Inglourious Basterds Oscar Strategy: DVD Before Year’s End?

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inglourious basterds1 Inglourious Basterds Oscar Strategy: DVD Before Years End?

Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds opened last Friday to a $14 million first day reception and $38 million opening weekend at the domestic box office, with a worldwide reception of $65-plus million. Right about now, exec producers the Weinsteins are bound to be breathing a big sigh of relief, since after the financial failure of Grindhouse they not only want, but need, this movie to make money.

Basterds was released on August 21st, which is a bit early – you would think that they’d wait out as long as they could and release the film in late November/December, sliding it in there before the end of the year to make it eligible (and to keep it fresh in mind) for the Oscars. That’s exactly what they did with The Reader last year, which garnered it five nominations including Best Picture. But it appears that Harvey Weinstein has a different strategy in mind for pushing Inglourious Basterds into the awards arena…

According to LA Times, Basterds is going to be released later this year on DVD, and by having it in mass release, it will be readily available for Oscar voters (or any other award voter for that matter). Instead of sending out individually watermarked Oscar screeners to Academy voting members, which can cost around $20 per copy, the Weinsteins plan to basically flood everyone with copies of Inglourious Basterds. After all: a $5 non-watermarked copy, versus a $20 watermarked copy, is a no-brainer for a studio hurting for cash and understandably setting their sights on those gold statues. That’s apparently one of the ways that Crash won the Best Picture Oscar a few years ago, beating out predicted winner Brokeback Mountain: the studio shoved out over 120,000 cheap DVDs to make sure everyone saw it.

I’m really not surprised that the Weinsteins are pushing Inglourious Basterds for the Oscars. Having seen the film twice now, it easily deserves a Supporting Actor nomination for Christoph Waltz (he should also win, IMO), and also a couple for Original Screenplay and Best Director for Tarantino. I have a feeling that at least a couple of those will end up being the case (Actor and Screenplay), with Best Picture maybe slipping in there as well, since the Academy has expanded the Best Picture nominees from five to ten entries.

christoph waltz Inglourious Basterds Oscar Strategy: DVD Before Years End?

Christoph Waltz deserves an Oscar for his role as "The Jew Hunter"

It’s an interesting, but not altogether surprising, tactic that the Weinstein’s are employing to get the Basterds on the mind of everyone who has a counting vote at the various award organizations. It makes sense from a money point of view, and even more sense when you consider it’s the Weinsteins we’re talking about: producers who really need this to make money (rumors are that they’re absolutely banking – pun intended – on Tarantino’s latest being a success).

However, what will this mean for what we get on an Inglourious Basterds DVD that’s apparently set to drop before the end of the year? Something tells me we might not get an edition that’s packed with special features, and that it may just be a rushed, no frills version just to get it out there, with the proper special edition appearing some months (or years, knowing Tarantino) later. Generally this is something we’ve all have to put up with pretty much since DVDs came out, but with Inglourious Basterds it would be particularly annoying. There’s so much detail in the film – as well as the fact that a lot of stuff was inevitably cut in the editing room – that the extra features will be of particular interest.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t turn into another Grindhouse or Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair situation: we’ve been waiting on those special editions for years now. As a big fan of Tarantino’s latest, a proper DVD release of Inglourious Basterds being a long way away doesn’t even bear thinking about…

What do you think of the Oscar strategy being planned for the Basterds? Do you think this mentioned DVD release will be a simple one and that we’ll have to wait ages for the real, extras-filled edition?

Inglourious Basterds is currently in theatrical release, and, as stated, supposedly will be coming out on DVD before the end of the year.

Source: LA Times (thanks to ThePlaylist)

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  1. I think it’s funny. I don’t really like Tarantino in fact you might even say I hate him, but I loved Inglorious Bastards. It was a great movie, but it’s not an oscar movie. I’m not saying that it doesn’t deserve any, but I’m saying there are certain types of movies that just get black listed for being in specific genres or having certain styles no matter how great they are. It’s one reason the oscars have become a bit of a joke in my opinion as of late. With so many different types of films getting better and better telling amazing stories it’s a joke to not allow them in the best picture or actor category just because of what type of film it is.

  2. I love how studios manipulate and try to steer Oscar votes. Nice to see the manipulation/strategy worked for films like “Crash”
    (Didn’t deserve sh’ btw)

    I Basterds, (imo) isn’t worthy of any Oscars except supporting role for Waltz… I’m not even interested in re watching it on dvd. The Oscars is a sham anyway.

  3. I would buy a DVD when IB comes out and get the director’s cut later too. I have several versions of The Fifth Element and don’t mind buying the upgrades. I saw IB twice and picked up details not noticed before; I can’t believe I didn’t notice the poodle in the first viewing (a silly observation on my part). I also saw Fredrick Zoller and Willie (new dad) as more nuanced characters.

  4. The Oscars became a shamefull affair when Rourke didn’t win for The Wrestler.

    As a directing effort especially, Basterds have been stuck in my mind for the last few days. The humour in the film is ranging from straight up slapstick and sillyness, to refined little details and clever bits of dialouge. Its tied in so well with the suspense and more emotional scenes and parts. And it never, ever feels weird. It flows.

    Not only is this a magnificent feat for a storyteller, its probably the hardest thing you can embark on. I honestly struggle to come up with any other director who can include all those elements so effortlessly and natural.

    I’ve always loved Tarantino and been a huge fan. But a fantastic director? Weeell… Now I’m convinced. He is one of the best current directors there is.

  5. K teh Oscars were shamefull long before that.

    See I don’t think Tarantino has done anything great until now. I would say Pulp Fiction and Bastards are easily his best. Most of his stuff is tasteless shock value. He isn’t exactly famous for telling great stories.

  6. @Daniel F

    Yeah, I lost interest in the Oscars years ago. My wife has been an Oscar fanatic all her life, but she can’t stand to watch them any more with the loss of glamour, class, political movie choices and use of acceptance as a political platform.


  7. poodle? what poodle.

  8. Couldn’t agree with you more Vic. It’s all about politics these days. Oscars now are less about which films were great and more about which film pushes the proper political agenda. Not to mention they even ruined it for the actors. It use to be this special moment and you give a nice speech and enjoy the moment now they rush you off the stage even cutting you off mid sentence some times. Then theres the issue of the best movie usually doesn’t win the awards or in some case great movies don’t even get nominated. There was a time that I loved the Oscars much like your wife did. The last few years however it’s really taken a hit actually a lot of hits.

  9. and the Oscar goes to Annie Hall,,,

    The year the Oscars died……..!

  10. The Oscars is a joke now. Maybe The Omen got it right: Politics is the sea where the anti-christ (Hollywood) will rise.

  11. I like the oscars nowadays, it’s still fun and interesting to watch, if inglorious basterds does come out soon, me being a teen, it has to be released before christmas

  12. Tarantino ROCKS!