Infinity Stones In Marvel Movies: What They Are & Where They Are

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Marvel Comics Infinity Soul Gems Stones Infinity Stones In Marvel Movies: What They Are & Where They Are

If Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has done one crucial thing for the bigger picture plans of the franchise as a whole, it would be pushing the concept of Infinity Stones to the forefront. We may not have known it at the time, but the MacGuffin of Phase 1 – the Tesseract/Cosmic Cube – was one of these Infinity artifacts as well. In Phase 2 films Thor: The Dark World and Guardians of the Galaxy, there was no hiding what the driving plot device was: these all-powerful items are dangerous and everyone wants them.  But what are they really?

The Infinity Gems (“Stones” in the movies), or Soul Gems as they were originally dubbed when introduced in Marvel Comics in the ’70s, are six over-powered and indestructible artifacts, the most powerful in the Marvel universe. Each of the six has a unique property but together, they can be used to alter, destroy or recreate the entire universe. Together, they grant someone the power of a god.

In the comics, these are the six gems, differentiated by their color and attribute, offering abilities ranging from time-travel and bending the physical laws of the universe, to teleporting across the galaxy and controlling the souls of the living or dead:

  • Mind (Blue)
  • Power (Red)
  • Reality (Yellow)
  • Soul (Green)
  • Space (Purple)
  • Time (Orange)

Infinity Gems Color Scheme Infinity Stones In Marvel Movies: What They Are & Where They Are

In the movies and cartoons, these “gems” are referred to as “stones” and while we don’t know why Marvel Studios is changing the name slightly, they are also inexplicably changing the colors as Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige told us last year. Then again, not even the comics can keep them straight. Note the color and label differences in these two comic pages:

Infinity Gems Avengers Comics colors 2 570x876 Infinity Stones In Marvel Movies: What They Are & Where They Are


Infinity Gems Avengers Comics colors 570x572 Infinity Stones In Marvel Movies: What They Are & Where They Are

The Tesseract, seemingly the blue Infinity Stone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is the Space stone – as evidenced by its use in The Avengers as a portal to transport Loki in the film’s intro, and later, to allow the Chitauri alien invasion force to enter the skies above New York. All of the stones are seemingly infinitely powerful judging by how the Red Skull and HYDRA used the Tesseract to power their advanced weapons in Captain America: The First Avenger - and how Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgård) was able to draw knowledge out of his interactions with it.

There’s potentially another example of the Infinity Stones housing knowledge in the post-credits button of Captain America: The Winter Soldier where we meet Baron von Strucker (Thomas Kretschmann) – a villain of The Avengers: Age of Ultron – and see him at a secret HYDRA base using Loki’s staff from The Avengers for some nefarious purposes, perhaps to learn about or create super powers in ordinary people and begin the “age of miracles” as von Strucker labels it. That staff might be housing the Mind Gem since Loki was able to use it to put Hawkeye, Selvig and others under his control. We know it’s tied to the power of the Tesseract from what Selvig says in The Avengers but it clearly has mind-altering abilities so it’s tied to that gem as well – somehow.

Reality Stone Aether Thor 2 The Dark World 620x370 Infinity Stones In Marvel Movies: What They Are & Where They Are

Jane Foster and the Aether

Then came Thor: The Dark World and its all-powerful MacGuffin, The Aether. This red stone (not actually in the form of a stone) was thought by some to be the Power Stone – based on the destruction it created when used by Malekith – but it’s possible it’s actually the film franchise’s version of the Reality Stone given its ability to convert matter/dark matter. In the comics, the red stone is Power, but in the movie it’s seemingly Reality.

So that’s potentially three out of six gems if we’re counting Loki’s staff as one (and it might not be), and we just saw a another (the fourth?) in Guardians of the Galaxy, where a purple Infinity Stone is something everyone’s chasing after hidden within the orb Peter Quill steals in the movie’s opening. Some characters want it for money, some want it to destroy a planet (Ronan), some want it for themselves (Thanos). In an interesting scene ripe with exposition, when audiences meet The Collector (Benicio Del Toro), we learn a little about the origins of the Infinity Stones and how they existed and were created at the outset of the universe (see: Big Bang Theory). This particular stone is purple, which represents Space in the comics – but in the film, as confirmed by GOTG writer and director James Gunn via Twitter, it’s the Power Stone.

Let’s recap.

All we need now are the Soul and Time Infinity Stones (which will likely be yellow, orange or green) and once we have all six, Thanos will attempt to collect them all, and put them together in the Infinity Gauntlet, an item first introduced in Odin’s Vault in the original Thor and showcased at the Marvel booth at Comic-Con 2010.

Thor Movie Infinity Gauntlet Infinity Stones In Marvel Movies: What They Are & Where They Are

Infinity Gauntlet featured in ‘Thor’


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  1. If I may add my two cents, I’m starting to think that maybe the Aether is actually the Soul Stone as opposed to the reality stone. Here’s my reasons why based on the numerous times I’ve seen thor 2:

    1) The aether itself appears to be symbiotic and possibly sentient like the soul gem in the comics. It required a host body to draw its energy from which could kill the host user itself (like how it nearly killed Jane Foster) and it showed the ability to defend itself (when it blasted away anyone who threatened jane foster). The aether also makes eerie screeching sounds and even showed the user visions (like how jane witnessed the universe turning dark or even Asgard turning into a burden wasteland before malekith sucked the aether out of her body) and apparently recreates lost limbs (as seen in the end battle with malekith)

    2) It is possible that Malekith was planning to use the aether to alter the universe back to darkness. However, I believe that maybe he was going to suck the life out of the entire universe and make it like svartaheim (the dark elves realm, I don’t remember how it’s spelled at the moment) where it was a barren wasteland with little to no life at all. Could converting matter to dark matter mean the same as sucking life out? I’m not sure. Also in the comics, the user of the soul gem could alter all life in the universe.

    3) As confirmed by James Gunn, the cocoon in the collectors museum is indeed Adam Warlock’s cocoon, who wielded the soul gem on his forehead. With both the museum and the cocoon blown apart, it is possible that Adam warlock is alive and out there somewhere. And since we don’t know if the collector still has the aether or not, maybe it’ll be part of Adam warlocks introduction to the mcu since he could steal the aether if the collector indeed still has it. Or maybe he took it after he was freed.

    That’s what I believe and feel free to discuss. I could be wrong of course.

    • I’m also sure the Aether is the Soul Stone. the way Odin describes it “it seeks out host bodies, drawing strength from their life force” and just the way it acts… with Malekith wanting to wipe out all life in the nine realms… definitely seems like the Soul Stone.

      in the comics, the Reality Stone grants wishes, but I can see them use it to just do some funky reality-bending magic in Doc Strange.

      which leaves Mind & Time still to be seen.

      Loki’s Sceptre is NOT a Stone, come on. the Asgardians knew about the Infinity Stones and Thor’s just gonna stare the Sceptre in the face on the Helicarrier without ID’ing it? come on.

      it’s a weapon that draws power from all the stones. it has elements of them all if you look at it:
      1. opens & closes wormholes (SPACE)
      2. acts as an intergalactic space phone (MIND)
      3. allows Loki to control other beings (SOUL)
      4. fires big ol’ blasts of energy (POWER)
      5. bestows reality altering powers on Scarlet Witch (REALITY)
      6. bestows super-speed on Quicksilver (TIME)

      my guess is it will prove a useful weapon in the battle against Thanos. can see Nebula stabbing him with it (for some reason).

      • in infinity war trailer the scepter is one of the stones

      • That is actually an interesting theory and it makes perfect sense. However the teaser for Avengers: Infinity War Parts 1 & 2 show it as a stone. Besides Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are probably going to be in Inhumans. Inhumans = Beings with extraordinary powers.
        T esseract (Space)
        A ether (Reality)
        O rb (Power)
        S cepter (Mind)

        And that whole it sends big energy blasts, so did the Tesseract in the very beginning of the Avengers. When it destroyed the underground S.H.I.E.L.D. base. So does the Aether when Malekith tried to cover the universe in darkness. All the stones have great power.

    • I totally agree with what you are saying. 100% bro

    • I agree that the Aether is in fact the Soul Stone. Everything you said about it is also a theory that a friend of mine came up with whe ln the movie came out. Not going to go over everything but if you look up the word Aether it means Soul of the worlds in acient Greek Mythology. And there is way more too in than that.

      • It does not… It was confirmed as REALITY

        • Show me proof please

        • Dude, the Aether IS from Greek Mythology. In Greek mythology, Aether is one of the primordial deities. Aether is the personification of the upper air. He embodies the pure upper air that the gods breathe, as opposed to the normal air breathed by mortals.

          However, in Marvel, the Aether is being used under different terms.

          • My theory is that in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ultron the soul stone will be revealed to be in the possession of Vision considering that in the trailer it showed him having a stone on his forehead that was the same color and size like the stone on the Infinity gauntlet in the Infinity Wars teaser. I also think that Dr. Strange’s eye of Agamotto will be revealed to be the time stone.

  2. so if that tesseract is really the gem that transports ppl to the other side of the galaxy.. then basically all those people who were vaporized in Cap 1.. were just transported.. lol Nazi’s in Space sounds like a cool movie.. HAIL HYDRA!!

    • Actually there is a Space-Nazi Movie called Iron Sky… pretty funny too

      • Is that, that cool/weird finnish produced movie?? lol

    • Where do you think The Red Skull went? If you notice when he uses the cube, but then gets “zapped away”, the image of space opened up above him.

  3. Here’s another crackpot idea.
    I’ve heard the interesting theory recently that loki’s sceptre essentially works as a channel for the other stones (hence shield believing the sceptre was pulling energy through the tesseract in avengers)Personally I don’t believe it to be the mind stone at all
    Scarlet witch and quicksilver both seem to posses reality altering powers of some sorts, perhaps they were created in a hydra experiment during the period of thor 2 when the aether was on earth and loki’s sceptre was pulling energy from it?

  4. Wait, so the Tesseract isn’t the Cosmic Cube? I thought it was the movie version of the Cosmic Cube.

    • I think in the MCU they are the same thing.

  5. I appreciate the analysis, but I really wish people would stop misusing the word “Macguffin”. Remember the checklist:
    - Check to see if it is interchangeable. For example, in a caper story the MacGuffin could be either the Mona Lisa or the Hope diamond, it makes no difference which. The rest of the story (i.e. it being stolen) would be exactly the same. It doesn’t matter which it is, it is only necessary for the characters to want it.
    - Does it do anything, and if it does, is it ever actually used in story? If the answer to both is yes, it’s a Plot Device, not a MacGuffin. For Plot Devices that get the same attention as a MacGuffin, compare Magnetic Plot Device.

    None of the stones have been macguffins in their respective films.

  6. Everyone is forgetting that Loki is running s*** in Asgard now. Think about that for a minute. Isn’t the Tesseract in Asgard? Oh, why yes it is. Perhaps Loki will now retrieve the Tesseract AND the Gauntlet for Thanos now? Yes he will. Thanos can then teleport to where the stones are as long as he knows the location. And Aether is a Soul Gem btw. Last I checked it was in The Collector’s possession along with a cocoon containing Adam Warlock who just happens to be linked to the Soul Gem. In the end credits Adam’s cocoon is gone and The Collector looks depressed as f**k (LOL). Adam may have awakened and stole the Soul Gem. It would make so much sense. As for the Scepter holding the Mind Gem….I believe it. People always overlook the obvious. I like how the gem uses mind control but doesn’t work on Tony Stark…..maybe because Stark’s chestpiece contains a similar energy that canceled out the effects…Hmmmm just some food for thought guys. :D

    • If Loki was using a soul stone/infinity gem to control people, and it’s power was defeated by tony stark’s/iron man’s core, and I don’t care what element he created for its creation, consider this post to be my facepalm. Those things are supposed to be POWERFUL. like bend and break the universe powerful. They don’t give the power of a god. When Thanos put that pimped out Michael Jackson doohickey on his hand, he took on every god available, single handed (no pun) and all at the same time. And he Won. That’s way more than a “performance issue”!

      • I understood only half of what you’re saying. Loki was using a mind gem. No doubt about it. I just finished watching The Winter Soldier AGAIN and the post credits give the ultimate hints.

      • that was more for comic relief. Tony’s arch reactor did not “defeat” the scepter, it just blocked a connection to be made for his mind to be controlled strictly due to it being in the way. Im sure if loki knew this, he would have tapped him elsewhere to gain control over Tony’s mind.

    • Great to read so much on the infinity stones, which are really confusing for me. I love to speculate and listen to your ideas!

      Here’s another couple: Yep, Loki’s running Asgard, but not as Loki. While appropriately “villainous” in Avengers, his actions aren’t consistent with those in Thor. Its a big jump from “I never wanted a crown” to “I mean to rule them” in that missing year. Factor in looking beat to hell in the Thor end credits and when he first arrives @ S.H.I.E.L.D and maybe Loki’s not the best of buddies with his “allies”. Why no one, including big brother notices this, I dunno. Only Phil calls it.

      (Speaking of Phil being right, Loki doesn’t try very hard to “win” in the Avengers. Two examples: Stab your mighty brother with a three-inch blade? That’s a scratch. Drop that all-powerful scepter the Other handed you, where it will do your “enemies” the most good? Coulson’s right– “You lack conviction”. What Loki successfully does though is: a). Attack each Avenger individually, so they have a common enemy and b). Reveal how corrupt S.H.I.E.L.D is (which they won’t fully know until CapII/TWS).

      And maybe even c). tell them he’s just like them, “in the service of liars and killers”.)

      However, if there is no “barren moon” etc. to hide from Thanos & Co., well, hiding in death is a pretty good plan. And if that lands you on the throne in Asgard, so much the better..

      Remember what Loki still has…

      The Tesseract/Cosmic Cube, tucked away in the vaults at Asgard. Howard Stark had his hands on that thing for decades. Maybe there’s a good reason the Arc reactor/Tony’s new element palladium (?) looks like/ is unaffected by the scepter? “The Tesseract can’t protect against itself”.

      The last time we saw the Infinity Gauntlet, it was in the Vaults. I couldn’t tell whether it had any stones mounted though. Is it still there and if it’s gone, when the heck did that happen?

      And let’s not forget the Casket of Ancient Winters, tucked away in Loki’s pocket dimension. It’s a casket, that means it opens. What’s in that thing, anyway– another Infinity stone? Does Ancient=time?

      P.S. Did Thanos/Other (note to 2nd-banana-bad-guys: stick to dealing with astral projections of angry errand boys if the Big Bad isn’t there to CYA) ever know they had a Jotun?

      Marvel’s left a lot of fun stuff out there to play with!

      • I actually really like your ideas^lol

  7. *spoiler for the show Avengers Assemble*

    Regarding the space stone…at the end of the last epp in season 1 the red skull gives the Tesaract to Thanos.

  8. Huh. But I always thought the tesseract was more like the Cosmic Cube — because it’s blue and a cube.

  9. so, by this count 4 stones/gems are in play. though no one knows about the mind gem yet other than Thanos of course. so basically the soul and time gems need to make their appearance and then Thanos has to collect them, which is what we can expect act 3 to be about. I would expect at least 1 more of the gems to surface in AoU as that will be the big build up of phase 3; Thanos collecting the stones. clearly Thor 3 will see an attack on Asgard or something like so thanos can get the gauntlet and the space gem. likely Thanos will be aware that Strucker has the mind gem and will negotiate a deal for that one. I suppose the soul gem can be introduced in Dr. Strange and lost in the same movie. Could Guardians 2 see the time gem introduced and lost along with the power gem? perhaps even the reality gem collected as Knowhere is featured in Guardians. it just seems like they will introduce at least one more gem in phase 2 before it’s over, phase 2 ends with Age of Ultron.

  10. xmen DOFP..the girl who can send people back in time?…is that the time stone..just saying as each movie has some connect about the stones?

  11. Loki’s staff is definitely the mind stone. HYDRA basically confirmed this in that post-credit scene after The Winter Solider. Baron Von Strucker noted that nobody who previously held the staff realised the true extent of it’s power. The Twins will most likely just be superhumans who were found by HYDRA and put under mind control with the staff, much like how Loki controlled Hawkeye for most of The Avengers. All of this could lead into some pretty interesting plots for the next few movies, as Thanos probably knew Loki had the mind stone and will come to retrieve it, only to find out it is now in the hands of HYDRA, or The Avengers if they get it in Age of Ultron.

    • Also, I’m on the fence about the Aether being the Soul stone. I understand the connections with the collector and Adam’s caccoon make it seem like it should be, but in all honesty I think it probably is the Reality stone, as Marvel could easily make a better storyline for the Soul stone involving Adam Warlock and Magus. This could play heavily in the next Guardians movie, which could start with Adam already in possession of the soul gem on his head which has turned him into Magus – Leader of the religious cult ‘The Church of Universal Truth.’

      • I remember someone had a theory about the time stone being in Age of Ultron, as the Avengers and lots of innocent lives will be killed by Ultron and his legion so Tony will find and use the gem to go back in time to prevent a certain event happening. Seems far fetched to me as it’s obvious Tony would just use logic and go back to before Ultron was created and just terminate the project. Surely that’s not how the movie will end.

        I believe the Scarlet Witch could have some sort of connection to the reality stone, if any stone is to be in Age of Ultron.

        • Nah the Aether is definitely the Soul Gem. Reason 1: It’s the only stone that can think for itself and is sentient. It attaches itself to a hosts soul and slowly drains them. Plus the whole turning everything in the universe to darkness is considered by most to be reality warping but what the Soul Gem does is revert everything to it’s natural form. Everything in the universe came from darkness. The Soul gem basically absorbs life and reverts it to nothing. :D

          • The thing about the reality gem is that it acts the way you think it would. I mean even if it is a stone, if you assume it to be liquid and for it to take over beings and use their life force then it will change reality to be so. Also the thing is, most beings in the galaxy don’t have the power or finesse to use the stones “the right way” they are all complex like you would be on a space station all alone and even Thanos doesn’t have a manual, only a good guess about the workings.

    • The staff has to be the mind stone. I say this because in The Avenges it looked like the Staff was messing with everyone in the room. That’s why everyone was ready to fight each other. That’s why Bruce Banner graved it without even knowing what he was doing.

      • very good point. Although Loki initiated the power struggle (as that was his plan, to be captured), but it was clear attention was given to the scepter while on the table.

    • Or the staff was used to create the twins since the mind gem has those characteristics of their powers.

  12. A lot of creative and interesting speculation. Much of it wrong sadly.

    We have 3 stones confirmed from Marvel

    Tesseract – Space Stone (Kevin F.)
    Aether – Reality Stone (Kevin F.)
    Orb – Power Stone (J. Gunn)

    Especially after the end credits of Winter Soldier I am firmly in the camp that thinks the Scepter is powered by the mind stone. 2 minor reasons: It actually looks like a proper stone and it is the right color. I realize they have changed the color of the others a bit but they have also confirmed what they are. To date all Kevin F. has given us about the scepter is a very vague comment. The pattern seems to be when a stone is made central to a movie it gets confirmed. So the space stone did not get confirmed until after the Avengers.

    We have the soul and time stones and like many I expect to see Adam Warlock show up in Guardians 2 with it on his forehead. We have a few other Marvel movies to go before we get to Avengers 3 (assuming A3 will be about Thanos) but the current smart money is on the time stone being in the possession of Dr. Strange or at least involved in his movie but that is a very big guess. Thanos may have it already.

    • My thought for the Time Stone would be that it is only available during certain astronomical events – for this reason, I think it will be the last one that Thanos goes after – most likely in the GotG film that follows on from Avengers 3.

      I think that Thanos will pretty much destroy Asgard to get the Gauntlet, linking up with today’s rumour that Thor is not in Avengers 3. Drax will then follow Thanos to Earth and team up with the rest of the Avengers, who are badly defeated by Thanos. A few of them however are able to follow him to Hala (homeworld of the Kree) where they meet up with GotG to prevent Thanos from getting the Time stone and to defeat him – perhaps even by using the Time Stone to go back to Asgard and prevent him from getting the Gauntlet. Future Thanos follows them with his Gauntlet, and the GotG, Avengers and Asgardians use their Gauntlet to fight past and future Thanos and theirs. Meanwhile, the city of Asgard is moved to stop it from being obliterated. (I’m not sure how or why this happens in the comics..) but I’m sure that a battle involving 2 Gauntlets would have a lot of collateral damage.

  13. Here’s a concern of mine with all of this. I agree that it seems like Marvel is moving forward in a direction that will inevitably lead to the coming together of the infinity stones/gems. However, assuming that they do, how will that play out in movie form? Assuming they do get all the stones together and Thanos takes control of them via the Infinity Gauntlet, if they want to do anything that even remotely resembles what happens in the comics such as the Infinity War, they’re missing the ability to involve/incorporate key characters that were involved with the events of that story line. For example, from what I understand Fox still owns the rights to the Silver Surfer, and he played a very key role in the story line. And with Fox owning the rights to him for use in film, Marvel will not be able to use him in any way (unless they come to some form of an agreement with Fox, which seems HIGHLY unlikely). How are they going to get around this without creating a completely unrelated story line?

  14. WATCH STREAMING MOVIE “Thor: The Dark World (2013)” FULL HD ✔ ✔ (ORIGINAL)

  15. U guys r right about which stones there has been. James Gunn confirmed that Adam Warlock will b in future movies since it was his pod that was opened in gotg(collectors room). Comics say he has the soul gem and uses it to beat thanos and turn him good. I bet The Ancient One from the upcoming Dr Strange movie will have the time stone.

  16. I think one more stone/gem is shown at the GOTG movie…It’s in the hands of Yondu (Michael Rooker). He put it in his coat on the last part of the movie. try to check it out. :)

    • Nope Yondu was tricked, he does not have a stone/gem. Nova corps has the power stone, Asgard has the Tesseract, Hydra has the Chitauri Scepter/Mind Gem and I believe the collector still has the Aether/Reality Stone

  17. Has anyone not considered that the Obelisk currently making its appearance in Agents of SHIELD might be one of the Gems???

    • Nope, that thing is most likely Kree/other aliean tech.

  18. Ok guys we are forgetting where tony stark got the idea for the element. It was in his dad’s notebook which contained all the info on the teseract. So it is possible that Howard stark studied the teseract and the element in the chest of iron man is the same element as the teseract. That’s why nothing happened. The 2 energies canceled each other out. And red-soul stone, blue (lokis staff)-mind stone, purple-power stone, and the teseract-teal stone (this color will presumably take the place of either green, yellow, or orange) is the space stone

    • The staff has to be the mind stone. I say this because in The Avenges it looked like the Staff was messing with everyone in the room. That’s why everyone was ready to fight each other. That’s why Bruce Banner graved it without even knowing what he was doing.

    • I agree with ben. I’ve been saying that for a while now also lol

  19. As long as the Soul Gem stays green I’m good!! I can’t see any other color Gem on Adam Warlock’s forehead. Sorry.
    And it was just announced with the Teaser for Infinity war that Loki’s staff did indeed house the Mind Stone, and The Aether and Tesseract are indeed the Reality and Space Stones, and that the orb is the Power Stone. So bring on the Soul, and Time stones.

  20. I feel like the aether is the time gem as he said revert everything in the universe back to it’s original state

    • Nah it’s a soul gem.

  21. Loki’s sceptor is not an Infinity Gem. We saw all the six gems in GotG where the Collector explains them :

    So, we are yet to see the yellow,orange and green stones.

    • You should really watch gotg again. Lokis scepter was in the pictures

  22. Here’s the image – clearly there is only one blue stone


  23. In marvels movie press conference for the avengers 3, you can see thanos with the gauntlet on and one of the gems was white. Wondering if the tesseract is the white gem, since lokis staff is the blue stone

  24. You guys are all wrong. The little blue ornament that Yondu took from the broker and put in his pocket is the fifth/missing infinity stone! It’s so obvious when he puts it in his pocket after crashing!


    • Ummmmm what? That wasn’t an infinity stone. It was a trinket. He said he collects them because he likes to put them on his console. U r way off

  25. What if Thanos is really the Red Skull who was suck into the Tesseract in Captain America First Avenger? Where does Thanos come from?

  26. But the problem here. Earth wasn’t really involved this much in the infinity saga. It was a cosmic Arc. Assuming the tesseract is a stone is foolish since a tesseract is a totally different artifact of immense power that is on par with an individual infinity stone. But it is not a stone. The Aether. Again it already exists in the universe and is not a infinity stone.
    Id also like to point out. As Odin Has the infinity gem with most of the stones in it. Why would he keep the tesseract separate? wouldn’t it along with the Aether be already in the gauntlet? Of course, Why wouldn’t a low level god like Odin want ultimate power that puts him on par with Universal abstracts? Thats only 1 step down from 1^all power. (sure its a infinitely large step but 1 step none the less.)

    But this is the MCU so they can screw up any and many parts of this cannon. (more so then they already have)

  27. Problems with the stones already being shown to us is as we discover in Guardians of the Galaxy only those of great and ancient power are able to wield them.
    The teseract is handled by several humans (So unless these humans are actually ancient powerful aliens helping hydra) clearly not an infinity gem.
    As to the Chitauri Scepter if Loki had been Asguardian I would say definitely possible but he’s not he is a Frost giant and old race but not powerful.
    And Finally the Aether as a stone is hard to say since it took over Jane Foster and may have held her together as part of her being but she would have been way more powerful that a few shocks here and there.
    That just how I see it.

  28. As Thor:Ragnarok is the final movie before the Avengers: Infinity War kicks off I think that it his highly likely the end of this movie could see thanos make an appearance to steal the infinity gauntlet and tesseract along with any other stones on Asgard at that time. The two as yet unseen stones might be presented in a number of movies but primarily Ant Man. I say this as we do not really know how the suit works we know hank pym is a great scientist and could have potentially harnessed the power of the time stone to be able to shrink himself. Also as the movie is assumed to tackle MCU problems from both past and present, possibly future too, this could allow for time travel?
    Also with the MCU rapidly expanding into TV with the movies having massive impact on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. what is stopping the reverse. An infinity stone presented through the inhuman plot line would certainly do this.

  29. I saw the infinity war coming sooo long ago. :)