‘Insidious: Chapter 3′ Is Moving Forward; Will James Wan Direct? [Updated]

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Ty Simpkins in Insidious 2 Insidious: Chapter 3 Is Moving Forward; Will James Wan Direct? [Updated]

Insidious: Chapter 2, which is the sequel to director James Wan’s lucrative 2011 supernatural horror flick (a twist on the tried-and-true haunted house sub-genre), had a production budget of “just” $5 million and managed to defy even the more generous box office predictions by taking in $41 million during its opening weekend in the U.S. So… how long do we have to wait until Insidious: Chapter 3 arrives in theaters?

Well, it’s difficult to say at this point, given that Wan began principal photography on Fast & Furious 7 just last week (for a Summer 2014 release date); not to mention, the series producer Jason Blum has announced that there are no plans to make a third Insidious movie – no plans yet, anyway.

It’s the rare successful horror movie that doesn’t give rise to a franchise nowadays – and many of them are produced by Blum, no less. Case in point, he’s one of the producers for the Paranormal Activity series (with two new installments arriving in 2014); in addition, Blum has a hand in development on the respective followups to a pair of lucrative horror titles released since 2012, Sinister and The Purge. However, Blum told Cinema Blend in a recent interview that the future of the Insidious franchise lies in Wan and costar/screenwriter Leigh Whannell’s hands right now.

To quote Blum:

“I would love to make a third film, but James and Leigh will not hear of it until this movie comes out. So, I’d be thrilled to make a third movie, but there is no current plan to make a third movie at all. Only in my head!”

[UPDATE: Not so fast! FilmDistrict has issues a press released, confirming that Whannell has signed on to write Insidious: Chapter 3. Blum is returning as one of the producers, but there’s no mention of Wan in the press release.]

Wan has claimed that he is done making horror movies (after a decade of working in the genre), but that doesn’t mean that he and Whannell’s days of taking audiences into The Further are over, if history is any indication. You might recall that Whannell scripted both Saw II & III (the latter based on a screen story that he devised with Wan), even though Wan stopped directing after the first installment and only produced the subsequent six (!) followups – questions is, could something like that happen again, on the Insidious franchise?

Insidious Chapter 2 Reviews starring Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne Insidious: Chapter 3 Is Moving Forward; Will James Wan Direct? [Updated]

Here comes the rub: Saw I-III managed to tell something of an enclosed (if imperfect) story, before the later installments ended up making a larger mess of the franchise’ over-arching mythos and thematic elements. It would be a real shame if the same were to happen to the Insidious property, given that Chapter 2 – love it or hate it (read our review) – found a way to craft a self-contained narrative in combination with the first movie, and it even paid homage to a fuller spectrum of classic horror tropes in the process (ranging from the family-in-distress issues in Poltergeist to the domestic fears/metaphors of The Shining and even an updated take on the fear of the other subtext in Psycho).

Patrick Wilson, who plays Josh Lambert in the Insidious universe and Ed Warren in The Conjuring (also directed by Wan), told Indiewire that he doubts Wan will approach him about making Insidious: Chapter 3, for similar reasons. To quote the actor:

“Here’s the thing, I don’t know if he would. I don’t know where else you go with Josh Lambert… Like, where else do you go with that guy? He’s been through the ringer, and I think ['Insidious: Chapter 2'] sets it up well at the end, to be honest with you. And that’s great, that’s how it should end.”

There’s already a sequel to The Conjuring in development, with a script that is reportedly going to be based on one of the Warrens’ lesser-known supernatural investigation cases. However, many horror fans have already spoken out and it made it clear: if Wan isn’t directing, then they’re not interested in a Conjuring 2 – and that probably goes two-fold for Insidious: Chapter 3, based on what happened to the Saw franchise after Wan let other people take the helm.

James Wan Insidious Insidious: Chapter 3 Is Moving Forward; Will James Wan Direct? [Updated]

Having said that: Insidious: Chapter 2 does, in fact, conclude on a note that leaves the (red?) door open for Chapter 3, even though the story for the third installment probably wouldn’t – make that shouldn’t – involve Josh Lambert or his family in any significant capacity (as Wilson pointed out). Question is, are there any horror filmmakers that are active right now who could find a way to continue evolving and developing the Insidious property in a satisfying fashion (assuming that Wan is done playing with this creepy toy of theirs)?

Do you want to see Insidious: Chapter 3, with or without the Wan/Whannell team? Any suggestions for who could direct if Wan says no? Let us know in the comments section; then, if you like, head over to the Insidious: Chapter 2 spoilers thread to talk about the film’s many twists and turns.


Insidious: Chapter 2 is now playing in theaters.

Source: Cinema Blend, Indiewire

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  1. A $5 million budget and a $41 million weekend.
    The budget includes Wan’s salary and after similar
    success with the first and The Conjuring Wan is not
    getting the compensation he has earned at this stage.

    Someone needs to deliver a check for at least $25 million
    to Wan’s door and say he can make Insidious Chapter 3
    whenever it is convenient for him to fit it in his plans.

    Wan’s swearing off doing horror films is, of course,
    the best card to play to get the winning hand.

    • I agree. Given the success of both The Conjuring and Insidious 2, the studios better get a big check to Wan to make sure he continues bringing in that same success for them. I would also do it soon because if FF7 becomes a huge success then I would expect that price would be a lot higher than it is now. I suspect that if FF7 is a huge hit, a lot of studios are going to be knocking on his door and it could be a bidding war to get his services

      • FF7 will be a huge succes. Period. ;)

  2. Do you guys think chapter 3 will be the back story about the long haired fiend? I know the end of two had the crackling sound, indicating the presence of the red lipstick demon. The reason I say this is because the long haired fiend had a bigger presence in chapter 2. Another reason (far fetch) is because Allison looked to be of Hispanic decent or Native American like the long haired fiend. Also when she jumps out of the closet in chapter 2, she has a black crackled skin similar to how the black haired fiend had. Maybe their lineage is connected somehow through Native American spirits. I like the idea of the lipstick demon being the ultimate antagonist but I want to know more about the long haired fiend.

    • ***********Spoiler*********

      I saw the red lipstick lady as just another ghost. For what ever reason it was still controlling it’s son (the bride in black) after death. I feel like her story is done.

      As far as the fiend, I found it to be the least frightening element of the movies (other than the jump scare that first showed it behind Josh). I hope they go with another kind of demon for the third.

      • I get what your saying. The long haired fiend seems more of a medler. Which makes me wonder what the hell he’s really up too. He could actually be a protector or something worse. I just want them to expand a little bit on him because he’s pretty interesting.

  3. Do you guys think chapter 3 will be the back story about the long haired fiend? I know the end of two had the crackling sound, indicating the presence of the red lipstick demon. The reason I say this is because the long haired fiend had a bigger presence in chapter 2. Another reason (far fetch) is because Allison looked to be of Hispanic decent or Native American like the long haired fiend. Also when she jumps out of the closet in chapter 2, she has a black crackled skin similar to how the black haired fiend had. Maybe their lineage is connected somehow through Native American spirits. I like the idea of the lipstick demon being the ultimate antagonist but I want to know more about the long haired fiend…..sorry wasn’t sure if I re posted.

  4. Wan is the future of horror and i sincerely hope he doesn’t really abandon it !I would love to see him do reboots of classics like DAY OF THE TRIFFEDS,CREATURE OF THE BLACK LAGOON or FEIND WITHOUT A FACE !

  5. I wouldn’t necessarily mind if the story ended at Chapter 2, however, the fact that the movie is called “Insidious Chapter 2″ makes me feel like there is more.

    However, no Wan, no good.

  6. the conjuring and insidious2 are both good movies please make more movies of the conjuring and insidious please. i want to see another insidious movie

  7. I like both movies, the conjuring & insidious.1,&2. I personally think that both movies have a good sequence story, at the end of chapter 2, we see there is another case, I think that it could be a great idea if Insidious 3 is more related to the paranormal group. Since the ending of chapter 2 left an open case, let the paranormal group begin it’s story and continue with their research. This can be a very interesting story, specially when paranormal groups always have different cases.

  8. In all honesty, I think INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 should be made because if you think about it when they made INSIDIOUS no 1 they said after that film had finished that they didnt know whether they could find a way to make the movie seem more exciting and have it so that it has movie goers on the edge of their seat and what did they do they created a movie exactly to how they said they couldn’t do it so of course their gunna make a thrid installement, but as it said they should find no way of involving the lambert family in this movie as the movie has moved on and has been set in a totally different location with a totally different story line to be made.

    • With all do respect, I think the Lambirt family should be in the third movie if they decide to make one only because if you make trilogies like that and you don’t keep the same ppl in the movies, it makes ppl loose interest. If your going to make more then one of the movies then I think you should keep the same ppl in them. I no when I go to see trliogy movies and I don’t see the same main characters like the lambirt family and of course adding extras it makes me loose interest and ya I still watch it but I’m not as interested in the movie as I would of been if the same main characters were in it but that’s just my opinion.

    • Hey, this is just my opinion, but i rechon they should bring the lambert family back in because the demon could’ve been connected to them and somehow brings both of the familys together and the paranormal investigators help and alison, should be there helping her, the insidious series is the best horror films for this 21st century

  9. I really do wish it b ah part 3 i wanna kno wat the old lady seen wen the movie was ending at that house they went to

  10. YES! Wan should direct Insidious 3 and The Conjuring 2. And the Wan/Whannell team is the best.

  11. to be honest whatever horror director directs the film i wouldnt mind just hope that theres a number 3

  12. I would like it if you did make an Insidious chapter 3, I liked the first 2 chapters and would go see the third, the way chapter 2 ended makes me think that there is going to be a third one, and if there’s not then it should of ended with the family reuniting with the real father, kisses and hugging and relief and not with Elise’s presence going to that young girls house looking up and saying OMG like she saw the man with the red face as she saw with Dolten in the first chapter, so that’s why I say there should be an Insidious chapter 3 because of the way it ended.

  13. If you guys noticed at the end when Elise was looking up behind the little girl and panicking, you can hear a crackling noise. now go back to insidious number one, listen to the scenes when the lipstick demon is moving, its the same noise. i think hes going to be the antagonist in this upcoming one. he wasn’t in number 2, but all the other ghosts and demons were, soo may hes coming back.

  14. If james wan isn’t going to direct the upcoming insidious & the conjuring sequel then guillermo del toro should :) my opinion so don’t get mad

  15. Loved one and just saw two. Thought it was excellent and better than the first Insidious. Love horrors / thrillers but it is so hard to find good ones. Really hope they make a third Insidious. Will be cool to introduce some new characters and the way the left the second Insidious surely they’ll make another :)Such a cool movie.

  16. Just finished watching Insidious and have to say it is well done. Started watching the movie with the attitude that it wasn’t going to scare and it proved me wrong. Storyline was interesting enough and did not bore me. Looking forward to an Insidious 3.

  17. Loved chapter 2 and how it reinirated so much from chapter 1. Explaining different events that took place in the entire back story of the character of Josh as well as connecting dots from mysterious sounds and events from when the Lambert family first began having odd encounters. Chapter three, if made, could still involve the lambert family to keep the movie going. I know after seeing what looks to be the next case and being left in suspense as to what comes next I have several questions and what ifs that pop in my head. 1. How does Elise escape “the further” and become a ghost in the mortal world? 2. Can Carl make Dalton and or Josh recall the memory of “the further” as Elise did for josh in chapter 1. 3. It’s a young girl that Elise and her paranormal team are looking into. Could she be linked to dalton prior to her coma or death and give dalton a reason to want or need to remember? 4. Will the antagonist change? Will it envolve the demon that was in the house in “the further” of chapter 1? There has to be more to that character as well as the spirit thing that was causing the baby Kelly to cry in chapter 1 that was briefly shown more of in chapter 2! All these questions, the possible twist in connections there could be between all chapters and new characters. Insidious could go so many places in the future. Pay Wan, do what it takes to keep the chapters going. There is a great story line laid out and I hope to see more of it in the future.

  18. I believe you guys can still keep going with insidious because how u left it off on chapter 2 you left the audience hanging and they will be hoping for another movie ( chapter 3 ) to come out. You can still do a lot with the movie especially since how you created the ending with elises spurting seeing somethin in Alison body.. plz I beg of you don’t end it there your team has something going with insidious don’t disappoint us

  19. Did u guys ever realize that kali (in #2) was on the floor the first time but gone the second time? Is kali gone? If so how are they supposed to get her if they (josh and dalton) forgot about the further? And now u know how at the end and it says INSIDIOUS and it hAs a noise well in the begining of that noise or whatever u hear a baby cry the it ends automatically

  20. There definitely needs to be a chapter 3!!!!! It will sell & make “BANK” $$$$ I loved it as well as my 11 year old cousin :) keep these same team/cast! They are awesome !!!!!

    • I think insidious chapter 2 was great there definitely needs to be a chapter 3 due to the fact of how the movie ended

  21. I have to say by far the Insidious,The conjuring were the most scariest movies ive seen in ages.. Growing up Freddy kruger was scary. I really enjoy both movies i Would hope to see more chapters.. I hope the lambert family stayes in them. Doing great job keep it up.. I can watch these movies over and over again and still jump in my seat..

  22. Please god don’t change a damn thing!!
    If your done with josh fine… Keep going connect the story some how thru Elise ..I watch horror 24/7 and this franchise has me more obsessed that I was as a teen watch Freddy and Jason
    I’m not comparing them as what they are as horror just the addiction that makes you watch them over and over… The music in insidious the viola or whatever it is gets me every time ever since the opening if insidious 1 when you first see the bride in black thru the drapery and hear that haunting screech of the hideous nail biting viola I get goose bumps every damn time that note is a spine stitcher !!! Seriously don’t screw this up do one more…
    Please Wan!!
    Get John carpenter!, if this fails
    Wes craven could help tie this together
    Hell he comes up with all kids ways to connect it I’m sure he can use the further just like the dreams world.. In Freddy..
    I’m addicted to sinister, insidious and as soon as I see the conjuring I know I’m gonna like it just as well ..
    Y’all are the top in horror genre at the present time.

    Long love gore, suspense, mystery, horror, and twisted demented s***!!

    Wan rocks!

  23. Plus I might add they need josh and dalton cause Elise may need help in the further at any given point .. Plus Rose Byrne is a beautiful woman I’ve loved her since wicker park !!!! great movie ( not horror)
    Keep it in the family!!!
    All original everything please

  24. If james wan or whagnell doesn’t take in Insidious chapter 3 but the movie still makes with different director, I WILL NOT SEE IT. Only because you will notice between james wan and the new director. James wan is a great guy who has plenty talent. Also goes for Conjuring 2 I hope its still in the making with james wan/

  25. Umm couldn’t 3 be about the baby. Her “demon” was outside her room and she didn’t get her memory suppressed

  26. But not to be rude or anything. If Wan doesn’t direct the Insidious or The Conjuring 2, then what is the point making a horror film. It won’t be the same without the original cast member, every other fan will be disappointed. I know I would.

  27. I loved the first movie. Haven’t seen the 2nd one yet but since the Fiend is in it, I meant get around to renting it at some point. As for the 3rd, if Lipstick Face isn’t in it, I won’t see it. It’s bad enough Wan isn’t directing, I feel he should complete the trilogy. If they want to do more films after that, I could see him backing out at that point.

  28. n all honestly if anyoneshould make the 3rd wan should carry on one last time to prove hes not just lettinghim fans down but if he wont i would love to see steven king make it as a long time horror movie director he has some of the best films and with his creativehorror mind he could make a unbelievableinsidious3 but even tho wan make your fans happy and make the 3rd your last at least otherwise your just walkingout and if wan stops wat are ppl think when he starts making other movies you gonna walk out on thatto