‘Ink Master’ Season 2 Winner Revealed – Did the Best Artist Win?

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ink master season 2 winner steve Ink Master Season 2 Winner Revealed   Did the Best Artist Win?

If there was ever a doubt that Ink Master is one of television’s most underrated competition series, last night’s one-hour live season 2 finale certainly confirmed it, delivering a fast-paced, action-packed finale that should make its genre counterparts embarrassed.

After a long battle between artists, where getting thrown under the bus and receiving a “jacked” tattoos commonly occurred, Steve Tefft was crowned the Ink Master, besting Sarah Miller and Sebastian Murphy in the final competition, the 24-hour tattoo. Before the finale, Katherine “Tatu Baby” Flores was eliminated from the competition – but even that came with its own twist.

In the live finale, viewers were allowed to vote for one eliminated contestant to return for Ink Master season 3. Although the always enthusiastic Clint Cummings made a push for a second chance, it was recently ousted “Tatu Baby” who received the most votes, securing her another chance at the title next season. While some shows would be happy with that sole twist in the finale, Ink Master continued to deliver content throughout by also throwing in canvas confrontations, intimate interviews and an audience-driven elimination.

Ink Master is easily one of the most honest competition series on the air, where the judges and contestants constantly confront each other about the quality of their tattoos, often leading to a thoroughly entertaining and interesting resolution. Judge Oliver Peck’s declaration of loving “ugly tattoos” was one of many highlights this past season. By bringing this element into the finale, audiences were able to receive answers to many of their questions – and Sarah got a chance to comment about her sanity.

ink master season 2 tattoo Ink Master Season 2 Winner Revealed   Did the Best Artist Win?

Whether or not Sarah is “crazy,” the fact that the judges and the contestant commented on her behavior over the course of the season was as refreshing as it was entertaining. And the honesty didn’t stop. By bringing on former canvases who received “jacked” tattoos, viewers were able to witness the extremely uncomfortable, though thoroughly realistic, conversation of hating the tattoo they received, even if it was free.

But at the end of the day, did the best artist take home the title? Without a doubt, Steve was one of the strongest tattooists on the show. However, after a string of surprising eliminations, namely Jamie Davis and Jesse Smith, did Steve go into the finale against the best competitors possible? Sebastian Murphy, who was outed by viewers votes early in the finale, won few competitions along the way yet was in the finale three.

What say you, the fans? Did Steve have an unfair advantage going into the finale?

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Ink Master season 3 premieres in 2013 on SPIKE

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  1. As far as talent goes Tatu Baby should have been in the top 3. Jesse was very good at his “new school style” but wasn’t comfortable with anything else. Steve earned that spot all the way through and thus I think he deserved the win. Stoked for next season!

    • There is a reason why they booted her out although she should have been top 3. They knew Tatoo Baby could not beat Steve … if she stayed she probably would have been booted before Steve or Sarah and now they are screwed … Since finalists dont qualify they cant have a vote to get her back on Season 3 … (I only watched because of her… she is awesome … but not as good as Steve) … Since she was booted at 4th place she now has the opportunity to come back … I will watch Season 3 just to see her kick ass.

      - Wired.

  2. I was absolutely surprised to see a review of Ink Master on SR and was glad to see credit being given where credit was deserved. Ink Master is a fresh take on a tired elimination show concept. My wife and I avidly watched both seasons and as residents of one of the most tattooed cities in the nation and current home of Jesse Smith and Loose Screw Tattoo we were excited to have our home of the RVA represented. I would agree that I was unhappy with the final 3, Steve, Jamie and Jesse should have been in the showdown, but Jesse was rightly eliminated on a tattoo he himself admittedly was unhappy with while Jamie appeared to be railroaded out of the competition on what wasn’t the worst tattoo. Either way, the series is intense and about as high pressure of a competition as you can get with the repercussions of a bad outing. If you haven’t watched the seasons, go back and check them out.

  3. It was a real drag to watch every one of the Ink Master shows and right when they were going to announce the winner, the show ends. Thanks alot for that.

    • OMG!! Totally…I had to find out who won the following day on line….boo….

    • Exactly, I even have my DVR ending 1 min later just to cut off ….What the hell

    • yeah!!! WTF was that all about? I had to
      Look online to see who won!!! I even had my dvr set 2 min later! That was some B S!!!

  4. Sebastian admitted to knowing how to cause pain to a client if he didn’t like their behavior, isn’t Ink Master level anything! Have some ethics. I think he is a mediocre artist with mediocre standards.

  5. how can i be a canves in series 3

  6. i missed the episode where they booted off k kutta ,i realized when i was watching the next one, couldnt stand that guy

  7. Tatu Baby shouldn’t have been eliminated just yet. Sebastian should’ve been eliminated many episodes ago, but I agree that Steve should’ve won.

  8. I would have loved to have seen Steve battle it out with Jesse and Jamie but I do think Steve was strongest overall and deserved the win regardless.

  9. Tatu Baby should have been in the finals, although I don’t believe she would have beat Steve, so this second opportunity gives her a chance to shine. I hope she takes the advice given by the judges and takes Season 3!

  10. My DVR cut of after they announced Tatu baby won for next season 2nd chance. I am so glad Steve won! I would love a tattoo from him.

  11. I really think Jamie should have been in the finals. The only reason he didn’t was because he didn’t “look” the part to be Ink Master. Just because the guy doesn’t have tattoos doesn’t mean he isn’t a good artist. He was easily the most consistent contestant there. He might not have won but he should have been in the finals for sure.

  12. Steve was by far the best and deserved to win. Some of his “worst” work beat others best stuff. Sarah was probably the best artist. Jesse’s stuff looked like Ren n Stimpy (which I love). But Steve was the best inker.

  13. I couldn’t believe Sebastian put that tattoo on a woman. She looked scared when he showed her the artwork. How about taking into consideration that this isn’t a canvas, it’s a human. Part of tattooing should be the awareness of how your art is framed. I mean, she is a middle aged woman that used to do ballet.

    I will admit I’m baffled she didn’t walk off the show then and there, but I thought he was a jerk for doing that to her. JMO.

    For me, I was satisfied with who won. I liked Sarah’s stuff a lot and was also surprised when Tatu Baby was eliminated.

    • I have to agree with your comment 100% what was this guy thinking even after she said nothing to maskilin……what a jerk its just to bad someone didn’t run him down for it on live television.

    • totally agree. I can’t believe he did that to her. Steve’s would have looked better on a woman than Sebastian’s.

    • That poor woman. She should have said no effin way when she saw the artwork. They had to have an alternate lined up. Maybe she will show up on Nightmare Tattoos. The worst part is that Sebastian was eliminated by the viewers, which was determined before the judges even saw that finale tattoo, so he would have lost even if he had given her a beautiful, feminine tattoo. In other words, if they were planning on eliminating someone based on viewer votes then there was no need to have him participate in the 24 hr tattoo. The tattoo had nothing to do with him ‘winning’ a spot in the Final 2, so there was no reason for him to even participate in the challenge.

      • I was in disbelief about that horrendous tattoo on her back. You cant cover that up.

      • Actually they had no idea who was going to get voted off by the viewers votes until the live finale. As the season has aired the artists have been at home working on the final tattoo. The season is pre recorded so this gives the finalists time to create their 24 hour tattoos and meet for every session with their canvas. I’m sure the canvas had to fly miles to the artists shop just to meet for the 6 hour session each time.
        I do agree that he was INSANE to put that zombie on that poor woman. BUT she was equally insane for letting him. She must have been getting a big check for letting him put that on her. REGARDLESS my children and I would have to be starving for me to put my body through that horror. Tatu Baby could have given that woman an amazing ballerina. IT MAKES ME SICK!!!

    • Is funny that you mentioned, that because I thought it was close to abuse what he did to her.

      • I agree. I wish that poor woman could get a cover-up on Tattoo Nightmares.

    • This right here is my single biggest problem with the show…..these tattoos are pretty much forever and when they fill they ranks at the beginning with sub-par artists, people are inevitably going to end with with ****** tattoos. Some things can be fixed but others like mis-spellings, anatomical inaccuracies and the like can only be fixed with a cover-up (but even that isn’t a guarantee).

      It’s one thing to get booted off a reality show for not performing as well as others but this imho just isn’t worth the risk of getting something bad that is forever…….I feel so sorry for the guy who emphasized how important the portrait of his Mother was and Jessie, in his inexperience, not only intentionally stretched the image, but he went WAY too dark and made it look like complete crap. The judges should have some moral backbone and be willing to step in and stop such a major catastrophy from going forward.

    • Emphatically agree with this comment re: inappropriate tattoo for the Client by Sebastian. How dare he allow his ego to take precedence over consideration for his Client. She was not just a canvas!! If Sebastian was as talented as he professed then he should have been able to adapt his style to this woman. Both Sarah and Steve gave consideration to their Clients, combining their wants with the personality of those they tattooed

  14. My wife and I have watched this show since it aired and truly enjoy the art work and competition of it all….being a retired Tattooist myself I can totally get what its like to deal with some clients that are clueless to what you can and can’t do. I believe Steve deserved his win but was also a big fan of Tatu Baby……I thanked the day that mouthy K Kutta was given the you are not an ink master so pack up your equipment walking papers.
    By the way I thought my tv glitched because it cut off before they said the winner, this is how I had to find out here on this site on line ha what’s the deal with that…..Can’t wait till season 3.


  16. Most honest competition???? I personally know an artist who was promised to win the whole show if (s)he would agree to be on it. It’s rigged like every other “reality” show.

    • Sorry but you can’t “rig” this show the way you claim. The artist has to be an excellent artist and know their craft but if they do horrible tattoos they will be going home, you can’t fake that.

      The only way they “rig” the show is by filling the ranks with 5-6 good artists and the rest with those who they know aren’t going to make the final cut. That way the good artists will remain until the very end.

  17. The reason for those final three was to as many demographics as possible

  18. was to hit as many

  19. Steve is a badass artist but his final piece felt incomplete what with all the negative space at the top, my favorite parts are the missing teeth grooves and the skulls in the eyes.

    Sarah’s tattoos looked amazing but I do notice the background issues on the female warrior side. Overall it was her best work of the entire competition and that says a lot since most of her work out shined everyone else’s best.

    (Can we get a picture of Sarah’s final piece in this article so people who aren’t familiar with the show can compare it to winning piece?)

  20. I was totally bummed when the show went off BEFORE announcing the winner…what was wrong with the timing? Also, I found it very hard to see the tattoos on the screen they were showing it on from the stage. But I’m very happy with who won. He totally deserves it.. Great work!!

  21. I watched the whole series and except for his ego steve was a good choice for the winner but Nothing should be taken away from Sarah. With only 6 years in the business she can be more than proud of her work and standing!

  22. Steve is a Male Chauvinist Pig who should not have won Ink Masters. The panel needs to jump off his dick with all the praise you gave him about his tattoo. Steve’s final tattoo was not jaw dropping amazing and towards the bottom it doesn’t even look complete. I believe Tatu Baby should have been in the finals but I also think you knew she brought in ratings so boot her out to have a second chance and spice up season 3 I know sex sells and she is a beautiful lady.

  23. Even though they allow the audience to choose the winner this year they basically did the same crap they did last year. They eliminated all the people that could have beaten Steve. What they did was leave the psycho female and the angry black guy to go up against Steve. I really like the show but no matter how good you are, if they don’t like you, you are gone or setup to loose. I’m having trouble remembering all of the contestants name but if guy without any tattoos or Clint have gone up against Steve he would have lost. Or even the guy who does the google eye tattoos.

  24. Disappointed in the skills of many of the artists. Where did you find some of them (besides prison)? Picking people who have only been doing this for a short time really shows, and it sucks for the people who have to wear them for life. That being said, I am glad that Steve won.

    • I agree with some of your points but in television you have to have some a-holes to draw in the viewers such as everybodys favorite arrogant obnoxious down right stuck up peae a sh.t K Kutta ……..As for the people who voluneer they know exactly what they’re getting into, they’re not exactly there to be a supporter of the network they want to be on tv and get a free tattoo oh heck some probably are hoping to get noticed by a scout for the next Jersey Shore….lol that was just a joke….Outta the other two finalists Steve did deserve it.

  25. I believe that the judges got it right by naming Steve as the winner, I told my wife after the end of the 1st episode this season that Steve was going to win it all, in fact she had to remind me that I said that. As for Sarah she is one hell of a artist for only being in the biz for 6 yrs., her background work and lack of doing black was her downfall, on a side note WOW she looked amazing (nice legs). Sebastian should just be happy that his plan worked, by being just the middle of the road type of artist during the competition, he did some real nice and some real jacked tattoo’s.

    AS for the jacked timing of the show .. if i remember correctly this was a LIVE SHOW!! and sometimes they do go over, when have the Oscars ever end on time?
    All in all this was and is one of the best competition shows out there along side of Face/Off.

    till next time

  26. I think steve is very talented. And won fair and square. That being said I do not agree with Jamie going home because of not having tattoos, I don’t care what u say that was the reason. Simply because Jamie had never been in the bottom until that day and his tattoo was not that bad I think sarahs was worse, but thats my opion, I would have like see steve and Jamie in the final

  27. I think the best artist did win. Sara should have been eliminated a few episodes back. Tatu Baby should have been in the finals. She could have possibly beat Steve. I have seen some of her work in person and it is amazing.

  28. I love this show. I have many tattoos including a full back piece. This is by far my favorite show on tv when it is on. Thank you to spike and everyone involved with the show.

  29. Steve was definetly the best one thru the whole series. I loved all of his tatoos and he deserved the title of ” INK MASTER .”