official site for the movie, as well as Facebook and Twitter pages, and the above logo in stylish black and white.

First impressions are very important, so tell us in the comments if this teaser trailer leaves you dispassionate or desperate for more.


Interstellar opens in regular and select IMAX theaters on November 7th, 2014.

Source: Paramount Pictures

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  1. I think directors release teasers like this a year before the movie comes out because they are looking for feedback and probably ideas about the movie they are making. They probably haven’t come close to completing said projects and are simply crowd sourcing, and have teams of people reading these comments on the big sites.

    That said, the main reason we haven’t traveled into space is because it would leave humanity with the LINGERING feeling that we actually live on a planet (ball of rock in space) instead of only feeling that way when we are lonely teens on the edge of the world (roadtrips, endless nights). So, more important than breaking the sound barrier is 1)the man who does it 2)the sound it makes (in his ears). 3)The fact that the rest of his life is spent at a normal speed. 4)The question of whether anyone can relate to another person’s breaking their own _______.

    • I’d say that lingering feeling is something we’ve already been experiencing for the last forty years. The “petit mort” period since the last moon landings, and the realisation that the Space Age – far from ushering in a future of unlimited potential – lasted a scant fifteen years before people tired of its lack of long-term purpose and real ambition. As far back as 1977 JG Ballard was saying of the solipsism of the imminent computer revolution: “The strongest currents in our lives have been flowing in the opposite direction altogether, carrying us ever deeper into the exploration not of outer but of inner space.”

      • “petite mort”, even

  2. I’m excited about this movie, and I like a lot of McConaughey’s work… but his voice over was offputting or out of place somehow. Maybe it’s the accent, maybe it’s him usually playing sorta dopey characters and in this clip he’s trying to be dramatic. Not sure.

    • Dopey? I don’t think so. He’s more emotional than dopey.

      • I’ve seen him in a lot of dopey roles. Not talking about this movie when I posted that.

    • McConaughey should never do voice over stuff. I admire the fact that he has had a whole career where he has never done a different accent. Probably because from the very beginning he made it clear that he was hopeless in doing accents. Yet he has still had a very successful career and looks to be continuing it for quite some time. I think more actors should be humbler about what they can and cannot do. Too many accents, too many roles where they get fat, or slim down or muscle up. Other than Dallas Buyers Club, I think MMcM has always had pretty much the same look, same hairstyle, same physique.

  3. This trailer brought to mind America’s current lack of a space program…

    I guess spending ourselves into massive debt, we just don’t have the money for it anymore.

    • Boy I should hope so, that’s what he was talking about in the narration :D

      I am with you there. I always dreamed of being alive long enough to see a colony on the moon.

    • @Jeff,

      It brought to mind something worse.

      Even though we are evolving our ‘information technologies’, the internet has hindered our progress in other technological advancements. It has distracted us. If we took a quick step back, we would realize that our society is not advanced.

      We are too busy bitching at each other, and we forgot why our country existed in the first place. Entitlements and Internets are not the future.

      • Sad, isn’t it…what is happening to this once great nation and people.

        I pray things change in my lifetime, but I am not optimistic, with the prevailing trend as of late…

    • NASA cost half a penny on every tax dollar.

  4. looks like a commercial for Virgin Galactic

  5. The synopsis is intriguing and excites me about the movie, but the trailer really put me off. Not nearly as interesting as it needed to be/could be.

    • They started filming in August and Christopher Nolan tends to spend longer than most filming his movies, so they are probably still filming or recently wrapped filming, so there really isn’t a lot of “viewable” material yet. The premise definitely sounds awesome and I think Christopher Nolan will deliver (per usual).

  6. Looks interesting but it doesn’t show much, I think this and Godzilla are the films I want to see the most in 2014, the Godzilla teaser rips this one though..

  7. Seems promising, Nolan always makes me go to the movie theaters

  8. I am looking foward to this because it’s a big movie with original content. Not some remake or sequel.

  9. Yep, I’ll be watching this one, I do believe!

  10. Our Destiny Lies Above Us… a truer statement could not be said. I’m looking forward to returning to a non-batman Nolan, I’ve been a fan of his since Memento, and this one looks to be very good. perhaps it can inspire some young folks to look to the stars with a determination to one day travel there. it is why we are here. the movie seems to point out that it’s also a matter of our survival. I love Kip Thorne’s work so I’m intrigued to see what Nolan does with this.

  11. Maybe I’m off-base here, but does anyone else think it’s really weird when people say “It doesn’t show very much” on a TEASER? This happens a lot lately, an example would be the teaser for Man of Steel where lots of people griped that it just teased and didn’t show much. It’s like complaining because the habanero sauce is too spicy.

    • “Things are getting too spicy for the pepper!”

  12. Trailer tells me nothing nooooothiiiinnnng.

    • That’s what the $14 in your pocket is for.

  13. 13 seconds of the actual movie footage was shown…and still did not receive the “traveling through wormholes idea” More like, a documentary that isn’t intriguing…

    • Oh, yeah. That’s because, like all good stories, the setting or “thing happening” is really just a way to tell a story about the people involved. This teaser sets up the core of the film nicely. (the core being humanity growing, the people going on this mission discovering who they are and who we are, etc).

      • Agreed. And, as I pointed out in another comment, they started filming in August. They are probably about done filming or just completed, but either way, it is WAY too early for extended cuts of the actual movie at this point. And it is a TEASER. People complain that too much is shown in teasers and trailers these days and that the movie is ruined, then they complain when too little is shown. Everyone, just wait for the movie to come out!

  14. I trust Nolan to deliver the goods but yeaaah. Not a great teaser.

  15. I was excited by the trailer, until I read what the movie was about.

  16. As 1. a Christopher Nolan fan, 2. someone who, as a child, was very inspired and fascinated by space exploration, the Apollo project, NASA, etc., and 3. someone who is disappointed and slightly disturbed by our country’s current lack of a space program, I must say I am very excited for this film.

  17. Over 18 trillion dollars in debt and you want a space program? Maybe you should pay back the debt first and start looking after all the millions that live through poverty in your country before thinking about space!

  18. After viewing the teaser twice, I must say I think it is great. The speech, if listened to carefully, is quite emotional and inspirational. I did experience an emotional response to it. The music was very appropriate and enhanced the experience. I hope someone identifies the piece used.

    Also, I think someone who hasn’t heard anything about this movie, might notice the juxtaposition of the cornfield references and the space program references and wonder what is the connection between them especially after seeing the rocket seeming rise from a cornfield. (Let’s hope they aren’t thinking the rocket is fueled by ethanol! LOL!)
    Cue the title and you’ve got a lock.

  19. I really enjoyed the music on that. Zimmer seems a bit more melodic then usual on that i piece. I like that.

  20. Didn’t Avatar have a teaser trailer where it showed random clips of Earth..? Also didn’t tell us anything, and in the end had nothing to do with the movie.
    I was too put off by the voiceover accent. It felt forced, overly dramatic, and then the line ‘our destiny lies above us’… Yawn.

    So bad teaser (compared to the also not showing anything teaser of House of Cards season 2), they should’ve done something different. Movie could still be great though.

  21. is this movie really about space corn

    • It’s about quadrotriticale.

  22. Another environmental movie? Boring!

    • I know right, Eff you Earth,

  23. While I’m interested it this movie,I felt like this teaser gave me absolutely nothing,like most teasers.

    Nolan has yet to disappoint me,and at the very least,since this movie has Jessica Chastain in it,it’s an automatic watch no matter what.

  24. Man of Steel – teaser shows nothing about plot but told few words and showed a flying man and thus everyone were hyped about because we knew we’ll see man’s life and superhuman action.
    Gravitation – teaser was pretty much like a trailer, we knew what we get from the start and thus hyped about it.
    ASM 2 – teasers show some villain and thus some people were getting excited.
    Godzilla – teaser showed enough to be hyped about.

    Interstellar – teaser shows nothing, at all. No hype, no “omg can’t wait”, i feel nothing. Sure its possible that a movie will be good but that is not how you tease.

    • The trailer conveyed a few different things to me, especially the narration. Maybe you had it muted and I didn’t? I can’t explain why you didn’t pick up on anything and I did, sorry.

      • I’d like to see the trailer you saw because the teaser that i watched has nothing special to say. Nothing knew at all. If i wouldn’t read about this movie before i would know next to nothing out of this teaser. I can easily apply this narration to any type of the movie and i mean it.

  25. Not a teaser we deserved but we got…
    Not a teaser at all.. at this point, they should have just blasted some music w/ dark space… and then ends w/ Nolan’s name.. probably should have been enough.

  26. The trailer reminded me of the opening credits of the TV show “Enterprise.” The only difference is that in “Interstellar’ they are leaving Earth in search of food, whereas in ‘Enterprise’ they left in search of exploration or because they could. One thing I do like about this premise though, is that the outcome is left up to the imagination. What will they find? Will it be hostile, magical, friendly, perplexing, or downright brutal? I think “Interstellar” doesn’t have the ‘baggage’ of a ‘Star Trek’ movie and maybe on that premise, we can be taken on an intriguing, joyous and awe-inspiring rollercoaster of a journey.

  27. This teaser sucked.

    It really did.

    I don’t appreciate the idea of taking footage from other pieces of news… events… whatever have you, and showing them to me as a documentary.

  28. How does this provide any idea of what to expect from the film? It was mostly old stock footage, and one scene from the film. It was basically useless, and I would have rather not seen it because the film is a year away so it makes the wait that much longer.