Kevin Feige Talks About Inhumans & Mutation in The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Official Marvel Studios Logo Kevin Feige Talks About Inhumans & Mutation in The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Fans following the development and expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe closely understand that things are about to change. And no, we’re not talking about the politics and power struggle involving S.H.I.E.L.D. in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We’re talking about aliens and people with super powers.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. introduced otherworldly characters and beings in its last two episodes and the timing is interesting considering the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer teased the cosmic side of the Marvel universe a few weeks earlier. In The Avengers: Age of Ultron, we’re going to meet two new superpowered characters with unknown origins as well so, how are they all connected?

We’ve known that the pair of new heroes joining The Avengers 2 are the “brother-sister act” of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (a third new character, Vision is also joining the fray) and in the comics, they’re mutants, the children of X-Men antagonist Magneto, characters all owned by Twentieth Century Fox. Due to complicated film rights issues, these two characters are an odd exception to the rule and can be used by both Marvel and Fox. For Marvel Studios however, they can only use them in a limited capacity since they don’t own “mutants” or X-Men characters like “Magneto” which means, new origins and new source of powers.

Marvel Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Cartoon Kevin Feige Talks About Inhumans & Mutation in The Marvel Cinematic Universe

An easy explanation we offered upon first hearing the news would be to tie their special abilities in with something they do own, and something they’ve expressed interest and confidence in frequently in recent years - The Inhumans. With the “Kree” alien species namedropped in this week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and playing a part in Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel Studios could theoretically begin laying the groundwork for an Inhumans movie should they choose to do so, since the Kree are behind their creation.

The Inhumans are a byproduct of the Kree experimentation on early humans in the past, during a time of war against other aliens. The Kree used science to genetically engineer their way through an evolutionary gap their species was enduring and to essentially breed a superhuman army for their own purposes. The result was the Inhumans, who formed their own unique society. They share interesting stories to characters including Quicksilver and Ronan the Accuser, who play major roles in The Avengers 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy, respectively. They even fought Thanos but we’re not going to delve into that today.

Inhumans Kree Marvel Comics Kevin Feige Talks About Inhumans & Mutation in The Marvel Cinematic Universe

So, could Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch get their powers from the same source as The Inhumans (look up “Terrigen Mist” if you’re curious)? Could that also tie into what’s happening with certain characters in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC? Speaking with HuffPo while promoting Captain America 2, Marvel Studios president of production, denied that this was the case, explaining that they’re not connected.

“Well, Inhumans is something that we are definitely thinking about and we think there’s great potential there for a great movie. But, no, no — we have not linked those two.”

And as for Inhumans offering a substitute origin for Mutation for Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch?

“As it relates to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver? No. No, no, no.”

So, there you have it. If Inhumans are not connected to “the twins” as many fans have speculated, how will Joss Whedon’s Avengers sequel explain their origins? Are they aliens? Part of some species? Are there more like them? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014, The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. Well, Inhumans would make sense in a way but if they go with Quicksilver and Crystal’s relationship, how would they explain the hostility Quicksilver faces as a human marrying into the Inhuman royal family?

    I guess the best thing to do here is just wait and see what they have in mind.

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  2. Marvel knows they could no longer get back the rights of X-MEN so they’re moving forward with The Inhumans.

    • Ummm, yeah. Marvel CAN get back the rights anytime they want actually. They are just choosing to legally honor the contract they have with Fox. That and Fox gave them a Sh*t-load of money (undisclosed amount) to hold onto said contract when the first re-up date came. Marvel will ALAWYS OWN The X-Men. IF Marvel (or for that matter, Disney) REALLY wanted the X-Men rights back, they could get it. Albeit; at the cost of a LOT of money, but they (Marvel) OWN the IP. They are technically just renting it out for a finite amount of time.

      And honestly, Marvel dosen’t NEED the X-Men IP back right now, because even though they aren’t talking about it, Phase 3 and 4 are already in the works. Trust me – when the Avenger-focused storylines run their course (which won’t be for a while yet), if they really want the X-Men back, they’ll get it. I think the fans want Marvel to get the X-Men back moreso than Marvel wants to or needs to. Other than being able to USE the “mutant” moniker, the X-Men would sit on the shelf IF they got the IP back at this juncture. Now, the FACT that Fox/Singer doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing with the IP is a whole-nother conversation.

      • +1

      • Nice dream, but they have legally given the film rights to Fox. They could negotiate an expensive deal to get them back,sure. But would they illegally use these characters in their films? Highly unlikely. They may own the IP, but they can’t just violate their contracts with other studios. It doesn’t work that way. Do you have any examples of any studio actually doing what you suggest? It seems absurd.

        Marvel chose to license their properties and only regretted due to Fox’s successful monetization of the property. Before Brian Singer and X-Men,there was thought to be no market for serious successful comic book movies. It was a shock to audiences to see a comic book film open with a scene of the holocaust.

        Either way, yes Disney could negotiate for the X-Men film rights. Other than that, they’re likely to let the current deal stand. These are profits that they do share. Hugh Jackman has said that Marvel had a huge presence on the set of The Wolverine and Days as well

        • Actually, it’s EXACTLY what I said. I don’t care how absurd it sounds to YOU. Fox is essentially “renting” the film rights for a SPECIFIED amount of time. If Fox OWNED the X-Men IP as you are attempting to suggest, Marvel would not be able to still produce X-Men comic Books. I’d suggest you research a little more on what “owning” film rights to an IP means before letting you internet tough-guy persona get the better of you. Marvel (and now Disney by proxy) will always have final say on THEIR IPs. And yes they CAN (meaning they are able to) just violate a contract if they so see fit to. Whether they actually will is HIGHHLY doubtful.

          I don’t need to supply you with an example to KNOW what I’m talking about. So you’re one of THOSE people? Good luck with that.

          I said nothing about re-negoiating a deal. When the time comes, IF it ever comes and Disney/Marvel want the rights to X-Men back (or ANY of their IPs for that matter), they CAN get them back.

          A little less lip from you and a little more grip (on reality) from you would be a good thing.

      • Well said! I APPROVE this message :)

  3. The possibilities seem endless. The wealth of unexplored storylines in Marvel’s universe is there for the taking. Just don’t screw it up!

  4. I was a fan of the Inhumans theory. It made sense and opened a wider world. As to what Joss has planned who knows? My guess would be experimentation by Hydra. Hydra’s own super-soldier program? Maybe they were imbued with power from the cosmic cube? Maybe they are the children of one of the Red Skrull’s test subjects during WWII?

    • maybe they’re decended from the red skull himself?

      • *descended

      • Certainly a possibility at this point. But, one part of the X-men film franchise that Singer got right was Magneto’s origin. Everything with Magneto has been done really well, except explaining how he showers with his helmet on at all times, does he know that Charles goes to bed every night at ten?

        Assume it is a parallel universe, Eric’s story is the same except it was Hydra who found him and experimented on him during WWII and afterwards. But, instead of Eric becoming Magneto he is killed by Hydra because he is uncontrollable and used to clone super-soldiers.

        Someone else suggested that Quicksilver will have the Time Gem(in some form) and Scarlett Witch will have the Reality Gem. Not sure if that is the case, but it is a good call.

  5. Since we already know the Infinity Gems (or stones) are going to play a role in the MCU, my theory is that Scarlet Witch will possess the Reality Gem in The Avengers: AoU, given the nature of her powers.

    • That is an interesting idea. So she gave Quicksilver his powers? I suppose it could be similar to the ether from Thor:DW.

      • Quicksilver could have the time stone/gem. Giving him his powers. Could be that their parents knew aliens and were entrusted to hide the stones. Maybe when their parents “died” the stones were given to them through the Will.

        Plus, maybe Baron Von Strucker is their God parent and he had something to do with the “death” or disappearance of their Mom.

        • You are forgetting about the Red Skull. Where did he go at the end of Cap 1 and how did Odin get the cube back? Maybe the Red Skull had some unseen adventures through time and space.

          • Redford’s Pierce may be the Red Skull in a new body. Precedence in comics.

            • If they went that route, it would be cool to see how he got back to earth.

          • Odin got the cube back when Thor brought it home to Asgard.

            • Oh yeah, forgot about that. Thanks. Need to go back and watch Cap again, been a while.

          • we don’t know where red skull went. possibly the same place loki went when he let go of thor, in Thor, and Odin got the cube back after The Avengers, because thor and loki used it to tele-port back to asgard.
            hope that helps.

          • Odin got the cube back because at the end of the avengers, loki is defeated.

        • Didnt they get raised by a humanoid cow? (In the comics anyways) High evolutionary is never mentioned, they could use that guy and not strictly the inhuman angle.

          • +∞ That’s what I’ve been saying for the longest time also.

    • If that’s true, then the stronger I feel that Wanda will be included in Doctor Strange movie (at least as cameo). Which would be awesome! :D

  6. If they can´t use the concept of mutants and it´s not related to inhumans I don´t know what else it can be. Maybe something related to an asgardian origin? Or given the background of the movie could it be posible that it is something tech-based?

    • The High Evolutionary perhaps? Otherwise maybe they arent DIRECTLY linked to the inhumans but it’s quite possible that Hydra discovered the terregen mists and their properties and so the twins are their latest “experiments”. So technically Feigne is correct in stating they arent linked to the inhuman but nothing prevents the use of the mists to alter humans and give them powers.

  7. I think the statement is deflection. While the twins may not be tied to the inhumans, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of Terrigen mist. And makes even more sense seeing as how that’s how Quicksilver regained his powers after M-Day

    • Plus he briefly gained the ability to time travel, which could be something cool to play with.

    • Yep…. Kevin Feige is a master of word manipulation (no offense kind Sir, if you’re reading this… it’s actually a compliment :D). He has this smart way of revealing and not revealing information at the same time, I mean he’s NOT lying, but he’s also not giving away 100% of the truth as well hahaha

      • Totally agree with you, look how many times Feige says no in his statements, Double Negatives=Positives :]

  8. Didn’t Agents of SHIELD already mentioned that there are people ‘GIFTED’ with special abilities, and that SHIELD is listing them in their index? I thought that was a clear mention for ‘mutant’ such as Scorch, Blizzard (at least at the end of his episode) and I thiiiink Raina (who seems to have the power of manipulation).

    As for the “the timing is interesting”, I’ve said before that it’s a high possibility Marvel has been planning everything nicely, including the release of GotG teaser trailer (that was shown not long after that toy convention that showed Ronan). This is the reason why AoS sometimes feel draggy like they have ‘filler’ episode/moments (a term anime watchers are familiar with). I even feel next week’s “Assembling the Universe” special is intentional so that the next episode (#16) that will feature most of the SHIELD operatives on the show (Sitwell, Blake, Hand will guest star), will coincide with the events on Winter Soldier directly (before and after the movie). Clark Gregg also told a fan at Twitter that starting that episode, there will be no pause to the end of the season finale, which makes sense if what is rumored (to SHIELD and Fury) in Winter Soldier proves to be true.

    Probably we’ll see Coulson and Skye demonstrating their ‘gifted abilities’ soon on the show (as well as who they really are – if the blue man is indeed Kree, they have become Inhumans now) ;D

  9. I personally hate this agreement Fox and Marvel have going on. Who cares if they use Mutant or mention Magneto being their father. It’s so petty and pointless. Either way, tying in their abilities with The Inhumans seems pretty solid because Scarlet Witch is way too powerful to just be subjected as a test experiment. Who origins should have powerful source.

    • Fox needs to learn to share its toys.

      They could so cash-in on a cross-over or at least cross-reference basis, but they want to hog it all to themselves.

    • Yeah they don’t even realize how much MONEY they could make together (since that’s the only language they speak) by crossing over the X-Men and Avengers properties. As for us, the fans and audiences, if done right, it could be a much more coherent and enjoyable movie experience. But when it’s all said and done, Marvel is going to come out on top, in terms of both quality and box office success. Why? Simply because the “shared movie universe” was their idea. They had a brilliant concept, planned it out for years, and executed it very well. Now, every other studio is scrambling to play catch-up. Sure, the MCU has had some hiccups, but when you really look at all the factors that went it to making all these movies flow together, and how collossal a disaster it could have been, it’s a miracle how good it is. I think it would take a similar miracle for the other studios to replicate that same quality and success, and they know it. And with Fox and DC/WB intentionally making some…controversial casting choices for their developing franchises shows a bit of desperation, because they know a black Human Torch and a tiny, nerdy Lex Luthor and BatFleck will bring in fans and skeptics alike (along with their money) to see the final product.
      But Marvel has the brilliant minds that came up with the shared universe behind it. They didn’t see other films do it, and decide to try it themselves. They simply saw how the comic books worked and said, “Why can’t we do that on the big screen?” And that is why Marvel will win the Comic Book Movie Wars. Fox and Sony and WB might put out some superior films in between, but I doubt their own shared universes will ever be as coherent, groundbreaking, and frankly, fantastic as Marvel’s.

  10. I want them to just not explain their powers. Just say, yeah they have powers, and move on. Or they can play the whole “we can’t say mutant” thing off as a joke. They say they were born that way, it’s in their genes. Then someone says “Like a mu-” and Tony cuts them off with a quip or something. I don’t know. That way they don’t have to alter their origin and they can just stay mutants in everyone’s head-canon.

    • Lmao i would be completely satisfied with that but idk the rules to these things

    • I’ve said the same thing, Nick. I think I’ve even mentioned that quip where someone gets cut off from saying the “M” word (I’ve at least thought it anyway).

      Keep it flexible. Their origins and backgrounds were the subject of many different theories for almost twenty years in the comics. It’s part of who they are that they don’t know exactly who they are. So even if they do have an explanation, it can change.

    • My thoughts exactly! Great minds think alike!

  11. Did you have someone ‘Fact Check’ your story? FOX ‘controls’ the X-Men library for feature films and television. They do NOT “own” as you repeatedly state.

    Just do a quick update and your article ROCKS!

    • I should have clarified… television live-action.

    • They literally “own” the film rights to these characters.

    • Actually…….Fox only has the rights to live action film and nothing else. That’s why Marvel can still produce toys featuring the likes of Wolverine and Spider-Man and also why they can still create both animated movies and TV shows with Sony and Fox controlled characters.

      lastly…….Fox and Sony do not technically “own” the characters in question. They have been licensed to those studios in perpetuity. Marvel still holds ownership, they just can’t do anything with those rights to characters they licensed out in live-action movie format.

  12. Maybe they’ll split the origin of their powers, for example Quicksilver gets his abilities from Terrigen mists or moves quickly through time with the time gem and Scarlet Witch gets her powers from the Reality gem or learns some mystic arts through sorcery like doctor strange… idk.
    Anyway, i was wondering is Falcon going to be in Avengers 2?

    • That’s a cool idea for their origins. And as for Falcon in AoU, I seem to remember reading something that said he would be, but I could be mixing that up with War Machine, who is confirmed to be in it. Honestly, I’d rather see Falcon though.

      • Crap i totally forgot about War Machine, that just made me realize that there could potentially be A LOT of characters, because i only just found out about Vision

        • Who is the bad guy in AOU? Just a guess but War Machine and every suit of Iron Man armor becomes a drone under Ultron’s control. After IM 3 that does not leave any put what Tony creates between IM 3 and Avengers 2. Those suits will all have their own arc reactor and could have any of the features in the previous films. Any human technology will be compromised quickly, guessing Asgardian technology is too advanced.

  13. i wish avengers 2 would leave alone the origins of the scarlet witch and quicksilver being that
    everyone knows that they are mutants and magneto’s children. just leave it ambigous until fox
    puts their finishing touches on destroying the xmen mythos with their derranged storylines
    and horrible mascara and hobo costumes.

    • Agreed

    • Everybody as in 10% of people who read comic books?

      I ask because I can guarantee, nobody outside of comic book readers has even heard of the characters, let alone knowing their genetic makeup or paternal relationship.

      • Sorry man but you can’t just make a blanket statement and say “I can guarantee nobody outside of comic book readers has ever heard of the characters…”

        Because I guarantee I know 3 who do know about these characters and they don’t read comics. It’s because they always ask me about Marvel stuff that I grew up with and they like the movies.

        • I could name more than that who look to me for info on who characters are and such but still get confused so if this is an e-peen measuring contest, I’ll take no part in it, thanks.

          I’ve known literally hundreds of people (in a face-to-face context) who have no idea who The Flash is and he’s a pretty major superhero.

          • I support the claim that Quicksilver and SW are probably relatively unknown to the general masses and they are obviously more well known to comic readers.

            What I am saying is it isn’t fair (or logical) to say that you guarantee anyone who doesn’t read comics doesn’t know about those characters.

            People don’t have to read the comics to be familiar with the characters. They can get their info from other places too (internet, word of mouth, trading cards, cartoons.) Unless you interview EVERY person on the planet and ask them if A) Do you read comics B) Do you know Quicksilver and SW

            • I don’t own any comics but I have searched up info on hundreds on comic book characters because I got interested in them after viewing the first iron man movie

          • So you are a know it all comic geek? I have never read any comics, But I have a fairly wide range of knowledge of a lot of characters through tv, film, toys, even collectors cards, Just because you DONT read comics, doesn’t mean you don’t know anything. Quit ya griping

        • I don’t read comic books but I do try to keep up with the movies so I do know who they are but not much else!
          I have a friend, who just tonight (that has seen every marvel movie but does not care what is coming up and NEVER even saw the post credit scenes) called her Witch Hazel so YEAH only comic book readers OR ppl that actually WANT TO KNOW what is coming down the Marvel pipeline like me know who they are!!

          • @Dazz and @Dale

            Just to prove that you don’t have to care and don’t have to read comics to know about info.

            My brother has seen 1 movie from the MCU (Iron Man 1). He could care less. However, I was informing him that Avengers 2 was going to have Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

            You know what he said? “Oh yeah those are the kids of Magneto right? Scarlet Witch has powers to control probability and has magic too. Quicksilver runs really fast. I guess Scarlet Witch killed a lot of mutants in the comics.”

            I said, “Yes! How did you know that?!”

            He is a teacher and says, “My students were talking about it at school.”

            MY POINT IS… He does not read comics…He doesn’t care about the movies even though I keep trying to get him into them. YET HE STILL KNOWS ABOUT THEM…

            Just because you don’t care about something doesn’t mean you can’t be knowledgeable. By your guys standards or ideas, ONLY people that care about history or read history books know things about history. Stupid. I teach history. Trust me, a lot of students don’t care about history. Guess what though. They learn stuff that I teach them without always making them read it in a book.

            • I’m that guy who doesn’t read comics, atleast not since I was 10 or 11, and I’m 28 now, but I know and have known who Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are for a loooooong time. How you ask? I used to collect the Marvel X-Men Fleer Ultra Trading Cards (the 1994 edition). Had the whole set, but now I’m limited to one stack wrapped in a rubber band. I’ve always followed the comic universe, mainly Marvel, my entire life, but I’ve never been a real comic book reader or collector. I have a pretty adept knowledge of the Marvel Universe, but I couldn’t name you one member of the Inhumans prior to them coming up in MCU gossip. I had however heard and read plenty about GotG long before the movie was in production.

              • Exactly! Thank you for helping to prove my point!

                Yeah, some of my friends collected the cards too but dont read comics.

        • Lucky you!

          • Lol! Who you talking to? Me?

      • I’ve known about Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch’s origins since I was about 12 (in 2002) and I have never once read any comic books. I learned it because growing up, X-Men Evolution was one of my favorite cartoons–and from what I understand, much of that show was faithful to the source material (except, you know, with younger X-Men besides Wolverine, Storm, Professor X, Magneto, Mystique, and Sabertooth).

        So, yeah, don’t guarantee things you don’t know for sure.

  14. I still think there’s a possibility that Joss Whedon could explain Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch’s origin by slyly implying that Magneto is their father, in his own clever way, without ever actually mentioning him by name. Fox pretty much said, “F–k you” to Marvel by adding Quicksilver into DOFP (even though he was never even in the original story) right after Feige and Whedon announced he and his sister would be in Avengers 2. And to add insult to injury, Bryan Singer himself admitted that Quicksilver will only be in one scene of the film, further proof that it’s all just to spite Marvel, and not for sake of the story. I would love to see Whedon indirectly implying that Magneto is their father, without saying his actual name and still following the copyright rules, just to spit back in Fox’s face. They honestly kind of deserve it.

    • Well, Whedon already gets to put a little “haha” at fox in the MCU, because he gets to introduce his image of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch first in the end credits scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
      I think that is awesome!

  15. Either way the 250 million dollar xmen days of future failure has alot to live up to
    Without the rest of marvel’s library of heroes. The last stand worldwide does not even crack
    MCU’s top 5. Alex has best comment of day with his idea, in the avengers assemble cartoon
    they already exist anyway so make the implication. Sony and fox’s marvel universe will
    ultimateltly drown in their pondscum.

    • Woah, woah.

      Sony are finally doing Spider-Man properly, don’t associate them with Fox’s mess.

      • Except the Green Goblin, the no helmet/mask look isn’t an improvement over Raimi’s version. I understand they want to have someone emote, but it just looks silly. Didn’t Raimi prove you can use the masks?

  16. When this movie universe of Marvel and FOX is all said and done years from now people are going to look back and say man this whole thing would of been alot better if FOX and MARVEL could have worked together..

    but because of stupid rights and greed that wont happen, which is a shame because these comics need a medium like movies and the whole big picture idea is being hamstrung by the freakin studios.

    30 years from now when all the hype is over and these films are on to be considered epics or classics or what ever you may, its gonna seem and look real stupid that these studios could not work together to make an ultimate homage to comics and fans alike.

    But alas maybe all the rights will revert to one studio by then and it wil all get rebooted like everything else

    • The dark side of competition, Tom!

  17. So some people were believing Coulson and Skye could turn into Inhumans eh? That wasnt sound so bad.

    But Whats so special about the Inhumans anyway? We have powerful superheores already.

    • The Inhumans are pretty unique and different from the Avengers. I’ll admit, I’m not an avid Inhumans reader, but I’m pretty familiar with the team and characters and history. They’re very powerful, yes, but in very different ways from the Hulk, Thor, etc. I think a film could be very cool and original and help bridge the gap between “Earth Marvel” and “Cosmic Marvel.”

  18. I don’t know if anyone mentioned this, but what about the “Celestials?” The Celestials were mentioned in the Guardians of the Galaxy synopsis, so that must mean they own the rights to the characters.

    ***SPOILERS FOR CAP: TWS*** With that said, how about they hint at or down the road in future films reveal that the, “Age of Miracles” spoken by Von Strucker in the button scene, is actually a mutation aka gift(ed) that the Celestials introduced into the Human DNA and you can keep the In-Humans with their own backstory.

  19. It’s so dumb how the rights were handed out. They should be able to reference one another instead of retelling stories differently from the source material.

  20. If Marvel uses the term “mutants,” how much will Fox sue them for?

  21. Inhumans would be an awesome film. Man that would really be something. Also what’s going on with the Hulk solo film? Wonder when Universal is going to make Namor?

  22. I am so ready to purchase The Inhumans on DVD, and the movie has not even been made yet!
    Ditto Avengers 2, Cap A. 2, etc. etc.!!

  23. So Fox legally owns the term ” mutant” and Marvel Studio can’t use them in any movie or TV ?

    Somewhere, somewhen Stan Lee is scratching his head and goes ” where did it all go wrong ?”

  24. Not to say that Mr Feige is lying, but I’m pretty sure I recall him adamantly denying that Ben Kingsley might be starring as The Mandarin in Iron Man 3 when the news was first leaked. The same could be applicable to this Inhumans scenario. Don’t be so quick to rule it out. Just a thought.

    • Actually he didn’t but whatevs. I love this line of thought though, one directer lies one time about one thing and all of a sudden you can’t trust any of them. Sheesh….

  25. I really dislike all of the ideas in the comments suggesting either not explaining their powers, or a cheesy mutant quip– glad you’re not the screenwriters. Anyway, one of the reasons I like the MCU is everything has a place and relates to each other, obviously it’s not realistic, but it at least it all has ‘unrealistic’ reasoning. I like the ‘scientific’ justifications for Asgard etc. and the different origins which have created all the other avengers so far, super solidior programs, gamma ray experiments etc. and hope/know that there will similarly cool explanations for scarlet and quicksilver. my least favourite thing in the MCU so far is the idea that the pyro guy was born with certain fire abilities–– thought that was dumb, I think superpowers are cooler when they have reasoning and are rare on earth in the MCU.

  26. I’d rather see the Inhumans introduced either on Netflix or Agents of SHIELD.

    The longer Agents of SHIELD goes on, the more they’re going to need some sort of plot device to explain why people with superpowers keep showing up; and it’d be nice if that reason was something they introduced, rather than “you know that thing that happened in that movie?” Also, the Inhumans don’t have many villains/enemies that are unique to them (they tend to help out against bigger enemies like Galactus, Thanos, etc), which makes a big screen story difficult… on the small screen, you could have the Agents of SHIELD (or the Defenders) encounter / learn about the Inhumans without necessarily needing anyone to fight each other as part of the story.

  27. I agree with High Evolutionary theory. If not Inhumans,then it has to be High Evolutionary.High Evolutionary used to be human scientist who used experiment on himself to become something else.Maybe, the Kree blood that was mentioned in Sgents of Shield?

  28. Y’know what? If Red Skull was transported to Asgard via cosmic cube and say, locked him up along with Loki, Lorlei and whoever else and then the “jailbreak”…? It is possible that Red Skull could have made his way (or on his way) back to Earth. And he may not be alone. When the Cube tech was turned against him, there were HYDRA soldiers who got zapped in First Avenger. He night even lead some other super-powered people with him as well. So….**what if**

    Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are bad Asgardians/cosmic villains?

  29. What about the original (or maybe not, I forget) origin of the Whizzer and Miss America? We didn’t see all of Captain America’s battles in the first movie. Maybe there were Invaders, and maybe two of them had kids?