‘Interstellar’ Trailer #3: Christopher Nolan’s Space Odyssey

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Dark Knight trilogy and Inception director Christopher Nolan has never failed to think big (nor balked at ambitious ventures), but his upcoming film Interstellar - based on a script that was co-written by his brother, Jonathan, and informed by the space travel theories of astrophysicist Kip Thorne – looks as though it has the potential to be his most impressive creation to date, judging by the latest trailer.

The project remains largely hidden away behind a curtain ahead of its theatrical debut (as all Nolan productions have been for years now), but it’s been revealed that the film’s story revolves around a pilot named Cooper (Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey) who undertakes a far-reaching space mission – a journey that represents a last ditch effort to save humanity from extinction, in the wake of a global ecological collapse on Earth.

Nolan and McConaughey premiered the latest Interstellar trailer at the San Diego Comic-Con last week (read our recap of the film’s panel), but it is now online for everyone else to watch (see the top of this article). It was originally available to be unlocked via the official Interstellar website, by entering the code 7201969 (which represents the date of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, on July 20, 1969).

interstellar trailer anne hathaway Interstellar Trailer #3: Christopher Nolans Space Odyssey

Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey was cited as being a heavy influence on Interstellar by Nolan, when he spoke during the film’s Comic-Con panel. The movie’s latest trailer suggest just as much, in terms of just the sheer scale and grand cosmic imagery on display. (How cool is that final shot of a foreign planet going to look in IMAX, right?)

Of course, as is true for all of Nolan’s films, the impressive spectacle has a very intimate emotional core: a story of a father, who just wants his children to feel safe and not dread what tomorrow may bring. There’s a meta element to the proceedings as well, seeing how Nolan is someone who remains optimistic about cinema’s future (read his essay on the subject), and the parallels between the filmmaking industry and the setting from Interstellar are readily apparent, metaphorically speaking.

Combine all that with a great cast - one that includes Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Casey Affleck, and (of course) Michael Caine, among others – and there seems to be a pretty good chance that Interstellar will prove to be a true modern sci-fi classic.

Interstellar opens in U.S. theaters on November 7th, 2014.

Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. Even though the trailers are dull (and I didn’t like TDK nor TDKR…), I’m going to watch this one simply because Nolan directed it.

    • What??

  2. For years I was turned off by McConaughey doing dopey movies but the last few he’s really taking decent roles and knocking them out of the park. Few scenes in the trailers look pretty emotional, Im going to give this one a shot. (I like about half of Nolan’s work, this one does seem a bit slow but I think it’s worth a chance)

  3. I’m a Sci-Fi nut so I can’t wait for this, could be Nolan’s best work yet, some of those space scenes looks nuts, I don’t get the people who say this looks boring, are we watching the same trailer here??

    • Some people have the attention span of a newt.

  4. I enjoyed the first two trailers but this one really takes the cake for me. This one shows more of the mindbending inception-esque stuff like that weird silver thing going across the water and what looks like two worlds on top of eachother in that other shot. I love the crazy visuals. You mix those with Nolan’s trademark storytelling and awesome writing and the end product is gonna be pretty stellar. (pun intended)

    I was psyched but now I’m totally sold on the movie. Take my money.

  5. Pink aliens Space trees. Sold.

  6. Nolan films are head banging dull, predictable and pretentious. Give me a Michael bay film any day. At least bay understands what it means to be active American and patriot.

    • Nolan’s English.
      Btw did you actually salute to the banner while writing this post?

    • Because Transformers 4 is masterful filmmaking.

  7. This is going to be freakin’ incredible. Can’t wait!

  8. What the …? There was no wow effect that comic con reactions of some people suggested. Quite an ordinary trailer with one nice not wow picture at the end.
    All this marketing bulls**t of showing someones nice reaction and then trailer seems awful. They build too much attention without showing anything that might just flop and leave a bad taste.

    • I agree. I was kinda expecting something really different based on all the crazy reactions we kept reading about. At the end it was just OK, but there wasn’t anything particularly ‘wow’ about the Earth parts, and there were a couple cool space shots but nothing to get hyper over. Maybe we shouldn’t trust SDCC reactions, it’s probably just partially the excitement of being there anyway…

    • Reactions to Nolan’s trailers are emotional, not visual. Don’t expect to “See” some fancy SFX that will blow you away; expect a breathtaking story that will shake your emotions. There are more ways to have fun in a movie rather than ‘seeing’ mindblowing stuff, you know.

  9. I hope Interstellar would be up to the trailer.

  10. I was really stoked about this movie because I like most of Nolan’s work. I love science-fiction, but none of the trailers thus far have gotten me hyped for this film. It just feels like the trailers are missing something.

  11. I know it’s not cool or hip to talk about awards and it’s still only July but if Nolan really delivers here he should start rehearsing his Oscar speech for Best Director.

    Again it’s early but I remember last year when we started seeing more and more footage from Gravity it became clear that Alfonso Cuaron was going to be the frontrunner.

    On a side note…
    Has Nolan ever commented on or has it been discussed that the Syncopy logo (his production company) looks just like the maze from The Shining?

    Not that it matters any but we know he’s a huge Kubrick fan and I’ve thought for a while now that the logo is a cool way to pay homage.

  12. I think the space shots look like frosting on a cake. It looks unrealistic. Nolan is a decent director yes, but saying he can win oscar before the film comes out? Pull your heads outta your butts please. This movie looks anything but Interstellar, the percise acting of the movie has me hooked. The story, eh. The visuals, eh. But it’s a movie I’m going to watch.

    • Hey dumbass, it’s a trailer. The effects probably aren’t even done yet. You’re judging this from watching this on your computer or most likely your phone.

      • Hey dumbass, I evaluated the trailer from my point of view. Anything wrong with that?

    • Sphynx001 why don’t you take your own advice.

      “The story, eh. The visuals, eh”

      As you said, how can you judge any of that before the film comes out? If your gonna give advice at least make sure it doesn’t contradict everything you said in the previous 2 sentences!

      • If you can read correctly, I judged the trailer based on what it showed. The visuals didn’t impress me much. Why the hate? It’s my opinion and I still want to see it. The acting in the trailer alone was very good. I am judging this film as well becausr this page is crawling with people who want it nominated before it releases. Is having a negative tone against a movie bad? Seriously, the people who praise before they know anything are praised. The people who ate skeptical get hated. Take a joke and learn some common sense.

  13. 2 words : Oscar Nomination.

  14. Gonna be epic. Movie of the year for sure!

  15. WOW, a lot of seemingly emotionless people commenting on this.. If any of these trailers for Interstellar don’t move you or get you stoked for this movie then there’s something wrong… and the guy who said he didn’t like TDK OR TDKR, for real!?!?!. oh well, can’t account for lack of taste I suppose.

  16. Wow, this preview looks so boring. Is the movie any better? It seems to be getting good reviews for the most part but my gawd this preview is boring.