Is Marvel Planning an ‘Inhumans’ Movie?

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Inhumans movie marvel Is Marvel Planning an Inhumans Movie?

In spring of last year, we wrote about how Marvel was planning to develop smaller-scale films based around some of its third-tier characters. The idea was that these films could be produced for less money, because they would focus on street-level characters like Luke Cage as well as Iron Fist – and could feature emerging talent in key roles.

However, that doesn’t mean Marvel is only planning to keep things small in the future. With its upcoming films Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger, both of which will feature the Cosmic Cube, Marvel is expanding into some interesting science-fiction territory. Could the studio take things a step further with a movie based on the Inhumans?

Devin Faraci at Badass Digest spotted a post on a tracking board showing a logline for what could be an Inhumans movie. According to the poorly written logline, the film would revolve around “aliens who were put on Earth as sleeper cell aliens to eventually call back their race to take over the planet. Ultimately, the group of aliens fully assimilates and don’t want to cause war.”

For those unfamiliar with the Inhumans and their place in the Marvel universe, here’s a little background. The Inhumans were created by the Kree alien empire – via genetic experimentation on prehistoric humans. The result was a race of humans who had special powers. The Kree gave up on the Inhumans, however, allowing them to build their own empire (they currently reside on the moon.)

Black Bolt Inhumans Movie Is Marvel Planning an Inhumans Movie?

Typically, the franchise stories revolve around the Inhuman royal family, led by Black Bolt, whose voice delivers supersonic blasts of power. Other members of The Inhumans include Medusa, Karnak, Gorgon, Triton, Crystal, Maximus the Mad, and a dog named Lockjaw.

In Marvel mythology, the Kree and Skrull empires have frequently been at odds. Considering that a rumor from the end of last year claimed that both the Kree and the Skrull would be villains in The Avengers movie, perhaps it’s not too far-fetched to think that there is a place for The Inhumans in the Marvel movie universe.

Would you like to see Black Bolt on the big screen?

Source: Badass Digest

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  1. Huge blackbolt fan. He’s one of those characters that i really feel people haven’t had a chance to get to know. Still think its funny that theres a chance of a inhumans movie before a JLA flick

    • DC is struggling while marvel is moving on,inhumans rule!!!!!

  2. this could be the greatest superhero movie ever

    • yeee

      • Funny.

  3. Would love to see it happen, but how would they pull it off? Blackbolt cannot use his voice to talk.

    • Actually he can. He would just destroy whoever he’s talking to.

      • Exactly. I guess I should have worded it better, but still he never talks because his voice will explode the world.

        Got I feel so gay just typing that.

  4. Black Bolt a no talking warrior, time to call ray park:)

    • LMAO!!!!!

  5. But since it is Marvel that owns the characters, they can do or write what they want and possibly “Ultimize” these characters like what was done with Blade in Blade 2..Also being that Marvel has total control,they could figure out how to fix the issue with Black Bolt..those guys are pretty creative-a great script would be the best starting point though..

    • Black Bolt could easily portrayed as being telepathic.

  6. i say have the kree and skrull appear in the inhumans movie to set everything up for the invasion/war in avengers 2.

  7. well if the skrulls and kree come into play in the avengers its only logical to bring in the inhumans. and they could do black bolt jstice. if they bring in all the inhumans they could bring in madusa and other that could speak for blackbolt. or they could change is character for the films to where he can speak but has the ability to use cosmic energy. i wouldnt mind if they adapated the character for the film universe. id like to see him go up against the hulk!

    • Hulk vs blackbolt???
      blackbolt no contest, it terms of raw power.
      only problem would be that fact that blackbolt has the self control to hold back,if not one shout of anger could destroy half the planet.
      goodness im such a nerd :)

      • hulk ran all over black bolt in war war hulk..

        • That was a weaker skrull version of Black Bolt.

        • another hulk movie?

        • black bolt is definitely screen worthy. Here comes the inhumans.

      • Didn’t the hulk go up against black bolt in World War Hulk? Black bolt looked thoroughly trashed after that encounter.

        • Yes he did. Hulk smacked EVERYONE around, so in terms of RAW POWER the winner is Hulk.

          • But remember Hulk gain alot of power while he was at that planet, and there is also the possibilty that that Black Bolt was a Skrull imposter

  8. Hmmm, well yes, that might work for a movie, doing The Inhumans. Never really gave that alot of thought, but it sounds interesting.I remember them when they first fought the Fantastic Four. I would like to see a Fantstic Four movie versus The Frightful Four (Trapster, Sandman, Wizard, Medusa). I’d also like to see an Avengers movie featuring the hero team of Captain America, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Goliath (Hank Pym) and Wasp. That worked well as the team in the early comics. I also hope Iron Man 3 features a fight of Iron Man against The Mandarin. These are a few on my Marvel checklist of priorities.
    I did not forget DC, though. I want a team-up movie between The Flash (Barry Allen) and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). I also want a team-up movie between Dr. Fate (Kent Nelsn) and Hourman (Rex Tyler), which are two more great super-buddy teams of the early comics!
    And just for the record, how about a T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents movie (Dynamo, Noman, Menthor, Lightning, the Thunder Squad)? Anyone remember those old comics?

    • anyone think there will be a movie about spider-man 2099?,marvel has to do this before DC makes a batman beyond movie, it’s only a matter of time before they do.

  9. they need to do a proper FF to better introduce the Inhumans and aid in some other connection to the Marvel Studios U. The Inhumans are relatively obscure, but i hope to see some justice done to these guys. creative liberties or not, they could serve to tell a great story that helps to ultimately expand the universe created by Marvel Studios. It has epic potential.

  10. i actually just want to see Medusa’s hair and a gargantuan Lockjaw… :D

    • Banshee can scream but black bolt can scream louder,like a boss.

  11. “aliens who were put on Earth as sleeper cell aliens to eventually call back their race to take over the planet. Ultimately, the group of aliens fully assimilates and don’t want to cause war.”

    This could also cover the Skrull Invasion angle in The Avengers. Yes there were 12 or two Skrulls that did not want the Invasion.

    It could also (even though he/they are not alien but could be percieved as such until the truth comes out) cover the Atlantean sleeper cells the SubMariner has placed currently and previously.

    Also how do you use that “tracking board” that you linked?

  12. Black bolt looks like Vin Diesel!

    • vin diesel is not playing black bolt.period.

  13. Inhumans, I would rather have a Gaurdians of the Galaxy movie….

    • Loved GOTG comic. I have the first 24 issues or so. It was great fun.

  14. I really don’t see this material being able to sustain it’s own least not for movie fans who are not fanoys..

  15. The Inhumans would be an “intergalactic/sci-fi/action/dram” it would totally work. As far as Black Bolt, he can easily just be totally telepathic hence the tuning fork on his head. But him choosing to only telepathically communicate with certain people because even his thoughts could scramble or normal humans brain. No one’s going to really want to see a movie where the main character doesn’t talk. He’s going to have to be telepathic which could easily be translated post editing on film. It would however be very challenging for the actor and would actually be a very something very different.

    • In the comics that is pretty much what he does, but I highly doubt it will look good on the big screen. If anything they should just allow him to speak, that is the only way I could see this working.

      • @Jared, It can work, it would just be the audience hearing him speaking telepathically. He’d make the facial expressions and gestures that would all come along with what he would say but his mouth would be closed. I can totally see that working, it would just be a daunting task for the actor.

        • Pretty much “whole body” acting which would be a lot more intense or difficult to do.

          • One possibility is you make Blackbolt the narrator of the movie. Let him tell the story. That way he can interject his thoughts to the audience, he still remains silent on film and one of the other Inhumans speaks for him to other characters in the picture…

  16. Love this idea, hopefully it can pave the way for a Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, Star-Lord, Starjammers, etc films

  17. i like it…i like it alot…bring it!

  18. There’s no need for Black Bolt to be the “leading man” of this movie, actually. It could just easily be Medusa, as in the comics, or Crystal aka “Elemental” (though I think she should take on more of a supporting figure) – and that would be a nice breath of fresh air, actually, to have an actress lead a superhero/sci-fi/Marvel movie.

    Also, this is just a possibility I thought of, but it’s totally doable that they could add a totally new character that would fit the mold of Quicksilver as an Inhuman speedster that could join the Avengers later on. That would be a great way to solve the problem of not having the rights to the X-Men.

    • @Phil, I agree with that.

    • young x-men movie might be something to look forward to after this.

    • x-men 2099 movie. hint, hint.

  19. Whatever they do I for one would like to see a scaled won film that has less money at risk and therefore can eb allowed to be done right where as a major tent pole release is always under pressure to deliver and often gets caught in a death trap of the money men making the Director and crew do more of what “They think” is the formula for success instead of letting the director, writer and actors do their jobs.

    Imagine if MARVEL had taken this approach with IRON MAN instead of letting Faverau do it right.

    With a smaller budget and less to risk there’s a chance for finding new talent and getting a far better comic-to-screen transition.

  20. From that synopsis it could be any number of people like Mar-Vell, Marvel Boy or Hulkling.

    • An adaptation of the graphic novel that picture was taken from would be immense!!!

  21. This could work as a TV show. I don´t know if the Inhumas could attract a wide cinema audience…

  22. Iron Man did great even though many didn’t know much about him but even less people know about The Inhumans. I had never heard of them until they appeared in the Fantastic Four cartoon years ago. They definitely intrigued me, especially Blackbolt. If they do this, then they need to do the same thing they did with IM: show the public a fantastic trailer. I, for one, would love to see Blackbolt’s whisper take down a mountain.

  23. While this is an interesting rumor, everyone seems to be forgetting they are re-re-rebooting the Fantastic Four. The Inhumans would be a very interesting choice for the antagonists.

    Oh and Karnak has personally been my favorite Inhuman. Would love to see him.

  24. 1. The inhumans now run the Kree Empire
    2. Lockjaw is not a dog, but an inhuman mutated into a dog form.

  25. Put them in a fantastic four seqeul & call it a day.

  26. there has to be a movie with blackbolt and his team, the movie would make more than the x- men series

  27. blackbolt would make more money than the x-men series

  28. Complete speculation, but there is an article about Vin Diesel perhaps playing Black Bolt here:

  29. Having Black Bolt in a movie makes no sense.
    The character is broken beyond belief. Here’s a guy who, with a yell could probably shatter Galactus, or perhaps even Thanos.
    Of course, the collateral damage could eradicate a few star systems, but still.