Marvel Studios Ready To Move Forward With ‘Inhumans’

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Inhumans Medusa War of Kings Marvel Studios Ready To Move Forward With Inhumans

Long before Vin Diesel was officially attached to voice the lovable Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, he had openly talked about his meetings with Marvel Studios and how he’s potentially going to be up for a lead role in a “fresh IP,” one that he says will “potentially launch the third phase” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. See, when he initially met with them, it wasn’t for Guardians, but for a lead role in a 2016-17 film that Diesel described as “merging of brands.” He got to play Groot as a quick way for him to get involved sooner for his fans, a way that wouldn’t involve much time out of his busy schedule, but he was still in talks for that other, bigger role.

For us, that immediately evoked imagery of Vin Diesel suited up in costume as the character Black Bolt, leader of The Inhumans - a team-based property Marvel Studios president of production and producer Kevin Feige has namedropped many times over the last few years as another team-up film he is confident in. With Guardians breaking box office records in its August release (a traditionally less-lucrative box office month), there’s evidently more confidence than ever in The Inhumans.

When asked over two years ago if he was allowed to make the Marvel films he wanted to, Feige responded:

“We have! I mean, there are certainly others like Guardians [of the Galaxy], like Inhumans, like Doctor Strange that we haven’t yet, but I am confident that we will.”

GOTG is now out. Doctor Strange has a director, new writers and is expected to cast its leads soon for a production start next year, and according to Collider, Marvel Studios is doing what we all expected and knew they were doing – moving ahead with the script they have for The Inhumans. We thought The Inhumans was going to be announced with a release date and logo at Comic-Con last month, but like Warner Bros. and Twentieth Century Fox, Marvel Studios played it safe this year and didn’t unveil what their upcoming unannounced features were, instead focusing on the immediate future with Guardians of the Galaxy which at the time, had yet to open in theaters.

Blackbolt Inhumans Marvel Comics Marvel Studios Ready To Move Forward With Inhumans

Black Bolt

Now it’s out. And now Vin Diesel is already starting to do what he does on his Facebook page, the largest Facebook page in the world. He’s teasing the Inhumans. And the timing is not a coincidence since Collider claims that Marvel is happy with the current screenplay for The Inhumans written by Joe Robert Cole and is ready to bring in a filmmaker. This is a similar situation to how Guardians of the Galaxy was developed, first having a script written by Nicole Perlman, a member of a now-defunct Marvel screenwriters program, used as a basis for a story that fits the big picture plans of the entire franchise. Director James Gunn was later brought in and rewrote the entire script to fit within vision, but the core story remained intact.

We can expect similar for The Inhumans and it wouldn’t be surprising to see something official regarding future Marvel Studios productions in the near future. Feige had said we can expect announcements this year and Doctor Strange will likely be the first of them. So far, we know that after The Avengers: Age of Ultron opens next May, Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will kick off with Ant-Man in July 2015, followed by Captain America 3 in May 2016 and what we believe is Doctor Strange in July 2016. There are an additional three release dates in 2017, one of them reserved for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in July. We expect Thor 3 to be one of the other two, meaning The Inhumans could be the other if Marvel wants it out before The Avengers 3 in 2018.

Putting The Inhumans back-to-back with James Gunn’s Guardians sequel in 2017 would follow what Vin Diesel teased a year ago, and could serve as that bridge between the cosmic Guardians of the Galaxy and Earth-based stories. That or like the first Guardians, the first Inhumans film could simply be an introduction to another new team for later use, but Marvel may need to get them to the screen sooner rather than later, since the leading theories surrounding certain key plot points in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC and the origins of the superpowers of new characters Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in The Avengers: Age of Ultron may directly tie-in to The Inhumans. “It’s all connected” is the tagline.

Inhumans Movie News 570x356 Marvel Studios Ready To Move Forward With Inhumans

The Inhumans

For those not familiar with the property, The Inhumans essentially represent Marvel’s X-Men since on the film side of things, Marvel Studios cannot use any X-Men or mutant characters from Marvel Comics. In fact, they cannot even use the term “mutant” which makes it tricky for writer and director Joss Whedon introducing a pair of mutant characters in The Avengers sequel. The Inhumans are a superpowered sub-species and secret society of people on Earth, the result of experimentation on early humans by the Kree empire – the blue-skinned aliens we met in Guardians of the Galaxy. The Inhumans are highly advanced and well-hidden, but like most Marvel Studios properties getting the film treatment, they’ve been getting major spotlight attention in recent crossover events and stories in the comics.

In fact, even the Avengers NOW! comics relaunch this fall, which sees Falcon become the new Captain America and a new female Thor, includes Inhumans on The Avengers roster. That’s not a coincidence. The Inhumans are coming and it could be sooner than you think.

From what Kevin Feige told us about their release schedule plans of starting each year with a sequel to an established property, the soonest we would see The Inhumans is November 2017. He also hinted to me at Comic-Con that The Avengers 3 is coming in 2018 (and not their May 2019) date so it’s possible that Inhumans is the last film before we get a potentially major crossover event on Earth in The Avengers 3.


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The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6 2016, and unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5 2017, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on July 28 2017, November 3 2017, May 4 2018, July 6 2018, November 2 2018 and May 3 2019.

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Source: Collider

Inhumans cover art by nebezial.

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  1. Wait and I may be slow…..(and im not saying it is NOT going to happen) but where is the proof of “Marvel Studios Ready To Move Forward With ‘Inhumans’”

    Vin doing the Facebook thing is like Dwayne Johnson and ‘say the word’…..

    • Collider broke a story yesterday that Marvel had approved a script and would now begin the process of hiring a director. Apparently that’s the same kind of news that broke right before Marvel officially announced Guardians of the Galaxy.

      • Missed the “script is ready/done”. I read it as they were still working towards that and will market it the same way GotG was.


    • Vin’s teases are out of control. The report bit that wrote in the article is this:

      “…according to Collider, Marvel Studios is doing what we all expected and knew they were doing – moving ahead with the script they have for The Inhumans.”

  2. Think marvel will use the term “evolved”, personally I would like to see the High Evolutionary who could explain why now people are evolving, or that he is responsible. Saying he realized that Earth could never defend itself without evolving faster. After becoming who he is now, he traveled the galaxy visiting other worlds finding out how advanced and powerful other races were. That a Galaxy wide eon long war had been raging and understood that earth would have already been involved not for Asgard’s protection. These other races and worlds were becoming stronger and stronger, and Asgard protection could no longer guarantee freedom for the Earth.

  3. Man F*** this bring on BLACK PANTHER !

    • I don think, that a black panther could survive the box office. It would have to be Cpatain America v Black Panther. Where maybe steve rogers goes to africa to find out about this new hero, and they both help fight off some military country in black panthers village where they have vibranium. would be an awesome crossover, military, cap, panther, new setting.

      • Agree man! I’ve said this many time before that Cap and Falcon going around the world to hunt Bucky and leading them to Wakanda would be great. Cap and Falcon get caught up in Klaw’s attempted take over of Wakanda and Cap and Falcon stay to help.

        Bucky shows up at the end to help assist.

        At the end of the movie we see Falcon and Cap being awarded with medals by U.N. and Wakanda for helping to save a country. Bucky is looking on from afar because he is proud of Cap.

        During the ceremony, Cap is assassinated by Crossbones. Bucky looks over at a nearby building and sees Crossbones. Bucky gives him a look like “You mo-fo! I’m coming after you!”

        Movie ends….

        • After credits scene…

          Fury goes to Coulson and says. “You’ve probably seen the news already that’s Cap’s been murdered. We need to locate Steven Strange.”

          • And in doctor strange after he defeats dormammu , cap America makes a cameo in the movie where he gets back from the dead by strange, I loved your plot

            • Feige did say that Dr. Strange is important to where the MCU is going. What if it has to do with resurrecting Cap just in time to help take on Thanos.

              I’m thinking in Age of Ultron, Hulk will be exiled and Stark will go to prison for being responsible for Ultron’s actions. So I think Phase 3 will look like…

              *Ant-Man- (After credits Maria Hill confronts Ant-Man and says the U.S. could use his intellectual services since Banner and Stark aren’t available.

              *Cap 3- Cap is assassinated by Crossbones (button scene is Fury going to Coulson about locating Dr. Strange)

              Doctor Strange- (button scene of SW and Strange meeting)

              Thor 3- Thor ends up trapped in Vahalla in order to stop Ragnarok. ( Button scene is Fury and Maria Hill and they visit Stark in prison to say, “Of course you know Cap is no longer with us and Banner has been exiled. Thought you should know that we’ve lost contact with Thor. We believe he’s dead. Tony, things aren’t looking good for Earth.”

              Iron Man 4/Ant-Man crossover- Ant-Man helps break Stark out of prison and Stark, Pym, and Wasp hunt for Cap’s killer. Stark finds out the real Mandarin was pulling strings to take out Cap to draw out Stark.

              Guardians of the Galaxy/Hulk crossover- (Button scene is Dr. Strange, SW, Fury, and Stark, Coulson, Pym, and Hill standing around a table. Camera pans around each characters face as they are looking down. The camera finally pans in in Caps body. Dr. Strange says, “Give us some room.” referring to he and SW)

    • I *definitely* want to see Black Panther in the 2017 wave of films. 2016 if they can swing it, but 2017 looks more likely.

  4. Maybe Andy Serkis is going to be an Inhuman? Maybe that’s why he’s been helping with MCU on AoU besides just Hulk mo-cap.

    Maybe he will appear as an Inhuman in AoU.

    Serkis as Karnak? Karnak can find weak points in individuals. Maybe Karnak will help find weak points in Ultron?

    Or maybe as Gorgon or Maxiums?

  5. Inhumans will come after Avengers 3…Inhumans is gonna be in 2019.

  6. Inhumans are boring and very uninteresting.

    • So is that response.

      (Puts on shades and leaves)

  7. inhumans would be cool, naturaly theyll change alot of it to make it fit into the mcu but otherwise should be interesitng.

    I’d love a black panther movie, but like alot of poster I’m not sure it would make to a good standalone.. I just dont find the stuff in wakanda interesting at all. Yes the vibranium but otherwise, you have tribal warfare.. and a black dude, dressed in a white ape skin called Man-Ape as the main antagonist. Seriously if people cant see the millions of things wrong with that then I don’t know what to say lol.

    Personally Black Panther would be awesome in an established franchise like Capt America.. he’d be the scene stealer hulk was in avengers or rocket/groot were in gotg. BP like Hulk is infinitely more interesting as a character when played off against the other avengers.

    • not sure why tribal warfare and, as you say, “a black dude, dressed in a white ape skin called Man-Ape as the main antagonist…” would be a problem.

      If you are in some way thinking that people would see Man-Ape as racist stereotype I disagree. Man-Ape is a trained fighter. The character got his power from consuming rare species of white apes in Africa so he wears the white gorilla’s fur after. How is that different from Africans killing lions and zebras and wearing their skins or Native Americans killing buffalo, bear, and deer and wearing the skins.

      Not only that, there is much warfare in Africa amongst countries and tribes today. The story of T’Challa trying to keep Wakanda modernized and advanced while Man-Ape trying to return Wakanda to its roots could actually be very relevant in relation to today’s world.

      Please explain some of the “millions of things wrong…” with Man-Ape.

    • Not sure why you see “…millions of things wrong with…a black dude, dressed in a white ape skin called Man-Ape as the main antagonist.”

      Please explain.

    • Marvel Studios has shown they know how to adapt comic mythology to the silver screen well. Early Iron Man stories didn’t appear to lend themselves to a film adaption, but the “Iron Man” franchise is one of the biggest in film history. Mind you, I hate how they portrayed Mandarin, but still…

  8. i think it sucks that ther not useing the x men

  9. Beware the power of……Black Bolt!!!!

  10. Vin Diesel needs to be given the role of Black Bolt, he has the exact characteristics to be him.

    • Black Bolt is a complex character, and leader of a nation of outcasts. I don’t think Diesel could pull it off, especially without speaking.