‘Interstellar’ Set Photos & Plot Details: Nolan’s Sci-fi Movie is all About Corn Farming

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Christopher Nolan on the set of The Dark Knight Rises Interstellar Set Photos & Plot Details: Nolans Sci fi Movie is all About Corn Farming

Writer and director Christopher Nolan has begun work on his first major film project since completing his Batman trilogy and “taking a break” whilst producing Man of Steel. Aside from a slew of casting news, we’ve been mostly kept in the dark about Interstellar, a sci-fi movie based around theories of traveling through wormholes to cross vast distances in space.

Interstellar is expected to film a good portion of its scenes in Iceland, which was also where Ridley Scott spent time filming Prometheus, but for the scenes set on Earth the cast and crew of Interstellar are currently settled in Fort Macleod, Alberta. With production underway, a little of the secrecy surrounding Nolan’s new sci-fi has fallen away, giving us a first look at the actors on set as well as some more details about the story.

One of the few known facts about Interstellar‘s plot is that it features a group of explorers who travel through a wormhole to seek out the far reaches of the universe, but fresh story details from the Fort Macleod Gazette reveal the motivation behind the mission. That motivation is… climate change! More specifically, a crop famine that has been brought about by the effects of climate change, with corn as the last crop to be cultivated. The scientists who head through the wormhole aren’t looking for alien life or Unobtainium – they just need a planet with a few decent fields.

Running out of corn might not sound as dramatic as the second ice age of The Day After Tomorrow, but some photos from the set of Interstellar show that the disrupted weather patterns of the future aren’t making life very fun. Main Street in Fort Macleod was transformed into a sun-scorched, wind-stripped dust barrel, and both cast and crew members are seen using face masks to filter the air. These Interstellar set photos, courtesy of the Lethbridge Herald, also give us a first look at Jessica Chastain, Matthew McConaughey, Casey Affleck, Topher Grace and John Lithgow in costume, which might give some clues as to which characters they’ll be playing.



Jessica Chastain and Matthew McConaughey Interstellar Set Photos & Plot Details: Nolans Sci fi Movie is all About Corn Farming


Note the picture of McConaughey and Lithgow’s characters sharing a car ride, which could mean that they’re playing a father and son in the film. Establishing family ties back on Earth would be a good way of upping the stakes for the characters (McConaughey’s character is also wearing a wedding ring). At this point it’s not yet known which of the actors will play the scientists who go through the wormhole, which ones will stay behind on Earth, or if any of them will be playing characters that the scientists meet after traveling through the wormhole.

Not shown in these set photos are recently-revealed cast member Matt Damon, who will be on set for two weeks of the four month shoot to film a small role, and other announced actors including Ellen Burstyn (Requiem for a Dream), Mackenzie Foy (Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2) and Anne Hathaway (The Dark Knight Rises).

Can you spot any more clues about Interstellar‘s story and characters in these set photos? Share your thought on the climate change/crop famine plot elements with us in the comments.


Interstellar opens in regular and select IMAX theaters on November 7th, 2014.

Source: Fort Macleod Gazette & Lethbridge Herald (via CBM)

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  1. I don’t know why, I’m not a fan of Topher Grace but seeing him standing next Nolan puts a smile on my face lol. The plot sounds pretty cool so far, not what I expected as well.

  2. Corn.. didnt expect that but it is very interesting

  3. oh, mr. nolan…so grounded and practical with your plots lol

    • So you are stereotyping Nolan’s films as “realistic”. Most of his films are unrealistic. What he does, in his manner of storytelling, is present a fantastic concept in a believable manner.

      • Do you mean to say he is creating a universe where we are smart enough that we can traverse wormholes, yet only grow corn? That is believable to you? You must be very young.

        • You clearly do not understand what I just said. What I said, was taking the fantastical idea of wormholes and the possibility of traversing them, and then presenting it in a manner such that people could relate to it, and make this world seem believable. Inception’s concepts were no less fantastical.

          • Well, except for wormholes being an actual, real thing, as far as science goes, and inception being pure fantasy, um, see the issue there? The wormhole stuff, again, is not my issue. Having only one food plant IS.
            And, it wasn’t that I didn’t understand what you meant, it was you did not write it clearly, so it did not say what it should have to get your point across. :-)

            • Why do you think there is only one food plant? From my understanding, corn is the last crop to harvest, and by the sounds of it I guess the climate change has ruined any possibility of future crops.

            • Why do you have to be such a skeeze?.

  4. Im curious if the astronauts may be side characters? As in the real drama will be on earth

  5. I hope it’s not a turd like The Dark Knight Rises. With such a wonderful cast I expect nothing short of amazing. Don’t screw it up, Nolan.

    • Are you from a parallel world where TDKR sucked then because the one we had here was pretty damn great.

    • 87% on RT, 8.6/10 on imdb and 78% metacritic. Far from a turd.

      • Still a complete turd. I don’t give a sh*t about critic scores. Plot holes, ridculous bad guy, and just insanely boring. And YOu’ve gotta be kidding if you think IMDb matters ANYTHING.

    • LOL nice troll attempt sir haha

    • I think he is referring to the many plot holes in TDKR. It will still a good movie, but you can’t really deny the plot holes.

      Also, it was presented in 2 different ratios: there is black letterboxing at the top and bottom of the screen in some scenes but not others. Go back and have a look :)

      I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a turd though.

      • They “ratio” without the letterboxing where IMAX shots.

        • Yeah and its pretty annoying once you notice it. I don’t like when they shoot in IMAX.

      • Plot holes? No. Plot conviniences absolutely. How he got back to gothem isnt a plot hole its a unshown part of the feel thats very plausible. How his back healed in 3 months isnt a plot hole, its a superhero film. Far fetched sure but doesnt effect the plot. The only legitimate hole is the bikes in the stock exchange but its rather minor

        • Sorry: plot conveniences then. Like… why would you send every single cop underground?

          I still really liked the movie (I hope it doesnt come off as if I hate it) but yeah it had its faults. As someone who loves reading comic books, it doesn’t really phase me when I see some of the “unrealistic” things on screen, even in the Batman trilogy.

    • you shouldn’t compare this to the DKR, this project will blow our mines away

  6. nothing gets me more juiced than corn farming!

    • such a dumb assed as plot synopsis . i already lost interest. This will another one of those boring stale climate warming preachy films . im so sick of films shoving climate catastrophes in our faces.

  7. As long as it isn’t a preachy movie that pretends climate change is a man-made thing rather than just a natural cyclic event then I’m happy.

    • Amen to that.

      • Exactly point. If it wants to lightly touch upon it thats fine just dont beat us over the head with it

        • *excellent

        • I am disappointed with the plot line despite the political overtones.
          If corn could survive on Earth science would find ways for other crops.

          I would have preferred something on the order of the cataclysmic changes the Earth itself has gone through throughout its existence that threatened all life.

          When oxygen was first produced as a waste product by certain plant cells
          three billion years ago, it created a crisis for all other life on earth.
          Something grander like that as the incentive to explore space.

          • I think what has been released is very basic. I am sure nolan and co have something up their sleeve. I wouldnt be suprised if climate change is effecting more than just crops but idk

            • I even wonder if Nolan even used the term climate change.
              It might have been added by reporters to characterize the film.

              • Thats very possible

            • I second that. The plot that was presented was very short and vague. don’t underthink Nolan.

    • I don’t care so much about that, because I think it is somewhere in the middle, but the notion that there wouldn’t be some sort of fruit trees, berries, nuts, or bloody algae we could eat is just stupid.

    • yea hope it’s not another “the happening”

  8. I think Nolan was involved before Interstellar ramped up and
    during that period of involvement he had input to the story
    and script and the casting of Ben Affleck which I believe
    was before the sequel to Man Of Steel was announced.

    With a first draft of a script if not final version done
    and everything set in place for an early shoot
    next year there is little need for Nolan’s
    hand’s on involvement at this stage.

  9. Well, I am generally the one trying to not judge a film so early in its production, however, if the notion that climate change made all edible plans except maize (corn) die off, well… that’s such a big pile of tree-hugger male bovine excrement its eyes are surely brown. With all our science, and bioengineering…
    you can’t tell me the “Hell no! GMO!” crowd would rather starve to death than make adjustments to our food crops? And that the majority of people just let it happen? Pucky! We’re in way bigger danger by loosing our bees, and other pollinators than from climate change.
    Never heard of greenhouses? They can be made for plants of every variety, from the equator to the poles, and if the change was affecting our crops you can bet your backside greenhouses would pop up across the farmland of the globe.
    I will admit that this is an early glimpse into the story, and there may be, oh Gods of films not sucking, more to the story. I will wait to see if my fear is squashed, or sadly accurate. I just will have to hope that Nolan doesn’t eschew real science in the hopes of a fun story. It’d just be inaccurate propaganda that will swing some of the sheeples in the middle over to the “Hell no! GMO!” Side, and that would be bad.

    • ^^^

      Voila! This is EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

    • Scientists detect a wormhole in our solar system, deduce it can only exist stable bcuz of aliens, & it then becomes classified. But it gives them hope of a brighter future.. 50 years later, its not so bright. Governments have collapsed, NASA is no more, & ppl are trying to reestablish society. & to make things worse, a new disease has spread across most of our cultivated food supply, leaving only corn unaffected by the “blight.” u find out in tht gap of 50 years why things changed so drastically, & why for 50years, we haven’t sent a manned mission to the wormhole yet. Dozens of probes went in, none came bk… Except for one. The rest is just too epic to put into words

  10. “…climate change! More specifically, a crop famine that has been brought about by the effects of CLIMATE CHANGE, with corn as the last crop to be cultivated. The scientists who head through the wormhole aren’t looking for alien life … they just need a planet with a few decent fields. (of corn.)

    If this news is true, if there is any “kernel” of truth to this, I’ll be VERY interested to see how the segment of Nolan fans who secretly pray he’s a “conservative” will accept this movie.

    Too many people out there accused Nolan’s TDK and TDKR as being modern takes on conservative and republican themes.

    Nolan himself distanced himself from such theories.

    If Nolan’s “Interstellar” is indeed about ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES and climate change, those people WILL turn on him.

    They are already turning on him because these people HATE Matt Damon.



    • Well i know nothing of politics and i doubt a majority of the general public even thinks that far into films. I love that nolan movies have themes and are in some way insightful. Weather i agree with those ideas or not is irrelevent to me. What nolan isnt is heavy handed he never has been, i hope he follows that path. Cause he is THE director in hollywood at this moment.

      • Time will tell.

        There’s no question where Matt Damon stands on this particular issue. (Which is why “deniers” loathe him so much.)

        Interesting that Nolan gave him a unique role in the film.

        Nolan is very persuasive and can tell any story he wants the way he wants.

        There’s also no question that Nolan is intelligent enough to know what is going on with respect to our environment. He’s not a fool, obviously.

        This is going to get better and better and my interest in this film has risen 1000 percent.

        (But as the link that I provided demonstrates, deniers are already making their judgments about Chris Nolan.)

  11. I hope there’s more to it than just…. corn crops. That’s a pretty lame reason for wanting to travel though space and time.

    • That’s what it boils down to. But you should not boil corn.

      Boil water, shut off, put in corn, wait ten minutes.
      Long Island corn is in season. I’m doing it a lot.

  12. I think the Director’s personal political views are irrelevant. Surely a good/great director will be able to tell stories from many different points of view, this movie may happen to have an Eco vibe to it, but so what. His Batman films may have been slightly about dealing with crime in a more right wing way (i.e. beating people to a pulp if required), but that was dictated by the character of Batman – the only rule he has is not to kill. However, I do not think Nolan is interested in propaganda, as I am sure I have seen him in interviews say that he just makes movies he would want to see. I am not going to deny that I am a huge Nolan fan, but frankly I don’t really care about his political views as he is entitled to think what he likes. Rant over :)

  13. if interstellar concerns climate change, then it concerns climate change. I can’t complain about the theme and then raise hell over the barrage of fluff in today’s entertainment in one fell swoop.

    • It isn’t the climate change people have an issue with. It is the idea that the only plant (edible) we can grow is corn. That is just dumb.

      • I dont see how so many people are taking this as a downer for the film. You have no idea why this is happening, nolan wont flesh over this. He is very smart and usually has a reason for most everything. I doubt these brief snippets of the story are as it will turn out in the film

      • Well, it could have been worse; At least it’s not about spinach.

        • Yes. Everyone hates spinach.
          However, if spinach is the only crop
          surviving that is reason to leave Earth_:)

        • imagine then the global superpower that would be Popeye?

  14. We covered that rumor briefly here: http://screenrant.com/interstellar-role-matt-damon-christopher-nolan/

    They left Nolan’s name off a single press release and suddenly there were headlines about how he must have stormed out of Warner Bros in a blind rage because he was upset about Ben Affleck being cast.

    Nolan is still attached to Man of Steel 2 as an executive producer, but his actual involvement is likely to be extremely limited since he’s focused on making Interstellar. He was barely involved in the making of Man of Steel, and described his time spent as an executive producer on that film as “enjoying time off and taking a break.”

    TLDR Nolan is only “out” of Batman vs. Superman in the sense that he was never really in it.

  15. Nolan can make a movie about furtalizing grass and i will still see it. He hasnt Let me Down yet (seen all of his films) but this corn thing is to simple of idea for CN . There could be truth to it but i dont believe corn is the whole reason were going threw Warmholes. Hard to believe this Amazing Cast would agree to be in this if it was a so called Lame plot. Theres more to this!…Cant wait!!!

  16. Hmmmm the plot to Nolan’s “Interstellar” is beginning to sound a bit ‘corny’ to me.

  17. Inception’s premise sounded pretty odd too. Even the trailers didn’t convince most people.

    Corn farming does sound pretty lame, but almost every Nolan film I’ve seen has been great, so I have faith in the standard that his films live up to.

    Despite knowing it’ll be about corn farming, and despite the fact that Eri- I mean Topher Grace is in the movie, Interstellar is still one of my most anticipated movies.

    • Also, we don’t know for a fact that the entire movie will be about corn farming. It could simply be something to drive the plot forwards. A “set-up” for the rest of the movie, if you will.

      It could be said that Inception was about a businessman who hired a group of dream-invaders to sabotage his competitor… Not exactly the high-stakes epic that blew all our minds away now was it? ;)

  18. The Corn

  19. The whole corn thing is just the set-up for the real story, whatever that turns out to be. Right?

  20. Hey movie on this concept is already made in bollywood. Govinda is acted in it…

  21. @ pappu: yes you are right. … old concept

  22. Wow..i mean WOWWW!

    The world is overheating and mankind is forced to explore wormholes to find a more habitable world? You mean to say we have the tech to open/travel to wormholes BUT not the tech to geo-engineer our planet?

    Sheeet! comeon man..i’m mildly retarded and even I could find huge floors with this story line without even watching the film.

    Disclaimer: I will still watch this film and I’ll probably enjoy it. This makes me angry.

  23. Corn farming? Christopher Nolan is not Stanley Kubrick.

    I think Nolan is far to straightforward to ever pull off a complete mindf***

  24. Thanks for the hint pappu…. I too watched the movie after seen your comment… someone tell Mr nolan to watch the bollywood movie. ..

    • Pappu rocks. …..!!!!!!

  25. What bollywood movie is pappu referring to?

  26. As someone who farms a bit I can completely see this. The wierd weather killed dozens of our cherry trees two years ago, last year the unusual wet weather (east coast here) pretty much devestated our tomatoes. The only thing left standing was our corn and our apple orchards. The polar vortex had us freaking out that our apples were next, but thank goodness we invested in apples that can withstand cold….if unpredicted frost doesnt kill the blossoms. Without crops the human race is doomed. This will be a depressing eye opener of a film. My husband and I debated on whether we could take seeing the film after all this but if anything, maybe it will open other peoples eyes.

  27. I just hope this film doesn’t become a 2 hour lecture of scientific exposition, which Inception had too much of

    • Too me thats what made inception so great. If there is not a good explanation we wont understand what we are watching. Nolan is one the greatest directors of our time (Next to Quentin Taratino). Everything he has made since Dark Knight has been amazing. I think this will be the movie of the year!

      • Yes but there are better ways to show that than just have the characters using screen time to blabber on

  28. I’ve had it with Hollyweird and the B.S. political agenda with entertainment production. These jokers are always pushing some leftist agenda that has no basis in facts and is only meant to scare and condition people into compliance with a solution to the derived problem. I won’t be watching this one or anything with Damon associated with it.

  29. I’m excited about this movie because of the cast and the intriguing inclusion of Dylan Thomas’s poem. Plus it’s sci-fi/cli-fi (climate themed fiction). See clifibooks.com for more on that topic.

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