Rumor: Indiana Jones May Be Recast; Bradley Cooper Tops Actor List [Updated]

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indiana jones recasting reboot Rumor: Indiana Jones May Be Recast; Bradley Cooper Tops Actor List [Updated]

[UPDATE: Frank Darabont Has Denied the Indiana Jones Rumor.]

The future of the Star Wars franchise is already in motion, but even now that Walt Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm have taken complete control of the rights to the Indiana Jones property, it’s still not clear what tomorrow will bring for the bullwhip-cracking, fedora-wearing, globe-trotting archaeologist.

Disney Chairman Alan Horn spoke publicly on the long-rumored Indiana Jones 5 a few months back, indicating that the project is still in its early days (apparently, a story hasn’t even been settled on yet) and that we shouldn’t expect the film to hit theaters until 2016 or 2017, at the earliest. Since then, claims have emerged that certain staff members on Star Wars: Episode VII are contractually obligated to work on at least two new Indy Jones films.

Latino Review – citing the same sources that gave them the scoop on Bradley Cooper voicing Rocket Raccoon in Disney/Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – claims that Mouse House and Lucasfilm executives have taken small steps towards recasting the Indiana Jones character, for a new trilogy of film installments in the serial adventure-inspired franchise.

The site includes the disclaimer that Indiana Jones 5 could still happen, with Harrison Ford reprising his signature role one more time after the 2008 installment Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. (Last year, the 71-year old actor said that he feels it’s “perfectly appropriate” for him to play the character again.) However, as the clock keeps ticking, the window of opportunity in which Ford as Dr. Jones will get to properly ride off into the sunset (… again) “is getting smaller and smaller.”

That Ford could be replaced by someone else in the Indiana Jones role (due to his age) is something that many fans have long acknowledged as a legitimate possibility, well before Disney secured the full rights to the series. Just as there may soon come a day when Hugh Jackman is no longer the actor playing Wolverine (or Tony Stark might no longer be synonymous with Robert Downey Jr.), it makes sense that Dr. Jones could get a new face in the future, much like his fellow iconic screen heroes James Bond and Batman (among others) have before him.

[UPDATE: /Film claims it has a source who “100% debunks” the assertion that Indiana Jones recasting talk is ongoing right now. If nothing else, though, that’s a nice reminder for everyone to not get too worked up about this story (either way).]

indiana jones bradley cooper Rumor: Indiana Jones May Be Recast; Bradley Cooper Tops Actor List [Updated]

So, who might don Jones’ fedora after Ford? Well, again, everything’s up in the air right now, but Bradley Cooper is apparently the actor currently atop Disney’s wanted list. It makes sense; in addition to being around the same age as Ford when he made Raiders of the Lost Ark, Cooper’s also proven to be capable of bringing a similar mix of cockiness and humor to that which Ford infused the character with. (Not to mention, the good-looking actor has a history with Disney, thanks to Guardians).

That’s not to say an offer has been made yet, of course – we don’t even know if Cooper actually wants to take on the role, as he’s been more inclined to work on indie and/or non-pop genre fare in recent times (see: the upcoming Serena and American Sniper). Plus, as his star looks to keep rising higher and higher over the years ahead, Disney and Lucasfilm might ultimately prefer someone who commands a smaller paycheck than Cooper will.

Either way, Walking Dead TV show creator Frank Darabont might be involved with the next installment in the franchise, should it star Ford or not. The screenwriter/director penned an unused script draft for the fourth Indiana Jones movie – it was better than the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull script, in my opinion – and he would be inclined to deliver a good mix of thrills, story, and character development in his own Indy Jones movie. So, if nothing else, we hope the Darabont rumor pans out.

Agree/disagree? How do you feel about the possibility of Ford being replaced as Indiana Jones, be it by Bradley Cooper or someone else altogether?


We’ll keep you updated on the Indiana Jones franchise’s status as more information becomes available.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. latino review = bs

  2. The Indiana Jones movies, except Crystal Skull, are my favorite Adventure movies of all time and even I know that it’s time that Harrison stepped aside and let someone younger carry on the legend. But finding the right actor isn’t the problem, the biggest problem is the movie itself.

    To be a real “Indie” movie it must have several geographical locations with a legend that’s at least grounded in reality. A real adventure movie the viewer must feel like they’ve travelled with the characters, it mustn’t be like what they do in the James Bond/Jason Bourne movies.

  3. Ford for 1 more INDY movie…then recast with Brad Cooper playing Dr. Jones through the years in between the last Young Indy Chronicle and Temple of Doom (1920-1935). Perhaps movies where we see how he caught Short Round, a bookend where it shows his 1st day teaching, introduce Sophia Hapgood, disregard the EU like what they’re doing with Star Wars…or movies that take place after Last Crusade and before Crystal Skull (1938-1957) and keep everything canon…

  4. Ford for 1 more film. Then recast with Brad Cooper making movies that occur between Last Crusade and Crystal Skull 1938-1957. Keep everything CANON.

    • That would mean Shia LaBeouf, swinging monkeys and real live aliens would have to stay canon, too, though…

      • @Miles

        lol ouch. excellent point.

      • just be glad Shia isn’t the new Indiana Jones. That was the route they were going with Crystal Skullf*ck.

    • How about 1 more film with Ford then no more films until 30 years from now when I will hopefully either be dead or so out of touch with pop culture I won’t hear about it until I am.

      • How bout 1 more Ford film. Then move on to something original.

        • Here here…I knew for years that the window of opportunity is getting smaller for ford in the role due to his age and the action being somewhat limited. None the less I want ford back for another and leave the indy character at that. Cooper is cool but indy in so bond, idy is ford and ford is indy. Let him ride of into the sunset and have him retire and let that be it for that series. As mush as I love indy I would rather see it end with mr. Harrison ford.

  5. Guess they do both recasting including Shyaaah’s role. Mark Wahlberg as Indy and I got nobody for the sidekick.

  6. I just puked in my mouth a little bit.

  7. Cooper could work, but I always envisioned Josh Holloway for the part

  8. The problem here is that Indiana Jones, like Rocky or John McClane is a character more defined by the actor in the role. You just cannot imagine anyone else in the lead. These characters have a certain depth added by the actor, as opposed to James Bond whose lack of depth or backstory actually aids his longevity as a franchise.

    Just leave it alone and do something original please. No one can replace Ford that’s for sure.

    • Harrison Ford IS Indiana Jones, NO ONE ELSE!

  9. Harrison IS Indiana Jones. There is no other. Recast his stupid son and make movies about him under a different title, if at all. I’m perfectly happy with letting Harrison play it out with one more (hopefully solid) movie.

    • I would prefer a “Mutt jones and the atomic soldiers” movie as long as shia la bouf won’t be playing him.

  10. Even though it is a rumor (thank god), let’s be serious here: Harrison Ford is the only man that will ever and should ever don the fedora as Indiana Jones. He plain and simply is Mr. Indiana Jones. That character is as much Harrison Ford as Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones. He played it as if he was living it, which is why he is so believable and thrilling and charming and vulnerable at the same time. That’s what made him great.

  11. Wow thats not a bad idea. How bout we cast Idris Elba as Indy? Or better yet lets cast him as every iconic movie character. James bond? Yup. Batman? Why not? Heck, lets cast him as Wonder Woman. Heck, IDRIS ELBA FOR SUPREME RULER OF THE KNOWN UNIVERSE!


  12. About bloody time!

  13. Kinda sad it’s just been debunked. I’d like Ford to play Indy again, but if not, this is some pretty spot on casting. When they were taking about making a live action Uncharted movie, I had my fingers crossed for him to play Drake, and since they’re basically the same character I think he would have been great.

  14. I’m not sold on this guy being a college educated whip wielder he just seems like a guy looking for trouble if he dunned the hat. He definitely looks the part no doubt but he doesn’t have the finesse to carry this character at all.

  15. Leave Indiana Jones alone Disney if you plan on recasting! If it’s not Harrison Ford, it’s not Indiana Jones. If you want to make a movie just like it, fine. But to throw in another actor would be disgraceful and you would clearly be using the name INDIANA JONES just to sell the movie. Which just sickens me.

    If Uncharted is what people want, give THAT to them. But to use the INDIANA JONES name and not have Harrison Ford, is just wrong. I see the story has been debunked but I really hope this is not in any future plans. And sure, they made the Young Indiana Jones chronicles without Ford, but they weren’t that good in my opinion.

    If Harrison does get too old, he doesn’t need to be doing action. Hell, one of the best parts of ‘Raiders’ was him tied to a pole during the finale! Indiana Jones does not need action to be a good movie. It needs mystery and a touch of the supernatural.

    But seriously Disney, if you have anyone on your staff that reads message boards like this,… Video games. I would LOVE to play a next gen Indy game. Make it happen. There’s plenty of money to be had there and you will never have to worry about Harrison getting too old.

  16. I’m okay with recasting Indiana Jones. Lucas and Spielberg had originally envisioned Jones as the American James Bond, and love the Connery version of Bond though I do, the films just wouldn’t have been as good if Connery had held onto the roll for 50 years. Though they better get the casting right. Put the wrong guy in there, and the franchise could be in trouble :S

  17. It’s all B.S!
    They are testing the audiences to ssee the reaction wether is a good idea to recast Indy or continue with Ford?

    They need the voice of the population becuse without the fans they will loosebig bucks.

    Some method was applied when Warner had one up their sleves to do King Cona and Milius was attached but that didn’t happen but was a petiution put on line to see wether the fans wan to get new approack to Conan. Wey weren’t sure to go with younger actor and reboot the franchise but that didn’t happen becuse arnolr when toioffice and warner lost the rights

    • Now the is only one actor that is Indy and beciles legend , athat is Harrison Ford.

      stop playing mind games, just green lit Indy 5 and as soon Ford finishes with Star wars jump e gun and strat shooting ID5, At rthe mean time while Ford is bussy shooting SW you can put ID5 into Pre-Production.
      Blade runner can be put on hold. If you really are enthisisastic getting Indy 5 of the ground.
      and one more suggestion pay Darabond to do the script, becuse he is a classic writter nit a caroon bamboo. Indy 4 originally was way way better i’ve read the script but the problm is becuse Lucas rejected and made it fan frindly instead dark and thrilling.

      Darbont also made a script for Captain Blood reboot years back and that is holuva masterpice of a script.

      Warner needs to get on the ground and stop flying in air. stop rebbotinf clasic and changing thre themes. Captain Bollt is the quenetsentiol Pirate epic that needs to be set on water not on Spaceships and cosmos.

  18. It is possible that the literal character “Indiana Jones” could be recast successfully. Bradley Cooper, however, is not that person in my humble opinion.

    No one will ever take the place of Harrison Ford. However, the Indiana Jones franchise, like Star Wars, was born to be serialized into continuing adventures. I am fine with it continuing on when Ford leaves, either as a reboot or a sequel approach.

    Some of the actors who seem like they could carry it…Jennifer Lawrence perhaps (she could totally be his granddaughter), Chris Pratt if a little more comedy is admissible, heck even Christian Bale or Chris Pine (unlikely as those might be). Just not Bradley Cooper.

  19. In terms of presence, Bradley Cooper =/= Harrison Ford. I’m fine with moving on once Ford is done, but not with Cooper. So this rumor being debunked is a relief to me.

    I could see lots of people carrying the franchise, Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pine, maybe Chris Pratt…but you know who I think would be perfect…Christian Bale. Pipe dream, but there it is.

  20. Harrison ford IS Indiana Jones. Just make one last good movie, without aliens or Atlantis or any other stupid thing.

  21. Harrison Ford is Indy. Period. But we have to face the fact that sooner or later, these money hungry suits over at the studios will recast him. They wouldn’t have shelled out so much cash to get the rights to Indiana Jones and expect it to collect dust on a shelf somewhere.

    There aren’t many movies that I have watched as a kid, that had me asking Santa for a fedora and bullwhip as my Christmas gift. Raiders of the lost Ark did just that. Indy is a guy that most of us as kids, wanted to be like when we grew up. He has a day job; is well respected (in certain circles LOL), chicks love him, but most important is his life is full of adventure. One minute you are lecturing to a class about archeology, the next you are running in the jungle being chased by locals with poisoned darts.

    An actor has to embody the qualities that made Indiana Jones the guy we wanted to be. Indy has Charisma, rugged good looks and had the brains and intellect to match all those. Nowadays, there are very few actors that can pull that off onscreen. Most lack the depth that Harrison Ford has and his comedic timing.

    So casting Bradley Cooper as Indy in my mind is a mistake. He was downright obnoxious in the hangover movies to the point where I now avoid any movie his name is attached to. Shia would have been a good choice to take up the mantle BEFORE he went insane. As poor as KotCS was, there were instances where I could envision Shia donning the fedora and continuing the adventures. That is of course if they wanted to continue the series with Indy’s son instead of Indy himself. Which I think is the wrong way to go.

    My choices for Indy:
    1) Hugh Jackman
    2) Michael Fassbender
    3) Robert Downey Jr.
    4) Johnny Depp
    5) Jensen Ackles

  22. I think they should remake/reboot/relaunch/new re word Hollywood wants to use to start over with the franchise. I’d be ok with Bradley Cooper as Indy and Harrison Ford as Henry Jones Sr.

  23. Cooper would be perfect. I hope they go with that.

    Ford can take on Connery’s role in the franchise.

  24. First and foremost it’s a reminder that not every darn rumor needs to be turned into a news item. I know that getting juicy scoops fast is part of the game, but I would rather get validated facts a little later than getting complete BS as soon as possible. If I’d be interested in the latter I would watch Fox News. ;)

  25. People need to learn that nothing latino review says is true

  26. Like many, I grew up with Ford as Indy. In my mind he will always be Indy. I will say watching him at the Oscars made me rethink the idea of him being in another TWO films. I just don’t think he has it in him nor do I think people would buy it. This reminds me of Roger Moore in A View to a Kill. Even as a 10 year old kid I knew that there was no way these young, gorgeous women would go for him. It became creepy.

    A recast would be best for the franchise and the fans. I’d rather see a new Indy as the opportunistic scoundrel in the books and Raiders than the Mr nice guy in Crystal Skull. I think a younger actor provides the opportunity. There is so much you could do with the franchise and keep with canon. The books provide a ton of material (early 20s thru Temple) and you have 1939-1956 that have not been touched.

    The added benefit is we finally have removed Lucas from holding the property hostage with his ideas of revisionist history.

  27. Meh.

    No matter how much you want it to be, an Indiana Jones without Ford will never ever be an Indiana Jones movie. Period. The “Young Indiana Jones” TV-show is NOT Indiana Jones. It merely tries to emulate the feel but can never hope to reach it. I’m going to postulate that there isn’t a single actor alive today who could portray Indiana Jones, other than Harrison Ford.

    On a side-note, i wouldn’t even go near a movie about his “son”.

    • That’s like saying there hasn’t been a James Bond film since 1971. I’m sure people made similar arguments about that series when they first recast the role of 007, and the doubters have all been proven wrong. Connery still casts a long shadow over that series, but he’s far from the only successful iteration of the character.

      Many roles have been recast. We’ve had six James Bonds, three Supermans, thirteen Doctors, four Jack Ryans, and BvS will give us our sixth incarnation of Batman. There’s no reason to think Indiana Jones is less than these, in that only one person could ever portray him. Be open-minded, be open to interpretation and be brave. This could work.

  28. Here’s what I think is the (obvious) answer: give Indy 5 the opposite structure of “The Last Crusade” (kid Indy finding the cross; older Indy recovering it). And by that, I mean have the movie start off with Harrison’s Indy in the late 50′s (post KOTCS) where he discovers a clue to a previously unsolved mystery/adventure. Then have the story “flashback” to a younger Indy (say, his days working with Abner Ravenwood) when this adventure started. Half the movie plays out. Then it returns to “present day” Indy for Harrison to wrap up & solve the mystery/adventure.

    This structure makes it not so taxing on Harrison to carry the whole movie (stunt wise), and opens the door for a “new” Indy and a period of his life that hasn’t been explored.

  29. I love Ford as much as the next person but Lucas based Indy off of Bond and Bond has been recast several times. I think people can’t imagine anyone playing him because no one has tried. Chris Pine pulled off an excellent Kirk, why can’t anyone else try their hand at Indy?