Rumor: Indiana Jones May Be Recast; Bradley Cooper Tops Actor List [Updated]

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indiana jones recasting reboot Rumor: Indiana Jones May Be Recast; Bradley Cooper Tops Actor List [Updated]

[UPDATE: Frank Darabont Has Denied the Indiana Jones Rumor.]

The future of the Star Wars franchise is already in motion, but even now that Walt Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm have taken complete control of the rights to the Indiana Jones property, it’s still not clear what tomorrow will bring for the bullwhip-cracking, fedora-wearing, globe-trotting archaeologist.

Disney Chairman Alan Horn spoke publicly on the long-rumored Indiana Jones 5 a few months back, indicating that the project is still in its early days (apparently, a story hasn’t even been settled on yet) and that we shouldn’t expect the film to hit theaters until 2016 or 2017, at the earliest. Since then, claims have emerged that certain staff members on Star Wars: Episode VII are contractually obligated to work on at least two new Indy Jones films.

Latino Review – citing the same sources that gave them the scoop on Bradley Cooper voicing Rocket Raccoon in Disney/Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – claims that Mouse House and Lucasfilm executives have taken small steps towards recasting the Indiana Jones character, for a new trilogy of film installments in the serial adventure-inspired franchise.

The site includes the disclaimer that Indiana Jones 5 could still happen, with Harrison Ford reprising his signature role one more time after the 2008 installment Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. (Last year, the 71-year old actor said that he feels it’s “perfectly appropriate” for him to play the character again.) However, as the clock keeps ticking, the window of opportunity in which Ford as Dr. Jones will get to properly ride off into the sunset (… again) “is getting smaller and smaller.”

That Ford could be replaced by someone else in the Indiana Jones role (due to his age) is something that many fans have long acknowledged as a legitimate possibility, well before Disney secured the full rights to the series. Just as there may soon come a day when Hugh Jackman is no longer the actor playing Wolverine (or Tony Stark might no longer be synonymous with Robert Downey Jr.), it makes sense that Dr. Jones could get a new face in the future, much like his fellow iconic screen heroes James Bond and Batman (among others) have before him.

[UPDATE: /Film claims it has a source who “100% debunks” the assertion that Indiana Jones recasting talk is ongoing right now. If nothing else, though, that’s a nice reminder for everyone to not get too worked up about this story (either way).]

indiana jones bradley cooper Rumor: Indiana Jones May Be Recast; Bradley Cooper Tops Actor List [Updated]

So, who might don Jones’ fedora after Ford? Well, again, everything’s up in the air right now, but Bradley Cooper is apparently the actor currently atop Disney’s wanted list. It makes sense; in addition to being around the same age as Ford when he made Raiders of the Lost Ark, Cooper’s also proven to be capable of bringing a similar mix of cockiness and humor to that which Ford infused the character with. (Not to mention, the good-looking actor has a history with Disney, thanks to Guardians).

That’s not to say an offer has been made yet, of course – we don’t even know if Cooper actually wants to take on the role, as he’s been more inclined to work on indie and/or non-pop genre fare in recent times (see: the upcoming Serena and American Sniper). Plus, as his star looks to keep rising higher and higher over the years ahead, Disney and Lucasfilm might ultimately prefer someone who commands a smaller paycheck than Cooper will.

Either way, Walking Dead TV show creator Frank Darabont might be involved with the next installment in the franchise, should it star Ford or not. The screenwriter/director penned an unused script draft for the fourth Indiana Jones movie – it was better than the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull script, in my opinion – and he would be inclined to deliver a good mix of thrills, story, and character development in his own Indy Jones movie. So, if nothing else, we hope the Darabont rumor pans out.

Agree/disagree? How do you feel about the possibility of Ford being replaced as Indiana Jones, be it by Bradley Cooper or someone else altogether?


We’ll keep you updated on the Indiana Jones franchise’s status as more information becomes available.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. i think Brad Cooper would possibly be a good new Indy. He should do it.

    • That will be a great idea to see Bradley Cooper playing Indiana Jones Because, Harrison Ford is getting old.

    • I would think Cooper could do well. Even possibly moving Ford into the role of Dr Jones Sr the old Connery role as a hat tip to the original star. Ford as great as he is cant do a solid Indiana Jones adventure justice, going with a refreshed younger actor allows you to go back to the heyday of Indy i.e 30′s/40′s battling the nazi’s again

  2. No, Harrison Ford should continue with his work for this final movie and no more sequels after that. They should make a story that is going to be final then its over.

    However, if they decided to replace him then no thanks. I will not watch the next movie. No Harrison ford, no movie for me then.

    • Let it go, friend…. Let it go.

  3. I would rather there be NO new Indy movie. But recasting a younger actor is not the worst thing they could do. It’s clear Harrison Ford either is too tired or just doesn’t care about acting in general anymore.

  4. I’m conflicted!

  5. Yes please to Harrison Ford coming back for one more Indy movie. And if they decide to make more movies and recast, I wouldn’t mind it, if it’s in a James Bond sort of way – same character, similar adventures, but a truly unique take on the character by a new actor. I don’t want to see someone trying to imitate Ford’s performance. If we get a new Indy, let him be different and unique. Interested to see where all this goes.

  6. I would rather them just leave the franchise alone (I mean, let’s face it, they simply DO NOT make movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark anymore), but if they have to keep it going, Bradley Cooper would probably be the best choice.

  7. In my personal opinion, I think Bradley Cooper would be perfect for Nathan Drake in an Uncharted film.

  8. +1 for cooper as Nathan drake

  9. Bradley Cooper would probably be as good a casting as you’re going to find for the part, but taking on the role is probably more hassle than it’s worth. He’ll probably never be appreciated in the role, even if he’s really good. But it doesn’t much matter who’s Indy if it’s gonna turn out like Kingdom Skull.

    • My guess is that if it is re-booted then it would be more like Raiders.

  10. Let Ford do 1 more movie to close up his series.

    Then recast younger and do new stories

    Hey if James Bond stories can do it…

    • Good point. had not thought about that.

  11. What if the next movie introduces Indiana Jones’s daughter, played by Jennifer Lawrence, and kills of Shia Labeouf’s charater, thus righting everything wrong with the Jonesverse.

  12. Along with Channing Tatum, Cooper is an actor who I’ve totally reversed my opinion of over the past few years.
    After The Hangover and A-team I mostly thought Cooper was another good looking face without much talent but his more recent work has been pretty great.
    He can do comedy and drama well and he has the right charm and charisma to pull of Indy.

    You do have to wonder though if he’d want to take on the role.
    It’s really all risk with very little reward. If it’s a hit people will just be happy to see another good Indy movie. If it bombs the stigma will follow him forever.

  13. My questions would be if they do replace Harrison Ford will it be a reboot? And if not what decade would the new movies be set in. In my opinion Indy does his best work in the 40s and earlier. But the last movie already established him as “old” and in the 50s.

  14. This is probably blasphemy, but I daresay that Bradley Cooper could do a *better* job than Harrison Ford. Indiana Jones is a great character, and Harrison Ford did a good job with him but I think the character has even more potential than Harrison Ford’s limiting acting ability could never get out of the character.

    To be fair, it might not be entirely Harrison Ford’s fault. Anytime George Lucas is involved, actors seem to become horrible. I point to Natalie Portman for proof of that.

  15. I’d like for the series to wrap up with a final appearance by Ford, but I don’t think Disney will allow the moneymaking series to end. I feel Cooper would do a good job, but I don’t picture him as the iconic man with the whip–mainly because I have a hard time picturing anyone else doing it, which, I know, isn’t fair at all. Still, I have to keep an open mind and see the film before I judge.

  16. Reboot idea: the Russian villain from Indy 4 actually traveled back in time when the aliens have her the knowledge she wanted rather then killing her. She seeks revenge on Indy by killing his father thus leading to Indy never becoming a professor, but Indy’s dad’s old friend Pike…I mean Marcus Brody convinces him to go into the family business…

  17. old harrison for doesn’t work as indiana jones, we need a young cocky indy. bradley cooper would be perfect. i actually used to hate him for being too cocky, until i saw silver linings playbook, then i realized he’s just a good actor.

  18. Make it a time-traveling story where Ford uses the alien technology they discovered in Crystal Skull to travel back in time to warn himself about an enemy, which then alters the future forever so we can start all over aga…oh, wait. Maybe the Star Trek/X-Men DOFP treatment won’t work on Indy. :)

  19. I have always felt that there was no reason that the Indiana Jones Series couldn’t run like the Bond series with a different actor every decade or so. Like bond, it has that serial component, rather than a linear component, that allows it to be flexible in that way. I loved Ford as Harrison. In my mind, he will always be Indiana, but I feel that this franchise has many more interesting stories it could tell, and with the right actor to fill the shoes, It could be epic. Nostalgia is a great think, but we should never let it hold us back from progressing forward.

  20. Would he play a new Indy or younger Indy in the past

  21. Bradley Cooper? That MIGHT work. But to be honest, if they aren’t able to pull of another Indiana Jones movie with Ford, I’d prefer them to just leave the franchise alone. Harrison Ford IS Indiana Jones, I’d prefer them just to be done with it, not sure about a recast.

  22. Next flick: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Geritol-Drip!

  23. I’d love one more Indy with Harrison Ford to sort of wrap him up and then switch out for a younger Indy (why not Bradley Cooper, think he’d pull it of well and add his own spin on the character), and then give us more adventures circa late 30′s early 40′s keeping it all in Canon with just a different actor. Heck now that they’re all under one roof why not tie it into the MCU and have Indy eventually meet up with that periods shield or Stark or Atwell at some point too for that matter. The first Captain America already felt like it was in the same universe anyway and there was that little nod to the series in the film. I have them together on my shelf already! :-)

  24. Considering that Lucas and Spielberg originally conceived of Indiana Jones as akin to James Bond, I think it’s perfectly appropriate to recast the character. Particularly given the pulp adventure-inspired episodic nature of his stories, it’s even more believable that Dr. Jones could continue just as indefinitely as his British spy counterpart.

    Look at it this way, while no one can dispute that Sean Connery is the classic incarnation of 007, we’ve gotten some great Bond adventures since his departure – Casino Royale, Goldeneye, Skyfall, The Spy Who Loved Me, to name a few. Recasting has left the franchise open to fresh interpretations of the character and true reinvention of the franchises’s concern (evolving from Cold War espionage to modern global terrorism). I would hate to let Indiana Jones miss the opportunity to find its Daniel Craig.

    • +100

      Thanks for typing what I wanted to say.

  25. Anyone complaining about this needs to stop watching Dr Who, Bond and any version of Sherlock Holmes.

    I was barely two when Raiders came out. I like the idea of my son having his own Indy. When I am a crotchety old film geek we can argue about which Indy was the best. By then there will be another one to talk about probably.

  26. tough to swallow thinking that there would be a thought of anyone else other than Ford as Indy. Business end, I get it and understand why they would want to. But most of grew up with Ford as Indy and recasting is just unthinkable. For me personally, there will only be 1 indy and its ford.

    • A lot of people grew up with Sean Connery as James Bond, William Hartnell as the Doctor, Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes and Adam West as Batman. I think we’d all agree that those venerable franchises have not been hurt by moving on from their original cast.

      On a similar note, we’ll always have those classics to fall back on. In the same way that, any time you like, you can go back and watch Goldfinger, Batman: The Movie, or An Unearthly Child, you’ll be able to go back and watch Raiders of the Lost Ark. The originals will always be with us, anytime we want to relive them.

      • great points and I Agree totally. Just tough for me to picture anyone else taking over the lead as Indy. Of course I would watch but just cant imagine it coming close to being that good.