‘Insidious’ Sequel On The Way

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 Insidious Sequel On The Way

You may or not have thought that Insidious was the scariest movie of last year (I certainly did), but after earning nearly $100 million on a measly $1.5 million budget, there’s no denying that it was one of the most profitable.

Second only to the ridiculously successful Paranormal Activity 3 (which earned over $200 million worldwide), director James Wan’s throwback horror film was a big hit with audiences and immediately spurred conversation about a possible sequel.

Last summer, Insidious producer Jason Blum briefly talked about a sequel, but said that the creative team (Wan and writer Leigh Whannell) would only be interested if they could come with a story worth telling. Now it looks like the pair may indeed be back for Insidious 2.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wan and Whannell (who also co-created the Saw franchise) are currently in talks for the film, while Blum will return to produce. Oren Peli and Steven Schneider (of Paranormal Activity fame) will also return as Executive Producers.


insidious producer talks sequel Insidious Sequel On The Way

There’s no word yet on whether any of the original cast of the film will return, but since Patrick Wilson’s character gets possessed, I don’t know if he’d make the cut. Rose Byrne also seems like a long shot, but The Hollywood Reporter makes the point that the actress’ stock has risen considerably since her turn in the hugely successful comedy, Bridesmaids.

As someone who really liked Insidious, I’m not sold on a sequel to the film. Not only does it seem like a cash-grab, but it also doesn’t mesh with some of the things that Wan and Whannell discussed during our interview last year.

At the time, I asked Wan about his thoughts on remakes, to which he replied:

There’s really no reason to rehash something that you’ve already seen, and that’s part of the reason why I never directed any of those ‘Saw’ sequels, because I felt like, “I already did it with the first one,” and I didn’t want to repeat myself there unless I could have brought something different to it.

Granted, he was talking about a remake versus a sequel, but the same principle applies. If the Insidious sequel follows the same formula as the first film, it’s hard to imagine Wan being all that interested in it. Of course, if Whannell has a fresh idea for a second movie, perhaps focusing on a different family or an adult Dalton, there’s potential there.

We’ll keep you updated about the status of Insidious 2.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Time to watch the first one.

  2. The first movie was interesting enough, though the score was–at times–more jarring than the script.

  3. that news made my day :)

  4. INSIDIOUS was terrible and not scary at all

    • Nice try Twilight fan !

    • Well, I’m not a Twilight fan, and I thought Insideous was stupid! A total waste of time.

      • Sound like a twilight fan to me

        • Insidious was a pathetic attempt at a horror flick. It was an interesting idea, no doubt, but it wasn’t handled very well. And there was absolutely nothing “scary” about it. Its unfortunate that Hollywood hasn’t been able to put out any decent horror flicks in a while. They rely on gore and the sounds of creaking wood. I want to see an actually scary movie before they start making sequels of one that couldn’t pull off being a decent “normal” film.

          • I’m sorry but I’m as big of a horror fan as you can be, and I thought the movie was fantastic! The beginning delivered so well and so good. The second half didn’t live up to the first but I thought it was a very great film with a huge twist at the end.

            • You described the movie perfectly. Horror flicks don’t scare me, BUT the first half of Insidious made my jump several times – it DID scare me.

            • It gets under my skin when somebody says ‘movie x is not scary at all’ If everyone had the same high threshold of fear, I might as well quit doing my yard haunts every Halloween. Bloody animated props don’t necessarily scare me, but I know they made a 10 year old girl scream her head off and a couple of thuggish teenagers run from my lawn. Similarily, The movie Insidious is quite scary in my opinion, in the traditional sense, and its quite refreshing. However those who are numb to all the blood soaked hack n slash flicks of today may not think so. Even then it contradicts your argument that Insidious was all blood and guts when it clearly wasn’t.

              • good touche’ theotherdavid,

                the “twilight” fan sounds like to me just another troll to spite the true fans of this great movie. how very typical. opinions are always just opinions, and haters will always hate.


  5. Sweeeet! Insidious was such a great film. Hopefully the sequel has connection to the first somehow; I’m not opposed to seeing an adult Dalton, or one of his siblings.


    In the end Patrick Wilson gets possessed so I figure he’s a no go for the sequel. Maybe he kills his wife but not his mom or his children and they can be present in the sequel.

    • I don’t think they will go with a true sequel to the story of the original.
      I think they will made a new story connected somehow with the first by the two tech-guys.


      At the end of the movie we can see them leave the house with all the tapes and photos. :)

  6. It’s good to see Maul working again after his lightsaber accident. But why make a sequel? They should just re-imagine it.

    Seriously though, I absolutely LOVED the last 20 min of the first one. a sequel is good news in my book.

    • Wait! you mean that was the same person who was in Star Wars?I guess he doesn’t die that easy he gets that from his uncle Freddy Krueger.

  7. I’d say Insidious was the scariest movie I’ve seen since The Ring. I can’t remember the last time I jumped in my seat as many times as I did watching the movie.
    I’m ok with a sequel but let’s see a new family. An Anthology series like AHS is doing on TV would be great IMO.

    Also, I now have the image from the opening of the film in my head again. Arghhh!!!

  8. What was seriously scary about it? I saw it three times and see nothing scary about it.

    • tay,

      What movies do you find scary?

  9. The only movie that really spooked me was It The Clown!

  10. I thought Insidous was an absolutely fantastic film, right up until the third act, where it took a nosedive out of nowhere. I don’t think it needs or warrants a sequel, unless it can somehow pretend everything after the gas mask scene didn’t happen.

  11. I can’t believe anyone found this film scary. I thought it was incredibly boring with another cookie cutter “twist” at the end. I still can’t figure out why they had Darth Maul as the villian.

      • Hey grew up watching those movies to Hi-C but I still thought insidious wad GREAT and can’t wait for a sequel

    • I thought the twist at the end was fantastic, how the old lady was really the main villian all along, and the “darth maul” guy, um he actuly had black skin and tried to reflect human life by covering his face with lipstick, to make him seem more trusting.

  12. despite the cost-to-income ration, I wouldn’t exactly call this film a “blockbuster”. It did fine, but not enough to be considered a “blockbuster”. if you consider that the last Transformers movie made in its opening weekend the same amount as Insidious did worldwide in its entire run, well…

    Despite the fact that the film recouped its investment multiple times, and probably is a greater financial success as far as the studio is concerned, the lower total gross on the film still has to be translated as butts in theatre seats. And in that sense, Insidious was NOT a success. As many people saw Insidious during its entire run, everywhere in the world, as saw Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon on JUST its opening week-end.

    Anyway, minor gripe over… (by the way, I am SO not a Transformers fan-boy.. I HATED the film. I was just using it as an example of a “blockbuster”)

    As for Insidious, I kind of like the movie, I liked the “old fashioned” horror movie feel to it, it was nice to see almost entirely practical effects, instead of heavy CGI. I sort of felt let down by the ending, but not as badly as some other bigger films.

    I actually really liked how it was filmed. So maybe there’s promise for a better-still sequel.

  13. Maybe when the Father was a boy. 😉

  14. I think it would be awesome if y’all would listen to what the fans want alt of ppl including myself would love to see a part two and what happens to the father and how does he get in-possessed you can’t just leave it hanging like that come we wanna knw what happens part two part two part two part two plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz