Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ Secures a November 2014 Release Date

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christopher nolan interstellar release date Christopher Nolans Interstellar Secures a November 2014 Release Date

New Christopher Nolan and Justice League rumors seemingly appear every other day now, but we have little to no reason to take any seriously (yet, anyway). Besides, it’s more interesting to discuss what the filmmaker is making next, as a followup to his Dark Knight trilogy finale: the sci-fi project Interstellar, based on an original script written by his brother Jonathan Nolan.

Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures are co-distributing the film, which depicts “a heroic interstellar voyage to the furthest reaches of our scientific understanding.” That’s probably all the concrete information we’re going to get at this stage, based on previous experience waiting to learn about Nolan productions like Inception and The Dark Knight Rises (though, we have heard the story was influenced by Caltech astrophysicist Kip Thorne’s theories on wormholes).

Interstellar begins its theatrical run on November 7th, 2014 according to an official announcement from WB and Paramount. Its competition in the weekend box office derby includes a currently-untitled Disney 3D animated feature, prior to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 arriving two weeks later. The press release confirms it will be screening in IMAX theaters, so chances are good that C. Nolan’s planning to shoot a healthy portion of Interstellar in the native IMAX format (a la his second and third Batman movies).

We should start to hear some casting announcements for Interstellar over the next few months, given that principal photography looks to be getting going sometime this Summer. While select members of C. Nolan’s preferred go-to acting troupe will undoubtedly be involved (does Michael Caine even wait for the call anymore?), the film should feature an untested lead for a Nolan picture. At the least, Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio appear too busy for the job.

wally pfister trascendence plot details Christopher Nolans Interstellar Secures a November 2014 Release Date

Christopher Nolan and Wally Pfister filming ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Interstellar marks Christopher Nolan’s first directing effort without assistance from Oscar-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister, with the exception of his shoestring-budgeted debut Following. That’s because Pfister is keeping busy working on his own directing debut Transcendence, which Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas are producing through Syncopy Films. Similar to Interstellar, Pfister’s project revolves around contemporary (re: relevant) scientific ideas. It boasts a promising cast that includes Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall (Iron Man 3), much like Interstellar should have assembled in the foreseeable future.

We learned a couple months back that Chris Nolan is reworking his brother’s script draft, in order to incorporate his own idea(s). The filmmaker past work includes a number of interesting and recurring motifs (character types, themes, etc.), so it’s encouraging to learn he’s taking extra steps to leaves his artistic thumbprint on the screenplay for Interstellar. Frankly, at this point, it’s more than a little silly to doubt his abilities in that department.


Look for Interstellar in theaters on November 7th, 2014.


Source: Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures

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  1. Looking forward to this!

  2. So awesome. I thought WB would just put it off until Summer 2015, but I’m thrilled it’s coming out next year.

    Be interesting to see who they cast. I remember reading a while back Leo’s taking an acting break and Bale is doing the David O. Russell Abscam film right now. I bet Michael Caine will show up somewhere. And Cillian Murphy will have a bag over his head ;)

    • Michael caine will indeed be there in a side role. Cillain may even lead who knows

  3. Wow next year im really happy. Its time for him to reuse guy pearce and give him a leading role he deserves. Really excited about the november release date it shows its not a blockbuster

    • Dude definitely! I’ve been waiting for him to use Pearce again, he needs another good leading role.

    • Just because it’s not released in the summer, doesn’t mean it’s not a blockbuster movie.

      This is going to have a huge budget and it’s going to make bank.

  4. Maybe Tom Hardy will be involved and make it three great Nolan directed movies in his career unless he’s busy.

    Sounds great though even if we don’t know much about it just yet. The guy hasn’t made a bad movie so far and with this involving something I’m interested in even if I don’t fully understand it, should be good.

  5. Loved his other sci-fiish type films, especially Inception. dont really know how to catagorize Prestige? but this sounds full blown sci-fi should should be really good.

    • Prestige… hmmm sci fi drama i suppose.

    • The Prestige is purely a drama, the sci-fi is simply a part of the twist(s)

  6. Wow, looks like both Nolan & Pfister are going head-to-head (well NOT with release dates that is) with the sci-fi genre next year. ;)

    • Good point

  7. Not that this really matters but the November release is interesting IMO. You’d think that the studio would want a summer release for Nolans’ next film because a new Nolan film has become a summer blockbuster event in recent years. But, November is around the time awards season starts so I’m sure that’s a factor.

    • Yeah maybe there hoping it will be reminiscent of 2001 a space odessey if thats the case it will be an award contender

      • Oh man I really hope it’s 2001-esque….but it’s Nolan. Not to say he’s not a great director, but he’s always really really accessible. 2001 wasn’t at ALL accessible…most people who watched it said it was so boring, etc.

        That being said, here’s hoping Nolan throws out some homages in this film! Though not to the extent Tarantino homages other films…aka borderline stealing LOL

        • I think it will its known to be nolans favorite film

    • I’d guess that they wanna avoid the “dumb movie-going public” that typically throws money at films during the summer and want a more discerning audience to see it at a time when there aren’t many other huge movies releasing at the same time.

      Probably the same reasoning Thor 2 is out this November too.

    • There’s probably not enough time to film it and do post production on it for a summer release. The cream of the crop release dates are May through July and I doubt they would have time to do post production on something this massive in time.

      • Do Nolan’s films typically require extensive post production with his aversion to digital effects? I think his films are closer to completion when filming wraps than most these days…

        • It hard to see how he would get away without doing extensive post production work on Interstellar through.

    • After reading some of the other comments here I agree with those who hope that Nolan casts some actors & actresses that he hasn’t worked with before.
      Michael Caine will be cast without question though. Nolan & Thomas have said plenty of times that he’s their good luck charm so we should just move on from that topic.
      As far as who should he cast? I really have no idea. Until we know more about the plot it’s kind of pointless to guess.

      • It like to see him work with idris elba.

        • Agreed…
          I’d love to see him land a proper “staring” role for a potential blockbuster. I’m sure it will happen eventually but I hope it’s sooner rather than later.

  8. Who will be the director of photography then? Is that the correct title?

  9. More details about what Interstellar is about out there, anyone? I would be interested in hearing here.

    • The kip thorne article screenrant wrote is a good intro to what the film is about.

  10. “In Nolan we trust”

  11. I wish to see something different by Nolan like… I don’t know, strong female character or not brooding protagonist? Different cast members? And preferably, less noir-ish tone? Not that I want his signature styles to disappear completely, of course. It’s just that after years watching his movies, it starts to become predictable (in formula) and less exciting.

    That said, I still very much look forward for this Interstellar thing.

    • I thought ellen paige was a great character in inception. Along with the girl in memento. I mean its the one thing
      people point out most about nolan but between Mal, Ariadne. Natalie (memento) and selina kyle (who wa underused) nolan has given us good and immensly diffrent female characters

      • Nah, nah, I’m sorry, I should have picked my words a bit more carefully. What I mean is, a woman or girl with prominent role, who stands on her own without being engaged in a relationship with the main character defining his role. Yes, Nolan can make interesting female characters, but they are mostly in direct supporting roles for the main character. It’s his ninth film, I suppose its a good time to break this trend.

        On the other hand, Thalia and Selina are adapted from comicbook (quite accurately, I say), so they don’t really count.

        • Ah i see

    • I agree with you. It would be extremely disappointing to see the cast of “Inception” again. Although I expect to see familiar faces here and there, I would vote for Nolan taking the next step and using the opportunity to introduce a twist in the way he makes movies. The strong female character would be a good start. More humbly, a new cast would be an even better start. He had already done it in the past (with the Batman franchise), so he has the potential to.


  13. Looking Forward to this for many reasons – not least of which is his first post batman film and an original idea.
    On a different note, a correction on the last line, pre-last paragraph – the name of the film is spelt as ‘Instellar’ instead of Interstellar.

    • Thanks for the catch.

      It’s been fixed.

  14. I really would not like to see the cast of “Inception” to be ‘recycled’ into another Nolan film. Personally, I sincerely doubt it will since Inception and TDKR were filmed sort of back-to-back; at least, it’s very probable that we will see Michael Caine involved but I really crave for Nolan going back to his origins. Let Cyllian Murphy or Mallion Cotillard alone! I’d love to see Guy Pierce in the main role, for example.

    • Yes i also stated above let guy pierce show his chops

      • Cillain Murphy or Rooney Mara would make excellent leads. I’d love to see Guy Pearce in another Nolan film again.

  15. Looking forward to it. Expecting something crossed between Star Trek and Moon.

  16. I’m pulling for Guy Pearce as well. I think he would be a good leading man, and he was fantastic in Memento. Caine as well, but as stated before that’s almost a given at this point.

  17. I hope he goes for a new cast this time, Whatever he makes though its going to be quality, I loved the TDK trilogy but I still think Nolans best film is The Prestige, I loved that movie, Massively underated!

  18. I hope he take Leo

  19. I’ll be there. it sounds awesome.

  20. Ur gunna see some of the inception cast regardless cuz he signed them on for three consecutive films. (Inception, the dark knight rises ..interstellar) interstellar is the last film in the contract. Ken watanabe and cilian Murphy might be involved for sure. Obviously not bale or Dicaprio.

  21. Cillain Murphy or Rooney Mara would make excellent leads. I’d love to see Guy Pearce in another Nolan film again.

  22. oh man i hope tom hardy be in this film!

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