Intense New Dark Knight Poster Plus New Trailer News

Published 7 years ago by , Updated February 10th, 2012 at 6:50 am,
april dark knight poster sm Intense New Dark Knight Poster Plus New Trailer News

[UPDATE: Looks like the viral campaign has jerked us around and the trailer did NOT debut today, but may actually end up premiering on Sunday.]

There’s a new poster out for The Dark Knight, and I may first thought when my eyes fell upon it were:

Coolest. Poster. Ever.

Sorry Iron Man, but despite my love for you, you may have just dropped a position on my anticipation list. That’s ok though, you’re still up there in the top two.

For the full version see below.

april dark knight poster Intense New Dark Knight Poster Plus New Trailer News
The latest poster for The Dark Knight

Is that amazing, or what?

There’s also a new page on one of the original viral sites here: that shows a small lever in the upper right which when clicked reveals the poster. At the bottom of the page it also says “Four days” which folks are taking to mean that is how long until we get a new trailer.

Folks, this is going to be the best year EVER for fanboy comic book geeks like you and me!

The Dark Knight opens on July 18th.

For a much larger version of the poster head on over to

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  1. My head JUST exploded at the awesome-ness of that poster…


  2. I cried because that is the coolest poster ive ever seen.

  3. Looks very nice, definitely one of the better DK posters yet.

    Iron Man’s were still better so far tho, IMO.

  4. I really just can’t take my eyes off the damned thing…


  5. I still think from the actual trailers Ironman looks more fun, but I still can’t wait for TDK as well.

    I know it is a promo poster (and yes, very cool) but (tongue in cheek) why would batman blow up a building and stand proudly before it? Is he the Dark Knight because he is now a terrorist?

  6. that is a pretty incredible poster, I need to get one.

  7. I am SOOOOOOO going to get my theatre-friends to give that poster after TDK opens!


  8. Ink, I believe the plot of the movie is that Joker mounts a massive frame-up campaign to discredit Batman as a crime-fighter. Remember a while back there were images of multiple guys in Bat-suits, plus in the trailer Gordon smashes the Bat-signal and I’ve seen an image of them hanging him in effigy as well.


  9. I think it’s pretty obvious, by what little we can see of his face, that he is noticeably ticked off. I agree with Vic’s supposition that it is the Joker’s attempt to vilify Batman.

  10. Vic,

    I see your point. I don’t really know much about the story (on purpose), but at least it makes more sense. It is cool, visually though.

  11. Looks real good!!!!!!!!!

  12. I have got to get me one of those.

  13. That IS amazing! Looks like it came right out off the comic pages.

  14. “Sorry Iron Man, but despite my love for you, you may have just dropped a position on my anticipation list”

    Finally! IM will be good and I’ll be there next weekend, but the weeks before TDK will be like waiting for Christmas when I was seven.

    Great poster

  15. Panda, Batman has been depicted (and usually disappointed) a million times. Iron Man is an Audience Virgin.

    At least the password is not “Wayne” ;-)

  16. “Batman has been depicted (and usually disappointed) a million times”

    not disappointed by Batmen Begins, not by Nolan, not by Bale. And to boot Ledger’s performance looks astounding.

    I’m a Marvel guy when it comes to comics, but Batman Begins was near perfect. IM looks a little cartoony, which is still fun but I like the adult themes in Nolan’s Batman, and TDK will surely continue that. Difference of opinion I guess.

    Then again I’m looking forward to the new Hulk too, so maybe I just have an unpopular view compared to other Screenranters.

    I think what IM could mean for Marvel’s movie franchises is very exciting (i.e. the start of Marvel movie universe), and I actually like Favreau as director. I’m just not a big IM fan, but it looks fun.

  17. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

    Iron Man, Speed Racer, Indiana Jones, Batman. Hulk anyone notice all these films are coming out this year? Jk. ;-)
    And they all look amazing.
    One thing that’s great about TDK is we don’t have to spend anytime retelling his orgin.

    I bet the films starts off with a hellava Joker opening.

  18. That is ONE awesome poster!! If TDK is half as good as Batman Begins was, we’ve got one helluva movie coming out in July!!!

    One week to IM and counting….

  19. I am a very dedicated Batman fan, and the movie I’m looking forward to the most this year is The Dark Knight, but Iron Man looks awesome too, and remember ladies and gents that these are two different types of movies.
    I think we can all agree that they will both be amazing, and even more amazing to their specific fan base. all in all this is going to be a great year. I’m so excited!

  20. Oh holy mother of all things. SERIOUSLY freekin cool.

    Ccccoooooolll. K

  21. I haven’t been this excited by a Batman film since it was 1989 and I had the chance to see the Joker and The Dark Knight face-off and Indiana Jones was coming back for his last adventure and we were promised a grittier James Bond film and….

    Hey, does anybody else have a case of Deja Vu?

  22. The problem with Marvel is they are not interested in making the best movie. They are only interested in making the best commercially apealing movie. Lots of action and little substance. Just appeal to the 8-15 fan boys and screw the rest of the public. It’s all about the $$$$ with them.

  23. Rick, you may be right, but in the real world the winner wins. If you doubt me, look at the top of your ballot the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November. The best is great to shoot for, but winning is what counts.

    Marvel may not have given the arts & croissant crowd any Oscar-worthy “films,” but who cares? Spider-Man was on cereal boxes and generations were introduced/re-introduced to his story. It’s how the real world, not the pinheads, define success. (In our case the pinheads are purists who whine if the curl on someone’s hair is different on the big screen than it was in the comic books.)

    By the way, I was a Marvel fan back in the day, but I’d be elated if Superman ever fought a “real” enemy, or if Green Lantern or The Flash made it big. Sheesh, I watch friggin Smallville cuz at least Lex Luthor is not portrayed with goofy music, and the bad guys like Bizarro actually pose a bit of a challenge! (I’ve enjoyed the adaptations of the Flash, Green Arrow, Aquaman and the like.)

  24. Yeah, I’d prefer a good Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) film or Flash (Barry Allen) film over another Superman or Batman film anyday.

  25. Thanks, 790.

    I think the Flash would be cool to see too:

    Police Scientist gets hit by lightning and gains superspeed powers.

    ^ I like that. Very simple and to the point, it would work great on film. Great character too, IMO.

  26. Right on KEL, a good Green Lantern origin film would be very coool. If they followed the comic storyline.