‘Insidious: Chapter 2′ Cast Drops Plot Hints; New Images Show Returning Characters

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insidious sequel release date Insidious: Chapter 2 Cast Drops Plot Hints; New Images Show Returning Characters

In our recent story about the forthcoming Poltergeist remake, Insidious was mentioned as one of the many haunted house films that could be considered a loose thematic remake of the trend-setting 80s horror movie. Directed by James Wan (Saw), Insidious tells the story of a family that moves into a new house, only for their son to quickly fall into a sleep-state, with terrifying supernatural visions occurring around him. Desperate to save their son, Josh (Patrick Wilson) and Renai Lambert (Rose Byrne) enlist the help of a psychic and her paranormal investigation team to help retrieve Dalton from the malicious forces holding him hostage.

There hasn’t been much of a cast reshuffle for Insidious: Chapter 2, which will feature the same family and their allies dealing with the fallout of the last film, as well as new challenges that may arise. This is not so common in the horror genre as it is among other genres; often, the first film in a series will kill off the majority of its characters and leave writers needing to “restock” for the sequel.

Shock Till You Drop has published a set report from the spring 2013 shoot of Insidious: Chapter 2, which includes three new promotional images for the film, and interviews with the cast, director James Wan, writer Leigh Whannell and producer Jason Blum.

The interviewees were obviously being a little cagey about certain details, but they were able to give an idea of what to expect from the sequel. Since the discussion of Insidious: Chapter 2‘s plot inevitably includes mentions of events from the end of Insidious, you should turn back now if you haven’t seen that film yet (or are especially sensitive to mild Insidious 2 spoilers).


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Warning: MAJOR Spoilers for Insidious (and MINOR Spoilers for Insidious 2) ahead!

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First of all, here are the new images, which show Lin Shaye, Angus Sampson and Whannell himself as the film’s team of ‘Ghostbusters’ – Elise, Specs and Tucker – as well as the returning Lambert family and a spooky image of someone (or something) coming through a shower curtain.


Specs Tucker and Elise in Insidious 2 570x379 Insidious: Chapter 2 Cast Drops Plot Hints; New Images Show Returning Characters

The Lambert family in Insidious 2 570x379 Insidious: Chapter 2 Cast Drops Plot Hints; New Images Show Returning Characters

Teaser image for Insidious 2 570x570 Insidious: Chapter 2 Cast Drops Plot Hints; New Images Show Returning Characters

Insidious undergoes a slightly odd transformation in tone about two-thirds of the way through, when the Lambert family go on an offensive against the supernatural forces attempting to wrest Dalton away from them. The aforementioned similarities to Poltergeist come into play when Josh embarks on a psychic journey into a plane of existence known as “The Further,” sneaking into the demon’s lair to rescue his son.

Perhaps because the low budget of the film limited Wan’s resources for building a ghost world and made The Further look a little hokey, or perhaps simply because the change in tone from traditional haunted house story to weird fantasy was a little jarring, many people consider the latter half of Insidious to be the weaker part. It’s certainly true that the number of good old-fashioned scares – the set-ups and execution of which mark the strongest parts of the film – tapers off towards the end. Whannell acknowledges these criticisms, but hopes that the shift won’t be so jarring in the second chapter:

“One of the interesting things about the first one is just the reaction from people. The first half of the film sets up a fairly traditional haunted house film. It’s really well done. And then it starts to go into The Further and these outlandish concepts. James and I have noticed the film is fairly polarizing, because you’d get, ‘The film was great up until this point.’ We always said, when we were doing press for the first film, we want to throw everything and the kitchen sink with these crazy moments. We could not have made the first half of the film for the whole movie. We kind of liked that it descended into chaos. What’s interesting about the sequel, everyone knows that about the movie – The Further and these crazy ideas – these are already established.”

Now that those ideas are established, the question remains of how they will be used to further the story. Insidious ended on a cliffhanger, with Josh becoming possessed by the spirit of a wicked ghost and killing Elise (who appears to have been resurrected for the sequel) before ambushing Renai. According to Whannell, Insidious: Chapter 2 will pick up immediately from where Insidious left off:

“This is a sequel that literally brings back everyone. For some sequels, they’ll bring back a couple of characters. But, everyone is back, so it’s surreal.  And they’re also wearing the same clothes [laughs] as they wore in the same film. Patrick’s here and he’s dressed the same… It’s a continuation of the first film.  It picks up from where the other one left off.  It’s the second half of the first film.”

Wilson also offered a little more insight into the ambiguous ending for his character, and what it may mean for the sequel:

“Selfishly, for me, it was exciting because at the end [of the first one, my character] either gets cured or he’s fighting his way back. Clearly, there’s a duality of “what happens to Josh here?’”

Elise Lin Shaye in James Wans Insidious Insidious: Chapter 2 Cast Drops Plot Hints; New Images Show Returning Characters

As an educated guess, Insidious: Chapter 2 will probably pick up with Josh recovered from his temporary possession and determined to fight it, possibly with no memory at all of Elise’s murder. As to that last part, it’s a bit surprising to see Elise brought back (she did look very, very dead after Josh was done with her), but perhaps another character will perform some speedy CPR. Lin Shaye does mention filming a scene “where you first see me back [from The Further], so it sounds like her deathlike state was merely caused by her taking a short retreat into the ghost world.

A few more snippets and glimpses into the film were given during the set visit. There will be a sequence set inside a hospital, and there will also be flashbacks to Josh’s childhood that star Jocelin Donahue as a younger version of Barbara Hershey’s character (Josh’s mother). Wan also teases the plot structure by saying, “There are things we’re doing where the second movie visits the first movie.”

Audiences may have been divided over Insidious, but James Wan is a truly talented horror director and Insidious: Chapter 2 is definitely one of the sequels to watch out for this year. Share your own theories on what it might be about in the comments.


Insidious: Chapter 2 opens in theaters on September 13, 2013.

Source: STYD

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  1. Insidsious actually got me back into horror films. I liked the idea of being scared by a film but not disturbed because it did not rely on graphic violence and the death of each character. Also, I was able to watch this film with my wife who would never sit through a horror film usually. I think James Wan is very creative with everything he did with this movie.
    I was a little shocked to learn the last third of the film was not as well received as the first two thirds. For me this last third is where the film really excelled plunging the audience into a really creepy alternate dimension. What did people actually want? So often in horror films I think these supernatural worlds are under done. Here, when the movie makers actually show this world they’ve been alluding to its a bit depressing to learn that some people whined.
    I hope they dont dispense with the unsettling content seen in ‘the further’ with Insidious 2 because I think this is where the movie delivered on its promises.

    • I agree with you 100%. I loved the third act of the film. Not sure how they could’ve ended it without going all-out and ‘descending into chaos’ as they put it. The haunted house parts that preceded it were awesome, but in my opinion wouldn’t have made for a good finish. The Further looked great to me visually, with all the smokiness and the weird ghosts – at most, you could say it’s jarring because it’s a sudden shift in tone and style, but I absolutely loved it.

      Interesting to see they’re actually picking up where they left off for Part 2. And it’s an encouraging sign too: if they had started with a fresh cast, I’d be more likely to see it as cashing in on the same concept. I’m extremely surprised Lin Shaye will be back though (although I’m not complaining). Looking forward to this (after I see The Conjuring later this summer!)

      • Agreed! The second half of the film is what I really liked about it and separated it from the tiring formula of standard horror/haunted house type films. Very interesting and creepy concepts that made me yearn for this sequel.

      • I disagree. The final act is what made me dislike the film. it was way to messy and the director just couldn’t help him self to end the movie the same way they end the saw movies. A bunch of flash backs to reveal some kind of twist. Jess just have the girl walk in to reveal that twist. We didn’t need a flash back to 5 seconds ago.

  2. Insidious was one of the worst horror films I have ever seen to date. Everything about this movie was trying so hard to go back to the original style of horror but just failed terribly. I will admit James Wan does have great camera direction and style, The film just felt like a hour long extended horror pop up show of random stuff happening and got really tiring especially seeing it was no help in the 3rd act of the film which was extremely laughable. The problem with most James Wan horror films like Insidious is he tries to cram so many horror elements in one film thinking he can easily condense it down. James Wan is a good director in terms of camera work but he films are just mediocre. I am just going to say the best film he did was Saw. With Saw he knew his way around suspense easily and I would say Death Sentence is next to being one of his best films. His straight horror films however are not good at all. Too many ideas in film doesn’t make it creepy or suspenseful it just makes it over crowded. If you want to watch a good haunted house horror film I would recommend the 1980 film The Changeling, I wish James Wan could make one film just like that without his usual horror style.

    • Hi Charlie, to say this film is the “worst ever” is simply untrue. Critical consensus is that it was an above average film, which for a horror film is doing very well. This genre has relied too much on putting scantily clad teenagers into a mincing machine scenario and quite frankly what a waste of talent and time this is. I come back to my point that this film is unsettling and entertaining but not disturbing which is an achievement in todays film marketplace. To achieve this the filmmaker has to be smart and creative. I believe that people who did not enjoy this film probably went into it with the wrong expectations. But hey, everyone has an opinion on what they like and dislike I guess.

      • Wrong expectations? Or maybe people who like the film have been subjected to their own bleak bland world. The film is not above average, what a joke. You what the film is like to me, it’s like one of those crappy haunted house rides at a theme park except the haunted house is broken down and the ride is moving slower than molasses. I don’t even know how people manage to find this comedic film unsettling or the least bit entertaining. I went in expecting a good horror film and a return to the genre, the only thing I found was a clash of meshed ideas that didn’t seem to fit in place. Like I said I gave an example of a perfect film better than this, the 1980 film The Changeling. Try comparing a good old school horror film like that one along side a James Wan style one and you would see the problems instantly. By now someone probably made a James Wan horror drinking game everytime a weird mask pops up or some creepy puppet shows up out of no where. He clashes too many horror elements in one film. I am a true old school horror fan but James Wan isn’t even close to that level. He had good camera styles like I mentioned but just his recent films like Insidious is just on an extremely goofy level to the point I’m wondering if we was trying to make a horror comedy. It’s like how the first Evil Dead film was meant to be taken seriously but no one did at all.

        • The Changeling from 1980 eh? I’ll just get into my time machine. But seriously, you are saying I liked the film because I am subjected to my own “bleak bland world”? I don’t even know what that means Charlie Hard. On another point I guess Insidious 2 is on the way because it was universally disliked. I’ll let the facts speak for themselves Mr Hard.

        • Dude, I respect you and the fact that you didn’t like the film, but there’s really no need to say that those of us who enjoyed it were subjected to a ‘bleak bland world’. WTH is that even supposed to mean? And it’d help if you quantified how much he tried to ‘cram’ into the movie and how it affects the story – to me it was simple set-up (jumps and scares, and apparently haunted house) that later moved on to other concepts (astral projection, the other dimension). Didn’t feel crowded to me, it just felt like a shift in the story (which may or may not have worked for some, I concede).

          And, really? Worst horror film? Worse than some of the Paranormal Activity films? Worse than the Final Destination films?

          • Guys, judging by Charlie Hard’s comments here and on another article, I’d say he may be trolling due to the fact he uses insulting terms towards those who disagree with him and doesn’t actually state what he didn’t like in particular.

            For example, when I was jumped on and harassed for not liking Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, I explained that it was because the characters were bland stereotypes that I couldn’t feel anything other than annoyance for, the story wasn’t engaging at all and the scenery was very bland with the visuals attempting to replicate the movie Falling Down with the use of yellow and orange tinges in the colour saturation but finding itself unable to do so to the effect the developers maybe hoped.

        • you are seriously the first person i have ever heard, say that they didn’t like insidious. even on the internet. just curious, what’s your favorite scary movie (yes that’s from scream). i want to hear it so we can all have a good laugh. i’ve seen them all. amityville, poltergeist, blare witch, exorcist…almost ALL of them, and the first insidious is already a classic with those movies, and pretty much everyone will agree. except for you.

    • I just think you sir are a very stupid person. Insidious is one of my favorite movies. Great story line, etc.

  3. Probably the only good horror movie I’ve watched in years.

    Excited to see where Josh’s journey takes him. I wanted to see him fighting for a way out in the further or something, trying to get his body back from that old b****. We’ll see what happens. Either way, I’m sure it will be fun.

  4. Come on guys, you have to admitt, that half devil half horse guy at the end is extremly campy, it looked like a c movie demon…it destroyed the whole film for me, they should have done more with that old witch woman, far more scarier.

    • That’s what the second movie is here for, she’s the reason the second one is here cause of her possession with Josh, right? Lol yeah i’m right! I think…. Josh is hot

    • I feel that they will with the second one, in the trailer you can see little tid-bits of her.

  5. Spoilers for Insidious. Obviously…
    A few reasons why I enjoyed the movie.
    1. The shot at the opening of the movie. The image in the photo (see the top this article) still gives me the willies.
    2. The fact that as soon as they thought something was up with the house they moved the #**^ out.
    3. I guess I’m in the minority but I loved the 3rd act. If I was having a nightmare/fever dream of some haunted other dimension it would probably look like that.
    My 2nd point was a really big plus for me. No matter what’s going on in a horror film if the characters don’t behave in a rational way it could really kill a film for me. That’s one of the reasons why I didn’t care for Sinister. The backstory & mythology were great but the way Ethan Hawk’s character acted was so ridiculous that I couldn’t get past it.

  6. I loved all that was Insidious and have been DYING for the sequel ever since Josh returned from the Further with ??? Creepy old woman or man??? I love this mysterious character and want to see more!!!! If you watch the Insidious 2 trailer closely you will see the new paranormal (man with glasses) touch the top of the veil of the “woman” and you see her grin evil like, but look right before that crazy grin and you will see a bald man in a hospital gown with a tube….. now call me crazy but I think the director was giving us a hint as to the identity of the crazy woman…… she was once a man!!!!!! I cant figure out though how she is related to josh and his family but i know there has to be a past connection maybe with josh’s mom or elise….. think about it..a man did play the part of the creepy woman (who for the record is the coolest and most mysterious villian I have ever seen) so maybe they are setting up a dual role for this woman /josh possessed… I just hope the movie centers around the creepy woman and her relations to the Lambert family……So EXCITED!!!!! is it September yet????

    • U guessed exactly how Insidious 2 plays out :) both movies are great, I’ve seen chapter 2 in the theater twice now, I love James wan and Leigh whannel

  7. I thought Insidious was amazing all the way through, even though it’s all crazy I think thats apart of the magic in it. Few predictions i have on the sequel though:
    1. Considering in the trailer that there is a new male psychic that Elise will only be showing up in the parts of film that reveal Josh’s childhood, and who knows maybe Elise had become a twisted spirit out for revenge if she truly had not survived.
    2. I don’t why, but I can’t shake the feeling that something bad is going to happen to Barbara Hershey. I don’t why, I just do. Or possibly even a babysitter might get killed off.
    3. New Demons? From the trailer, it seems like they will be haunted by a creepy ventriloquist, a lady in white(She seems to be after the baby), a disgusting old man, obviously the ‘Old Woman’ is back, and possibly some henchmen?
    4. Rose Byrne is gonna kill someone. I know it. In the trailer you can see her striking down on someone. But who?
    5. An entity is after the baby girl, (Kinda feel bad for the second child, he really isn’t neede in the movie, sorry to say)
    6. Will josh get re-possessed? Probably.

  8. more predictions: I am putting my first theory about the old woman (man) on hold effective now: I think a. the old woman is the lady in white younger… josh looks like hes getting old really fast in the trailer so it would only make sense that the old woman occupying his body would get younger…I also think (hope) the sequels main villain is indeed the old woman and I think maybe she time travels… really hope the woman in white is the younger version of the old woman.. also joshs mom did something in the past with elise to upset all of these ghosts…what is the “terrifying secret” ? anyone have ideas?????

  9. Insidious 2: A New Official Motion Poster, Clip And Creepy Trailer


  10. Well, Insidious was the type of horror movies i want. It was like horror plus suspense. Insidious got my heart like skipped a beat and that’s what made me like it. Then i found out, there’s gonna be a sequel to it, i was surprised because i didnt even see it coming even tho i wanted to know what happened to their family especially to Josh. Like i watched the trailer and like their family is doing good now, and like i wonder if Josh’s body gets back or i dont know.. That’s why I’m definitely gonna watch it!

  11. i am very much excited for the insidious chapter 2…

  12. Insidious is a very awesome movie. Can’t wait for chapter 2 OMG!!!

  13. It was certainly my top 5 if not top 3 great horror movies… As I am a huge fan since I was kid and made a couple of short plays with family when I was kid and later in high school.
    I liked it all very much except a touch of humor that made people laughing and killing the spirit of the connection …

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