‘Interstellar’ Trailer #2 Description Online; Debuts with ‘Godzilla’ in Theaters [Updated]

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interstellar matthew mcconaughey christopher nolan Interstellar Trailer #2 Description Online; Debuts with Godzilla in Theaters [Updated]

[UPDATE: Scroll down for the official Interstellar teaser poster!]

Christopher Nolan is one of the handful of filmmakers currently active whose name as director on a movie alone guarantees a sizable audience, and this year he’s back with his first original project in four years: cinematic space odyssey Interstellar (following Nolan’s not-so-rewarding venture as producer on his cinematographer Wally Pfister’s sci-fi feature debut Transcendence last month).

In his usual fashion, Nolan is keeping his cards close to his chest on this one, though the film’s initial teaser trailer alludes to a storyline wherein a man named Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) leads an expedition to the stars, in the hopes of finding a way to save humanity in the face of an impending apocalypse on Earth. The next Interstellar trailer, judging by the description that has made its way online, doesn’t spill too many secrets beyond that, either.

Again, though, that’s in keeping with now-typical enigmatic pre-release buildup and hype-raising marketing techniques for Nolan’s films. Trailer #2 for Interstellar is currently attached to prints of the IMAX documentary Hubble 3D at the Smithsonian’s Air & Space Museum’s Lockheed Martin IMAX Theater, but will begin showing in regular theaters alongside fellow Warner Bros. release Godzilla, starting next week.

Ahead of its premiere online, here is a description of the second Interstellar trailer (courtesy of The Washington Post):

After a brief announcement, the trailer unspooled to show Matthew McConaughey driving his truck through corn fields while a lush orchestral score swelled in the background. Later, the fields had caught fire, an ominous dust cloud could be seen looming over a baseball game, and McConaughey (playing a character named Cooper) was reassuring his daughter that he loved her — right before being shot into space in order to save the world.

A trailer for a big Hollywood sci-fi tentpole premiering alongside a documentary screening at the Smithsonian would normally seem a bit odd, but in the case of Interstellar, it feels rather appropriate. Jonathan Nolan’s original screenplay (featuring revisions by his brother) is said to be heavily informed by theoretical physicist Kip Thorne’s ideas concerning wormholes and space travel, enough so that the film might well be a decent introduction to such complex scientific concepts – as well as a new showcase for Nolan’s brand of grand-scale spectacle, of course.

UPDATE: Check out the newly-released teaser poster for Interstellar (click the image to enlarge):

interstellar poster 691x1024 Interstellar Trailer #2 Description Online; Debuts with Godzilla in Theaters [Updated]

McConaughey – riding higher than ever following his Oscar win for Dallas Buyers Club – leads a cast for Interstellar that includes fellow Oscar-winners Anne Hathaway and Michael Caine (reuniting with Nolan once more after The Dark Knight Rises), as well as celebrated actors like Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty), David Oyelowo (The Butler), Wes Bentley (The Hunger Games), and Oscar-winner Ellen Burstyn (Draft Day), among others.

It’s not altogether clear yet who’s playing what character (or, according to the rumor mill, the same characters at different ages), though as the film’s storyline is expected to be yet another crazy non-linear narrative constructed by the Nolans – one that may include massive jumps in space and time – we’re happier not knowing exactly what to expect, ahead of time.

Environmental apocalypse, however, appears to be the driving force behind said sci-fi tomfoolery in Interstellar, going off clues provided by leaked set photos and trailer footage for the film (see: images of burning fields, dust storms, etc.). However, much like Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is about heroes searching for the light in a dark, disenchanted and cynical world, Interstellar appears to offer a more optimistic stance on a rather gloomy scenario – as the film’s tagline puts it, “Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here.”


Interstellar opens in regular and IMAX theaters in the U.S. on November 7th, 2014.

Source: The Washington Post

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  1. Can’t wait for this movie! Really think this is going to blow people away both in theme and scope.

  2. Don’t forget Casey Affleck! (and Topher Grace…. if you are into that kind of thing).

    This cast is incredible, and I absolutely cannot wait. Nolan FTW.

    • The cast is quite stellar ;)

    • Matt Damon is also in it, uncredited of course!

  3. I really hope this is good, Nolan is a great visual director, he struggles with story and plot at times, but that comes down to the script more than the direction.

    • He struggles with the story in The Dark Knight Rises.. Memento, Insomnia, The Prestige, Inception, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are fundementaly very sound. He is a great storyteller.

      • Ok i will give you insomnia and begins, but you could drive a bus through the holes in the rest. That’s not to say there not great movies, they just fall down on inspection. But man there worth inspecting.
        p.s excuse the spelling and grammar, English is my third language, not quit there yet.

        • yea, holes and bus…hmm Name them.

  4. Hope this doesn’t suck, I really do.

    • Hmmm, name me a Nolan film that truly sucked…


        The emperor had no clothes here. A story with major league size plot holes, a 3rd rate villian, and laughable stunt work (what did the script read? “BANE THROWS A HAYMAKER, WAYNE DUCKS”)

        You want to know how lazy the writing was here? The entire plot hinges on Bane acquiring the use of the Wayne Enterprises applied sciences prototypes.

        If you knew anything about prototypes – any kind of prototype – is that they break. THEY FREAKING BREAK. That’s why they are prototypes. Bane isn’t very smart at all if he’s going to take down Gotham City with 3 prototype tumblers is he?

        Don’t even get me started on the stunt work, and the second unit.

        Chris Nolan really needs to make a James Bond movie. That way, the James Bond stunt team can finally show him how to make a proper action movie.

        • You still didn’t tell me why the movie sucked…

          • TDKR had boring fight scenes. I won’t criticize the plot because it seemed passable, but I agree with Dazz that TDK was overpraised due to Ledger – he did great despite all the crap people said about a heartthrob playing Joker.

            TDK didn’t do anything to explain Joker’s background. He was an interchangeable loon who blew sht up. True to chaotic form, no rhyme or reason given…but yeah, literally ANY villain could have killed Bruce’s love and wreaked havoc. Fun scenes, but the way Joker is used is just like any one-off bad guy that gets killed in Die Hard, etc.

            • Hey Sage,

              Christopher Nolan explained why Joker’s origin wasn’t touched in TDK, and that’s because Nolan intended for Joker to be an “absolute”. Making him untouchable in a sense, since they have nothing on him. Joker even says himself in the film, “You have nothing, nothing to threaten me with.” I might be off a few words, but that’s the gist of it. The fight scenes, there were barely any, were very grounded I agree, but TDK was more of a crime thriller than an action film, no? TDK got the praise it deserved not only because of Heath Ledger but also because of Nolan’s ability to tell stories in a very distinctive and effective way. Besides the direction there were many other elements that contributed to the critical praise TDK got especially during Oscar season (cinematography, sound mixing, editing, visual effects and a few others).

              As for the Joker being a “one-off” bad guy, let’s not forget that the actor who played the Joker did pass away, so any plans for using the character in TDKR died with him. I believe in the novelization the Joker was mentioned to be held somewhere (I forget where I apologize). The Joker wasn’t a “one-off” character it was just unfortunate for Ledger to have passed away.

        • Actually, I found TDKR to be an excellent 3rd film in the DK trilogy. As for the prototype, they made the point it had been tested successfully, so THAT’S not even an issue (even if it were, they also showed Bane to be quite capable of acquiring necessary materials and personnel). The stunts were more than adequate (many of them were excellent, in fact).

          It’s a shame you didn’t get to see the great film that I saw.

          Thus, farbot question remains legitimate…and unanswered.

          • Agreed, never really answered the question.

            Me personally, I class TDKR as the second best of TDK trilogy (right behind Batman Begins with TDK last because as great as it is, Heath Ledger really elevated the movie above and beyond and gave it slightly undeserved praise for a movie that should’ve really ended when they caught The Joker and saved the Two-Face stuff for another time as a potential prologue, not to mention that the main story itself was lacking at times).

            Saying that, I really hope this trailer’s attached to the Godzilla screening I’m going to since it opens here on Thursday May 15th.

        • Even it it’s true that it sucked (which I would disagree with, even though it was disappointing for me), that’s one…out of how many?

          Nolan’s body of work speaks for itself.

        • @Fred “Prototypes break”.?That is retarded logic. If that’s all you got, good luck

          • Unacceptable use of the word “retarded”. Do you have a heart? Some people have retarded family members. How would you like it if your brother, sister, or cousin was developmentally disabled or “special” and someone used the word “retarded” as a pejorative insult?

            Normally I don’t respond to remarkable displays of stupidity such as yours but you did call my bluff, so here is the story logic:

            • Though everyone in the world would know of the stock market raid and the use of that terminal by the crooks, no one would question the validity of trades made in Bruce’s name. Despite the fact everyone in the world saw the criminal at the terminal?

            • The loss of Wayne’s money would result in him being removed from the board. That’s rather lucky for Bane, isn’t it?

            • Wayne’s departure would automatically result in a schemer’s succession, and that would somehow ‘give control’ of the corporation. Again, another stroke of luck for Bane. This is one lucky bad guy.

            • This control would somehow extend to the closed fusion reactor project. Bane, luck is thy name.

            Nothing in this computes. The younger Nolan’s TV experiment “Person of Interest” is infinitely more clever than this movie.

            Hey, I’ll buy the stadium bit, and the bomb, and the citizen trials because they all make sense in the storyworld. But not the stock market bit, and not the prototype bit.

            The second thing that got me… and this is because I know too much. In ‘Iron Man,’ it worked to have Tony Stark be a supergenius inventor, whose company also secretly made cool gear even with the perky secretary in charge. It makes no sense to me to have a company run by an avuncular caretaker – that’s the extremely old Morgan Freeman for those of you not paying attention – make military weapons and for those to be sequestered as they are here, in the basement of the corporate headquarters?

            Military systems in general aren’t really that sophisticated. All prototypes break. Everyone who pays attention knows about them. They take scads of people to develop. They take 15 years to design. If Wayne had that kind of money (modestly say $800B), other things would be vastly different. So this movie fails. You cannot create a universe with a strict rule of logic, then violate that logic.

            The Marvel universe works better so far as the gear.

            • Boom

        • So much desperation by The Fred.

          88 on Rotten Tomatoes! 78 on Metacritic!

      • Can’t, I’ve never seen one that “truly sucked”, but there are a few average ones. Not to say this will be average or sucky but I won’t use past work as an indicator of the future.

      • I want to explain in the most articulate and descriptive way possible, the underlying problems with the TDKR. or as you put it(why it sucks) so here goes. it was poop, smelly smelly,batman shaped poop.

    • I doubt it will. Nolan does a good job in providing some excellent movies. Maybe there are issues with the story here and there but it’s nothing that takes away from the overall experience.

  5. This is going to be a spectacular film.

  6. Most anticipated film of 2014, for me.

    • Mine, too.

  7. I need a film like this in my life right now. Humanity has been pissing me off for quite some time now. I need less reasons to hate them.

    • Agreed! I think Nolan will create a movie filled of hope!

  8. I’m sorry, but wasn’t that the exact description for the last trailer, which was sorta bland imo? All the same, I think Nolan is the best in the business right now in terms of trailers for his films, although this one has disappointed (just judging from the first). I expect this film to be another very good showcase, although he can leave out the long laggy parts that are in each of his films and cut down and edit some of that. I think McCougnahey is a decent actor. Obviously, he has his Oscar in cart (in all honesty who cares about Oscars? It’s just a panel of people and their opinions; everyone is entitled to their own). Jessica Chastain is pretty good. Casey Affleck is underrated. Then there’s Matt Damon, who’s in an unspecified role but hopefully it’s a major part of the film, who is one of the best actors out there. Anne Hathaway has quickly become one of the best actresses out there. So yeah, should be interesting. Not to mention that this is Nolan’s first film without Wally Pfister (I’m surprised Transcendence bombed the way it did, it looked interesting; then again I didn’t see it, so I’m interested to here why people thought that way although that is their belief and I may take something different away from it than they did). Ok, I’m outta breath. That’s how I feel about Interstellar.

    • Are you kidding me? I watched the teaser like at least twice haha. Seriously though…that narration my McConaughy gave me chills! It was a perfect teaser IMO

    • If you want the whole movie to be told to you in the trailer, such as ALMOST EVERY TRAILER BEING RELEASED RIGHT NOW, go ahead and do your tantrum.

  9. This is exciting but I’m hesitant to watch the trailer, trailers today no matter how discrete ruins the excitement and surprise element in movies… on the other hand I trust nolan and his marketing people to not do that in his trailers, part of the reason why I was disappointed in TDKR was I raped all the replay buttons on the trailers, while I never saw the trailer for inception.

    A Nolan movie is like the super bowl + World Cup + Olympics for me. Really excited. Only Movies I’m watching this year in theaters are Godzilla, Guardians of the Galaxy and Interstellar.

  10. Best. Tagline. Ever.

  11. This is the most anticipated movie of 2014 for me. I really like what they did with the whole science fiction thing. Everytime I see the teaser trailer it gives me the chills. Cause everything that the voice over of Matthew tells in there is true. We need to invest more into new space programs. New discoveries. Our destiny doesn’t lie here on earth. It lies above us. We are explorers, pioneers. Hopefully this will inspire a entirely new generation of people to go beyond what we do now on earth. Let’s break the laws of physics again.

  12. I’m not sure why but I keep focusing on the “inter” of the title. It makes me think inter space…. And then quantum physics. I feel that “inter” is in connection with how the wormholes work or something. Or maybe I’m looking too much into the title.

  13. For info I just got back from watching Godzilla in the uk (it was amazing) but no intersteller trailer.

    • @Mark, did you watch this in real imax (not lie max) and what other trailer did it show? Transformer in full screen ?

  14. @javaxtra Hey. I saw it on a regular cinema screen and in 2D. A lot of the muto and godzilla scenes take place in the dark and I can imagine sticking some shades on for 3D would be it’s usual lame. My friend saw it after me (also regular size and 2D) at cineworld and it had the intersteller trailer. I was at Odeon. Both in Sheffield. I don’t recall the trailers tbh, nothing stood out. There was definitely an x-men though.

  15. I got back from seeing Godzilla in the Manchester (UK) AMC and they played the trailer before hand. It was rather impressive. This description doesnt quite cover it.