‘Insidious: Chapter 2′ Spoilers Discussion

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Insidious 2 Directed by James Wan Insidious: Chapter 2 Spoilers Discussion

While people are already chatting away in our Insidious: Chapter 2 review thread, this is the place where you can disucss James Wan’s horror movie sequel in full detail – all the plot twists, spoilers, time-travel and opinions on the ending – without have to get grief for SPOILING the movie for others.

Assume that everyone in this discussion thread has seen Insidious: Chapter 2. If you haven’t seen the film, you are definitely in the wrong place, because MAJOR SPOILERS FOLLOW!!!!

With that warning in mind, feel free to hop down to the comments and discuss Insidious 2 with other fans – and rate the movie for yourself in our poll below:

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Insidious: Chapter 2 is now in theaters. It is 105 minutes and is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of terror and violence, and thematic elements.

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  1. Josh wasnt possessed its just that the further has no real definition of time so he was able to go back and talk to himself in the 80s and bang on his door in the first movie. He doesnt get possessed until the end of the 1st movie. if he had been possessed the whole time then he would have never been able to take a picture his whole life bc when elise took a picture of him after he was possessed Parker Crane showed up in it

    • The whole time travel thingade the movie confusing to me. If old josh was in the vhs film in 1986 (and at the end of the movie we learn he goes on to succeed in creating a happy movie) shouldn’t he have altered the future for himself from 1986 and on? (I know very confusing to understand) secondly how is parker crane in josh in the real world as the black bride AND in the further in the end as a boy (when he comes walking down the hallway)?

      • Thing made* happy ending * not happy movie

      • I suppose, in the “Further’, time is not of importance. It stands still in a way because it is a place where the souls cross over to the other side. The ones stuck are the ones that might have troubles still in accepting their death. Time doesn’t matter. You could be in 1986 in one moment and the next, you’re in 2013.

        The reason why he didn’t alter his future is because when Elise erased his memories of ever being able to project his soul out of his body whilst sleeping, it erases his memories and everything about it as well. That is why he was not able to alter his future.

        For the Parker being in Josh body, well, it is again with the time ‘concept’. Like the movie, “Back to the Future” where Marty went back in time again and saw himself in the past. For this, the one residing in Josh’s body is the old and confused, torn and tattered man. But the one in Further is the young and innocent Parker.

      • People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff.

      • Well I think parkers crazy mother killed parker long ago which would be the reasoning of him being in the further I think the older parker (black bride) is just a ghost altered by his abusive childhood and what his mother made him into

  2. crane was never in him as a boy.

  3. Where did Parker go when his mom was defeated towards the end of the film?

  4. Parker’s ghost was just an evil memory, of what this mom did to him or made him do, so when Elise defeated his mom he was layed to rest basically “my explanation

  5. what song does mater mortis sing when she went upstairs to get the baby part, i cant remember…. its like “good little girl”, but there is “merilyn merilyn”, and then the last part im not sure but is it “life is but a dream”? so its like a three a song? mixed up? heelp please!

    • oops my bad! hahhaha its two songs! good little girl and row row row your boat only, its not merilyn merilyn (i thought of the girly name of parker) its actually merrily merrily, life is but a dream.

    • row row row your boat

    • She was singing row your boat. And it wasn’t “merilyn” it was “merrily”

  6. i love the movie. it scared me and had me really thinking too. it got this twisted storyline that is intertwined with the first chapter (i suggest that you watch the first movie again to understand the 2nd chapter better).

    however, there are loose ends that I cannot seem to u understand.

    1. why did Parker’s mom wanted Parker to kill Josh’s family for his living body(Josh’s body) to not die or deteriorate? Remember when his tooth fell out when he was in the comfort room? then there was a voice talking to him? Then Josh’s body was weakening and was aging too fast. at first parker didnt want to and Ithink the reason why was because he wanted to live again as a ‘BOY’ which he failed to do so when he was still living becuase of his mother wanting him tobe a girl… then on the latter part when hewas trying to kill Renai, he said that his mother was right in wanting him to kill them. But why? what’s the connection of The living body dying if he wouldnt kill?

    2. on the killings of Parker, he killled 15 women and disguised as the ‘bride in black’ making him a serial killer. But what was the reason why he killed them? I think his mom was the one asking him to.. But why?

    3. i understand that the ones in the further didnt have a sense of time, but how did little Parker’s soul showed up in the old house to help Elise? the soul was already in Josh’s body right? how could it bethat 2 souls are on 2 different timelines?

    Those arethe questions that bothers me since Ive seen the movie and nobody could answer my questions..

      • At the end of the movie when Elise says “oh my god” she sees the lipstick faced demon from the first film. The demon moved on to weaker prey after the Lambert family knowing that because of Elise and josh’s ability he would never possess Dalton. Which is also why he did not attempt to stop Josh from saving Dalton to much because Josh is stronger because he is alive. But its different for lipstick face because he was never alive so the vessel he possesses will never decay like Parker.

        • Its factual the the demon is who Elise sees do to the crackling ice sound that was in the first film when the demon was behind josh at the table. And with Elise dead, the demon is now stronger than her and can now physically harm her. So its going to be quite the showdown in Chapter 3

      • Baby was left with a friend. Do you remember that scene now?

      • it was the baby kali that she saw in the end because before red insidious flashes on the screen .. there is a split second cry of a baby….. if u compare the name of the insidious flashing in the beginning and end u will notice the cry.

    • For your question number 2, I don’t think that was actually Parker’s soul when he helped Elise in the further. I think it more just his spirit and esscense.

    • We see a repeate of ghosts from one and two. I wonder if we will see the little boy ghost who was dancing to the record in the house
      also heres my qu ….

      Remember when elise said to her friend he wasn’t dead? Well what the heck happened to him? Did I miss something? Did he return? He wasn’t with those other two…. now where those other two trying to inform that family? Was that a ghost girl sitting on the chair or alive?

      Maybe the mom was in some cult ritual asking her son to murder these women. And joshes dad was a travler too…. so perhaps it all ties to this red demon? Gosh….

  7. I think the further and as it pertains to time is in the mind of the souls of its wandering travelers/ghosts’. The caille situation is going to be explained in a future chapter, (I feel) I also wouldn’t be surprised if it were in chapter 3 and if this somehow tied in to the “Alison” cha rector at the end of the movie. I feel the same type of randomness that sounds or objects moving etc as it pertained to Callie will be explained similarly to how they were in the first two chapters. I have no idea what Elise saw? But look forward to finding out. Maybe, the original red face demon? Maybe some we’ve seen before maybe a combination of characters? The writers have a lot of directions to go. I look forward to seeing it.

  8. I thought that the girl from the closet was one of the people murdered by Parker Crane? She looked a lot like one of the girls that Josh uncovered in the further. Also, does anyone know what movie was playing when Lorraine turns the tv off?

    • Another thing just occurred to me. The man yelling he’s got your baby to josh in the further, was he talking about caille ? Is that one of the things that will come out in chapter 3? I guess we’ll see.

    • The movie is Carnival of Souls.

      • Thank you so much!!

  9. The ending is Elise still in the further, and is checking out this new family along with her two assistants, since Elise is in the further still, and dead she heard the crickling noise of the man with the red face that was in the first insidious, the man that was the closest to taking over Dalton’s body. I think that this man is trying to take over this young girl Allison’s body just like he tried doing to dalton, maybe this man was also trying to get into Allison’s body while they were worrying about josh and the women in black aka Parker craine. Insidious 2 sure did make a clear path to a 3rd chapter to me… Can’t wait until confirmed details are released about the making of the 3rd chapter!!!!! Have fun trying to find out the whole plot and story as am I, it sure is confusing but so interesting!!!

  10. First off this film is brilliant, although it isn’t too scary the way it explains the 1st film and how the 1st and 2nd film intertwine is magnificent.
    Going onto the topic about Parker’s mother and Parker scene, the reason why when Ellise beats his mother that the possessed Josh is affected in ‘real life’ is because Ellise is destroying Parker’s memory of his mother which has made him into the serial killer he is, thus doing so it means that as a result Parker stops trying to kill and leaves Josh’s body.
    However what is hard to crack is whether Josh was actually possessed throughout the first movie, as questions would be raised as to when exactly he became possessed by Parker? I don’t think he was possessed throughout the first movie, it’s more a thing of how Josh went back in time and foresaw events that had already happened when he was in his body

    • right. thats why Parker left Josh’s body when Elise destroyed Parker’s mom but remember when Lil Parker pointed Elise on how she can enter the room? was that Parker’s memory too? Anyway, Josh was possesses by Parker on the last part of the 1st movie. t was when Josh went for Dalton on the further. Dalton’s soul made it back to its body and Josh’s soul didnt. Twas Parker who did… The events were kinda mixed up because there is no sense of time in The Further. Souls travelled through the real world’s past / present.

    • I don’t think Josh was possessed throughout the first movie. Only towards the end of the first installment where he was searching for his son in the ‘Further’. Parker got to him first and hence, resided in his body until the second installment. So, he was only ‘possessed’ at the ending of the first installment and throughout the whole movie for the second installment.

  11. parker was crazy had split personalities the child parker and the black widow. this might be the explanation as to why he had 2 souls 1 the child in the further 2 black widow in josh time only has meaning to the living making time travel theoretically possible in the further. not sure what elise saw could be red face maybe dalton?

  12. Can somebody explain to me.
    What happened at the end of the movie?
    what did Elise saw?

  13. Did you guys remember the time when Josh and Renai was in the bedroom and are about to sleep when someone is knocking on their front door then Josh went down to see who was it. This part was also shown in Chapter 1. In chapter 2, I was surprised that the reason why Josh did not see anyone when he opened the door is because it was actually him who is knocking on the door. I just really can’t understand this part, can someone please provide me more insights regarding this? thanks!

    • I would say that Josh didn’t see his ‘future’ Ghost-like self due to this stage of the first movie, Josh’s memory has not yet been told of his events as a child so therefore his ability to see people from The Further or to enter The Further Universe has not been re-active.

  14. Just got done watching the movie, and I thought it was pretty good, although I didn’t get to see whatever it was that Elis saw at the very end, although people are saying it was Red Face, which I find reasonable.

    People seem to be struggling with the scenes of Josh in the Further towards the end of the movie. Hopefully my theories will help.

    First off, as for parker being in the Further and in Josh at the same time, I find the split personality theory to be highly unlikely. Some of you have said that Parker had Split Personality Disorder, and that he had 2 souls. One soul in Josh’s body and the other soul in the further. That doesn’t make sense to me, because that would mean God (Or whatever, Creator you prefer, I guess) would have to put two souls into one body as it was being born. Also highly unlikely because some people Develop SPD later in life. And that would also mean that people with SPD that have more than 2 personalities also have more than 2 souls. Doesn’t mean this theory is incorrect, I just find it unlikely.

    What I think happened is one of two things:

    1. The Parker that helps Elise in the Further is the same Parker seen being slapped by his mother, very young, and still in his dress. I believe when his mother slapped him, a PIECE of Parker (a small fragment of his soul), perhaps his childhood, died. This logical, because of his appearance: he doesn’t look dead, he looks very much alive, unlike everyone else in the Further, who looks dead or disfigured.

    or 2. Parker was an astral projector as well, and as a kid he went to the further and there was Elise asking for help. This seems be most likely in my opinion. Mostly because it’s actually quite simple. Again, does not mean its right.

    Anyways, here’s my question for you all. In the first movie, when Red Face is trying to take over Dalton’s body, Elise tells the parents that slowly over time Red Face is getting closer and closer to stealing Dalton’s body, but that it DOES TAKE TIME FOR HIM TO DO SO. However, it has been stated here, and obviously in the movie that there is no sense of time in the Further. So why would it take time for a spirit to possess a body? Why not just use the Further to find the exact time in the physical world to take over a person’s body? It doesn’t make any sense to me. Also, since there is no sense of time, why couldn’t Josh just go back to when he left his body to find Dalton and make sure he was back in his own body before Parker? If there is no sense of time, that would mean that every time someone enters the Further, that person would actually already be in the Further from every time before that. I believe this is called a paradox, and although I thought the movie was great, this just ruins it for me.

  15. When Dalton hears the voice coming through his can-line and he thinks its Foster but its not, its coming from the wardrobe, then a women bursts out from the wardrobe screaming but you cant hear her, was that Daltons mother? it looked very much like her, i was thinking it could be her in a time-zone in the further and that it all might make sense in chapter 3, does anybody else think so, or am i totally wrong?

    • The one running out of the closet cant be Dalton’s mom because, this ability can only pass on from the dad, only affect his children and future generations… That woman might be Allison, the girl on the chair at the ending when Elise was there trying to help… She might be screaming for help at The Further.

      But why was Elise talking and explaining to Allison what happened to her body, Allison couldn’t hear her… Allison looks very weak, her body must be possesed fr a very long time… Is this Allison girl has any link to the Josh’s family?

  16. The one running out of the closet cant be Dalton’s mom because, this ability can only pass on from the dad, only affect his children and future generations… That woman might be Allison, the girl on the chair at the ending when Elise was there trying to help… She might be screaming for help at The Further.

    But why was Elise talking and explaining to Allison what happened to her body, Allison couldn’t hear her… Allison looks very weak, her body must be possesed fr a very long time… Is this Allison girl has any link to the Josh’s family?

  17. The movie was great, in my opinion. At least, better than Conjuring, I feel. The scares, though repetitive and cliche, it worked. I am totally digging the whole time travelling thing because it explains why things were in the first movie and it was not just some ghost knocking on the door. There were reasons behind every little detail.

    I felt that the movie was well- I can say thought through though there were some areas which were confusing me at some points. Most of them have already been brought up here.

    One thing I had really hoped was that they could’ve developed or even explain more about the history behind Parker and his mother so that it’d be clearer as to why things were happening. I hope that they’d do this in the third installment, if there is one.

    I suppose, it was just Parker all along. The one whom was residing in Josh’s body. It was him all along. His memories of his mother kept her alive and real.

    What I didn’t understand was, what drove him to kill all those women? He said it was for his mother but why? What is the reason? Yes, he was a tormented soul but why did he have to kill all those women? And what is with the whole ‘Bride’ theme? Why was he dressed up as bride? Did he kill those women because he wanted acceptance from his mother hence he killed the women so that he could give them to her as a sort of offering for not being a girl? Why was the mother so bent in wanting a girl? Did she had a daughter that died? Or did she despise men in general because the way she said, “It’s the name that your father gave to you” tells me that she despised the father.

    Maybe the reason why the young Parker helped Elise is because he was still the strong young boy that was sure of whom he was. That innocent young boy. When Elise hit the mother on the head, the memories of the mother in Parker maybe faded too hence that is why Parker is being sucked back to the Further. His resentment towards the mother is what fueled him, maybe. And that resentment is what made the mother so real, and alive when it was just him and him only all along.

    Then, the last part. With Allison. I hope that they’d tie all of these questions in the third installment. Also with Callie. Is she able to project out of her body as well? Why was the demon interested in her body if she is not able to project? Who in the world is Allison?

  18. Okey so I just watched the Movie last night (Little late because i am from Sweden) and I really liked it since I loved the first movie aswell as The Conjuring.

    Here are some answers (Speculations) and questions from my side.

    Answer 1: The girl running out from the closet is probably Allison, it looked a little like her and she looks like she is hurting her stomach. I recon her family is telling Spec and Tucker what happend to her and why she fell into coma. And by seeing the Red face demon at the end (Most likely) In Chpater 3 they need to contact the Lamberts again so they can help because they have experience with him before and so it brings them back to the Further memory again. Sad but that is probably the only way of saving her.

    Answer 2: When talking about the Red Faced Demon, I wondered who Elise saw at the end and didn’t really quite make it out that it was the Demon until i saw the first movie and remembered the clicking sound he made. Maybe Elise is seeing him trying to posses Alisons body or something because she is in the further. ?.

    Question 1: Okey so remember the elevator scene with young Lorraine and Parker? How is that possible that she can see him when he is dead? Does she have that abillity aswell because she saw Dalton and the demon in Insidious 1 so does the have connection to that?

    Question 2: When Tucker is knocking on the bookcase in Parkers house, he get’s a respond. The knocker from the other side probably want them to find that place and all the victims and details. Who was that? Was that young parker?

    Question 3: This is more of a real life question and not for the movie completely. Eric only erases the memory of Dalton and Josh but not the others in the family. Wouldn’t it bee hard for them to remember all the terryfing stuff that has happened to them but Josh and Dalton just don’t know anything? It’s like keeping a big secret and thats not really fun is it?

    There are sooo many small details that come to mind when I am writing this and it would be awesome to keep disgussing all of it here I really liked the movie and I am looking forward to the third and hopefully last one! (Too many would ruin it)

  19. Ok acouple things to mention.
    1. first of all the whole tooth and washroom part was a bigger deal than people think. he sais ” i won’t do it, i don’t want to kill…” and all that stuff, thats parker still not wanting to kill, just like the younger one. he keeps saying get out of my head and things like that. so that white dressed woman is really the evil part. thats why when he was attacking renai and the grandma he sais, i actually am enjoying this. and my main point, the tooth, that was showing he was aging in that body, cause he never really had the opportunity of bieng a guy, thats why he was killing so he could live as a guy

    2. at the end, you here a crunching, fire like sound, that shows the demon (guy with fire on his face) has possessed this new girl. it is absolutely stupid that some people believe there should be a third one. this isn’t a big enough story to start a third one. the whole point and story of insidious is over, it would be utterly pointless to make a third one. they have satisfied their viewers enough as it is.

  20. Getting closer makes it more fun. That’s my only point of view regarding this matter.

  21. the end could be related to the grudge as you can hear the same noise , and at the end of the grudge the girls Allison disappears ….

    • Ya and kayako is pretty freaky and evil so elise’s exclamation is also justified

  22. Is Parker’s mom really a spirit, or is it a manifestation that Parker conjures up? My feeling is Parker’s mom, in the real world, was a mentally deranged woman who had wanted a girl but got a boy. Perhaps she “lost it” when her husband left (as Parker doesn’t seem to have a father). Elise was saying that it was the “memory” of Parker’s mother that they had to suppress right? Maybe when we see Parker’s mom, it’s really just Parker’s memory of his mother acting out.

    When Parker says “She made me do it”, that is, she made him kill the women, I think what he means is that she made him what he was, it was because of all her abuse that he started killing. not that she was actually telling him to kill the 15 women. Parker probably started killing women that resembled his Mother, perhaps he even killed his mother, she was one of the 15 that Josh uncovered in the room behind the wall…

    • I agree with your out take on the movie itself. I feel like it was just his suppressed memory of her that made her seems so alive. Cause sometimes, a memory could be so strong that it becomes real.

      I just don’t understand why he killed the 15 women.

      Was it for a ritual of some sort? Or is it like what you have said, he was angry at his mom and killed her and he continued to kill the others as well. But if so, why was he dressed up as a bride? What is the significance of the wedding dress? Cause so far, everything that happened in the movie has a reason behind why certain things happened the way they do, hence I suppose there should be a valid reason as to why he was dressed as such.

      Did he eventually succumb to his mother’s pressure and thought that he was a female, fell in love and was jilted by his lover? Maybe it was his catalyst and hence, he blamed his mother for all the heartbreak and mental abuse that he had suffered all those while?

      • I think the killings were linked to his mother in that he wanted to kill her (and I think he did). The black bride outfit could just be his ritual, dressing up like a girl for mom reminds him of how much he hated her, hence the perfect outfit to exercise his demons in… so to speak.

  23. Just a question. what was the old song title that was played in the flash back scene where Carl touches the mannequin of bride in black? It started around 1:05:10. Thanks.

  24. Just seen the second, and have some theories on what’s going on and what the questions/cliffhangers are.

    1.) In regards to Josh being possessed in the first movie, he never was until the end when Parker took over and whacked Elise. Young Josh starts dealing with his problems after Parker attacks him in the hospital, and since he died shortly after, made Josh his target in 1986. Since he was hypnotized after Elise got involved, Parker still tried to get to Josh while wearing the black dress (explaining why it looks like a woman in black in his old photos) So that explains the Josh-Parker thing.

    2.) Regarding the Further Time Travel mumbo-jumbo. Elise said before they needed to get to Parker’s memories, which is what they were in when Josh fought Parker’s mom. I think that his mom in the movie wasn’t even a ghost but more of Parker’s manifestation of emotions and memories. The young Parker in the memory was the Parker of that time of the memory. I’m guessing that much like old Josh communicating with young josh, Parker could’ve been an astral projector as well. So for Parker’s house in the Further, it was a very strong memory instead of an actual place. Regarding old Josh’s interference in the first movie (banging the door, etc) I can only assume that the Further is kind of a purgatory for spirits but also is has physical manifestations of memories that can be re-accessed and interfered with in real time. This would explain Elise and Josh’s interference in the first movie and the climax of the second one. Other than that, I dunno.

    3.) The ending. All signs point to the demon from the 1st movie, with the cracking noise a giveaway. But, since it’s a movie, could be entirely something else.

    4.) The woman in Dalton’s closet. Although it could be a victim of Parker’s, it seems most likely to be Allison from the end, since she’s described by her mom to be basically what Dalton’s was in the 1st movie (more evidence supporting Red Face), making her a projector as well.

    These pose as many questions as the first one did of course.

    1) What ever happened to Parker’s parents? It may not have any value to the whole story, but you never know. His mom could’ve been killed by Parker himself, after too much abuse. Maybe she haunted him (“Don’t make me do this!”) or just his trauma from all the abuse he took. But what about the dad? Obviously mom hated him, so what’s his deal?

    2.) Allison. Wouldn’t have come up if there wasn’t some connection, considering if my point earlier of her projection seeking help from Dalton is true. Could be anything though.

    3) Red Face. I can see the similarity of Allison to Dalton, but Elise’s fear of him? Do these two have a history, not just of Dalton’s encounter with him?

    Judging by the answers received in the 2nd, if they make a 3rd it’ll answer all questions, mainly since Wan doesn’t want to do scary anymore. Course they could just end at this one and all this is nonsense until a reboot 20 years later

  25. Something I forgot…

    Callie. The demon/ghost that goes after Callie in the first doesn’t really fit the bill of Parker or his manifestation of his mom, and only see it that one scene in the 1st movie. This could be the REAL ghost of Parker’s mom, since she wanted a girl. Maybe Parker’s interest in Josh drew her to Callie… idk