‘Ink Master’ Season 2 Winner Revealed – Did the Best Artist Win?

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ink master season 2 winner steve Ink Master Season 2 Winner Revealed   Did the Best Artist Win?

If there was ever a doubt that Ink Master is one of television’s most underrated competition series, last night’s one-hour live season 2 finale certainly confirmed it, delivering a fast-paced, action-packed finale that should make its genre counterparts embarrassed.

After a long battle between artists, where getting thrown under the bus and receiving a “jacked” tattoos commonly occurred, Steve Tefft was crowned the Ink Master, besting Sarah Miller and Sebastian Murphy in the final competition, the 24-hour tattoo. Before the finale, Katherine “Tatu Baby” Flores was eliminated from the competition – but even that came with its own twist.

In the live finale, viewers were allowed to vote for one eliminated contestant to return for Ink Master season 3. Although the always enthusiastic Clint Cummings made a push for a second chance, it was recently ousted “Tatu Baby” who received the most votes, securing her another chance at the title next season. While some shows would be happy with that sole twist in the finale, Ink Master continued to deliver content throughout by also throwing in canvas confrontations, intimate interviews and an audience-driven elimination.

Ink Master is easily one of the most honest competition series on the air, where the judges and contestants constantly confront each other about the quality of their tattoos, often leading to a thoroughly entertaining and interesting resolution. Judge Oliver Peck’s declaration of loving “ugly tattoos” was one of many highlights this past season. By bringing this element into the finale, audiences were able to receive answers to many of their questions – and Sarah got a chance to comment about her sanity.

ink master season 2 tattoo Ink Master Season 2 Winner Revealed   Did the Best Artist Win?

Whether or not Sarah is “crazy,” the fact that the judges and the contestant commented on her behavior over the course of the season was as refreshing as it was entertaining. And the honesty didn’t stop. By bringing on former canvases who received “jacked” tattoos, viewers were able to witness the extremely uncomfortable, though thoroughly realistic, conversation of hating the tattoo they received, even if it was free.

But at the end of the day, did the best artist take home the title? Without a doubt, Steve was one of the strongest tattooists on the show. However, after a string of surprising eliminations, namely Jamie Davis and Jesse Smith, did Steve go into the finale against the best competitors possible? Sebastian Murphy, who was outed by viewers votes early in the finale, won few competitions along the way yet was in the finale three.

What say you, the fans? Did Steve have an unfair advantage going into the finale?

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Ink Master season 3 premieres in 2013 on SPIKE

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    • sebastion should have won

  2. I’m glad steve won.. I mentioned something a few weeks back that he was going to nail it this season.

    Does anyone know what kind of watch steve wore during the last few episodes.. Black band with large face.. It looked awesome

    • you’re crazy senore.

      • Yeah! Jessie all the way! Or at least Sarah.

  3. Sarah had some bright spots but by far Steve was the winner. I do believe that Jamie, Tatu Baby and Clint should have all been there ahead of Sebastian.I believe Steve said it the best when he said that the judges needed someone to throw under the bus in the finale and they knew Sebastian was weak. I am still in shock that he made it to the Finale.

    • I completely agree with you. I loved Tatu Baby and I’m glad she gets to come back next season. That girl has talent and while confident in her abilities, she also shows humility when accepting constructive criticism.

  4. They was all great artist steve had the confident and the experience and sarah is just as great she his the drive to be awesome artist she his the skills and in time she’ll master and sebastian a great artists i have a tat from him thats about 4 years old and it still looks great to me he was off his game it seem as if he lost his comfort zone in the finale shows

  5. Personally I think Jessie should have one he was te best competitor on the show…well him ndd tattoo baby were. They should have Been in the final. But other than that jessie is the best

  6. I would like to aplaud Steve and ask to be a canvasnext season

  7. Sarah is crazy. There is no way I would ever let her put a tatt on me. Tatu Baby was the real winner. I can’t wait until season three. Tatu Baby, if you are reading this and you need a clean canvas, hit me up.

  8. This was great season

  9. Hell ya I love Steves work was really upset that tattoo baby went hm

  10. Personally, I love Sarah and her passion and her style. Tatoo baby was good too but at times she’d make just pure crap. Sebastian had weak coloring in my opinion and when 3 were top 3 standing, I knew Sebastian was there to be a number. It was between Steve and Sarah and seeing how Steve had won many challenges over the season, it was evident he was the ultimate winner.

  11. I’m just happy KA KUTTA was finally eliminated. Every critique that was give was contested. Instead of protesting they should all have listened and applied what was said. Nunez isn’t all that good, but was able to see what was being done wrong. OLIVER ROCKS

    • Yea me to that dude got on my nerves trying to play mind games thinking he was goin to win haha :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) I wanted to jump through the TV when he was telling Sarah she was weak and a few others to:-)

  12. Sarah is the best artist. She can give me a tattoo anytime. She also looked hot on the finale.

  13. I wish that our votes could’ve been figured into the decisions determining who the winners each week were, and who was eliminated as well.

    Many of the winners of the various categories were far from my top choices, and many of those were Steve’s tatoos.

    As far as the three finalists, I don’t agree that any of them should have been finalists.

    I would have preferred to have seen Jamie, Jesse, and Tatu Baby as finalists, with Steve as a distant fourth place.

    And while the actual finalist’s fans should disagree with me, it is but another reason why I’d enjoy seeing our votes count towards deciding the winning and eliminated tatoos.

  14. Sarah as runner-up? Total bs…

    • Who would get a tatto from her? You would have to be in the same room with her for how many hours?

  15. Personally, I hated Sebastian’s final tattoo, he had a female client and I believe that he could have designed something to fit her better! She has to wear that f****** mess on her back forever.. Frankly, I’m surprised he made it to the finals, middle of the road artist for sure!

    • i agree with you Michael.. i think Tatto Babby should have made it to the finals.. She showed to be more of a true artist!!

    • See, the worst part is that she has to have that forever for absolutely no reason… they could have eliminated him in the second to last episode based on the season-long votes anyway and saved him 24 hours of work and that lady wouldn’t have a horror show on her back.

  16. Steve winning was the best thing to happen to Ct. It finally puts us on the map. He was definitely the most deserving winner. He was the most talented & has the most creative ideas. I would love to get anything tattted on my body from him!!!

  17. Steve winning was the best thing to happen to Ct. He was definitely the most deserving winner. He was the most talented & has the most creative ideas. I would love to get anything tattted on my body from him!!!

  18. Steve winning was the best thing to happen to Ct. He was the most deserving winner. He was the most talented & has the most creative ideas. I would love to get anything tattted on my body from him!!!

  19. Steve was the best thing to happen to the show!! He was the most deserving winner. He was the most talented & has the most creative ideas. I would love to get anything tattted on my body from him!!!

  20. Finally!!! Ct gets a place on the map! Steve is an awsome artist! Would love to get inked by him!! Need to make an appt. In Groton. I need to get inked by the “master”!

  21. I would love,, love, love to be a human canvas. I am open to almost anything, anyway, I am willing to get anything. I have a very high tolerence for pain. I would be honered to get inked by steve. Thank yuou, Carolyn

  22. Steve deserved to win but I personally think jesse was the best he was good at everything just not portraits..

  23. Why did we have to listen and watch Sara Miller? Her attitude was… MAybe she will watch the show and see what she is…a ridiculous offensive little brat, who is full of herself. My teenage daughter and her friends leave the room when she expresses herself. Jessie was much better then Tatu Baby, Sebastian (for sure), and Miller. Steve is the best but I would want Jessie to tattoo me.

  24. that Sebastian dude was an ignorant black a**hole and should have never been in the top 3 ‘ and I think it was messed up when they eliminated that one dude with no tattoos.. that should not have mattered.

  25. Does the judge with the toothpick always hanging out of his mouth know how stupid he looks?

  26. Steve was the best by far from early on in the show all the way to the end. Whoever thought that Jesse was the best must have been blind. He definitely was awesome at new school and he continued to attempt to new school the entire show, never ask him to do a portrait for you though. Steve did it all and was always at the upper echelon of each challenge. My top 5 go like this, Steve, Jamie, Tatu Baby, Sarah then Jesse. If you look up Tatu Baby’s work online. She is super talented, she might win it next season.

  27. Tatu baby should have won!!

  28. Dave u like do it upside down ! Why do u sleep in the closet for if u already have bastion in your home?

  29. Sebastian never should’ve made it to th finale and Sarah either. Tatu Baby and Clint by far better than either.