Matt Damon Joins Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ & May Direct Film from ‘Argo’ Screenwriter

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Matt Damon Promised Land gallery primary Matt Damon Joins Christopher Nolans Interstellar & May Direct Film from Argo Screenwriter

Little is known about the plot of Christopher Nolan’s new sci-fi thriller Interstellar, which is based on theoretical physicist Kip Thorne’s ideas on the subject of wormholes, other than the fact that it will follow the adventures of a pioneering group of explorers who become the first humans to travel vast distances through space.

One thing we do know a lot about, however, is the cast list, which has been growing expansively and impressively. Jessica Chastain, Anna Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey are all signed on for significant roles, and will be joined by Casey Affleck (who is currently making waves with his performance in Ain’t Them Bodies Saints), Requiem for a Dream star Ellen Burstyn, John Lithgow, Wes Bentley, David Gyasi and quite a few more.

Just as he did with Inception, Nolan has been steadily gathering an ensemble cast of fairly big Hollywood names for Interstellar, and as filming begins another actor has been added to the list. The Playlist reports that Matt Damon has joined Interstellar in “a small, undisclosed role,” and will be on set in Iceland for two weeks out of the four month shooting schedule.

A smaller role might be all that Damon has time for, as Deadline reports that he has also entered negotiations to make his directorial debut with Paramount Pictures’ true-life thriller The Foreigner. The script was penned by Chris Terrio, writer of last year’s true story drama Argo, for which Damon’s long-time friend and acting partner Ben Affleck won a Best Picture Academy Award. Needless to say, a lot of interested eyes will be watching to see what Damon does with Terrio’s material, since the actor also won an Academy Award for screenwriting (jointly with Affleck) after Good Will Hunting, but is so far untested as a director.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in Dogma Matt Damon Joins Christopher Nolans Interstellar & May Direct Film from Argo Screenwriter

Though Damon recently dismissed the idea of playing Robin to Affleck’s Batman, his involvement in a Nolan project may well raise questions about whether he might be joining the DC universe in the future. Nolan was only tangentially involved with Man of Steel and there’s no guarantee that he’ll return to do another comic book movie, but the director has used certain actors (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Caine, Christian Bale etc.) on more than one movie, so this could potentially be the start of an ongoing working relationship between him and Damon.

While we’re speculating, however, there’s currently a (very shaky) rumor floating around that Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas are no longer working on Snyder’s film as executive producers, after Affleck’s casting announcement went out with their names “conspicuously absent” from the list of people involved. If this means anything at all, it’s likely only that Nolan and Thomas have reduced involvement in Batman vs. Superman due to focusing on Interstellar, so take the headlines about Nolan storming out of Warner Bros over Affleck’s casting with a big pinch of salt.

Tell us in the comments what you think Matt Damon’s role in Interstellar could be. Will he play a human character that’s left behind on Earth, or will he don some forehead ridges and play an alien?


Interstellar opens in regular and select IMAX theaters on November 7th, 2014.

Source: The Playlist, Deadline

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  1. Christopher Nolan is a director whom should he
    call any actor it is hard for that actor to say no.

    • Spambot alert.

  2. In Nolan I trust – except for TDKR which was a rushed cash grab

    • -1

      I disagreed completely, TDKR is one of my favorite movies of 2012. A great movie in my opinion.

      • Totally agreed TDKR is too compressed and too thematically packed as a conclusion for Batman…However, it is understandable that some might find it to be rather bland than previous installment…

      • I don’t think it was perfect, or as good as its predecessors, but I still enjoyed it and found it substantive and ultimately satisfying.

        • I agree. The big mistake was trying to turn batman into a war hero. But batman is a crime fighter (even more then he is a superhero). They did a great job setting that up in TDK then kinda ignored it.

          • the mistake was fitting almost a whole year of time within one film. that is the only mistake imo because any problems I had was the result of that.

            • +1

              Agreed. the way week passed in last 40-50 minutes felt really odd and uneven. Still one of my fav film from 2012.

          • I thought it made sense that he ended up being a type of war hero. Something very similar happened in the end of Dark Knight Returns if I remember correctly.

            • It does make sense he is ment to inspire

      • +1

    • I actually found that the three DK films got better as the series progressed. In other words, I am THAT person who loved TDKR even more than the previous films, AND I felt that it closed the trilogy both brilliantly and beautifully.

      I cannot wait to see what wonders are simmering in “Interstellar” and am happy to see Damon joining the cast in whatever role. I think the cast and the ideas (as far as any of us actually know) are shaping up rather intriguingly and well.

      • AMEN!!!!!

    • TDKR was a major disappointment. The story on paper was good though. But the execution, and Nolan’s leniency to escape the realistic theme of the previous two films was what most maddened me. The jail in the middle of no where having electricity, never being flooded, and the idea that no one was rescued from there…Bruce’s Knee brace…ALL of the cops trapped…Bane’s army was never shot on a wide scale, it looked like he had twenty troops. Batman’s back magically healing. Yeah right. How can you take the film seriously? I could understand if this was an Avengers film or any of the cartoonish comic films. But Nolan’s base is reality, and all of this was a quick fix away from becoming realistic again.

      And omg, the fight scenes were horrible, the requisite explanation lines during those scenes…Nolan’s inability to inspire sub text was most prevalent, “Look at this, now look at this, this is what this is, do you understand, now how about another character who’s doing what, (why haven’t we talked about this before off screen).” He played the audience as if we can’t play catch up. Sub text should only be absent in movies like Inception.

      and again, what exactly happened in that movie? The last hour was robin and gordon running around the streets chasing trucks. Alfred crying, are you serious. I like how they stole that scene from Die Hard where ALL of the cops were lured elsewhere. The thing is, it’s more believable in Die Hard because the bomb was a Lure in a public school.

      This is how I judge movies. Can I come up with a better idea? Azrael would have taken that movie over the top, though he doesn’t really fit into the Ra’s themed trilogy. If you write down what happened in that movie and read it back to yourself, would you be impressed?

      “Dinner mansion party, catwoman steals jewelry, gordon in sewer finds bane, cop visits orphanage, cop knows who batman is, bane robs wallstreet, batman chases him-turns around-gets in batwing(such action), batman gets lured into sewer, loses to bane, gets first class ticket to jail, bane talks to him, sets up cable television so he can watch, batman heals, escapes, meanwhile, undercover police run the streets, chase truck-runtime 45min, batman returns, huge fight scene of cops against army in the city, make it like braveheart though, batman on a bum leg and new back somehow defeats bane, Ra’s daughter is revealed, so is robin, I’m so awesome at writing, write that down too”

      Now write down TDK, Inception, Gladiator…but like I said on paper the ideas were perfect, but the ideas weren’t explored symbolically through the screen play. By killing Ra’s in the original, it fueled his daughter and she came to finish the war. The symbol of Batman gave birth to Robin(his equal) and possibly catwoman(another equal). Bruce considered two lawyers equal with Harvey and Rachel, who both follow the conformed creed to getting their goals accomplished, they are not equals and they didn’t survive. Bruce finds Catwoman and Robin as equals. Robin quits the police, takes matters into his own hands, goes beyond the badge. Catwoman waves in morality. But almost matches Bruce’s drive to his goals, without much money to back her. The mansion scene should have been cut, the truck scene at the end especially, a lot of these scenes were unnecessary. Strong character driven views by Bane were necessary however, his voice robbed him of being scary at all. The only thing I was impressed with Bane that totally hid his laughable voice was the “Do you feel in charge” line.

  3. Christopher Nolan is someone you CANT reject.

  4. Ben Affleck as Batman! I immediately thought that Chris Nolan had nothing to do on his casting. I also felt as well that he may not come back as a producer for the second movie. So when you talk about his potential absence in the sequel, I think it is not far from the truth imho… but you never know… However, After the initial shock, I could picture affleck as Bruce but as the Bat? I will wait for some footage… Either way, I am excited for what Ben might have in store for us with his take on the character.
    Chris Nolan is hiring the best of the best in Hollywood and he reminds me of hitchcock when it comes to the vibe of his movies from The casting to the final product at the movies.
    (Sigh), I cannot wait for 2015

    MAN of STEEL 2 (Most Anticipated)
    STAR WARS 7 (2nd Most)
    AVENGERS’ ULTRON (3rd Most)


  5. Does every actor have to direct now ?

    • No but the ones that wish to should.

  6. just when i thought i couldnt get any more excited for this film, they cast Matt Damon! yay

  7. Leonardo DiCaprio was in another Nolan movie?

    • That was meant to say Joseph Gordon-Levitt… and now it does.


      • “Editception”
        Did you just coin a word, Hanna?

        Is the movie Inception part of the
        etymology or exception as
        in edit exception?

        • The answer to that is… etymception.

          • Making it an answer…within an answer.

    • I think he meant Cilian Murphy, big difference lol

  8. Really didn’t expect Damon to be part of Interstellar, even if it’s for a small role.

    • Mat Damon is a good actor, is small role anyway, so it should not ruin the movie for you.

  9. I’ll give Interstellar a look on Netflix when available!

    • What If it has a great trailer and amazing reviews?

    • See you on opening night

  10. Damon’s an actor I dislike yet I have to admit he’s turned in some respectable performances in his career. He does well with ensembles, especially when he isn’t in the lead role. (Geronimo, Courage Under Fire, True Grit, to name a few.) I can only hope this proves true with Interstellar as well, as the cast is becoming headliner-heavy.

    • I dislike Damon too and thought the same and since
      this is part of an ensemble and not a leading role
      Matt can be effective with True Grit being
      the best example of a role I liked him in.

      • The Departed. He played is part so good that I truly hated him.

        • Yeah, he worked well in that.
          Another ensemble movie.

    • I respect him, but just find him rather boring.

      • Boring. That may just be the word.

        He deadens the screen when he’s
        the main focus slowing down time.
        The net result then equals boring.

  11. It’s been my fantasy that Nolan and Damon would work together. Freaking fantastic!

  12. I actually imagine it more along the lines of Nolan leaving the production chair, and then Affleck being cast. But whatever.

    Nolan and Jessica Chastain is a happy thought.

  13. This proves Nolan could get any actors he wants. Its great to see that he is using that power now to get people he haven’t seen before. Next Id love for him to do a film with Idris Elba.

    • I really hope he works with Idris Elba one day. That would be awesome!

    • Nolan is the best right now and actors know it better than anyone.
      And the best is yet to come with Christopher. He’s one of the greats.

  14. Wow. As if my anticipation for this movie couldn’t get any higher, they go and get Damon. It’s probably going to be a small role with only a few scenes. I’m guessing he’s going to be to Interstellar what Tom Berenger was to Inception. Big name guy, he’ll be the last one billed on the poster, and he’ll be in a few scenes.

    It’s definitely cool to see such a big name star take a step back and play a side character. He did it a few years ago in True Grit, which was great. Let’s go Damon!!!

  15. I hope Dicaprio and Nolan work together again, same goes for Hardy great actors.

  16. Hopefully Nolan (and his stable), Affleck & Damon, and Synder & Goyer coalesce into a big DCCU team.

  17. In Nolan we trust.

  18. “Though Damon recently dismissed the idea of playing Robin to Affleck’s Batman, his involvement in a Nolan project may well raise questions about whether he might be joining the DC universe in the future.”

    I was originally going to comment about how this is a total stretch and a silly thing to add to the article, but honestly stranger things have happened.

  19. Matt Damon is a stand up guy. He’s been in some pretty bland movies recently (haven’t seen Elysium yet), but it’s awesome to hear he’s getting to work with Nolan, albeit a small role.

    I cannot wait for Interstellar!!!!

  20. As an A-List actor you sign on to work with Nolan, and you make sure you agree to residual compensation based on box office and rental gross returns. Do that once and you’ll never have to work again.

  21. Matt Damon… (In Team America voice.)